Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi thinking of Ishita’s words and crying. She thinks how she has hurt Ishita by her bitter words. She says how did I behave with Ishi maa, how rudely I spoke to her, I insulted her and she did not tell me anything, I feel guilty and want to apologize, I should do something to please her, but what. She says I have to tell Pihsu hat Ishi Maa is her real mum, but how will I explain Pihu, she can’t understand this, what can I do, how to explain Pihu. She recalls how Ishita used to explain her by stories in childhood, I will also try the same.

Ruhi goes to Pihu. Pihu says I should have gone to school, I m getting bored. Ruhi says we will go and have fun, come. She asks Pihu what type of stories does she like, we were told Mahabharat and Ramayana in school, we

were told Lord Krishna’s story once, it was really nice. Pihu says I know he used to trouble his mum by his mischief. Ruhi says you know he had two mothers Devki and Yashoda. She tells her about Krishna born to Devki and raised by Yashoda, who loved Krishna a lot. Pihu says this happens in stories. Ruhi says no, this happens in real lives too. Pihu says none of my friend has two mums, this happens in serial. Neelu tells Pihu that her friend has come. Pihu goes. Ruhi says how shall I tell Pihu that this happened with her, Shagun is not her real mum, how to tell her real mum is Ishi Maa.

Raman talks to inspector and asks him to find out why Anil is lying, find that woman. Ishita tells Raman that she is safe, why is he tensed. He says you are not safe. She says Shagun accompanied me when I went to jail. He says Ruhi and you came back, I think I should talk to Shagun. When you were not here, Shagun gave her 7 years to this house, but I can’t marry Shagun, I will be indebted, but I don’t love her, I m sure she also does not love me, I was marrying her to secure her future, the fact is she loved Manoj, she left him for Pihu and us, now I can’t cheat her, there is no love between us, I m worried for her. She says even I m worried for her, she deserves love, she did not get stable relationship till now, she needs someone sensitive, loving and caring. He asks who. She says Mani. He says I was mistaken, but he is a good man. She says he is really good, I will talk to him. he says no, let me talk to Shagun first.

Amma tells Appa that her head is aching, how will I cook food. Appa says I will cook. Amma says you double my work by messing kitchen. He says I will order food. She says I want homemade food. He asks whats this, Vandu is not at home. She says we will dine at Mrs. Bhalla’s house, she added wine in my coffee, you have to come with me. He agrees and says even I m hungry, lets ho.

Mrs. Bhalla says I have two bahus and no worries snow. Amma and Appa come to have lunch. Amma tells Ishita that Mrs. Bhalla made her have wine and I was having headache, we thought to come and dine here, as I can’t cook. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and asks her to have anything. Raman comes and says I will join later. He sees Shagun and signs Ishita. He asks what happened at Pihu’s school. She says some discussion about upcoming project. He says fine, come with me, I need to talk. Shagun goes to him.

Adi goes to Mihir and says I went office, and got to know you are enjoying holiday today. Mihir says I was feeling lazy, come we will have food together. Adi says you are getting handsome day by day, your moustache suits you, girls would be crazy after you in college days. Mihir says no, it was opposite, I was simple and girls used to call me Champu by her partitioned hair style. Adi asks him to say how to impress girls. Mihir asks why are you asking me, go and ask Raman and Romi. Adi says I need to know from you. Mihir says fine, I will find out and tell tomorrow. They have lunch.

Shagun asks Raman what does he want to say. He says you mean a lot to me, but I can’t marry you, I agree that you did a lot for me, and no one else can do that, I don’t love you, I don’t know you love me or not, we were marrying for Pihu’s sake, when everything is getting fine, I want you to think of your future, you need someone who loves and respects you. She says I m happy. He asks till when will you stay happy, Ishita and I spoke about this, she suggested Mani will keep you happy. she says no, I don’t want to get away from my children. He says you won’t go anywhere, just think once. She goes.

Shagun goes to her room and gets angry. She says Ishita made plan to make me leave from this house, does she think its exchange offer, give family and get Mani, Raman finds Ishsita’s advice is right, I m doing so much since 7 years, I will not let her plan get successful, Ishita wants to live with Raman and kids happily, this will never happen, what I did not get, you also won’t get it. She thinks to use Pihu. She gets a call and asks person to manage Anil, let him stay in jail for sometime,e I need some time.

