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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Ruhi seeing some gift for Ishita on snapdeal and promoting its app. He says we will take this and also keep a lovely card on it. Simmi talks to Ishita about Rinki, and says she heard her talking to Mihir, she is hiding something. Shagun comes and meets Adi. Adi hugs her and asks how is she. She says fine and shows the gifts she bought for him. She asks about Ruhi. He says dad went to drop her to class. She says she made cake for him and makes her taste. Simmi says she will keep an eye on her. Shagun asks about others. Adi says inside. Simmi talks to them.

Adi tells about his film. Rinki comes and says she will go out and come. Shagun talks to her and passes taunts, that she stays in her Maayka most of the time. Rinki answers well and leaves. Ishita thinks

Shagun says right, Rinki comes here often, is there any problem between Mihir and her, I will ask her. Ashok talks to Mihir and Raman. Raman says its his office and he can do anything he wants. Ashok says he is his employee.

Raman says he is leaving his job. Ashok asks who hired him. Raman says he will do his work, his post, Suraj has ditched him, his investors want him to take over his company, so he is buying his company, the investors trust him more. Ashok asks is he joking. Raman says you take life as a joke, so its this state, I will give you a sensible offer, accept it, you sell me your company in profit and leave.

Mihir says paper work is ready and Ashok has to sign. Raman says meet me new CEO, Mihir Arora. Ashok says I will not leave you. Raman say you have time to think about revenge. Raman and Mihir leave. Mr. Bhalla says he doubts on Raman, is he his son or not, he did not say I love you till now. Mrs. Bhalla reacts and asks them not to be after Raman. They all are going out and Rinki says she won’t come. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to come between Raman and Ishita. They leave.

Ishita asks where did they go. Rinki says to watch movie. Ishita asks her to call Raman. Subbu comes and gives the token of appreciation given by organizers. She thanks him. He says he opened a new clinic and if she could come and check everything. She says she is waiting for Raman, they have to go doctor and maybe the plaster will get cut, I got appointment. Subbu says he will take her, they will call Raman. She asks Rinki to tell Raman to call her. Rinki says fine. Ishita leaves with Subbu.

Raman comes and Rinki says everyone went for movie. Raman gives the good news, that he is buying Ashok’s company. Everyone come home and hear this news. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla got wrong tickets and we came back. Raman asks about Ishita. Rinki says Ishita went to doctor with Subbu. Raman says fine, I will meet her there. Rinki stops him and says she has to talk about Ishita. He asks is everything fine. She says Subbu and Ishita’s meeting is not alright. He asks what. She says Subbu is his past, I know you are broad minded, but such relations don’t die, he is her first love and no one can forget first love, ask her not to meet Subbu often.

Raman asks whats wrong with her, I know you are feeling insecure with Mihir and Mihika, so you are thinking this,. Ishita has bear my past a lot, no one else could, if I can’t trust her, I can’t trust anyone, I forgot my first love, you should support your life partner. He gets Ishita’s call. She asks where is he. He asks about plaster. She says no, I m waiting, I got new slippers to wear and come, but its still there. Raman asks her to come home, he has to give imp news.

She asks if she should tell Neelu to make tea for him. He says find new reason to talk to me. Raman ends call and says he is not insecure about Ishita, no one can come between me, I want you to make your relation strong. Ishita asks doctor not to touch, it hurts. He says you want the plaster to get removed, doctors are bad patients and asks Subbu to do something. Vandu talks to Bala about Subbu. Bala says he is better than before. Vandu says I m happy he is recovering. He says shall we plan a get together, he will get a change. She says good idea, lets plan a union.

He says mum said he did not meet people since Laxmi died. Subbu diverts Ishita and tells an old story and signs the doctor. She gets busy and laughs. The doctor checks her plaster. Raman waits for Ishita and she comes home. He says I left Ashok’;s job, I m not CEO now. She asks why. He says he is buying Ashok Khanna’s company. She says what, now he can’t do anything, I m my own boss.

She gets glad and says you will be rocking, you know work more than Ashok. She says she was having pain and what happened there. She jokes on him and laughs. She gets a message about college union, and everyone is coming with spouses. She says we won’t go, how will we go on wheelchair. He says he will lift her. They argue and smile.

Ishita says congrats Ceo and makes Mihir have sweets. He says thanks, it was good to see Ashok’s face. Rinki comes and he gives her some items. Rinki says thanks. Mihir says she is selfish, she did not wish him. Rinki says I thought to meet and wish, congrats, I m happy for you. Mihir asks about Raman. Ishita says he is on phone, will come and asks him to share anything with her. Mihir says yes, whom else will I say. She says I mean, Rinki is here. He says she said she was getting bored there, so she came, did she say anything, like she is unhappy. She asks did they have any fight. He says no, I can’t fight with her and goes to meet Raman.

Ishita comes to Rinki and talks to her about coming here. Rinki says she came here as she was getting bored and books are here. Ishita says exams are over. Rinki leaves making excuse. She says Mihir does not know the problem, Rinki is hiding, what is the matter.

Raman says stay here, I will get car. She asks is he bored of her stories. Subbu comes and greets her. He says he was thinking to take her, thinking maybe Raman will get late, so he came to check as he stays nearby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  6. naima… this is just a serial…. enjoy it to overcome or forget some problems…. I am doing the same….

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  12. understanding.caring nd its a wonderful feeling two hearts.
    Once in life time
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    nd if u still feel to hold
    that person with
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    That amazing pain is called…
    TRUE LOVE:-).
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  36. I completed my 5 year’s back I am 26 year’s….

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