Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Ruhi seeing some gift for Ishita on snapdeal and promoting its app. He says we will take this and also keep a lovely card on it. Simmi talks to Ishita about Rinki, and says she heard her talking to Mihir, she is hiding something. Shagun comes and meets Adi. Adi hugs her and asks how is she. She says fine and shows the gifts she bought for him. She asks about Ruhi. He says dad went to drop her to class. She says she made cake for him and makes her taste. Simmi says she will keep an eye on her. Shagun asks about others. Adi says inside. Simmi talks to them.

Adi tells about his film. Rinki comes and says she will go out and come. Shagun talks to her and passes taunts, that she stays in her Maayka most of the time. Rinki answers well and leaves. Ishita thinks

Shagun says right, Rinki comes here often, is there any problem between Mihir and her, I will ask her. Ashok talks to Mihir and Raman. Raman says its his office and he can do anything he wants. Ashok says he is his employee.

Raman says he is leaving his job. Ashok asks who hired him. Raman says he will do his work, his post, Suraj has ditched him, his investors want him to take over his company, so he is buying his company, the investors trust him more. Ashok asks is he joking. Raman says you take life as a joke, so its this state, I will give you a sensible offer, accept it, you sell me your company in profit and leave.

Mihir says paper work is ready and Ashok has to sign. Raman says meet me new CEO, Mihir Arora. Ashok says I will not leave you. Raman say you have time to think about revenge. Raman and Mihir leave. Mr. Bhalla says he doubts on Raman, is he his son or not, he did not say I love you till now. Mrs. Bhalla reacts and asks them not to be after Raman. They all are going out and Rinki says she won’t come. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to come between Raman and Ishita. They leave.

Ishita asks where did they go. Rinki says to watch movie. Ishita asks her to call Raman. Subbu comes and gives the token of appreciation given by organizers. She thanks him. He says he opened a new clinic and if she could come and check everything. She says she is waiting for Raman, they have to go doctor and maybe the plaster will get cut, I got appointment. Subbu says he will take her, they will call Raman. She asks Rinki to tell Raman to call her. Rinki says fine. Ishita leaves with Subbu.

Raman comes and Rinki says everyone went for movie. Raman gives the good news, that he is buying Ashok’s company. Everyone come home and hear this news. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla got wrong tickets and we came back. Raman asks about Ishita. Rinki says Ishita went to doctor with Subbu. Raman says fine, I will meet her there. Rinki stops him and says she has to talk about Ishita. He asks is everything fine. She says Subbu and Ishita’s meeting is not alright. He asks what. She says Subbu is his past, I know you are broad minded, but such relations don’t die, he is her first love and no one can forget first love, ask her not to meet Subbu often.

Raman asks whats wrong with her, I know you are feeling insecure with Mihir and Mihika, so you are thinking this,. Ishita has bear my past a lot, no one else could, if I can’t trust her, I can’t trust anyone, I forgot my first love, you should support your life partner. He gets Ishita’s call. She asks where is he. He asks about plaster. She says no, I m waiting, I got new slippers to wear and come, but its still there. Raman asks her to come home, he has to give imp news.

She asks if she should tell Neelu to make tea for him. He says find new reason to talk to me. Raman ends call and says he is not insecure about Ishita, no one can come between me, I want you to make your relation strong. Ishita asks doctor not to touch, it hurts. He says you want the plaster to get removed, doctors are bad patients and asks Subbu to do something. Vandu talks to Bala about Subbu. Bala says he is better than before. Vandu says I m happy he is recovering. He says shall we plan a get together, he will get a change. She says good idea, lets plan a union.

He says mum said he did not meet people since Laxmi died. Subbu diverts Ishita and tells an old story and signs the doctor. She gets busy and laughs. The doctor checks her plaster. Raman waits for Ishita and she comes home. He says I left Ashok’;s job, I m not CEO now. She asks why. He says he is buying Ashok Khanna’s company. She says what, now he can’t do anything, I m my own boss.

She gets glad and says you will be rocking, you know work more than Ashok. She says she was having pain and what happened there. She jokes on him and laughs. She gets a message about college union, and everyone is coming with spouses. She says we won’t go, how will we go on wheelchair. He says he will lift her. They argue and smile.

Ishita says congrats Ceo and makes Mihir have sweets. He says thanks, it was good to see Ashok’s face. Rinki comes and he gives her some items. Rinki says thanks. Mihir says she is selfish, she did not wish him. Rinki says I thought to meet and wish, congrats, I m happy for you. Mihir asks about Raman. Ishita says he is on phone, will come and asks him to share anything with her. Mihir says yes, whom else will I say. She says I mean, Rinki is here. He says she said she was getting bored there, so she came, did she say anything, like she is unhappy. She asks did they have any fight. He says no, I can’t fight with her and goes to meet Raman.

