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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek asking Ishita what is the matter. She says I feel Adi is lying, I m not saying as I m his mum, Mani and Raman scolded him, he was silent, I feel he is hiding something, he was going to hypnotherapist. She tells him everything. He says you are thinking right, if Adi has seen someone else, the culprit is third person, if he did not do crime, why will he get punished, but how to make him say truth, he is not ready to speak up. She says I thought of something and I need your help. He asks what.

A little girl gets down the car and says she missed her home. Mr. Bhalla asks her to come. She is Ananya, and asks him why did mumma not come to meet me. He says you should have called us before, Simmi would have come. She says I came with Taneja uncle to give

you all a surprise. They see media. Media asks Mr. Bhalla about Adi confessing his crime. Ananya scolds the reporters and asks them not to trouble her Nanu, I m Ananya Param Khurana, don’t ask him anything. Mihika comes and scolds the reporters for troubling an elderly man like this. She hugs Ananya. She says he is already suffering and you all are pointing at him infront of his granddaughter. She sends the media reporters out. He thanks Mihika. She says we all are together, don’t thank me. She tells Ananya that we all missed you, I will ask Amma to make hot wadas for you, we will be there till Simmi comes.

Abhishek says Ishita has done a serious crime, put her in lockup. Adi gets shocked. He asks Ishita why did they get you here. Abhishek says I have arrested her for Aaliya’s attack matter. Adi asks what and looks at her. He cries.

Ruhi comes home happily and asks Simmi about Raman and Ishita. Simmi says Raman is in his room, he is in tension. Ruhi says I have such news that his tension will get away. Raman talks to Mihir and asks where did we get wrong… Ruhi comes and Raman ends call. Ruhi asks Raman to have sweets. He asks whats the matter. Ruhi says I solved your big problem, I went to Singhal’s house as Ruhaan, as his daughter is Ruhaan’s big fan, I performed there, Singhal promised that he will not trouble you and Ishita. FB shows Singhal telling Ruhi that you have come here knowing Kanika is my daughter, I will not trouble Raman and Ishita for the project. FB ends. Raman says that’s why its said daughters make name shine and sons spoil the name. She asks what happened. He says Adi confessed the crime and he is in jail. Ruhi gets shocked and asks what, Adi was taking hypnotherapy sessions, it means he saw someone in 2nd session. He asks what are you saying. She says come fast, we have to meet Adi, I will tell you everything on the way.

Adi tells Abhishek that Ishita is saving me, she can’t do this. Abhishek says she confessed the crime and we have to keep her here. Adi says how can there be two culprits for one crime. Ishita says why not. Adi says she is lying. Abhishek asks how did you confess crime suddenly. Adi says I was lying earlier. Ishita says I attacked on Aaliya, that’s it. She cries. Adi looks at her.

Raman and Ruhi come there and ask Abhishek whats going on, we want to meet Adi and they said Ishita is inside. Abhishek says we arrested Ishita as she has taken Adi’s blame on her head. Raman says I don’t understand, whats going on. Abhishek says its Ishita’s plan, we think Adi is saving someone, this is drama, I have kept her in Adi’s cell so that there is pressure buildup on Adi and he tells us name of real culprit, please cooperate. Ruhi says I think we should meet Aaliya, Adi went with her for 2nd session. They leave. Simmi says why is Raman disconnecting my call, Raman and Ruhi left. Mr. Bhalla says they will come, call Ananya for dinner.

Ananya says no need to call, I have already come, did mumma make this dish for me. She sees Simmi busy on phone. Neela says all that is made for you. Simmi is busy and Ananya does not get her attention. Simmi asks Ananya to have food. She says I have head ache and goes to rest. Mrs. Bhalla goes to give her medicine. Ananya asks Mr. Bhalla will you dine with me. Mr. Bhalla says my lawyer friend called, its imp call, you have food. He goes. She cries and says no one has time to talk to me, they are so disturbed.