Mihir wonders shall I talk to Raman and Ishita, no Adi will feel bad, how did he think I will give him tips to impress girls, I will find info online to tell him. He checks tips to impress girls and thinks to give these tips to Adi. Pihu shows her homework to Ishita. Ishita says its solution, not a problem. She explains her. Pihu smiles. She says Ruhi told me about Lord Krishna’s story and his two mums, does any child has two mums. Ishita looks at Ruhi. Pihu asks Ishita to say. Ishita cries.

Ruhi asks Pihu to say Ishi Maa…. Pihu says Ishi Maa….. Ishita happily cries. Shagun looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    woww my heart gets melted towards Ruhi again and I know that Shagun will remain negative and she can’t be changed in any of the way

  2. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique az naaz rithu vp mino shona bhagya shivani khushi salley susan super girl pihu molu bhgi & all members of yhm fans HI guys

  3. jaz

    Episode was nice today no ektha no mani aur shagun & mihir aur Aliya inka pairing mat karna pls pls pls and preccap was nice pihu bola ishima wow s udar shagun tu jali hoyi jilebi lagrahi thi ishitha don’t do this blo*dy shaggy ki shadhi ache suche insaan ke saat mat karow mani is a such a nice person..he needs positive shaggy tu negative hain..

  4. Az

    Hi jaz, vp, adithya, sindhu, shivani, mino, monique, rithu and all YHM fans.

    I missed couple of episodes in between coz of hectic schedule, but loved today’s episode. I’m okay with shagun turning negative, but ishra should remain united, come whatsoever. Can’t see differences between them. Before leap also, shagun as a vamp never succeeded in separating them. Hope raman exposes her soon.

    Read some spoilers saying ishita announces raman n shagun’s marriage, that definitely did put me off. Hope it doesn’t happen. What happened to raman n ishita’s remarriage btw?

  5. Khushi

    Hi guys
    Todays episode was somewhat ok. Pihu nd ruhi, pihu nd ishu scenes we gud. Today i lyk mrs iyer nd bhalla also. Atleast their fight is nt upon the same punjabi madirasi mattr. When will raman apologise to ishu. He is juz blabering. Instead he shld apologise to ishitha nd tell her he luv ishu nd tats y he dnt want to marry shagun. Nd ishitha suddenly agreed to whatevr he said. I didnt get one point raman is nt marryng shagun bcose he luv ishitha ns nt shagun. Then what abt mani. He too kuvs ishu nd nt shagun. He is giving lecture that marriage shld be out of luv. I cant see any luv bet shagun nd mani. Nd taking such a haste decesion ishu is actually insultng mani. She took such a haste decesion for mihir long before nd we all witnessed what japnd to his lyf. If the cvs showing mani nd shagun eventually fallng in luv then its ok. Bt for uniting ishitha with raman she is askng mani to marry shagun. Hw can she insult him lyk this. Seriously i dnt lyk ishithas character shaping up aftr the leap. She is juz doing anythng for raman without any self respect. He shld instead question him abt hus decesion to marry shagun. She need to take a gud class of him nd make him apologise to her for all his insults

    • aruna

      Exactly Khushi I am with you. Shagun wasn’t given importance after so much so obviously she will turn negative and they are saying lord Krishna story even there yashodha was said to be Krishna’s mother at the end of the day.

      • Khushi

        Ys aruna … Evryone cant be tgat much forgiving nd positive lyk ishitha. This bhalla family if be specific raman nd mrs bhalla are thr sole reasons for shaguns plight. They dnt show any gratitude towards anyone. Raman is juz .. Ni words for him. He alwayz uses ishu for his needs md hus family nd if any pblm arise simply blames her without trusting her. Yell at her evry time. I wonder the respect he is givng to shagun y he is nt giving to ishu. The whole family is treating bahus lyk some floormat. Bcose of raman nd. Mrs bhallas insensitive behaviour shagun turned neg. nd what absurd explanation raman giving to shagun.

    • Leeann

      I agree, Surely they should build women into these soaps that can be good and dutiful but still with some self respect. This was the reason I loved YHM when it first started, even with everything Ishitha had to go through she always put self respect for women first, not it seems that she is shaping up to be a door mat for people who treat her badly (Yes Raman – regardless of his reasons) and she is hurting those who stood by her (Mani)

      • aruna

        Yeah Khushi and Leela I hate Mrs bhalla now she without thinking of shagun she just said Ishita will return home wer Mr bhalla felt the insecurity of shagun and told her she was like it’s okay nothing will happen. And Ishita how can she think of shagun and Mani’s marriage wen she can’t marry him after leaving Raman for 7 long and thinking they will never meet again in life then how can he marry shagun seeing Ishita everyday. Full of bakwaas and if Pihu agrees to call Ishita as ishimaa then everyone in the family should be grateful to shagun for giving her such a good attitude. I hope I didn’t hurt supporting shagun