Ishita comes to Rinki and talks to her about coming here. Rinki says she came here as she was getting bored and books are here. Ishita says exams are over. Rinki leaves making excuse. She says Mihir does not know the problem, Rinki is hiding, what is the matter.

Raman says stay here, I will get car. She asks is he bored of her stories. Subbu comes and greets her. He says he was thinking to take her, thinking maybe Raman will get late, so he came to check as he stays nearby.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Haaye……..
    AK Group of Company ab hogi…..
    RKB Group of Company……….

    Yaa phir Raman Ishita ke naan se Company ka naam rakhe to jyada achcha hai……..

  2. Ab raman..boss hoga aur Mihir CEO. …
    ..jab raman ne ashok ko bataya ki ab woh uss ki company ka boss hai ashokka chehra layaq tha. …

  3. Ashok Duba hai……….
    Ab Malhotra bhi Dubega……….
    Mihir ne company jo chhod di…….

    Kyo friends …….kya kehte ho…….

    RAMAN Mihir phir saath ho gaye……m

  4. honey

    I dnt undrstd 1 thing how can Raman owning Ashok company… Does investors of ak company elected Raman??? Raman dnt hav plenty of money na

  5. Precap mein jo bataya yaar. .ye Subbu bar bar IshRa k beech aaraha hai…hope ishita Subbu ko achche se jawab de aur raman k sath jaye. ….

  6. Precap Very nice………..
    Sahi kiya Ishita…….Subbu ab jyada hi Ishita ki life me aa raha hai…….Bilkul sahi kiya Ishita ne………Kal Subbu ko lambaaa sa lacture milega…….

  7. Rinky aone thaughts Raman ke mann me dqql rahi hqi…butt IshRa ka rishta inn sab se bahot age aa gaaya hai…….
    & ab Raman ki baat sunkar muje nahi lagta ki Raman insecure ho kar confess karega….but precap se yeh lagta hai ki Ishita gussa karegi….to Raman use sqmjayega……..

  8. nimrit

    u r right prayosha…… ishu use itna bada lecture degi ki woh subbu phir ishuse freely baat karnese bhi dar jayega……. kamina kahi ka subbu…….bewakoof kahika…… man to karta hai us subbu ki to jan hi lelu

  9. I R

    omg aij ka episode mindblowing tha ab maza ayga ashok bi gaya or shugun bi gai but percap mujhe samaj nai aya koi mujhe btay ga kia dikhya ha percap ma

  10. hey mindblowing epidose tha.finally mera wish pur hogaya.raman is opening new my wish came true.ab se raman kumar bhalla own of RKB hai.

  11. Ye Subbu ko dekh kar samjh nahin aaraha hai ki. .ab woh har baat k liye ishita ki help leraha hai. ….maaf kiya toh ..uss k paar hi nikal aaye. ……
    ..agar Subbu ka intention ishita ko phir se apna hai toh. .usse raman se koi nahin bacha sakta hai. ……

  12. finally raman got everything in his life.he got his kids back and made his own company.very good understanding wife.tho mrs.raven kumar now give more important to ur jansi ki rani ko.

  13. haan mizum tu bilkul sachi hai.raman tho usi ko chotugi bhi nayi.and by precap by ishu ka expression clears that ishu get to know wt subbu is trying to do.tho raman tho kya ishu itself to handle usi subbu.hai naa.

  14. Ashok k paas ab kuch nahin.
    …kangal ho gaya hai. ..ab raman ashok phir se 6’2 bola ye ga toh kitna achcha lage ga. Raman phir se apne RKB mood mein wapas aagaya hsi…yaar kaan taras gaye hai ye sune k liye. ..

    • To kya hua…….humare Dil ka to hero hai na……..& Excuse me………….hum yanha………serial ki baat kar rahe hai….Film ki nahi ……….

  15. Yaar Hospital me Ishita ke pass Raman ko hona chahiye tha………. Raman IshRa monents yaad dilata…& Ishita ko distract karta………

  16. aaj superb din hai.first my fav mumbai indian ka win.and now chennai superb kings r also playing too well.and aur tho aur hamara serial bhi superb se upper tha.

  17. Yaar yeh song na maine confssion ke liye choose kiya tha ……..but muje laga aaj se achcha koi ep ho hi nahi sakta iss ke liye……….