She gets Parmeet’s call and says mumma was happy seeing me, I surprised her, mumma made my fav food, we are celebrating, they are calling me for dinner. Amma looks on. Ananya ends call and cries. Amma gets tearful eyes seeing her.

Raman and Ruhi come to meet Aaliya. Mani asks what are you doing here after what Adi did. Shagun says if you came to meet Pihu, come tomorrow, he is sleeping. Raman says we came to meet Aaliya, Adi is innocent and Ishita is in lockup to prove it. Shagun says Ishita and her drama. Raman says I don’t want to argue. Mani asks him to leave, and sends Aaliya inside. Raman and Ruhi shout to Aaliya that Adi is innocent. Aaliya asks them to meet hypnotherapist, maybe she can help. Ruhi says she is right, come Papa, we will meet her. They leave.

Amma tells Simmi that you did not do this right, Ananya is sitting alone outside, you should be with her, she will having dinner alone, she was upset, I saw her crying. Simmi worries and says my daughter… Amma says I have sent her to Vandu now, don’t worry, she will have dinner with Shravan. Simmi says everyone is so worried, tell me how to show happiness to Ananya. Amma says I understand. Simmi says no one understands, I m staying in my brother’s house, I m in my Maayka, they all love me, Raman has done big favor me and my daughter, how to explain Ananya, I love her and want to see her happy, but I m not able to become good mum, I m worried for Raman and his children, he is facing so much. Simmi cries. Amma consoles her. Ananya looks on.

Adi looks at Ishita. The lady constable asks Ishita to come, she maybe shifted to jail. Adi asks what, I won’t let her go. Ishita says let me go. Abhishek comes and asks whats happening. Ishita says Adi is my son and that’s why he is worried. Abhishek says I understand, we are shifting you to jail and releasing Adi, as we have proof against Ishita and not anything against Adi. Adi says you can’t do this. Abhishek tells the fake evidence and a crime witness against Ishita. Adi says this is a lie, I will tell you everything, you will not shift Ishi Maa to jail. Ishita and Abhishek look on.

Ishita pressurizes Adi to tell the name of the culprit. Adi says I will tell the truth, do you have courage to hear the name. Raman and Ruhi check something on laptop. Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At least today’s episode moves along quite well instead of the usual dragging. I hope it is kept on track like this and bring some bliss into Bhallas family with the return of Ananya. Let them celebrate for the return of Adi from prison and Ananya. I am getting weighed down watching negativity throughout. Just throw Niddhi into the cell and let her rot there Actually Shagun should also be rotting in jail. I wonder what NGO person would be doing all these crimes. She will be stripped off her NGO posiiton if they find out she is in cahoots with criminals like Niddhi.

    1. Hi I Am With U for this Sindhu. Both Plus Ashok Should rot in Jail for all the Bad deeds High time they brought some happiness to the Bhalla’s & They should turn the tables on them so that we too will be happy too. the Bhalla ‘s exp Raman & IShu Has never ever had any happiness other than problems for doing good or accused & put in jail for nothing..

  2. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Kiran, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Supergirl and Shreya and many other YHM fans

    1. Monique_D

      Hi Sindhu

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi dear sindhu,
      Hw ru doing?

  3. very interesting and joyful episode. I liked it

  4. yes Sindhu … if moves on with this positivity well and good … though police dept and all not very convincing .. totally these three days quite positive …

  5. Is that Shravan who may have attempted to throw acid on Aaliya to take old revenge in the costume of Ruhaan?? Or would that be Ruhi, getting annoyed with Aaliya as she has hurt her brother Adhi? Waiting to see whose name Adhi is going to take? Or would it be again Nidhi &
    Shagun playing their dirty game of using someone with Ruhaan’s clothes to throw the acid?

  6. Santanya Singh

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita prove to ACP Abhishek about their kids Adi and Ruhi are innocence in Aaliya’s acid case.

    Adi and Ruhi also give some clue which proves them innocence.

    Bhalla family welcomes Adi and Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla thank Ishita for making everything fine in the house once again.

