Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi and Ishita seeing kids talk about Ananya’s dad. Shravan asks did her dad die. Simmi cries and says no, nothing will happen to her dad. She takes Ananya and leaves. Ishita asks Simmi what is there she is hiding, she can share. Simmi says no need, you already blamed me. She asks Neelu to take care of Ananya and leaves. Ishita sends Neelu for other work. She calls Prateek and says Simmi left from home, inform me when she comes home, I have a plan to make Simmi speak out truth, its related to Ananya.

Ishita gives tea to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to visit Pammi aunty. She convinces her emotionally. She says she will pack sweets. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her. Ishita goes. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and wishes Ishita always stays happy. Abhishek and Prateek call Ishita

to inform about Simmi. Ishita says there will be no one at home, just I will be there, you both come. Abhishek asks her plan. She ends call saying mummy ji is coming. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take care of Ananya and goes. Ishita takes Ananya and feels sorry to do this, but she is helpless.

Bala talks to Rajiv. Rajiv says he wants to get his son admitted in his classes. Bala gives him form. Rajiv asks will he train for corporate, and says it will be benefit for both for us. Bala says I will need team and get place for coaching centre. Rajiv says you will get bank loan easily. Bala says but loan for this. Rajiv says you are qualified and can earn well. Rajiv then meets Suraj and says he has shown many business schemes to Bala, he will agree, my man will dupe him in less interest loan scheme, Bala will not know we are framing him, Suraj gives him money. Rajiv gets down his car. Suraj recalls Vandu’s slap and says Bala will be ruined now, Vandu see how I ruin you and then come to save you, to ruin you even more.

Simmi comes home and sees Ananya with Ishita. Simmi thinks did Abhishek tell Ishita about me and Parmeet. She asks Ananya to come to her. Ishita takes Ananya and looks at Simmi angrily. Simmi asks why is she seeing like this, and asks for Ananya. Ishita shouts on her and takes Ananya with her. Simmi says please, give Ananya to me. Ishita says you came very soon today, did he let you leave so soon. Simmi asks what are you saying. Ishita says you went to meet Parmeet. Simmi asks why will Parmeet meet me. Ishita says don’t lie to me, I m not Ishita, I m Shagun, what are you all planning against me, Ashok and Parmeet… Simmi says I m not afraid of you. Ishita asks her to be afraid, and reminds what she did with Raman, tantric and Ishita, now she can harm Ananya. Simmi cries and says no please, I beg you, don’t do anything to Ananya.

Ishita says I m Shagun, I m not good with kids, anything can happen if you don’t say truth. Simmi calls our family. Ishita says there is no one here, I want to know truth. Ananya your mum does not love you, she does not want to say the truth. Simmi takes her phone. Ishita says I will fall Simmi, and threatens her.

Abhishek and Prateek come there. Ishita shouts on Simmi. They hear this voice and rush inside. Simmi sees them and asks Prateek to save Ananya. Ishita asks Prateek to stay away, she can do anything, Prateek asks Simmi to answer what she is asking, Ishita has Ananya. Abhishek says she will leave Ananya, tell the truth. Ishita scares like she is throwing Ananya. Simmi shouts yes, I met Param, as he is about to die. They all get shocked.

Ishita says say truth, don’t lie. Simmi says Param has liver Cirrhosis , if he does not get liver transplant, he will die, check these reports. Ishita gives Ananya to Simmi and checks the reports. Simmi hugs Ananya and cries. Simmi says same night I got call from hospital, when stone fell on Raman. FB shows doctor calling Simmi and telling her about Parmeet’s condition. Simmi says he is number one fraud, you don’t know him, he maybe lying. The doctor says he is really serious, meet him once for sake of humanity. Simmi leaves. FB ends.

Simmi says Parmeet did not tell me anything. FB shows Parmeet lying to Simmi about his disease. He asks about Ananya and she scolds him. He talks to doctor. Doctor tells him about his critical state. He asks why did he call his wife, he has hurt her a lot, she is good and will come to help, he wants to be alone, this is his punishment. Simmi cries and asks why did he not tell her. Parmeet says he has hurt her. She says I loved you, it does not mean I will forget humanity, I want to help you. They hug. FB ends. Ishita says Simmi decided to help Parmeet, as he is Ananya’s father. Simmi says Parmeet maybe very bad, but he is Ananya’s father, how can I leave him to die. Ishita consoles her.

Ishita says Raman and I were thinking why did you need money. Simmi says Parmeet’s operation was necessary, and asks Ishita about Shagun’s spirit, is she normal right now?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pls don’t get confused between other Diya and me …other diya’s is dark purple mine is light purple.. For my dear friends kind information..

