Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashok tells Ishita that he knows why she came, but her tricks are not going to work. She thinks she will come in her old avatar and Shagun will get her memory back? Shagun will never get her memory back and Raman must go to jail. Ishita laughs. She says it’s been 12 years. He threatens same way. In end, it him who loses. She tells him he can say whatever he wants, but in end they will win. She challenges him that she will save Raman any way possible. It’s him who should be careful. He says we will see who wins and who loses.

Adi meets Mani’s lawyer and gives him some papers. Lawyer says papers are for him, then why he’s giving him. Adi says he doesn’t need those and it will be his responsibility now that no one sees those papers. Lawyer says those were his

last wishes and how he can be sure that no one will see those papers. Adi threatens him that he wants his family to always be happy and for that he can die and kill as well. Lawyer says he will keep papers carefully.

Amma is worried for Ishita. Ishita says she will be fine. There are others too who will help. Aliya is standing there sad. Ishita tells her that she knows what Aliya is going through and promises her that she will find the killer and send him/her to the jail. She asks whether there’s anything by which she can remind Shagun of Mani. Aliya says there is a song he used to sing for Shagun.. pal pal dil ke pass. Ishita leaves.

Bala meets Kiran. He tells her that Ashok has shifted to Bhalla house. There must be something that he’s hiding. He asks her a favour to find out why Ashok shifted there. No one will doubt her as she just shifted here. She says she will try to find out what’s going on Ashok’s life these days in her business circle.

Pihu asks Ashok to leave her chair. Shagun tells her to sit on other chair. Pihu says no. Raman taunts. Shagun says Ashok cares for her. He’s very possessive for her. Raman says same way Pihu is possessive for her chair. Shagun then asks Ashok to move and he does and sits besides Raman. Raman teases him more. Ashok then leaves saying he has important work. Ishita gestures Pihu to go inside. Pihu goes in saying she needs to do homework. Ishita comes in crying saying her friend got into accident and her husband got murdered. Don’t even know who killed him. Both used to love each other a lot. She shares more things that Shagun and Mani used to do. She sings song that Mani used to sing for Shagun. Shagun says, oh God. I am so sorry for your friend. She asks Neelu to get green tea for her in her room and leaves. Ishita and all are disappointed.

Ishita is sitting in the lobby, disappointed. Raman comes there and says she can’t give up. She says she thought Shagun would remember something hearing that song. She is worried, they don’t have much time. Raman says as long as they two are together, nothing will go wrong. She will remember all. Ishita says she’s just scared. Ashok comes and sees them two talking with each other. He gets some evil plan in his mind.

He comes to Shagun and asks she’s still resting. She says what she can do. No one is letting her go outside. Ashok says who has guts to stop her. He is back, he will take her wherever she wants. He asks for long drive. She says she will get ready. He says no need for that and they leave. Outside, Ashok shows Raman and Ishita to Shagun and provokes her against him.

Shagun goes to them and asks what’s going on. She says ill about Ishita. Ishita says her BP was high and Raman came to her to know why and she’s doubting on them. Shagun says why they are sitting in corner then.. why she’s holding his hand. Ishita says she thought Shagun was of modern thoughts. Her parents threw her out of her house, so she was sad. Raman saw her and came to her to console. Shagun says really, a shoulder to cry. Raman tells Shagun to look at herself first. She goes out with Ashok and now lecturing them. He goes inside and is relieved that nothing went wrong.

Ishita asks Shagun what she’s doing outside. She says she was going for long drive. Ishita says Ashok told her to? She then tells Ashok that he loves Shagun, right? How he can take her outside when she’s not well. He should be responsible. She tells Shagun whether anyone cares for her or no, she should look after her. She then takes Shagun inside, leaving Ashok mad.

Precap: Ishita says to her family that watchman needed money before giving information. She went to get money and by time she got back, he was not there. Ruhi is relieved.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Hi friends… Nice episode… One thing I noticed is that Shagun is faking her memory loss… But she may be afraid of some thing , when ishu sang the song , she was like crying and went away to room….Bala was right Ashok is staying in Bhalla house to keep an eye on Shagun… Sure that Ashok and Taneja together killed Mani… And in yesterday episode also that person who took the register from watchman is Taneja not Ruhi…Shagun is trying to protect herself from the killer….

    1. I think Shagun danced on that song Ding Dang Dole from the movie kucch to hai. Am I right? I also think she is definitely faking memory loss!

  2. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that’s Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) manages to keep Shagun and Ashok separate.

    Ashok is not ready accept his defeat so he tries to mislead Shagun showing her Raman and Ishita together.

    Shagun accuses Raman and Ishita for getting closer but Ishita handles the situation and insults Ashok not taking care about Shagun.

    Ashok pisses off seeing Ishita spoiled his all efforts provoking Shagun against Raman.

    Ruhi gets restless finding watchman missing

    Apart from this, Ruhi gets restless when Ishita informs family about watchman missing.

    Ishita is helpless seeing to lose clue one by one to prove Raman innocence

    Stay tuned

  3. azuka nkwonta

    I knew shagun must catch ishita and Raman romancing or doing one of their naughty moves, it is just predictable. One more thing, I thought that ishita does not believe in bribing or does not give people bribe, why does she want to bribe watchman.

    1. Shagun is just faking … She has no memory loss… coming to bribing… Some times bribing or telling lies for good is not a crime…

  4. I think tey r dragging th suspense.. now tey can reveal something.. I feel ashok is not the killer…

  5. I also think she is faking her memory loss. Maybe it’s a bigger plan than we think. Does anyone think that Riya is the child of Bala and Kiran, or is it a crazy idea of mine?

  6. Charu prakash

    That’s a good question!Azuka.Ishitha conveniently breaks all her rules.A very good liar!Cvs can turn this into a typical predictable revenge story by portraying Shagun,the culprit.And that’s the end of story!!!

  7. Riya is daughter of mani

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Bribing is bribing it does not matter what you do it for, whether you say it’s for good or for bad. It’s just like saying that there is big sin and small sin but sin is sin it does not matter whether you call it big sin or small sin. Ever since I have been watching this serial Raman and ishita have always portrayed themselves as a righteous people especially ishita, they even teach their children the same but what I am noticing these days is that their children grew up without those values and even the parents are not as righteous as they claim.
      Ishita stopped aaliyah’s marriage in mid way because she believed that aaliyah must know the truth about adi’s first marriage because she believed that that is the most ridiculous thing to do and ruhi supported her but look at ruhi what she is doing today hiding vital information that can help solve a crime that is involving the family and her father. I think that at the end of the day the children chose what life that is better for them. For shagun I am waiting to see what becomes of this memory loss story.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      Sorry my comment fell under your comment it was suppose to be for Hp.

  8. Lovely episode.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Adi is not an eyewitness to mani’s murder he is actually the murderer. But if this murder mystery is blamed on wrong source it will be disaster. For all I can see adi can kill naturally, his words and behaviour with mani’s lawyer is adding up to it. Personal instincts are not there I just spoke according to what the serial is showing us.

    1. I read something that said ruhi killed him though and why would Mani leave him his last wishes and not aliya?

      1. azuka nkwonta

        The paper has something to do with adi and aaliyah’s could be a preen up or some marriage agreement paper because Mani especially did not like the fact that adi slapped aaliyah, it is not a will otherwise Mani would not have given it to adi. It is the same paper that he wanted to tear before mihinka interrupted him that night. If the lawyer to saying that it is his last wish it means that Mani made those papers before adi killed him so it can be called a last wish.

  10. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  11. Nice episode

  12. I think shagun is faking her memory lost…

  13. Agar woh papers kisi ke haat na lagni chahiye tho Adi kyun papers lawyer ke paas lauta raha hai, why cant he keep them with him only, that might be more safe for him

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