    Ishita to expose Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)

    Apart from this, the real culprit who threw acid on Aaliya is none other than Nidhi who wore Ruhaan’s cloths to trap Ruhi.

    Raman and Ishita get mission to catch Nidhi red handed winning Mani’s trust back.

    1. Omg! Thank you soo much santu!????

  7. Wish I could stamp this Shagun,Ashok and Nidhi with my foot or ruthlessly make them suffer for their deeds and shoot them and kill these three brainless duffersduffers who always want revenge

  8. Or wish that Ruhi could break Nidhi’s legs by the whip….this time Shagun, Ashok and Nidhi don’t deserve to be forgiven

  9. Whats the new entry abt annanya??

  10. Did pihu get those tomato chicken and shagun didn’t asked how they knew what pihu likes ??

  11. Hey everyone the is truly noone tht loves ishita more thn adi,b4 the leap ishita was close to ruhi but nw its more adi thy fight 4 each other,their mother son bond is very deep it can b seen in 2day episode.I jst love thm!!!

  12. Yes, niddie should go to jail. Then they should show some smartness from l’s raman’s and Ishthita’s side as well in winning pihu back, come in Raman is aCEO and Ishita is a Doctor shafni can’t succeed always in proving she is good and they are bad, where as she does all bad. The custody should have been that Raman does have visiting hours or pihu gets to spend the weekend with ballas. And further shogun is exposed, she should be jailed as well for kidnapping. Adi is out in jail based on suspicious why not shagun for kidnapping Ishita, based on the letter. Then she losses her NGo position and the custody of pihu. Also must start some bond between Ishita and pihu, also Raman and Ishita…. The story should be in. Line with the theme and the title. Further just a though here should be a valid and acceptable flash back of Ishita being away from her daughter and family, as the first two three years she’s bein in Coma , then
    Mid understands that Raman is married to shagun, something like that, if not Ishita too is very much wrong not to corn back for her own child.

  13. can anybody tell me what did raman saw in laptop

    1. Jassi …. Raman and Ruhi was going thru Adis hypnotherapist report … in that its mentioned Adi saw Ruhan throwing the acid … hence Raman is shocked ..,

  14. Episode was ok.precap was also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic and all yhm friends.

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita prove to ACP Abhishek about their kids Adi and Ruhi are innocence in Aaliya’s acid case.

    Adi and Ruhi also give some clue which proves them innocence.

    Bhalla family welcomes Adi and Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla thank Ishita for making everything fine in the house once again.
    Ishita to expose Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)

    Apart from this, the real culprit who threw acid on Aaliya is none other than Nidhi who wore Ruhaan’s cloths to trap Ruhi.

    Raman and Ishita get mission to catch Nidhi red handed winning Mani’s trust back.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  17. “Happy Birthday Ruhanika Dhawan”aka ruhi or Pihu.

    1. Happy birthday to u ruhanika….. May God bless you!!

  18. YHM: Huge twist in Aaliya Acid attack case, Ishita-Ruhi shock

    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It is heard that after investigating the case for a long time, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will manage to reveal who the real culprit is.

    It is heard that Nidhi aka Pavitra Punia will turn out to be the real culprit behind this gruesome act.

    It will so happen that Nidhi will take the avatar of Ruhaan (Aditi Bhatia) while attacking Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) from behind.

    Apparently Adi (Abhishek Verma) will witness the same he will feel Ruhaan is the culprit and will thus decide to take the blame on himself.

    Nidhi will be soon going behind the bars and Ishita and Adi will walk free.

  19. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Nidhi to befool Raman-Ishita escaping blame

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    As per the ongoing storyline, Adi confess his crime and Ishita gets shocked to learn that Adi is hiding something.

    Hence Ishita takes Abhishek’s help to uncover the truth by getting herself arrested too with a hidden plan.

    Soon in the upcoming series, Adi will reveal the truth before Ishita where she will get all the more shocked and she will again deny the fact.

    Ruhi will also get shocked to learn about the same and will suspect Nidhi in acid attack case.

    But smart Nidhi will befool Raman and Ishita escaping the blame on her.