  6. Khushi

    Nd hw raman talk to shagun. He out the entire mattr upon ishitha lyk always. It was his decesion to marry shagun for hurting ishitha nw he is sayng pihu ke liye. This entire fiasco happnd bcose of one single man raman whi manipulates women for his selfishness. He will nvr change. Ishitha without any sincere apologies seems to be easily forgot all her insults. She shld hav some self respect. Fed up with his ruhi ke liye nd pihu ke liye. No wonder y shagun turned neg. nobody can bear such an insult. Aftr all she sacrificed her 7 yrs for this family. Dnt knw if she had any wrong intensions. I really hope cvs dnt turn mani neg nw. Overnight they r changing the traits if characters. Once popular going family show ka satyanash kar diya

  7. Khushi

    Hi adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique, supergirl, lekha, mino, salley, susan, sreeranjini, baazigar, supergirl, saritha, sowmy, preethi, swara, the new member pihu, bhagya,aditi, hp, nivedita, shabana,payal, radhika nd all my yhm fans

    Hope all r doing gud. All had a wonderful weekend?
    Thought to share with u somethng. I am vry passionate reader or say a bookworm. Always carries a buk in my bag. My dream is to write nd publish a novel in my name. Really fond of epic fictions. Startd writing an epic fiction abt the characters of mahabharatha. Thr luv story of subhadra nd arjuna. There are handful of epic fictions published yet. Dnt knw whethr i can do it or nt. nt that confident abt my language. Bt its my life time ambition. Juz thought to share with u….

    All take gud care of urselves…enjoy
    C u 2 mrw

    • priya chaundoury

      If u want to write a novel or a boom and if u do it from your bottom of your heart then u will succeed I might sound stupid but nothing is impossible if u try

      • Khushi

        Thank u priya…. Well my dad tell me the same that nothng is impossible with sincere try nd hardwork. Thank a lot for this motivation

    • VP

      Please go ahead Khushi … all the best to you …. I hope I will be able to read your books … I too read a lot …

      • Khushi

        Thank u vp.. Nice to hear that u too lyk books. What type of books u prefer. Well i prefer epic fictions nd stories abt ancient indian read sydney sheldon fictions nd some poetry also

    • aruna

      I am new to comment for yhm but all the best Khushi for your book even I love writing but poetry that too of my mother tongue telugu more than english
      Gud luck 👍👍

      • Khushi

        Hi aruna thank u so much for your comment. This my first attempt in english language. Me too used to write poetry in my mother tongue malayalam. Writng poetry is lil bit hard when compared to story. So u do a gr8 job. Keep going

      • Mino

        Oh Half of my Reply Has come .Khushi If u want to write pls do . U have to write to know whether it is good or bad. Don’t hesitate. May b Ur book will be so good It will be a hot & they will make a movie out of it.. U have to try if ur heart desire. I am sure it will be a hit. So pls do write . May God Bless ur Endeavour …
        sorry wonder what happened to th other part of what i wrote he he he

      • Khushi

        Hi mino,
        Haha actually i was wondering whay u meant. Nw got it. Thnk our site swallowed a part of ur comment. Tank you so much for your motivation. Woh kya bolti hai
        Tumhare muh mein ghee shakkar
        Thank u once again..

    • jaz

      All the best khushi me & my lovely friend Adu ki taraf se b all the best mein dua karogi ki apki book successfully hoja ye

  8. shahabana

    Hellooo everyone. Nc episode. Shagun is always shagun she cnt change. U knw guyz parmeeth aka param is coming back to yhm. Acp also joining yhm team.

