Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi being shocked seeing the real Shanaya. She asks her to come along her to her home. Shanaya refuses. Niddhi asks for her phone number or her card. Shanaya gives her card. Niddhi gets down the car. Raman and Ishita are happy to fool Niddhi and laugh that Niddhi’s car got towed. Niddhi tells Mrs. Bhalla about fake Shanaya, real one is someone else whom I met. Shagun asks what is she saying. Mrs. Bhalla says what does she want, you are big lawyer, find out who is she, you are Devi and saved us, save Raman too. Niddhi says don’t worry, I m here, I will expose her. Simmi says we will tell Raman. Shagun says just Niddhi can save Raman.

Mrs. Bhalla says we can’t believe anyone these days, find out Niddhi. Niddhi goes. They all laugh. Simmi says mum should

be actor, it will be fun when Niddhi gets trapped in her own plan. Shagun says if Niddhi knows this, she will trouble Ishita. Ishita thanks the girl Neetu and Raichand. Neetu says I m a good actress. Raichand says I have many daughters now. Neetu says Niddhi was so shocked, she was forcing me to come with her to her home, I refused her. Ishita says yes, you always refuse her, don’t go with her. Neetu says I gave her my card, maybe its her call.

Raman signs her. Neetu talks to Niddhi putting speaker on. Niddhi asks Neetu to meet today. Neetu says I just landed, I m tired, its difficult for me to meet today. Ishita signs her. Neetu says you can meet me tomorrow at airline office, I m going to collect my luggage. Raman says its all by our plan, Niddhi is confused, she will try to kill Ishita, I m sure Niddhi proved that Ishita is killing Amar Chadda, when Ishita was just defending. Ishita says Niddhi has that video, she has hidden the real proof, she is not ready to give us, we want she gets trapped in similar case, we will ask for my innocence proof to give her innocence proof. Neetu asks when will we do this. Ishita says on holi… and smiles.

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Mihika comes back and surprises Vandu. She hugs Vandu and laughs. She says my mum is fine, you did not tell me anything, I could have helped. Vandu says I was not in position to share anything with anyone, it was very depressing, I m fine now. Mihika asks who is Shanaya. Vandu says she is Ishu, she made this plan to expose Niddhi, because Niddhi framed her. Mihika cries and says I m so angry on Ishita, she made us cry. Vandu says no, its Raman and Ishu’s plan to get proof from Niddhi. Mihika says fine, I will meet Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu asks her to go. Mihika asks about her job. Vandu says Bala got to know I got job because of Suraj, so he got upset. Mihika asks her to join Raman’s company and work with her. They hug.

Niddhi decorates the room. She says if my plan works out, then Raman will be just mine. Raman comes home and tells Ishita that I came home, mummy informed me that Niddhi has sent everyone on dinner, come home fast. Ishita asks are you scared. He says my respect is in risk, don’t take chance, come soon. Ishita says I will come… someone enters home… while Raman goes to his room. Niddhi makes Raman sit and massages his shoulders. Raman goes to freshen up. Romi gets the property papers which Mr. Bhalla was giving to Shagun. He feels sorry to steal the papers, he is just doing this to stop Sarika from helping Niddhi.

Raman comes back and makes distance from Niddhi. She gets close. He says I have Santoshi Maa’s fast, mum said I can’t eat non veg and drink wine. Niddhi says nothing will happen. He says its Mata’s fast, I believe it. She says leave all this, come. He says I m very tired. She says I will make you get relieved. He says I m stressed, wait my phone is ringing. He talks to Shanaya… He says Shanaya has come, I will meet her. Niddhi thinks why did this fake Shanaya come here, I won’t let her spoil my night.

Raman tells Ishita about Niddhi. They see Niddhi coming and start acting. Ishita asks Raman why was he not receiving her call. Raman says I was going on dinner with my fiancé. Ishita says interesting, what about dinner with client, we have booking. Raman says sorry, I forgot. Niddhi I will go, its meeting, I know you will understand, I will go and change. Romi calls someone and says I got papers, I will meet you tomorrow. Raman gets ready and sees Romi. Raman asks did you not go for dinner. Romi make excuse. Raman tells Romi that I m trying to save my life and run away, Ishita can save me from Niddhi. Romi says bhabhi will manage, you know her well.

Niddhi scolds Ishita to be after Raman always. Ishita says you now Shanaya is after Raman, I don’t need excuse to meet Raman or anyone. Niddhi says you would say Raman wants to meet you, don’t think if your face matches with Ishita, you can capture his heart, I will be with Raman.

Ishita taunts Niddhi and says your marriage broke and you are staying here, do you know what people call such girls, girls of good families don’t do this. Niddhi argues. Niddhi says stay away from Raman, he is mine, it’s a warning. Ishita says you look confident, why are you fighting then, he will be yours, I will get him, that’s a challenge. Niddhi says I stay in his heart, he won’t go anywhere. Ishita says he is with me, when Shanaya loves anyone, then world makes me meet that person, Raman will be with me in just 5 days, remember, he will be in my house, my bedroom, you can’t stop him, that’s a challenge.