  2. Good one

  3. Guys ..i dnt know if DT is really dating vivek or not …but the news about DT forcing cvz to make vivek lead ( i hv found this news yet anywhr ..) is an fake one . no actor leave apart divyanka can do that … nd she is in this industry for 9- 10 yrs ..nd is known for her politeness nd proffesionalism ….yes rumours do always surface about her .. but they never comes true …so no need to worry …
    nd this is the most ghatiya rumour abt her which most ppl r disagreeying wid .xcpt somE countable PEOPLE.
    Love ishita
    love divyanka love karan
    Nd most imp
    Love #divan #ishra

  4. ishitha’s acting was amazing….her acting is awesome when acts like shagun..its actually better than shagun..luv u ishitha..please guys tell me how to vote for yhm in television awards….

  5. Kanika,
    U t sounding like jealous ex girlfriend of vivek…Lol
    Or may be u drank too much.
    Just come to ur senses n then talk
    Have good night sleep

    1. Ha ha ha …..very true….!!!!

  6. If kidnapping track happens it will be good actually cause thn raman will cm like a hero nd save ishita . he will also get to know the real truth nd will never accuse ishu …ashoke may flee away ..dnt care ..but ishra’s rltn will grow stronger nd show will gain much trp .
    mind u ekta loves kidnappng tracks ?

  7. mary christodoulou

    is a nice show and hope the writers dont make it boring ..if they dont have new ideas is better to end it..all actors have the right to have personal life..noone must judge them..ot insulting them… is rude .can we realise that??

  8. Lovely episode.

  9. So many comments…. Wow…….!!!!!!

    Oh it’s coz of kanika…, anyway leave it..

    I also feel like dragging, Nd such fack news bothers me too much.., so m scared bout Raman’s reaction..

    BT now I think they will end this track soon coz now Ashok knew this drama.. Pls make it fast writers.. I can’t wait now for Raman’s reaction..

  10. Agreed with you all guys…, Nd kanika pls stop nonsense…!!!!!

  11. You all , just get lost.

    You all love that bl***y Divyanka Tripathi.. Nd no one loves Karan ., yhm is not only because of Divyanka’s because of Karan too.
    Karan is much better actor than Divyanka.. She is so ugly Nd always overacting.

    1. And by the way! Who the hell are you ? V love everyone but don’t disrespect any actor/actress in their personal matters ?

  12. Rumours will surface around actors , no doubt about it . Karan is married and requested media to be away from these type of rumors . Please understand these affects their life ….. Divyanka …. After 8 years relationship , when it’s broken with Ssharad , it was very defficult for her to come out of it …. I always wondered how she cud act so well and make us all very happy with her talents . She had said she will move on with her life ….when she was dating with Ssharad also , she did hide from people …. That’s the way it should be … if with Vivek …. Why not …. She is a single girl , looking for an eligible person to marry her that too with her parents consent . Please leave her on way …why spoiling her popularity … And my strong believe is that no actors can push another actor to a lead role . Vivek is a police officer , his role is defferent . You can’t compare Karan …. He is the best male actor , people are jealous becoz both Raman and Ishithas pair is amazing …their chemistry is wonderful ….we fans just ignore all these rumors …. And such a professional actress Divyanka who is very loving , simple , humble and has strong views and values never go behind makers with these request …..putting other Yhm cast down …..she is loved by all in the team …. And so Kanika please be away from these type of comments . We have no right to comment on anyone’s personnel life…. This is only becoz award time is nearing ….. Trying to put her down ….please stop this …. Episode was ok …. What’s out come of this Simmi /paramo yet to know …. Simply dragging ….and please twist in such a way Ishra is always together ….

  13. I am an ardent of YHM. It is a wonderful serial though sometimes it does drag a bit. I guess the producers need to make money by having more episodes. Actually I like all the starts especially Karen and Divyanka. They have such an amazing chemistry that no other popular serials couples can beat them to it. They are most welcome abroad as well as a great international jodi. Both have got such good time sense that they react to each other’s emotions very naturally so we can see how much they know each other very well. This is only possible if they are really good friends so let’s not indulge on all these lies and hateful gossips about them. They actually love their fans very much and they think their fans respect them so they too respect their fans. Please do not destroy such wonderful trust between Karen/Divyanka and the fans out there. Please do not read such wrong and harmful gossips about them unless it is verified by the producers. Please continue to enjoy watching YHM. I hope now Raman will know the truth about Ishita and Shagun but I am afraid how he is going to react to all this. Perhaps if Ishita is kidnapped then maybe we can see Raman getting emotional and trying to locate Ishita. Let’s hope.

    1. Well said Sindhu ….,

  14. Kanika, have u lost your mind..???
    I can’t understand why people behave so childish..?? and comments about their personal lives…

    Guys you know what.., some ishra fans Nd karan’s fan were abusing Ankita ( karan’s wife) when Karan decided to marry Ankita.. Fans ( some ) told Anikta that she is not the perfect for Karan only Divyanka is perfect ..and she doesn’t deserve him..

    I mean seriously…, can you imagine fans were abusing Ankita because they want to see Divan together in real life also..people should not behave like this..

  15. But guys I want to say something actually Divyanka and Karan are not friends. This is true , very true.. and ya they are really uncomfortable with each other. Yes their onscreen chemistry is mind blowing but actually they are not friends at all. And they invite each other for the functions or celebrations because they are co- stars.
    and they always maintain difference with each other there is always cold war between them and entire telly industry know this. Karan is good friend of Ekta , Anita and her husband , romi .but not Divyanka’s.Divyanka is also good friend of vandita , mihika ,bala, Vivek but not Karan’s.

    So if you think that they are friends so “NO”..
    I m only giving the information to you guys. Nothing personal.

  16. Totally agree with suganya…… Divyanka’s acting is so natural……!

    oh god…… How does she say it…..? Coz karan is still in the show……. He wasn’t removed and it’ll never happen…….!!!!! It’s just a rumour. Don’t over react…… And if someone can’t see Divyanka, plz close your eyes……!!! Lol……. And if someone hate her, do hate……!!! Coz it doesn’t effect AT ALL her…….!!!!!

    Ok guys, I couldn’t control my laugh by reading comments……..
    And I chose the best comment of the day(my opinion) …… And the winner is, “Shruti”……. Congratulations dr…….!!!

  17. yesterday epi was good.
    And I guessed before that param has some sick.
    Feeling sad for simmi and ananya.

    But plz someone tell, what happened that 15 crore which has given by raman……????? Coz about 3.5-4.5 crore is enough for the treatments. I’m feeling like LITTLE BIT dragging. Anyway, I think,ishita will expose the truth to simmi. And simmi and ishita’ll work together. Ya, rithu, I also like,if ashok kidnap ishita. Then raman’ll aware about the truth. Can’t wait to watch raman’s reactions……!!! Hope, nothing will go wrong.

    And guys, 3rd of december, yhm will compleat 2 years……!!! Comparing other serials,it’s not long time. So I would like to say, “May they able to bring very beautiful episodes in the future”

  18. Hi jhanvi ,rithu , darshika , diya , cham n all how r u guys episode was OK I think param is now really change but ashoke n suraj they both can never change as far as divyanika personal life is concerned no 1 has the right to comment on it n ya misty u r right divan are not friends in real life

  19. Yes misty i know they r not typical frnds but they maintain a good nd healthy relationship with each nd above all they respect each other as individuals . But problematic ppl kanika wll nvr get it . so we ppl bttr ignore her . She has got backlash for her stupid cmnnts .. if she needs more she can continue saying gibberish ..
    nd we all know wt a grt actress divyanka is nd karan’s immense talent is also not unknown to us … so bttr not have a useless debate on this matter. Bunk this topic

  20. Guys in the upcoming eposides vandu takes ishu to Raman as ishita n Raman didn’t get time to spend together so vandu lies that Raman is wid some girl n ishu goes to chk

  21. Shut up you all stop scolding my opinion stupid , foolish people get lost

  22. Hey sidhhi… Thnq for d info..

    It will be funny scene…Nd after that ishra will spend time with each other.. Awaiting for that. Actually I need this type of scenes to forget d fear coz of this drama..

  23. How dare you KANIKA,
    What a bad talking……


    What is your personal matter in divyanka.
    If she also doing anything wrong, l agree with you.
    …………..”Understand it”……………..

  24. Oh god …I think this girl is mad…..!!!!!

    Oh hello telly updates .., how can u post her comments….????

  25. hey rithu & janhavi chitra…cham…..hii everyone…. i m back after long time…yeeee …..

  26. how r u rithuuuuuu……i m talking with u after long time….yipppeeee so happpy yaar… prayosha mizun priyaroli bhagi & all our old yhm fans kaha hai……sab gayab ho gaye hai iss site se…….

  27. Hi nimrit, I m fine yar… How r u ????
    Yeah after long time..
    I m also so happy to see u again in this site…

    Yeah we also miss our old YHM friends so much.. I hope they will also come back….

  28. Ya misty…… They are not friends at all. Everyone know it. They are just co-stars. Nothing else. KP’s friends are anita,her husband,ekta,romi etc as you said. (Coz always post their selfies and fed up with watching anita-karan selfies.)
    by the way, I don’t care about their personal life.

    And yes siddhi, vandu lied to ishita that raman flirts with a girl. But no…… Vandu wants to make space to raman and ishita for spend time each other. So vandu takes ishita to raman.

  29. Hi guys.. I have one suggestion just ignore the commends of girls like kanika…read so many commends… And Hi

  30. kanika … u cn get lost now . bohot go gaya .

  31. Wow so cool eagerly waiting for ishra scene please add more romantic moments between ishra as well as arshi keep it up buddy

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