Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the judge giving primary custody to Ruhi to Shagun, till the both parties mutually agree otherwise. Ruhi asks Raman to take her, and looks at him with hope. They all leave her. Ruhi cries. Simmi asks Ishita to have water. Raman comes to her and Ishita says she saved Adi, she broke Ruhi’s trust, she came with packed bags, I was not able to meet her eyes, she was looking at me and crying, I have let her down. He hugs her and promises he will get Ruhi back, both children will be with them soon, it happened because of him, he will make it fine. She says no, not alone, we will fight together.

She says we take tough decisions for children, they are small and they won’t understand, but my Ruhi will understand that I can’t think bad for her, where is Adi, I did

not meet him. He says he is with parents, we should spend much time with him, he should not feel he is unwanted and no one loves him. She says take me to him, and wipes her tears. He says come. Everyone pamper Adi and he is happy. Simmi talks about Ruhi and gets sad. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to sit and eat. Ishita thinks did Ruhi eat food or not.

Shagun asks Ruhi to have food, and says she ordered everything, don’t get angry, don’t think about people who don’t care for you, I told you Ishita won’t come. Ruhi goes. Shagun says no one cares for you Ruhi, till when will you be annoyed, you have to accept that you have to be with me. Raman asks Ishita is she feeling cold, did she take tablets. She says I don’t want and rests to sleep. He says he was playing games with Adi, he is looking happy, he will be fine soon, I m thinking about Ruhi. He sees she got fever and calls everyone. Ishita takes Ruhi’s name.

The doctor treats her and says her BP is high, and fever too, she has taken stress, I can give medicine, but she wants to see Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Shagun will not send her. Raman says no, this can’t happen and goes. He meets Shagun and asks for Ruhi, as Ishita is unwell and wants to see Ruhi. She says stop this drama, you lost and making reasons now. He stops her and folds hands, requesting her to allow Ruhi. Shagun says now if you are begging, then beg well on your knees. He says fine and sits crying.

She says relax, I was just seeing how much love you have for Ishita, you can take ruhi, but I will also come along. He says fine, thanks. Raman brings Ruhi and Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. Raman says she was sleeping, so she is not responding. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to meet Ishi Maa. Raman takes her. Simmi asks Ishita to get up and see Ruhi came. Ishita sees Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi to go to Ishita. Ruhi recalls their moments and how Ishita chose Adi over her in court. She pushes her hand and says no.

She cries and gets away. Raman asks what happened, go to her. Ruhi says I will not talk to her, she said she is not my mum and made me away, I will not meet and talk to her. Shagun looks on and smiles. Raman stops her and says how will Ishi Maa get well. Ruhi says she said this is not my house, I will not stay here, and tells Shagun that she will not stay here. Shagun asks her to meet everyone. Ruhi refuses. Shagun says I m sorry Raman, I tried. Ishita stops Raman and says she is annoyed, and it means she loves me, let her go. I love Ruhi a lot.

Ruhi says no one loves me. Mrs. Bhalla says no, everyone love you, meet Ishi Maa. Ruhi says no, Shagun mumma take me, you all want Adi, why you want Ruhi now, why did you not come to take me, no one fought for me, not even Ishi Maa. She says she will not talk to anyone, she packed her bag, and Papa and Ishi Maa left me there, she said we are playing game, and took me out to drop me there, I will not come here again. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t break my heart. Raman cries. Shagun smiles seeing them and takes Ruhi. Simmi stops Mrs. Bhalla.

Raman asks Ruhi to stop. Shagun says don’t force her, she is my daughter. He asks till when will she act. She says Ruhi has seen how much you all care for her. He stops her and says fine, I will see how you do her upbringing on your own, and how you maintain your high society, I will not pay anything, the day she gets some trouble, I will drag you to court and prove you are a bad mum, I will take my daughter home and leave you on road. He says get out. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to make Ishita have food. Ishita recalls Ruhi’s words and is sad. He comes to Ishita and asks her to have food, else he won’t eat either. He makes her eat food and she cries. He asks her to rest.

Ishita cries and says she is restless as Ruhi is so happy without me, she does not need me anymore. Raman hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. hema

    even in these days people prefer boys over girls.. This is ridiculous.. Please ban these type of episodes.. they are spoiling people

    • KK

      i don’t think is that. if Raman and Ishita pick Ruhi over Adi…i am sure that boy will suicide in future. he is already mentally disturb. so giving love and care sometime times you have to sacrifices things.

    • Priyanka

      hello… do watch it carefully n den speak… it isn’t abt prefering boys over girls here…. dey did it so as adi was on d verge of comiting suicide…so plz stop thinking as such n don’t give such idiotic ideas to ban anything without knowing….n sorry if u felt bad but it was necessary to let d truth cum out…

    • whatever

      You are totally stupid if you think this show/episode portrays people preferring boys over girls. You need to use your brain a little bit before you mouth off stupid stuff. Nobody preferred boys over girls in this show. The circumstances made them chose Adi over Ruhi in this particular incident. If Ruhi is in Adi’s place and she was depressed and suicidal, they would have picked Ruhi over Adi.

      THE MAJOR PROBLEM IN THE SOCIETY IS IDIOTS LIKE YOU WHO HAVE ZERO BASIC INTELLIGENCE AND BRAIN POWER TO GRASP SIMPLE NUANCES AND SITUATIONS AND JUST COME TO CONCLUSIONS. You need education, you need to be trained to use your brain a little bit. Another risk here is when idiots like you say stupid stuff like this, other idiots will blindly believe it without knowing the truth.

  2. Kitna Bakwaas banadiya show ko….. Kya Aadi suicide karega to ruhi kpo cchod diya….. Ruhi ka kya hoga…. She was always with family Aadi is used to live alone… Ruhi cchoti hain Aadi nahi…. Kitna ayr samjhegi sabko…..

    • naocha

      yes,u right ruhi is smaller than,adi bachaneke liye ruhiko bhina inform me use kiya.little girl will reality older are understand than little.

  3. no one

    there is no progress in this show it has even lost its taste everyday same drama of children custody….just blablablablahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • i felt so soz 4 ruhi but ishra was majboor and hu does raman think he is always caring 4 his stupid son and ishita said right to him in yesterdays epi and he shud plzzzzz stop acting like srk

  4. Ruhi bahut naraz hai ishita raman sab se. ..par jab ishita ruhi se baat karegi tab sab thik hojaye ga aur. .ruhi ka gussa bhi khatam hojae ga. …..jald aaisa ho. …

  5. Hiiiiii. .prayosha. ..priyaroli. .palak. .angel. .Ruhi. ..anandraaz. ..Samiha. ….urmi. ….akhi. .bhagi. …sab kaise ho. ..
    & congratulations angel. …..aur sad mat ho bahut achcha hai result. .
    ..bye guys. ….padna hai. ….

  6. saurav

    Guys.. Jinko is show se prblm Ho rha hai. Then let me clear this show is based on a novel named “Custody”.. So isliye isme cases n custodies k bare zada dikha rha hai.. So dnt need to get panic..

  7. ending ka ishra was really good.seriously every character of the show act superb.especially ishraruh ka acting.they show it as natural.

  8. hi angel.kaha hai aap.a heartly congrats for ur result yaar.and dude dont get sad cui ki exams time ur unwell phir bhi u did and got good result.thats really great.and iam really proud of u.and god bless u always.

  9. urmi

    hi,,,,,,,mizun priyaroli prayosha
    akhi samiha ruhi anandraaz and all……..
    How are u guyz…….

  10. sayu

    I think they have taken the correct decision by keep adi with them .i like this drama.all the time it arouse the curiosity I can’t imawwht will happen next

    • urmi

      hi,,,,,priyaroli…I am fine…..
      Just cought cold and fever………
      thik bhi nahi ho raha hain……
      Because Main hamesha medicine lena bhool jati hoon…

  11. urmi

    very vry emotional epi,,,,,,,
    ruhi did injustice to her ishimaa,,
    bt she is also right in her place,,,,,
    as ishita broke a little grls,,,,
    promse nd trust,,,,
    hope all get well in ishraruhs life………….

  12. hi urmi.get well soon.take hot water dont take cold water.and u too forget to have medicine oh ho yaar even paroysha forgets to have medicine koi baath nayi.i will remember u.have food and take medicine and take rest yaar.

  13. anjali

    Plz…stop this custody drama…they are dragging it a lot…. above all cant see ru n ishima like this

    • urmi

      hi,,,angel….how r u,,,,,,
      dont get upset fr the result
      let bygones be bygones
      work hard with patience
      success will be yours…….

  14. bhagi

    hiiiii guys mizun palak prayosha priyaroli angel samiha and ruhi……ruhi kise ho aap……..aaj ka epsd tho thik tha par mi e saab kuch nahi dhek pa raha hu……kal tho mujse nahi hoga

  15. urmi

    today ramans part was the best,,,,,,,
    how he talked to shagun,,,,,,,
    was really aweeesome,,,,,
    now shagun will understand,,,,,,,,,
    what raman is

  16. Dil

    Why is this story going out of case now??????what nonsense is this????Raman begging before Shagun????This is rediculous…..And Ruhi wants Shagun,,,,,,,,,What f*** is this???????

  17. hi di,angel,anand,mizun,prayosha,bhagi,urmi,akira….sav kaiso ho guys???

    Di tumhara hand theek hain na?? Di tumhara kya hain?? Mujhe tumhara face dekhna hain…pls id do na…mere fb ban geya..isliye soc rahi hu tumhe friend banyunggi…doge na diii?

    • urmi

      hi,,angel…….tumne mera 8.54 wala cmnt para,,,,,,
      tumne answr nehi dia na
      isliye puch rahi hoon……..

  18. urmi

    seems that all ar busy in study…….
    Prayosha bhi nehi ayi
    mizun has exam on 26th march
    best of luck guyz for ur exams
    I will surly pray to Allah
    for all of u….

  19. di,mujhe nehi mila..tum hi friend request bhejo…sari priyali nam ka hain…mujhe bejho ge na di??? My id Zarin Salsabil par ek sote se baby boy ka pic ayegi…mein check kiya tha..sirf ek hi thi or o mere profile..dogena diii!??pyri priya di??

  20. akhi

    raman ka dialogues superbbb.but ishita aur ruhi..hw can they live apart ?ruhi don’t worry ishima will take u soon….don’t listen to shagun.keep all the values that ishima taught u

  21. urmi

    yeh i also think so samiha…………… should not use fb…………
    I have not yet opened an ID…..
    I am just 17
    I will open an when I will be 18……because u knw na RB se pehle fb is illegal

  22. ruhi iz small. she won’t dare to think about suicide.ishita iz a good step mother.i think zat ruhi should come back to ishita…………. and in adi’s case raman has to make him understand with love zat everyone loves him but he will have to go and stay with shagun…………..and raman will have to make a fresh appeal for adi ‘custody case. but ishita and ruhi should not separate to each other at any cost………… because its really hurts when u separate from ur love ones

  23. reneta

    yawn its so full of bullshit now raman does his madness and ishita pays for it one cycle ova and ova again

  24. nehi..hamara ehato aise kisi v bat mein ne nehi suna..balki mere school ka ict teacher kehti hain ki agli sal se fb khulla sikhayenggi..or ham sav ko khulna v pade ga..nehi to class ke bahar vej dengge…

  25. urmi

    what nonsense samiha,,,,,,,aaisa kehte teachers…….
    balke mera teachers to mujhe forbid krtehe fb kholne ke liye,,,,,,,,

  26. di..tum kaha ho??or mujhse naraj ho kya??reply do.. .or tum ak bat batao ki fb delete kya ja sakti hain kya??agar ha to kaise o v batao…mein delete kar dunggi..par tum naraj mat ho…diii…

  27. Samiha u shld leave fb m ssry agar bura laga too lsn aap bohut choti hoo fb se kya kya problems create hote hain uh dont hav any idea abt fb jus leave it for ur concern m saying uh

  28. arey baba iam nt naras with u just an atlast u opened it right then.dont post ur photo r ur personal matter to fb.and there is suprise just open it and c u have a friend request.go go and c samiha.

  29. ha urmi mere friends or mein v sun ke surprised ho geya tha…sir kaha-“fb bohot assi cis hain..isse bohot faide hain..or a ko e bure cis nehi .isliye tum sav ko fb banana padega…tum sav jab 7 par uthogi mein khub tumhe bana dunggi..” fb ka faida loksan dono hi hain…konsi cis hain ki sirf faide deti hain..har cis ka effect hain..or ham ise kaise use karengge a uspar depend kar ti hain..agar ham assi use karenge to faida..or bure se to loksan..OR isliye haMe uska bareme janne ke bad use karna caiye..right or wrong??OR tum kya india par rehti ho?

  30. urmi

    even I am also in science and 11th me bhi scince leneka plan,,,,,,,,,,just T months,,,,then I will be on 11th

  31. angel,nehi bangladeshi..par pata nehi sir kyu school ka j.s.c. Ka results dubane k liye hatper dhoke lag geyi hain….is fb or boyfriend ke liye hamara school jsc ssc par place nehi kar pati hain…so sad..isliye mein or mere kuc dosto ne fasla liya hain ki ham fb khule ya na khule jsc par place jaroor karunggi…boyfriend ho v love nehi karunggi…versity par uthke socengge..

  32. urmi

    even I am also in science and 11th me bhi scince leneka plan,,,,,,,,,,just 2 months,,,,then I will be on 11th

    • akhi

      i am south indian from kerala..doing btech civil engg in tamil nadu….tamil nadu hamari ishita ki native place

    • akhi

      we are all fans of yhm….its gud to share frndship..yhm make all of us frndzzz so it is the better place for us to share our frndship…frndzzzz am i right?

  33. [email protected]……epiSodE…..
    YHm shOw raTinG……..3/10

  34. hema

    .. if u continue watching this even u guys will be talking like shagun. i already see some people posting comments like shagun..
    ex wife is in his life though he divorced her. .. is it not possible to handle 2 kids.. why is ruhu thrown out??? so stupid.. adi needs attention, that means they can throw ruhi out.. Doesn’t ruhi needs attention..

    spend time on good things.. not on these type of wamp things..

  35. Priyaroli@…..mein achha hooo…aur latest yhm show ka episode day by day….boring….lagne laga hai….maker’s n director ko….pta nahi chal… hai…..serial kaha….aur…wo kaha hai…..

  36. Ya priyaroli m fine jus leg twist logaya tha thnk god fracture nahi hai but rest karna padega not again yaar jab bhi chot lagti hai to dard upper se mom ka pukara sab log ghar me mujhe chulbuli natkhat kehte hain mujhe ek jagah bethna achaa nahi lagta yahan se wahan bhag te hi rehti hoon teacher se bhi yehi burai milti hai oder den dat m gud in studies sab ke sab peeche padgai

  37. hi angel.ur so smart that y all r following.and ah thank god ur fine.just be careful always.ab thoda rest karo yaar.take care of ur health.get well soon.

  38. teek hai guys.kal jaldi utna hai.maa ghar per nayi hai tho mai e kal breakfast bana hoga.tho i going to rest.kal mili tha hoo.good nt.swt ishraruh wala dreams.bye.and urmi and paryosha dont forget to have medicine guys.take care.and ah guys if paryosha,mizun say hi form my side too.bye gt nt guys.

  39. Yaar….koi Mumbai me rehtq ho to pls pls YHM ke set par jao & unki sab glysrine ki bottles chura lo……khud to glysrine sw rote hai….& saath me hume bhi rulate hai……..

  40. akhi

    guyzzz gudni8…tum sab ko bye karne ki mann nahi… phir bhi bye…catch u prays r with u all

  41. Raman ne bilkul sahi kiya….bahot aish kar liya Raman ke paiso par ….ab khud kamao …..khao & Ruhi ko khilao…..but…remember 1 thing…..
    Ishita ne ek baar kaha tha ki wo apni maa ke paise udati hai…….

  42. Haaye ……..IshRa bas aise hi saath….ek dusre ki himmat ban kar raho……& jaisa Ishita ne kaha ab se sab problems saath me solve karo……..

  43. yeh shagun ka track buss jald se jald khatam ho jaye. aaj sbb mein aaya ki shagun yani anitha hassandini sakshi tanwar ke political serial mein aayegi.hope ki uss shagun ka track jald hi khatam ho aur hum veiwers ko yeh jo 6 months se jhelthe hue drame se kuch accha fresh aur naya twist ho lekin ishraruh aur adi bhi saath ho aur baki characters ke bhi story honi chahiye.

  44. Van

    Finish shagun track soon. Why didn’t raman think of being firm earlier and telling her that he will not pay for her lifestyle as he divorced her way back. She would probably be thinking of getting a job by now instead of interfering in their lives.

    • SN

      Adi was with shagun so raman did not want adi to suffer… now its Ruhi so he cannot stay without bothering Ruhi… Saw how happily he was playing with Adi in yesterday’s episode.. Is he a good father….Feel sorry for Ruhi even ishita did not care about her much

  45. raman ne sahi kaha uss shagun ko.uski chehre ka saara rang udd gaya. khud independent nahi hai aur akad jyada chalathi hai aur khud ko bahut powerful samajh thi hai.

  46. As we have seen,Ruhi is heartbroken
    with ishima’s decision and she
    removes her anger on bhalla family
    saying that she hates them.
    Soon,ishita will be sad on seeing
    shagun and ruhi’s bonding.Ruhi
    completely ignores ishita while going
    to school.This makes ishita more sad
    and she will be left into tears.
    Raman tells shagun that he will not
    give a single penny to her.This lands
    shagun in trouble.She will fail to repay
    the EMI for her car and hence it will
    be toed.
    Raman and ishita decide to take adi
    for a dinner where sharu will join
    them.Ashok will also arrange a
    meeting in the same hotel and calls
    raman to attend the meeting.Raman
    makes an excuse and attends the
    Meanwhile Shravu will find ruhi with
    shagun and asks her to join them.But
    ruhi denies.Sharvu comes to ishita
    and she starts searching for ruhi’s
    glimpse.Ruhi too searches for ishita
    and gets glad to see her but in the
    meanwhile she reminisces ishita’s
    words and leaves from there.
    Shagun with Ashok’s suggestion
    decides to earn money by using
    ruhi.She agrees for the ad-campaign
    which was before denied by
    raman.Shagun makes ruhi agree for
    Will ishita gets to know this?Will
    Raman and ishita able to get ruhi
    back?Will this wrong step leads
    shagun to loose ruhi’s custody?

    • SN

      Now ishita also following raman regarding adi… i did not like adi n raman’s character from the begining just bcoz of the way they were before… and i dont think they will ever change

      Ruhi is innocent and ishita broke her heart

  47. akira

    M fyn urmi….u???
    prayosha subh ko mujhe kaam tha na to jana pada….nw also am busy with studies..m surrounded by books arnd me lol
    i also missed u n evryone sooo sooo vry much 🙂

    yaar this shagun….y the hell she is so inhuman. I wish ruhi undrstnds hr ishima n dad….here aadi suffrng so much cz of this stupid shagun

  48. urmi

    gud nyt and sweet dreams to all the ishraruh fans,,,,,,,

    thanks priyaroli fr reminding me to take mdicne,,,I really forgot 2day as well…..

    And mirun good luck for ur exam……..

  49. sakthi

    lost interest in this drama.. only reading the updates nowadays.. if they continue like this, then i will stop reading the updates also….

  50. Sudha

    Lost interest in this drama too. When Ishitha has the custody how can Raman sign and sell Ruhi for Adi. Rubbering for another 100 episodes but these trio will go to court and fight for custody until the kids become old and get marry. But Raman and Ishitha will remain like this forever. Pretend like husband and wife.

  51. urmi

    gud morning to all,,,,,prayosha,,,
    angel,, mizun,, bhagi,, samiha,,,
    priyaroli,,, akira,, akhi,, ritushree
    and all have a wonderful day……..

  52. hi guys.good mrg.have a sweet day.and all the best for all ur exams guys.and angel ab tumara leg kaise hai.and hi urmi how is ur health.take ur medicine.and good mrg to paryosha,mizun,palak,akira,akhi,bhagi,angel,urmi,anandraaz,samiha and all.

  53. Soniya

    Please Adi insiste ur stupid dad Raman to reunite with Shagun / get divorce from ishita…I’m sure raman will do anything n everything for adi… at least then ishita will learn a lesson and realize about Ruhi and her true love.. ishita u have soiled ur image …. lost the ineterst of YHM

    Ruhi keep up ur good performance we love u darling

  54. kya tum mujhe ap fb par jane ke liye keh rehiho??par pehle keh de ti ho mujhe tumhara id nehi milte hain…isliye kya faida??tum hi request bhejna..

  55. Jin logo ne aaj tak nahi dekha wo dhyan se dekho………….Raman sirf Aadi ke liye Shagun ke saamne nahi jhukta………Aaj Iahita ke liye bhib Shagun ke saamne jhuk gaya………So don’t ever dare to say that Raman does not love Ishita…….

  56. bhagi

    yes prayosha ur right patha nahi e log raman ko kyom blame kar rahe hai……uska kya kasoor hai usne tho sirf aapni bachom se pyaar kar raha hai……….agar adi vaha jaa kar sucide kar diya tho……par muje nahi lagtha hai ki e log iss track ko iss week pe katham karne vala hai e log tho dragg karne ki soach me hai…….i just hate the writers

  57. Sbs
    Ishita bahut sad. .thi rurahi thi toh toshiji ne ishita ko. .Ayurvedic medicine bol kar wine pila diya. …….
    …shagun ki car chali gayi. ..uss ne car ki EMI repay kar nahin payi. …….
    ….ab yahan se ruhi k wapas…aane ka track start hoga. …

  58. anu

    nice sbs segment…. hoping for ruhi’s come back soon @ bhalla’s house mainly her ishimaa… start the next track soon and end the character shagun….

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  60. bhagi

    wow sach me ruhi ka vaapas aane ka track shuru hoga……..hey bhagavaan jaldi se ruhi vaapas ana chahiye……..muje ishraruh ka happy family dhekne ka man kar raha hai…….mere khaan aankh sab tharaas raha hai sirf e sun ne ke liye ki ruhi vaapas agayi hai

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.