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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman thanking Laxmi for coming as an angel. He says she is fulfilling their dream, and asks her to tell about herself. She says she is here in Delhi since 18 years. He says Manoj would have known everything and asks her hobbies. She says she likes singing and stitching. He asks about any hereditary illness. She says no, Manoj has done all the tests, you can see reports. She says Manoj spoke to me about money.

Raman says even much money would be less for this work, I want to give some money apart for the baby, so that baby gets fit and fine, sorry, don’t feel bad. She accepts the money. He asks what does she likein food. She says I m vegetarian. He gets glad and says his wife also does not like non veg, and asks her to call him or Manoj if needed. She says

don’t worry, the baby will be fit. He thanks her. She says Shagun told me, you and Ishita are good people, good happens with good people, I m glad to become a way for your happiness. He thanks her and she leaves. Raman smiles getting teary eyed.

Mihika meets Abhishek and says Rinki’s phone is off, she did not meet anyone, I feel there is something wrong. He says its more than 24 hours, you file missing complaint, I will start investigation. She says she did not say Raman and Ishita. He says we are family, why to waste time, they will also say the same. Raman talks to Manoj and Shagun, and hugs Manoj happily. Manoj says you should thank Shagun. Shagun says no, Ishita did a lot for me, congrats. Raman thanks her.

Raman asks for consent form. Raman says I got her signs. Manoj says it does not have your sign. Raman signs on the form. He says there won’t be any legal problem right. Manoj says yes, but how did you take her sign. Raman says I asked her to sign if she trusts me, and she did, I want to let Ishita know all this. Abhishek does not see CCTV footage clear and asks the inspector to get the footages of every CCTV on that road. He sits watchging the footages and sees Rinki and Ishita meeting. He says Mihika said Rinki is missing, and here Rinki and Ishita are together, why did Ishita not tell about this meeting, there is some mystery.

Abhishek comes to meet Ishita and asks about Rinki, as Mihika filed the missing complaint. Ishita asks him to come with her. She asks does he know. He says no one knows you met Rinki yesterday night, we have seen in CCTV footage outside the clinic. Tell me what are you hiding. She says I can’t tell the family. Rinki shared some personal things. He says fine, don’t tell me what she discussed, but its police case, help me, we should know where she is. Ishita says she is in Dehradun, and calls Rinki’s friend. She puts it on speaker. Nikki says she did not meet Rinki after her marriage. Ishita asks did Rinki reach Dehradun.

Nikki says Rinki did not come here, is everything fine. Ishita says yes fine, maybe I heard something else. She ends call and tells Abhishek that I asked her to leave for Dehradun, I don’t know why she did not reach. He says matter is serious, you are the one who met her the last time, but you have to come to police station with me, I m sorry, understand my situation. She says I understand, I request don’t tell this to family now for Rinki’s sake. He says fine.

Raman waits outside the lab. Manoj says embryo will be ready till evening, the day has come, relax all tests are clear, just pray. He asks Raman to go office and come at evening. Raman hugs him thankfully and leaves. A lady asks for lift. He happily hugs her and goes. The lady asks did he become father. The nurse says no, he is going to become.

Abhishek asks Ishita about Rinki. She asks him to find Rinki soon. He asks what did Rinki share with her, she can tell him, they can get some clue. Ishita says she could not tell Raman and family, how can she share it with him. he says its imp, please help. She asks him to call Raman. He tracks Rinki’s phone and shows Ishita’s message to Rinki, that she lied and the result won’t be good. She says I have sent this message but… He says your silence can go against you. She says she won’t tell anything, and shouts on him asking him to call Raman.

Abhishek calls Raman there and says Rinki is missing. Raman says Rinki is missing, you are doubting Ishita, Ishita can die for my family. Abhishek says how can I get clue if Ishita does not tell anything. Ishita says I have to talk to Raman in private. Raman asks her to say, she is being doubted. She says in private please. Raman asks Abhishek to give few mins. Abhishek goes. Ishita tells Raman about Rinki’s extra marital affair. He asks what and gets shocked.

Ashok gives money to his informer and asks the news. The man says Rinki is missing, he has seen Abhishek is questioning Raman and Ishita. Ashok says fine, go. Suraj says you made big plans to kill Ishita, and then show CD to put blame on Raman and Shagun, leave all this and focus on work. Ashok says you don’t have vision, bad news of Bhalla family is good news for me, you are not seeing which I can see, see how I change this situation on my side, see how I use that CD, its my trump card. Suraj asks what is it, tell me if its sensible. Ashok calls Abhishek. Abhishek says I m busy, I don’t want to waste time. Ashok says I have info about the case you are busy on, I know about Rinki, which Raman won’t tell you, come and meet me at my home, don’t tell this to Raman, if you tell Raman, maybe I can’t give you this info. Abhishek says I m coming.

Raman asks Ishita why did she not tell him before. Ishita says how could I say after what happened with Simmi, the matter has gone out of hand, what could I do., Shagun gets to know Laxmi has diabetes. Laxmi says how does this matter. Shagun says they did her tests to get fit mother, how can they have her for surrogacy when she has diabetes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. New Delhi: We all know that Ekta Kapoor’s
    ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ doesn’t leave any
    chance to surprise its viewers. Earlier we
    reported about Raman’s sister Rinki will be
    attacked instead of Ishita but here is another
    major twist that will leave you speechless!
    Well, if reports are to be believed, Rinki will
    be killed in upcoming episodes, but do you
    know who would be the murderer?
    It is none other than MIHIKA. Yes, the killer
    is Mihika.
    Mihika will not kill Rinki in revenge or
    jealousy over Mihir (Raj Singh Arora), but it
    would be an accident!
    The incident will happen accidently but it
    will create major rift between Bhalla and
    Iyer family!
    Reports say that during the Ganpati
    celebrations Mihika tries her hands at
    shooting unaware that the gun she was
    holding was not fake. She will fire a shot
    towards the aiming doll but unfortunately it
    would hit Rinki.
    Reportedly, the goons Ashok hired to kill
    Ishita will be the ones behind all this drama.

  2. missing this song very much.plz makers dont do this .miss ishruh scenes too much .i feel crying .dont make the fans cry makers.because of ishruh this serial makes the best serial.plzzzzz…..its a humble request.

  3. actually ruhanika aka ruhi ‘s birthday is on 25 september 2007.
    “Happy Birthday Ruhanika aka Ruhi”.

  4. Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Jo Hai …….
    Pal Do Pal Me Tutta Nahi…….
    Bandhan Dilo Ka Chutta Nahi…….
    Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana
    In Ankhon Se Har Anshu Mujhko Chura
    Mujhko Churana Hai…..
    Mujhko Churana Hai..
    Tere dil ka mere dil se
    Rishta purana hain
    Teri bechaini ka teri tanhai ka ehsaas
    mujhko sun
    Main jo saath tere hu phir tujhe hain ka
    Dard baat lenge ham sun
    In palko mein khushiyo ka sapna sajan
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    Kaise main batau yeh tera is tarah ron
    Dekha nahi jaata hain sun
    Shaam jab dhalti hain subah muskurati
    Khushbuye lutati hain sun
    Udaasi ke lamho mein hamein muskur
    Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana h
    In aankho se har aansu
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain
    Mujhko churana hain.
    ishruh always rocks.this song of ishruh remembers all the ishruh scenes which makes the serial the best.

  5. I want to hear rishta Purana hai

  6. Instead of leap quit the show

  7. plz makers understand the fans and veiwers and dont show leap in yhm.

  8. Remove ashok from the serial its horrible to see him

  9. Again n again he his planning something n all the effects is on bhalla family

  10. U me tv segment bday party of ruhanika ….# Saloni

  11. ashok is the cheapest villian i have ever seen .he is too horrible.

  12. we dont want see yhm after leap as its gonna be miserable and we fans will not be able to see it at all. tomorrow trp is gonna come and if it comes worst then atleast the makers ir writers and ekta could understand the reason behind it .

    we dont want ishruhdira seperation at any cost.

    “Happy birthday Ruhanika aka Ruhi”.miss you in yhm.plz dont leave yhm.

  13. now shagun will be the surrogate mother.its again horrible.

  14. Instead of all this nonsense serial can be given happy ending with Raman,ishu,ruhi n adhi.,,shagun,manoj.,mehika,abhishek.,mehir,rinky.,etc pairs… would be a hit serial if happened so….if this leap content continues,serial would go to hell

  15. I cant believe that this is d same serial which was my fav 1 yr bck…wat hav d makers done??they hav completely messed yhm…murder fight surrogacy kidnapping attacks…wat nxt??enough of this serial….very irritating…nd wid d leap of 10 yrs yhm vl b destroyd…

  16. okaay … guys i have something to say . so internt mein ahse reports a rahe hain – 1. bhallas will completely go against mihika and blame her for killing rinki nd iyers will support her taking that incident as an accident . but i thnk we all saw in sbs segment whn rinki got shot by mihika romi and sarika and maybe the kids were at the spot whn mihika was using the gun . un loogon k to patahi hona chahiye that it was an accident nd not a planned murder tgen y will they go against her??!!?? .
    2. yhm will have a leap in the end of october nd rift between bhalla and iyers and all r going to happen . yeh news bohot sare websites mein already hain..but yeh log to dusri taraf surrogacy ka track dekha rehe hain nd agaar surrogacy huya sach mein jo sayad 100% hoga dn 1 mnth k undar leap kahse hoga am not getting it . again .. here ashoke is going play some game with the cd as per as the episode of yesterday and smthng new is going to happen .
    i really dnt know what balaji is upto but last time when we protested against the leap . the leap got cancelled chalo iss bar v usse zyada protest kartein hain sayad makers and god donohi hamari mang puri kar de ☺

  17. Happy birthday to our Darling ruhanika aka ruhi

  18. Ruhi baby wishing you happy birthday.You will celebrate more years in good health. Love you so so much dear from Nigeria

  19. Ruhi wishing you a happy birthday

  20. hope ki aaj yhm ka trp bahut kam aaye aur makers ,ekta aur poora yhm cast yeh samajh paaye ki iski wajah kya hai .aur shayad leap na rakhe . we want our old good and rocking yhm.