Ishita tells Raman that you are doing so much for me, I get so much strength, and that woman.. whatever she did with us, we have to teach her a lesson. Raman says yes.

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  1. Hi rithu and all yhm friends. Happy holi to u all. Sorry for my late wishes. Today’s episode is nice ishra together tries to expose the nidhi is very nice. I hope their plan comes success and isitha returns to her family happily as i want to see family union once again precap is ishitha raman thought is unique.

  2. Actually regarding latest rumors i am getting a doubt that only ruhi is confirmed after leap and none of actors get replaced and any new names heard except aditi batia. This confirms that there is no leap in yhm. I hope it is a fake.And the plan of ishra to trap nidhi will become success as there are supported by their all family members . In this time how can nidhi kidnap ishra’s baby??? And if she kidnaps also .the ishra wouldn’t have capacity to save their child??? As ishitha have capacity or capable of saving raman being killed by ashok and ruhi adi from shagun cant she have a mind when her baby caught by some one?? As i am thinking lile this as ishra has capable of saving their own family. Cant they save their own baby without any loss(like exchange of ruhi). ?? I am sorry guys if i hurt you any one of you.

  3. Geeta

    Nice episode but niddi won’t give up she will try every thing to separate raman and ishita . Waiting to see what will happen next

  4. Lavanya

    Hey when I asked divyanka about the leap she said u just see its suspense and she didn’t tell me a single thing but I am very happy I can’t tell I also told about u all being sad and I made her read the comments

  5. where are you guys sindhu darshi vp meghana darshika diya reshma lavanya siddhi tansuri parvathi naaz nimrit ramchin nivedha zaara fathi ude anakha summi sowmy naina riya and many?

  6. V P

    Todays episode was very nice . Hope Ishras plan will be a success … we dont know what thiese cvs will make it …. Ishithas fierceful fighting mode is really very nice unlike before … she is the strength to her Ravan kumar … in the begining the love was Ruhi ke liye …. but now ftheir love is for them only …. To win over Nidhis trust Raman was pampering her …. now to move away from her he needs Ishithas help . From beginning when they started understanding each other Ishitha was Raman saviour . Anyway repeatedly Romi is indulging to do wrong things …… how can he call shaghun bhabbi …. Now knowing his situation Shaghun the devi will sort out his problems . Really love Ishra .Divyanka looked very beautiful … acted so well … but wonder where is Acp ……to investigate the murder case ….cvs please no leap and Ishra seperation . Ishra is the best jodi small tv screen has ever seen .Even if Nidhi kidnaps ….. cvs please make it pissible they get their child back …. no Ruhi exchange and all …..

  7. preeti

    Hi evryne . .plz dnt seperate baby frm ishu nd raman. .cnt they do anythng. Lik they r dng nw.

  8. ude

    Please writters dnt separate the baby frm ishra. And dnt exchange our ruhi with the baby. We need our IshRaRuhAdi and the new born baby together. We can remember hw difficult it was ishu to have a baby. Becuz every one thought that she cant be a mother for any cost. And finaly when she got pregnant the writters did a miscarege. And they made shagun a surrogant mother. And now again when they going get the baby the writters ar going to separate the baby frm ishra. Wht is this? Why dnt they let ishu to have her own baby in her hands? Why the writters and ekta kapur make the audiance feel bad with their new twists every time?
    Srry to take this much space!

  9. ishra plan will succeed and I know they will save the baby there is no leap 10yrs leap is cancelled .whole bhalla family is there to help them and an acp is also there .I am worried about romi

  10. 73339735427

    As usual,ishru luks 5n…but plz end this scrap soon its boring,irritating to watch niddhi send her out of this seial quickly…

  11. At holika dahan puja,
    Bhalla family is celebrating. Raman
    and Ishita’s truth is out to
    everyone, except Niddhi and Sarika.
    Shanaya is doing puja with Raman.
    Niddhi gets angry and tells Sarika
    that Ishita was innocent, and she
    has trapped her. Shagun hears
    Niddhi accepting her crimes.
    Shagun informs everyone about
    Niddhi’s confession. Niddhi and
    Sarika will be kicked out from
    Bhalla house. This holi will bring
    many twists and all things will get
    fine. Keep reading.

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    twists in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
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  13. The upcoming Holi
    special episode of Star Plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring
    new interesting twists as Shanaya
    aka Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will
    get successful in confusing Nidhi.
    The Holi episode will feature
    Shanaya aka Ishita being present
    for Holi puja. Ishita will light up
    the Holi with Raman (Karan Patel )
    and will take the rounds around
    the fire notifying pheras of
    wedding. Sarika will notice it and
    will hurriedly inform Nidhi who
    will get angry. Smart Ishita will
    then announce her upcoming
    wedding with Ashok. Nidhi will get
    confused over the event and later
    will meet Ishita in person.
    In person Ishita again will tell Nidhi
    that she will grab Raman from
    Nidhi. Nidhi will be completely
    taken aback by Ishita’s changing
    stances. Ishita and Raman will enjoy
    Nidhi’s confused state.

  14. A look at what Holi
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    will be a mute bystander to the
    proceedings. Niddhi (Pavitra Punia)
    won’t be able to attend the events
    Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) will injure

  15. With the new twists
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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers are
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    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will embark on Holi
    Shanaya aka Ishita comes for Holi
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    Ruhi makes sure that Nidhi trips
    over and fractures her leg and
    can’t perform Holi puja.
    On the other hand, Shanaya
    performs puja with Raman and
    takes rounds around the fore with
    Sarika gets shocked to see
    Shanaya and Raman’s behavior
    together and hurriedly informs
    Shanaya threatens Nidhi that she
    will grab Raman from Nidhi.
    The upcoming storyline will show
    Shagun getting premature
    Everyone will get worried as
    Shagun will deliver premature
    However everyone will rejoice
    after knowing that the baby is fine.
    Soon Nidhi will run away with
    Ishita-Raman’s baby to blackmail

  16. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    witness some high voltage
    It seems that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)
    has realised that Raman ( Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) are fooling her and she
    has been trapped by them.
    On the other hand Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani) will give birth to a
    premature child and the entire
    family is tensed as for the well-
    being of the mother and child.
    Apparently evil minded Nidhi will
    feels that this is the correct time to
    take revenge from Raman and his
    It is heard that she will go to the
    hospital and take away Shagun’s
    child will the intension of killing it.
    It would be interesting to see what
    will happen next in the show.

  17. Ishra :p

    Very slow…… I really want a leap bt wdout seperation of ishra_ruhadi…..whole family should b united and villains b kicked and after leap some new twists when ruhadi’s love story track….comes….wt say??

  18. Lavanya

    News about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s upcoming 10 year leap has been buzzing around since a long time.

    There have also been reports of actress Aditi Bhatia being roped in as adult Ruhi in the post leap track.

    However, a shocking news has just been revealed that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will not be taking a leap.

    Aditi Bhatia will enter the show but she will not play Ruhi and instead she will be seen as Mr. Raichand’s real daughter Shanaya.

    New twist with real Shanaya’s entry

    Currently Ishita is pretending to be Shanaya and Raman is supporting her in this drama.

    However, very soon the real Shanaya will enter and new twist will take place.

  19. We are here with a new hot gossip
    about the popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein. If the rumour is to be
    believe that soon Nidhi track will
    come to an conclusion with Raman
    and Ishita exposing her truth and
    prove Ishita innocent. Though before
    the revelation, there is a lot of twists
    coming up to spice up the drama.
    Nidhi might end up finding Shanaya’s
    truth before Raman and Ishita gather
    proof against her.
    Will Raman and Ishita expose Nidhi
    before she catches them? To know
    keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Becoz u are the one who makes comments full. Sorry if I hurted u and I don’t know much about the show and I watch kalyanam mudal kadhal varai in Tamil so I know little only…….

  20. Siddhi

    Hey rithu , diya , jhanvi , ude , nimrit , faya , fathi fathi n all eposide was good waiting for holi eposide I have seen holi picxx mihir was also in those pic I hope adi was also on holi

  21. Lavanya

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    Ye Hai Mohabetein 4.5
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  22. Lavanya

    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein: Real Sanaya entry, Ishita gets arrested again Upcoming Episode

    Friday, March 25 2016
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein: Real Sanaya entry, Ishita gets arrested again

    Real Sanaya (Aditi Gupta) enters in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita pretends of being Sanaya.

    Raman and Ishita make plan to fool Nidhi and get chip of Ishita’s innocence.

    However, Raman and Ishita’s happiness will not go longer after entry of real Sanaya.

    Real Sanaya gets shocked to know about her duplicate is staying with her father and taking advantage of her name.

    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) plans to make Ishita arrest again

    Real Sanaya meets advocate Nidhi and tells her about Ishita’s reality.

    Nidhi decides to use real Sanaya and gets Ishita arrest again.

    Will Raman and Ishita stop Nidhi doing anything wrong?

  23. reshma

    hey anyone observed Raman in precap.. he looked worried and not happy… does he come to know about romi’s doing?????

  24. ude

    Hi guys rithu, riya, fathi, diya, diya, ramchin, vp, darshika, siddhi, lavanya, reshma, nivu, nimtrit, jhanvi and all yhm fans.

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