  9. VP

    Frankly speaking I too dont like Ishitha suggesting Mani …. What is Mani … Such a noble hearted man ….Ishitha is insulting Mani …Shaghun as Vamp I prefer she does a good job .. well acted . But how much Raman apologising to her … to confront … what was Ishithas sacrifice comparing to Shaghun , not even one sorry to her , taken as granted … very sad how these cvs spoiling the characters .I am sure she will be blackmailing Ishitha with Pihu and so she will be forced to let Raman and Shaghun marry …I feel so … Please cvs dont show this black mailing … I will tell Anil has no back bones … When Shaghun threatening him with his sister normally one should understand .. Ishitha blindly believes …and all immediate decision later to be blamed … I really lost interest … just watching for the sake of watching …. one Ishra a bit of realization they should have shown … cvs know fans r waiting for their confrontation ..,Hi to all

    • Mino

      Hi Vp I totally Agree with you. they have ruined the story & Not worth watching it. those days wait eagerly for the episodes as it was a nail biting show. now missing a episode is not a problem. As it has got boring. what have the CV’s done. Look at Raman & IShu’s acting??? it is sooooo sad to see such a beautiful story put in the dust bin. Shagun getting negative , Mani Marrying Shagun & Most of all as u say Raman ‘s concern for Shagun What about Ishu’s feelings. After all she is human not a robot. to switch on & off her feelings.
      I am sooo disappointed. I still can;t get over . What happened?? i keep on asking myself . If Shahabana says that Param is back Shagun deserves one like him not Mani. & PLs cv’s take away all this revenge. Start a very nice Love story with the loving family. still it is not too late. i have a feeling even the actors & the actresses are fed up of these twist & acting for the sake of acting. WHY???
      Hi Sindhu, Rithu, Sivani, AZ, Jaz, Arditya, & All My YHM Fans. Love to all.

      • Nivedha


        |Registered Member

        I think Manoj should come back… or else If Shagun turns good then Mani is ok…
        Don’t make Mihir Aalya pair… Age is different issue but Adi Aalya looks good

    • Khushi

      Param is back it means high voltage drama in store. I thnk shgun wil nw team up with ashok nd param. Wonder if nidhis role is ending in yhm with shagun as new vamp. It will be gud if vivek is bck. Pls do somethng with mihir. Settle him.

  10. Saritha

    Hai rithu sindu shivani jaz az aditya khusi monique sara supergirl bhagya shaksi and all yhm fans.Today episode was nice ruhi is rocking by showing love towards ishu. I think there is no other story line after ruhi’s custody so that’s why cv’s made the old drama with evil shagun. At starting shagun dids evil plans for ruhi and now she starts again for raman and pihu .

  11. Saritha

    All the best khusi after finishing that one plz announce with the help of social networking sites i will definetly read i like love stories of mythology.

  12. [email protected]

    Please expose shagun don’t make the stupidest pair of mani and shagun and please don’t make the pair of mihir and alia. Makers expose the shagun and throw her out of the bhalla house. . Makers show the remarriage of raman and ishita . The love of alia and adi.

  13. pihu

    Hi all yhm fans …pihu was looking so cute today
    Khushi even I love novels. . Go ahead best of luck

  14. Saritha

    Its my suggestion for who loves”Love stories” must watch Jaana na dil se door was rocking at 5.30 pm. Chemistry btwn vitharv (vividha and atharv) was simply superb hope u guys like it. Watch with ur hearts.

  15. abhishek

    I dont think shagun is thinking wrong is shagun wish to marry or be alone why ishitha and raman want to interfere in her personal matters and i dont like ishitha always reffering pihu as my daughter i think that word only belongs to ruhi and adi because they love her more

  16. Saritha

    I think Adi nd Aliya pair can’t happen becoz We all know that adi is S/o shagun (i know its ishu not shagun but just for this comment) and Aliya is D/o(niece) mani if mani marries shagun then adi nd aliya becomes bro-sis.If not happen then also adiya can’t become couple as adi aliya both treat ishu as their mom soo… Please don’t misunderstand me i comment this after so much thinking that’s why cv’s are spoiling this?then i understood this. I hope no one will hurt plz think once again


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  19. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz, Jaz and many YHM fans. I don’t believe this. How can Ishita suggest Mani and Shagun? Mani deserves a better woman. He is such a gem of a person and needs a very nice and wonderful woman. I agree with you VP. Ishita just blindly believes Shagun so much. I hope she is not the good Samaritan. She should fight her rightful place and not give it up for anyone.

    I don’t understand why Raman is saying this he did that to secure Shagun’s future. How can he even think of saying that he wanted to marry Shagun because he felt indebted to her. There only is one woman in his life and that is Ishita. Shagun has become such an evil person and really is so angry with Ishita. Ishita does not know anything. Shagun will use Pihu and make Pihu tell Ishita to let Raman marry Shagun. Ishita being the goody goody person will agree for Pihu’s sake.

    • jaz

      Yeah sindhu I agree with you how can ishu do this mani was such a nice person but shagun is a vamp hain ishu make wrong decision I think it’s not happened shaggy not marry mani her eyes only with raman

    • