Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita why did you not tell me, I would have given money. Parmeet says I asked her not to tell anyone, she saved my respect. Mr. Bhalla says we trust you, we won’t believe anyone. Ramab says its not your mistake, such women need only money. He says don’t worry, we are with you, I m with you. Mr. Bhalla says leave the lodge and come to leave with us. Parmeet says no. Raman says you will be leaving with us. Raman asks Rumi to go and bring Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita you should have told us, you took all the credit. Mr. Bhalla says we are lucky to get a bahu like this. She did so much for our daughter. Ishita says I m sorry, Simmi asked me to to tell you all.

Dolly asks Mrs. Bhalla to come and burn Holi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Rinki and

Ishita to take puja plates and go down. They birn Holika. They take rounds. Simmi comes and hugs her parents. She says I missed you all. Mrs. Bhalla says you have hidden everything from me. Appa and Amma come and wish happy holi to the Bhallas. Amma says we don’t celebrate Holi but I made this bhujiyas for Raman. She shows Mrs. Bhalla the casserole on which its written it was gifted to Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla is caught. Simmi greets Amma and introduces her husband Parmeet. Ruhi meets Amma and Appa and says happy holi.

Amma says can I take Ruhi with me. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. Ruhi says I want to sleep with Muttu and have a bath in morning. Everyone laughs. Ishita asks Raman to tell Parmeet to stay in their room. Simmi thanks Ishita for doing so much for her. Simmi tells Parmeet that everything is fine, no don’t worry. Parmeet says we have to give money to that woman. Simmi says now Raman knows everything, he will take care. Parmeet hugs Simmi. Ishita asks Raman how was Adi’s birthday party. Raman says fine and thinks about the drama at the party.

She says Mr. Bhalla and Ruhi would have been very happy meeting Adi right? She says Adi and Ruhi met for the first time right, I wish I could have come. Raman says everyone enjoyed. Raman asks Ishita to sleep on the sofa and he will sleep on the floor. Their heads bump. She says I will go and see Ruhi once. She comes to meet Ruhi at Amma’s house and sees the gift back. She asks did you not give it to Adi. She says I gave the gift but I saw the gift fell. Ishita asks about the party. She says I missed everything. Ruhi says Adi got many gifts. Mihika comes and stops Ishita to talk to her.

She says I met Mihir today and we had big fight. She says I want to focus on my holi event, I will be fine. Ishita says take care and leaves. Mihika hugs Ruhi. Ishita comes back and sees Raman unable to sleep on the floor. Raman gets back pain. She says is it aching as you are sleeping on the floor. He says you sleep. She gives him a pain relief balm. She says I will apply. He says I will apply myself. He removes his shirt and applies the balm. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………… yeh hai mohabbatein ………………… plays……………… Ishita looks at him and smiles.

He does not apply as his hands does not reach his back. She sits by his side and applies the balm on his back. He says what are you doing. She says just be quiet. She massages his back. He says enough now, you sleep. She says do you think I m killing you, you always misunderstood me. He says did I ask for your help. She says bad man, no manners at all, no sorry, no thanks, Ravan Kumar. She sleeps. Music plays…………….

Its morning, Simmi talks to Parmeet. He says we will have to wait for two days till we get money. Ishita says I have arranged everything in bathroom. Parmeet says we ave already troubled you. Simmi says go and have a bath. Ishita says tell me if you need anything. Simmi says the baby is crying a lot today. Everyone sit for breakfast and wish each other happy holi. Rumi comes and colors everyone. Raman comes there and Rumi goes to color his face. Raman looks at him angrily and Rumi stops. Ishita looks on. Mr. Bhalla says don’t trouble him, don’t you know he does not play holi. Raman leaves. Simmi complains about Parmeet not having good food.

Ishita says I made south indian food. Parmeet likes the idli. Ishita is happy. Raman tells Parmeet to take this money and give it to the woman and take a written statement from her. Parmeet says we can’t take this. Raman insists. Raman says its better if I go and meet her to give this money. Ishita says yes, you should not meet her. Parmeet says she is very clever, I will give her, this is a loan, I will return it. Raman says fine, go and come back soon. Parmeet leaves. Simmi thanks Raman. Parmeet gives the woman the money.

He says I can’t arrange more money, I know you also lost the job but I can;t help now Sarika, take this and go, I have a wife and kids, I can’t forget what you blamed me of. He says take this Rs 3 lakh and go. He says this is my city, don’t talk to me. She says you should have gone to jail. Parmeet says fine, go and complain, put me in jail, I will tell you that you work for money, you acted and got me fired and now you are blackmailing me.

Raman says he is going in holi event. He says its important and he has to go. Mr. Bhalla asks him to take Ruhi and Ishita. Raman says Adi, Ashok and Shagun will be coming there.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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