  21. even adi dont leave this show .even you rockzzzzz…..

  22. Totally making the viewers fools …. The serial now not worth commenting too …creators are playing with our emotions ….

  23. Sumathi Arumugam

    Is ruhi’s birthday today ? because its my birthday too. Happy birthday Ruhi may god bless you with lots of love. Su from malaysia

  24. Ruhi ka birthday to27ko hai

  25. if any one gets to know about the trp then plz post it.

  26. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohababtein will
    show that Shagun finds
    out as Laxmi is diabetic
    so she cannot become
    surrogate mother of
    Raman and Ishita’s baby.
    Then Shagun decides to
    become surrogate mother
    of Raman and Ishita’s
    Furthermore, Raman and
    Ishita also have argument
    over cold storage CD.
    Ishita blames raman for
    always hiding everything
    from her.
    Ishita also accuses
    Raman for meeting with
    Shagun secretly and hide
    this from her.
    Ishita gets very much
    angry on Raman while
    Raman decides to keep
    Raman knows that if
    Ishita finds out that
    Shagun is going give
    birth their baby then she
    stops this surrogate
    It seems like big
    misunderstanding is
    going to create between
    Raman and Ishita.
    Stay tuned knowing
    further development.

  27. Mihika shoots pistol during playing balloon game at the mela. Ishita reaches the mela and Rinki’s boyfriend lies to
    her showing Rinki’s messages for him. Rinki’s BF has done conspiracy against Rinki and confuses Ishita with his
    lies. Mihika targets the balloon and fires the pistol oblivious to the fact that it was fake pistol. Rinki was hiding
    behind the balloon game board and gets shot. Rinki’s boyfriend knows all and is mastermind of the conspiracy. He
    wanted to kill Rinki through Mihika and got successful. Rinki feels pain after she gets shot. Mihika is still oblivious
    and thinks she has hit the balloon. There is possibility that if Rinki dies, then Mihika will marry Mihir in the show.

  28. Upcoming Twist In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

  29. The worst ever serial with no connection of one episode to another lots happening only between Ashok Khanna and Bhallas. The worst ever and most annoying and overacting bahus in the order of their bad and meaningless performances…..1. Ishita Bhalla 2. Gopi Modi….the always right attitude and irritating and 3, Amaya who promised to be a diva now turned into a chicken. 4. Akshara, the ever interfereing and ever do gooder and ever gyan dene wali. I hope Riya is different. The best bahu is Sandhya Rathi who is doing something meaningful with her life. Scrap all other serials.

    # HappyBirthday my Baby!
    Missing you😙

  31. Ashok has made the CD reach Ishita to make her against Raman. Ishita has got the CD in which she sees Raman
    and Shagun close. Her trust gets broken and she argues with Raman. She gets shattered and feels Raman has
    cheated her. Raman gives her the explanation of the cold storage lock and how that intimacy was necessary to save
    Shagun. Ishita feels Raman is guilty. Mihir asks Abhishek to say did he find Rinki, they have to find her. Abhishek
    informs the Bhalla family that Rinki is killed. Mihir and the family gets heartbroken and shocked. They did not
    imagine this would happen. Mrs. Iyer hugs Mrs. Bhalla and consoles her.
    Mihika shoots pistol during playing balloon game at the mela. Ishita reaches the mela and Rinki’s boyfriend lies to
    her showing Rinki’s messages for him. Rinki’s BF has done conspiracy against Rinki and confuses Ishita with his
    lies. Mihika targets the balloon and fires the pistol oblivious to the fact that it was fake pistol. Rinki was hiding
    behind the balloon game board and gets shot. Rinki’s boyfriend knows all and is mastermind of the conspiracy. He
    wanted to kill Rinki through Mihika and got successful. Rinki feels pain after she gets shot. Mihika is still oblivious
    and thinks she has hit the balloon. There is possibility that if Rinki dies, then Mihika will marry Mihir in the show.
    The relations between Iyers and Bhallas will be changing post Rinki’s death. Keep reading.

  32. chee…..horrible spoilers.we dont want leap in yhm and ruhi leaving the show .she could atleast come once a month in the show .

  33. does anyone know trp then plz post it.

  34. Raman Raman Raman rain Raman/ ramabn/ Raman Raman u r the most stupid person
    Cheater and worst huppy

  35. Mihika kills Rinki by mistake!

  36. Guys can any l tell me is ruhi Really quitting the show

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