    Mor bani thangaat kare
    Mann mor bani thangat kare
    Mann mor bani thangat kare

    Maaru mann mor bani thanghat kare
    Mann mor bani thanghat kare
    Mor bani thanghat kare
    Mann mor bani thanghat kare

    Iss ka matlab……
    Mera Mann aaj mor ban kar jum jum kar naach raha hai………

    Raam Leela me suna hoga yeh song…….

    Aaj me itni khush hoo ki aaj maine iss song par Akele akele Garbaa kiya hai………

    Kyo friends Same feelings ……hai na……..

  18. Priyaroli…….link share nahi ho rahi ….awiting moderation dikha raha hai…..
    To aap Google par search kijiye……
    Uss me A to Z me R me jaa kar Raam Leela film dhundh kar Mor Bani Thnafat kare…… wo song download kar lijiye…….

  19. Rajesh & Mayank bolo kya fark padta hai…..aap jaise 10 out of 100 honge….koi fark nahi padta……..uska frustration…………..Didi ke sab serials ko lekar hai sirf yanha kyo nikal rahe ho……

  20. aru

    Did anyone notice!!? Yesterday precap….rinki scolding mihika…it was not there in today’s episode??

  21. hiiiiiiii guys sry yar.aaj thoda late huyi hu……..vise aaj ka episode acha hai par muje precap acha laga kyom ki ishu uss subbu se naraaj huyi na……aur muje lagtha hai ki kahi na kahi ishu ko shak huva hai subbu ke behaviour par…..

  22. waise reunion is a good idea hai.i mean most of ishu ka frds may misunderstand that subbu and ishu got married.per ishu will clear all misunderstand and say she is mrs.ishita raman bhalla.wife of mr.raman kumar bhalla.tho form that one will rise the question.hai naa.

  23. haan paryu matching matching.they r the best jodi.waise raman ne kya kaha tha he will lift ishu.tho wtever subbu wear its nt a big deal.he is thrid nayi last person bhi nayi.waise it reunion tho all will black only.

  24. Hey aaj Rinky ne kaha 1st love bhulana aasan nahi………
    To msine ek story padhi thi…….I think IshRa ff strangers……….

    Uss me Subbu kehta hai ki 1 st love bulana aasan nahi………

    Tab pata hai..RKB ne kya reply diya tha……….
    1st 2nd 3rd ………..koi bhi love bula sakte hai……….jab tak aap ko apna true love naa mile……….

    Koi friends ….sahi kaha tha na RKB ne……..

    • Good Night Priyaroli…..TC….
      Nind to muje bhi bahot aa rahi hai…..but mai soungi nahi …abhi to YHM dekhna hai……phir se . …

  25. Yaar Raman…….ab Company Kharidi hai to ek Bada Bunglow bhi kharid lo…….chhota bhi chakega……hume koi show off nahi karana …..right…..
    But kab tak yeh rent house me rahenge…apna ghar to hona chahiye na….

  26. Hy guys…
    For all of u…
    If you not interested….
    Just leave the yhm show…
    And don’t write dirty word 4 yhm show….
    Just enjoy the show…
    Yhm show is always rockssss….
    Region – IshRauhadiiiii….

    • Yes IshRarudi always rockzzzz. .jis se dekhna hai dekhe….agar pasand na Ho toh na dekhe par aaisa IshRaRudi k bare mein bura na bole. …….

  27. waise raman ne uss ashok se company liya bahut acchi baat hai. saale kameene ko aisa hi hona chahiye.usne raman ko kitnaa humiliate kiya rinki ke shaadi ke waqt aur raman se jyada kaam karwaya aur raman ruhi ko aapna naukar bola.toh uss kameene ke saath sahi hua.

  28. i am fine mizun .ha correct yaar.jinko show pasand nahi hai woh log naa hi dekhe toh sahi hai aur aise negative comments toh bhejna hi nahi chahiye.

  29. HEy Thanks for support me yaar….kab se me akele hi boli jaa rahi thi unko….Wo Mayank ne to Karan ko Monkey & Vilian bola….muje bahot gussa aaya…

  30. Hey guys raman ishita yhm fb par ek pic hai jis mein ishra romantic dance karrahe hai. .yaar ye dekh kar Monday ka intezar aur bhi zyada hogaya hai…

    • Sachchi yaar. …..mai bolo abhi yeh hi soch rahi thi…infact mak bolne hi wali thi ……….but song to koi old hona chahiye yaar…….jaise…Oh hmanva…
      & Tu tu hai wahi dil ne jise apna kaha….right….

      • Yeah main bhi sonchi thi k. ..IshRa ka dance hona chahiye. …
        and yes ye song toh mere bhi fav. hai aur agar IshRa par hoto maza aajaye ga. ……
        ….par agar new song hoto ye song hona chahiye. ….
        ….tu jo hai toh main hoon. …and teri khushboo. ..

  31. honey

    @mayank ? ? u cheap man dnt u use ur net 2 watch ipl.. Meri Raman ko kuch bi bolne se pehle tere ko shishe mey dekho gadha bandhar suvvar badtameez… Tum kaisi logo Ki vaja se met temper badthi hai sry guyz I abuse mayank gandha aadmi ? meri Raman monkey tho tum kutta aur suvvar hai 👿 😡

  32. honey

    Hey bandhar suvvar gadha teri didi ka gursa humari serial par math dikav… Get last u fool… How u know yhm story ur saying subbu nd ishu marry and blah blah… Iss ka matlab tum roj yhm dekthi na sirf tume hamara attention chahiye milgayana attention badtameez insaan ab Kush hoja 😈

  33. Karan ki shaadi ki Khushi me……writters itne achche scenes likh rahe hai….to I think Karan ko har mahine shaadi karni chahiye……….koi problem nahi ………

    Aaj shayad SBS SBB me IshRa college re union party me dance karne wale hai wo dikhayega……

  34. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going
    with a lot of twists and turns in the
    coming episodes. Shagun says to mihika that she only
    knows how to break marriages and
    blames mihika for breaking mihir and
    rinky’s marriage.Mihika will be worried
    and confronts rinky about why she
    came to bhalla house. Rinky removes her anger on mihika
    saying that mihir is guilty marrying her
    as he still loves her and also shouts on
    her that why she is interfering in her
    married life. Mihika will be heartbroken with those
    words as she never wanted to come in
    between mihir and rinky.She tells this o
    ishita and amma and they comfort her
    not to feel bad when she did
    nothing.Ishita assures that she will talk with rinky. Raman and ishit get ready for the party
    with black theme.Raman brings ishita
    to the parking and asks her wait until
    he brings the car.In the
    meanwhile,Subbu comes and greets
    her. He says he was thinking to take her, thinking maybe Raman will get
    late, so he came to check as he stays
    nearby. her Ishita will be get angry and tell him not
    to interfere in her life.Later they reach
    the hall and raman gets a call and he
    tells subbu and ishita to go inside. Ishita and Subbu meet their old friends
    and they ask her about fracture.They
    tell ishita that she is looking beautiful
    and happily married with subbu. Ishita feels weird and is about to say
    where raman comes and tells them
    that ishita is happily married with him
    and introduces himself as her husband. The party sequence is going to bring
    some surprises and twists.But fans will
    be happy to see Raman and ishita
    shaking their legs in the party. Well,what is the new twist going to be
    happen in the party?Stay Tuned for
    more updates.

  35. Nach Baliye 7 is going to start with new judges and new hosts as Karan
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  36. New On-location Videos ( 26th
    April ) *** ( W.U. by : Aani ) Video 1 – Subbu is standing behind
    Ishita’s wheelchair at the entrance of
    the party hall when a couple of women
    come towards them and shake hands
    with Ishita, seems like Karan and Amit
    are chatting offscreen too video 2 – Ishita and Subbu enter the hall
    and Ishita greets a few of her fellow
    classmates, one of them asks her what
    happened to her and she says she has a
    fracture. They chat for a while when the
    friends congratulate Ishita and Subbu assuming they are married and
    congratulate them on their happy
    married life when Raman comes in and
    says she is happily married but to me video 3 – Raman keeps a hand over
    Ishita’s shoulder and says she is my
    wife and one of Ishita’ friends
    apologizes to Raman.

  37. Haan prayu agar karan ki shaadi ki khushi mein itne awesome episode aarahe hai toh….agar har mahine shaadi kare toh koi problem nahin. ………….kal hi IshRa ka dance scene aajaye. ..

  38. Friends in Reunion Party
    assume Subbu & Ishita
    as Couple in ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohababtein’ In coming episodes,Ishita tells
    about Reunion Party to Raman
    and decides to go with
    her.When they are about to go
    Subbu appears telling he
    assumed that Raman might be busy and he just wanted to
    check on her if she is ready to
    go. Raman comes and tells he is all
    set to go and they leave
    together to the Reunion party
    while Subbu and Ishita enter
    first before Raman gets a call
    and he tells them to go ahead. Subbu and Ishita enter when
    they meet their friends and
    they ask them Ishita about her
    fracture and tell her that they
    are happy to see Subbu and
    Ishita still together right from their college time and are
    having happily married. Ishita and Subbu clarify that
    they are not married,when
    Raman comes telling Ishita is
    happily Marriied but it is with
    him(Raman).They tell them
    sorry for Misunderstanding.But Subbu will not start missing
    Ishita and realizes what he lost
    in his life. We hear there will be a dance
    Sequence between couples and
    Raman,Ishita will perform
    dance on a romantic number
    with Ishita in wheelchair and
    Raman dancing with her.Isn’t it Romantic to hear? With Subbu’s mother so
    confident that Subbu can be
    happy if it is Ishita,what will
    she do now ?

  39. that subbu mom should not interfer in ishitha life.i think she surely join hands vith shagun nd kuch tho kuch problems create karengi in ishrmn lifeme.

  40. today episode is very nice.raman buying ashok company it’s a great news.ek baar raman kahana ashokse tum kamse dyaan but ashok trying to do spoil other life so he lose everything including his brother.

  41. aab bichari mikiha bhahut upset hongi nd mihirko samjegi.shagun always try to spoil others life bcz her life is spoiled.but mene pada shagun is leaving the show when?????…..

  42. mihika ne mihir ki jaan bachayi aur mihir ke liye kitna kiya.yaha tak ki aapna poora life spoil kiya phir bhi yeh rinki samajne ki koshish bhi nahi kar rahi hai.

  43. yeh subbu toh bahut interefere kartha hai ishra ke beech.lekin accha hua raman ne sahi time pe keh diya ki ishitha is happily married to him and also introduced him.baad mein ishra dance hoga jo hamesha show mein cha jatha! aur yeh subbu bhi chup raha hoga jab koi usse aur ishitha ko couple samaj ke congradulate kiya hoga toh.pagal kahika.

  44. hope ki trp jald hi aajaye.yhm ka track itnaa accha hai aajkal ki hum veiwers ki umeed jyada ho gayi hai first position pe aane ka aur trp aa bhi nahi raha hai toh issi waqt jab yhm is superbly rocking.

  45. yes yaar subbu how can he think he could cme 2 ishitha life he should understand ishitha nd raman are happy together.subbu is very selfish yaar he left ishitha when he knows she vil not give he didn’t hav his he came.what is this………..

  46. Hey guys new promo dekhe. .raman pehle ishita ko. ..I love you ishimaa kehta hai phir. .baad .i love you ishita kehta hai. ……star plus par aagaya hai. ..

  47. #NewsNation #YHM #Segment #Upcoming Scenes #Ishu Re-union party of Ishita where ishita
    past Love Subbu is also there…they turn
    by turn told the event that will taking
    place 1st Subbu get to meet them
    outside the venue..he brings Ishita
    inside where people taken them wrong consider them as couple but than
    Raman enters proudly announces about
    Ishita is married to him…than Ishita &
    raman telling sorry in raman ear…as per
    reporter said …Ishita gets busy with
    meeting friends…raman feels neglected he seat in the starts drinking…Otherside
    Ishita ws trying to find raman see him
    drinking as he ws feeling alone…Ishita
    see him alone &cums to him…IshRa
    shown holding hands…it ws sweet
    moment b/w them where she ws trying make him feel better…from far
    subbu is watching them…than while
    IshRa holding hands… Subbu cums calls
    them to dance floor…in b/w IshRa were
    busy with each-other & Ishita is very
    happy with raman…Subbu ws shown what he really lost…Ishita is leading
    happy life with raman..which makes
    Subbu upset…
    Divyanka-At intvws there where Dt ws
    telling about the scene where people
    consider them as couple…where they had to correct them…Reporter-raman is
    going to do sumthing special for
    Ishita.Divyanka ws telling about in
    script its written Raman had to pick
    Ishita ..she ws worried for karan saying
    he came from NB sets..he already has back its written he has to
    pick me…dunno how he is going to
    manage this..At ws he has to pick her
    with wheel chair…dt ws like ilet’s
    c…hopefully we will manage it…In end
    voice over said shagun ws raman past..she created loads of problem in
    there life…ishita fought bk..ishra r
    together…now its raman who has to
    show & fight bk ishita past…

    • Liya

      Yeah,v r [email protected]

  48. bichari mihika ethna kuch hogaya uss ladki ke sath 1st romi mms 2nd in ashok nd shagun marriage ashok ethna kuch kiya 3rd mahika ke shadi ashokse 4th ashok attempt to rape mihika.she is so brave girl right naima?????

  49. Liya

    Which r the telugu and kannada words of [email protected]

  50. naima

    ramya I heard that ashok turns as a positive character and after he will start feelings for last mihika and ashok will get married

  51. Kya yaar Mizun……muje bola bhi nahi ki promo telecast ho gaya…..hey mainr suna ki Raman Ishita ko party me surprise dene wala hai to…confession hi surprise to nahi………

  52. Ooohooo Sorry prayu. .network problem tha iss liye nahin kaha bahut slow hogaya hai fb jaldi open nahin horaha hai……sorry ♡♡♡♡♡

  53. Hey kal NB nshi aayega…….kal to Tu mera hero hi aayega shayad….to hume kyo kaha tha ki roj aayega…….pure achche mood par pani phir diya…..

    But Karan looking very handsome…..but choti kyo banai hai……..

  54. Haa Mizun..Tum ne kaha wo thik hai ki Ruhi Aadi saath the…but aisa jaruri to nahi ki promo me jaisa dikhaye show me bhi same wesa hi ho………Airport wala promo & actual scene kitna different tha……..phir wo IshRa ki dinner date wala promo jiss me Aadi & Shagun waapas aate hai………us me bhi IshRa promome ghar me dikhaye the…….Actual scene me hotelme the… thoda difference to chalta hai…….
    To kal Party me Raman Shayad I love you bol de……kyonki spoiler me tha ki wo koi surprise dega….tum kya kehti ho…….

    • Yeah right. ……really wish k raman kal party mein sab k samne ishita ko. .I love you ishita bol de. …….toh maza aajaye ga. …..

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    ..muskurane ki wajha, ,,tere bin na lage jiya, ,,tu hai k nahin, ,aur mera fav.tu jo hai toh main hoon, ,teri khushboo ….tum kya kehti ho. .

  57. Hey Mizun…..Shakti Neha & Radhika ka act dekha……… Neha ko question kiya ki Tumhe Sab bolte hai ki IshVeer achche couple hai to……yeh question to Ankita ko bahot problem karega hai na……..kyonki Humare liye to DivAn & IshRa hi couple hai………

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    God Bless you yaar. …….kuch years me tumhari bhi beti hogi……..

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  65. Ishu Reporter said can come between
    ishra first shagun tried now subbu is
    trying soon he will b defeated like
    shagun Amit said kp has to lift DT with
    wheelchair lol n dt said poor kp has a
    bad backache but lets see She said script demands that he has to lift her & script
    is torturous at times lets see what we
    can do n how to work around itin this
    segment Raman feels a bit left out
    seeing ishita withher friends n subbu n
    all so heu starts drinking n is sad n lonely ishita sees n comes n holds out
    her hand to him n subbu watches them
    rep said subbu is jealous n now repents
    what he lost in leaving ishita in the past
    subbu calls ishita n raman to dance
    reporter says.

  66. SS

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    • Really kal hoga aaisa kaha. …awesome yaar. ….may be dance k bad love confess kare sab k samne. …kitna achcha hoga. .agar aaisa hoga toh …kya kehte ho. ..

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  75. why ramya you told that u stay in bangalore .. now what changing places like dress..
    or ur a big fan of ipl that since hyderabad is forward u changed ur state or u r on a vacation..

  76. Laura. ..
    ..main sirf ek kriya ko janti hoon. …jo..Dil dosti aur dance mein thi……jo shakti mohan ne ye role kiya tha. ..

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  78. gopu

    in YouTube their r yhm dance video’s …..if u want to download the video use IDM software….

  79. Hey suna raman ne ishita ko ghar se nikal diya. ..rinki ki wajhe se. ..
    Rinki mihir k paas wapas nahin jana chahati hai aur raman bhi kehta mat ja. …par ishita ko ghar se nikal diya. .aur ab ishita amma ko ghar par hai. ….ye rinki ki shak ki wajhe se IshRa k beech phir se fight hogayi. …….ishita ne kaha ki agar raman ne usse ghar se nikal diya toh kya hoa main apne amma k ghar par hoon. ….
    ..humne kya soncha tha aur kya ya hogaya. ……

    • honey

      Promo kuch kehtha hai aur serial Mein kuch aur Mein kal kitne Kush thi aur aaj e news sunkar my heart broken ? ? ? rinki lagadita na ishea ke beech aag u get last I want Mimi together Plzzz CVs

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    …agar IshRa k sath hoto kitna achcha hoga. ….raman ishita ko manane ki koshish kare ga. .aur rain hogi ….yaar iss bar toh rain honi ho chahiye. ….

  82. Hey Mizun…Yeh to muje laga hi tha ki fight hogi…..kyonki ab confession time hai……….& yeh to Ekta ka style hai…..Confrssion with fight…….kyo sahi kaha na……

  83. Mujhe laga tha karan NB host karraha hai toh. .uss ki life par koi toh kuch bole ga. ..kyun k karan ne pehle NB ka contestant tha. …….

  84. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is gearing up for a lot of drama in the
    coming episodes.The show grabbed
    the attention from the viewers with
    it’s interesting story line and
    wonderful star cast.
    In the coming episode’s of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbetein ,Shagun is trying her best
    to separate kids fro ishita.she is
    planning to take them to Australia so
    that she can take revenge from ishita.
    Subbu’s mom finds her son
    recovering from his past after ishita
    accepts his apology.She feels that
    ishita is the only person who can fill
    happiness in her son’s life.She starts
    her plan to bring ishita and subbu
    In the reunion party people assume
    ishita as subbu’s wife and
    congratulate her but raman comes in
    between and proudly says that she is
    his wife.
    Later ,Ishita introduces raman to her
    friends and gets busy in chating with
    them.Raman goes to a corner and will
    sit there.After a while ishita notices
    him and goes to him.she says sorry
    for leaving him alone.
    In the party,Subbu tries to come close
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    ishita in the past.
    He sees them happy and gets jealous
    of them.Later He invites them for
    dance and ishita doesnot agrees as
    she has fracture in her leg.But Raman
    somehow convinces her and they both
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    May be subbu’s mom joins hands with
    Shagun to combine ishita and
    subbu.Will shagun able to destroy
    raman and ishita’s life?
    To know more keep reading for more
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  85. mujhe lagta hai ki subbu aur simmi ki jodi ho sakti hai matlab ho sakti hai bcoz iss serial jo bhi jodi banne wali hai ve hamesha tamilian punjali wala criteria lete may be

  86. subbu ko jealous feel hi kyu karna hai ha. woh apne aaap ko samajtha kya hai.ussne ishitha ko choda ishitha ne nahi.subbu ,uski amma aur shagun dono ishra ko nazar lagathe firthe hai.

  87. Rinki has come to stay in Bhalla
    House being annoyed with Mihir and
    Mihika’s past. She gets irked seeing
    them together always and feels
    insecure in her marriage. Raman and
    Ishita try to explain Rinki about
    Mihir’s loyalties and how he has
    moved on in life. Mihir feels guilty to
    misunderstand Mihika and how she is
    suffering because of Ashok. Rinki
    thinks she came between them and
    does not wish to stay with Mihir
    anymore. Mihika also explains Rinki
    to make her marriage strong with trust
    and love. Rinki scolds Mihika and
    blames her to break her marriage.
    Raman gets angry on Rinki for her
    cheap mindset and shows his trust on
    Mihir and Mihika. He also blames
    Ishita for making Mihir marry Rinki
    and asks her to leave Bhalla house.
    Ishita heads to Iyers and tells how
    Raman punished her for her small
    mistake, when she was just making
    Rinki’s life better. Subbu reaches
    there and is stunned seeing Ishita
    crying, and Raman’s perfect husband
    image breaks in his eyes.

  88. Subbu thinks to comfort Ishita in
    this tough time and hopes to get her
    back in his life. Will Raman set
    Rinki’s life right? Keep reading.
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    Iyer, Mihika, Mihir , Raman , Rinki ,
    spoiler , Star Plus, Yeh Hai

    • Yeah pata nahin. .sbs mein kaha ki. .Subbu ishita ka khayal rakhe ga. ….
      …raman jald ishita ko wapas ghar le jao. …

  89. Subbu thinks to comfort Ishita in
    this tough time and hopes to get her
    back in his life. Will Raman set
    Rinki’s life right? Keep reading.

    • Pata nahi na yaar..subah se check kar rahi hoo….abhi tak nahi aaya….nai to subah so rahi thi .& friend ka phone aaya ki result open ki to 10 am likha tha…..par abhi tak nahi aaya……