    Let’s see how Raman and Ishita will save their children from Nidhi’s evil clutches.

  20. Episode was good today. Ananyas entry is sudden….. It was nice to see mother and son bond. Now only I saw the spoiler that Nidhi is behind acid attack.such a heart less woman. A woman attacking a girl with acid is something that it’s so cheap and stone heart. To take revenge from someone why is she ruining one’s life?Ishu shld give tight slaps to Shagun and nidhi for playing dirty games. I pity Mani.he has been influenced by Shagun against his childhood best friend!! I want Shagun to go to jail, Nidhi too…. Ashok was lying to Shagun that day of the incident that Nidhi didn’t do this. So this is a plan made by the duo. Aren’t they ashamed? Why is the bad escaping and the good suffering in this show?? Anyways this is just a serial and I am just talking in serial point of view…..

    1. Sorry yesterday’s episode was good…

  21. Hello shreya,appy, vp, danny, kiran, parichary,diya and all the yhm debaters and fans how you all doing? I have a question for all of you can this serial run without the role of neelu? And if your’s ans is yes than who will make the food for bhalla’s family like tomato chicken and aalu gobhi and parathe i think (raman)

  22. Khushiarvind

    Hi all ….hw ru doing?
    Ananya is back gr8… Hope that evil param will nt reenter to create trouble for ishu nd raman..
    I wonder y these people always hides truth from each other
    Adi hiding what he saw nd accepting crime.. Hw can he believe ruhi did this.. Is he brainless?
    Raman hiding ishitha’s truth frm pihu
    Evry time they hide truth frm each other n lands in to big troubles
    Nw ishitha might trap nidhi.. Bt no use she will escape as always
    They always do big mistake by leaving their enemies unpunished..
    Ashok was proved as involved in ishitha’s kidnaping case nd he escaped cleverly.. Nidhi was proved as hurting ruhi that also infrnt of judge nd she too escaped without punishment.. This acid case also will end nowhere..

    1. Hmm… It is said ananya like her papa a lot…I feel dat param will BLACKMAIL?!??

  23. Khushiarvind

    Bhalla family always punished and tortured in public for the crimes they never did.. Big criminals like ashok nd nidhi are roaming around freely nd innocent adi end up in jail nd defamed by public … How strange…
    Nd entire police dept is shown as good for nothing fellows..

  24. Khushiarvind

    Cvs ruin characters overnite..
    Romi shown as changing colors often.. Sometimes with ashok sometimes with raman..
    Shagun who took care of pihu for 7 yrs suddenly turned manipulative towards her…
    I feel my heart our for ishitha.. She never had a moment of relief in her life.. Always amid the clouds of negativity nd pblms.. Her first love subbu left her… Bound to a loveless relation bt later it turned out to be affectionate and eternal.. An abusive and arrogant husband.. Its a fact
    raman is changed now bt dnt knw when he will be bck to his old avtar.. Cvs can do anything.. Ishitha is an intruder and other women in the life of her pappa in the eyes of her own daughter pihu.. Ahe dislikes her to the core… Hw much ishitha will suffer in this.. Always accepting the sufferings of raman nd his entire family ns his kids nd always stood facing every arrow pointing towards them.. Still treated without any gratitude.. End of the day all blames will be upon her

  25. True Khushi … there was a time we never felt yhm was a serial … the involvement oflead actors and in fact all actors made us believe it is so real … and we too used to involve in this … but now we all accepting this is a serial .. only becoz .. things are repeated …not convincing … truth is never told … we can blame cvs only for ruining it … Dt Kp Anitha AV Ab Ruhi .. All acting so well … its not their mistake … totally wrong message to audience …

  26. When pihu will know that ishita is her real mom ??

  27. If nidhi gets caught and arrested by REAL LAW… She would be PUT TO DEATH! ???? Bcoz she attempted MURDER… Kidnapped CHILD… Swindled MONEY… paid bribe to law ITSELF TO ESCAPE FROM LAW ??????????

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