Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi decides to marry Nikhil in next 4 days

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman did he tell anything to Romi, he was going to fail Nikhil’s car brakes. Raman gets shocked. He goes and gets Romi out. He beats Romi. Everyone gets worried and tries to stop Raman. Ishita asks what is he doing. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman why is he beating Romi. They ask Romi what happened. Adi takes Romi for aid. Simmi says all this is because of this…… She stares at Ishita and taunts her.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla prays to Mata Rani. She gives prasad to everyone. She cries for Romi and asks him the matter. She says Raman can’t do this without any reason, tell me what is it. Ishita gives him medicines. Simmi taunts. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to be quiet. Raman gives tickets to Romi and says you are going America tonight, Romi

knows why. Ishita comes to Raman and asks why did he take such a big decision, Mihika is not here. She asks him to tell her the matter. He gets a call and says I have to go for meeting, Romi is going, that’s final. He goes. She gets a call and says fine, I will come and see the baby.

Nikhil comes to meet Pooja. She says if you came to meet Riya, she is not at home, go. He says I came to meet you, I have seen Riya going. She says I didn’t permit you to sit, fine just say it and leave. He says I can give you what you want. She asks what will you give me. He asks don’t you want Romi Bhalla. She gets shocked. She asks what do you mean. He says I know everything, relax, you are divorced but Romi is married, he loves his wife, help me and I will help you, just meet Raman and talk to him as I say. Parmeet asks why did Raman decide this, poor Romi, Raman is sending him to US. He talks to Simmi. He hears Ishita is leaving and makes work excuse.

He goes and asks Ishita to give him lift. She agrees. He makes her stop at a cafe and says I have to take pastries, I will come fast. She waits outside. He asks her to collect pastries, he gave the order, he got minister’s call. She says I m also in hurry. He says I promised Ananya. She says I understand, you go, I will get it. She goes and collects pastries order. She sees Raman and thinks Raman here…… with whom is he here. She hears Pooja talking about some mistake happened. Raman says finish the matter here. He holds her hand. Pooja asks don’t I have feelings, I was part of this relation. They get shocked seeing Ishita. Raman says you here Ishita… She goes. Pooja thinks I did what Nikhil told me.

Mrs. Bhalla enjoys the snacks. Adi says Dadi will forget diet seeing samosas. They all have a talk. Nikhil comes there with a pandit. Ruhi asks him to come in. She asks did your house get final, why did pandit come. Nikhil says he is old pandit and wanted to see kundli. Pandit praises Nikhil. Mr. Bhalla asks where are your parents. Nikhil says they are no more, just you all are there now. Pandit asks for Ruhi’s kundli. Simmi says I will get it. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Nikhil and Ruhi’s kundli shouldn’t match. Pandit checks the kundli and says kundlis are matching, marriage mahurat is after 4 days. Ruhi says four days is less time. Mrs. Bhalla says how can we arrange so soon. Nikhil says I don’t want lavish marriage, we can marry in temple, Ruhi we can have a grand marriage later, its fine if you are not okay. Ruhi says I m ready for marriage as you say, I don’t want a lavish marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says let Raman and Ishita come first.

Ruhi asks what will we do asking them, I love Nikhil and is marrying him, what’s the problem, they agreed for this. Mrs. Bhalla says marriage is not a game. Ruhi says elders decide this, you decide and tell Raman and Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says its important to talk to Ishita and Raman.

Adi says Ishita is not answering, she said its an emergency and went to clinic. Simmi says Ruhi can decide on own. Adi says Raman’s phone is off, I will get him. Mrs. Bhalla asys we can’t do anything without their saying. Nikhil thinks I know you won’t get them, so I got pandit, I will put pressure on you so that you all say yes. Raman asks Ishita does she think he has an affair with Pooja. She says I know this can’t happen, but what’s happening, what are you hiding, Romi’s behavior, you won’t tell me. Adi says thank God you guys came, Nikhil got pandit and Ruhi also agreed to marry within four days. Ishita asks Raman not to get angry else Ruhi will leave the house, just play along. She goes. Raman says I won’t say anything.

Pandit asks them to decide fast. He argues with Mr. Bhalla. He says I will not stay here. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to agree. Simmi supports her. Mr. Bhalla asks her to be quiet. Ruhi says think for Nikhil, so much bad happened with him, Raman and Shagun did wrong with him, he is here as he loves me, I love him a lot. Aaliya says Ishita is not answering. Pandit says this marriage won’t happen. Ruhi argues with Mrs. Bhalla angrily. She says Nikhil its a yes from my side, we will marry in next four days. Raman and Ishita come and get shocked.

Raman asks how did you agree. Ishita says I m giving this chain to Nikhil as shagun, just for Ruhi’s sake. Nikhil says they said yes for my and Ruhi’s marriage, see when a girl’s dad’s pagdi gets off.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akiatta

    Yahooo! YHM is going to Budapest! Meaning that we will get at the least two weeks without Param and Nikhil.

    Not sure if Ruhi and Aliya are on the trip, but I think they probably are. Most probably, this is a leap, just like the leap that happened before YHM went to Australia.

    1. Aku

      In Insta stories of Aditi and Krishna I saw everybody simi Raman Ruhi Adi Aliya Ishita Shagun.. except these no one else was there from the cast apart from the family members of the cast

  2. Hi All
    I cannot believe that Ruhi has becum so selfish. Even simmi ,who has a daughter too can instigate her own niece to do something so life changing just cos she is annoyed with Ishita and for no reason at all.
    Have both Ruhi and Simmi forgotten what all Ishita has done for them. Simmi open your eyes , a leopard doesnt change its spots. Waiting for when Param and Nikihil game is uncovered.

    It might seem that evil is winning, but at the end of the circle evil will incur karma and good prevails.

  3. just wish Param is exposed . Instead of that simply Nikhil Nikhil … Hate seeing him . No acting at all .All evil plans are working ! Its very sad to see our Ruhi like this .

    1. U r a right

  4. This is utter stupid. Parents are plucking flower till an 18 year decide ? it was on the right track and ekta have taken in to the worst side. So sad with the recent updates.

  5. I used to enjoy this but it’s becoming nonsense please try and get it on track send parmeet and nikhil away pliz

  6. The Show is becoming very very boring now fed up wiz zis Nikhil n Param. Simmi also she always do zat wiz ishu after she will knw z truth she will continously apologise to ishu, n z great mahan will 4gve her
    N Ruhi has she become so elder zat she cant w8 4 her parents 2 cme to finalise z weddng.
    STUPID SHOW it was vry nce 2 see sme previous episodes but now oouuffff…………………….

  7. i really don’t understand whts happening in the show, there r many more thing to do inspite of which Ekta is at the back of Ruhi’s marriage tht too wid tht stupid Nikhil who is divorsed n a parent also. Is there no one else excecpt this fellow, so tiring to see this. PLS give us a break from this all melo drama, let Ruhi open hr eyes n concentrate on hr carrier. stop all this non sense and expose Param soon.

  8. If ruhi marries and becomes riya mother pihu becomes mausi but as old as riya! Don’t know what else is der in store

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