  90. SBB SBB – Raman Ishita are on the dance
    floor where Subbu is watching them as
    Raman lip syncs the lines tothe song
    and Ishita is very happy, they manage
    to dance mostly even when she is on
    the wheel chair at one point slowly he helps her off the wheelchair after which
    they hug as Raman takes her in his
    arms and she lays her head on his
    shoulder.Divyanka said its written in
    the script that Raman has to lift her
    though how Karan will manage it she is worried as he came from NB and says I
    wont dance they said Subbu would feel
    jealous of watching the couple and that
    their friends would initially have a MU
    that Ishita and Subbu are a couple. #SBS the dance is shown as Ishita is on the
    wheelchair with Raman.Amit says that
    their friends hadthe MU since they were
    the IT couple in the college. and thathe
    cant say whatwould happen inthe
    future but it would be Pati, Patni and …SBS also mentioned about the
    seperation and said thats its gonna be a
    shortone and has been expressly
    incorporated for the purpose of Karan’
    marriage Hot news also mentioned that
    KP got mad at Chetan Bhagat in NB as he said that these days the couples love
    on FB and Whatsapp which didnt sit
    well with Karan They also mentioned
    the Dubsmash video of Ishita and Amit,
    she said tbat she did it just for fun
    because Dubsmash is thein thing these days and didnt intend to take a potshot
    at anyone but the video went viral and
    people misunderstood that she is
    takinga dig at someone but I dont need
    to do so since I am happy, she repeated
    another line of Kareena’ in JWM- main apni favorite hoon.

    • honey

      He’s not a lead actor I think he did supporting roles guyzzz dnt misunderstood its Telugu actor Vijay not Tamil star. 1st I thought Tamil actor

    • Hey akshay kumar song chintata.. (rowdi rathod ) mein akshay. . prabhu deva sath jo tamil actor ne dance kiya tha wahi. …k vijay… hai kya……

  91. honey

    @mizun woh Vijay nai… Chintata dance Mein vijay nai baba… Dis is another Vijay his native Rajasthan nd now sttled in @ap.. But chuntata Vijay is Tamil star

  92. Raman ne kiya Ishita ko beghar
    ( W.U. by: Aani )
    Ishita is shown with her Amma Appa at
    their home and
    says there’ no need to sympathize with
    me I am not some abla naari types who would cry
    all day, I am at
    my parent’ home. She says she will
    never forgive
    Raman for this.
    In the Bhalla home the family is gathered around and its
    revealed that Rinki has left Mihir’ home
    due to her
    insecurities regarding Mihir and Mihika
    and doesnt ever
    want to return there. Everyone tries to make her
    understand including Mihika that she
    should trust her
    marriage but Rinki is adamant. Raman
    tries to make
    her see reason that no one here is your enemy and all
    but nothing changes her mind so he
    says fine you can
    stay here no one would ask you to
    Its later said Raman would be really angry with Ishita
    due to this problem and throw her out
    of the house as
    he would blame her for the fiasco
    between the trio.
    Just as Ishita is talking to her parents Subbu comes
    into her home with a dog, could be
    Muthu or his own
    and asks her whats wrong.
    –> No need to worry guyzzz coz this is
    Ishra plan coz ..
    One day he says if he can’t trust her, he
    can’t trust
    anyone.. And he already knew Rinki
    was having issues,
    he could have been angry about it on Ishita before too.
    Before the party Ishita was trying to
    sort issues between
    Rinki/Mihika/Mihir and she obviously
    shared this with
    him later. Even if Raman wants to blame Ishita
    about this, he’ll
    blame. But he won’t throw her out of
    the house. That’s
    just extreme and not him.
    The fact that he is explaining to Rinki that its her fault,
    proves it too.
    Plus Ishita’s reactions don’t seem too
    extreme (if it
    was real, she’d be in a terrible state)

  93. gopu

    naima… this is just a serial…. enjoy it to overcome or forget some problems…. I am doing the same….

  94. understanding.caring nd its a wonderful feeling two hearts.
    Once in life time
    someone breaks u r heart
    nd if u still feel to hold
    that person with
    every broken piece….
    That amazing pain is called…
    TRUE LOVE:-).
    How much ever it’s expressed also it is less only;-);-).

  95. naima

    I had a friend.very good person. He is my cousin.I considered him as a friend.but he created feelings for me .past 4years he has feelings 4me.but any way he is not ready to express his feelings.because I am very strict in love . never loved any one.won my cousin loved a guy I scolded her.I was annoyed with her since days.continue later……

  96. gopu

    I am in love with my cousin for the past four years…. but I didn’t expressed her… I spoke to my brother… he said to achieve someone’s love you want patience… he promised me that he will talk with her parents and he said their are many conditions….. I am struggling to achieve those for the past four years…..

  97. gopu

    naima I am two step’s ahead to achieve her love……be patience don’t take any decision’s in anger …confusion…. happy…. moment’s the result may be painful….

  98. Written update team

    This site is to discuss about ye hai mohabbatein.Don’t discuss about your personal matters.This is the final judgement or you will be legally fined.

  99. naima

    but my………there r so many difference between us……it still I did not neglect or ignore him ……I still talk with him daily …..because he is my best friend…..

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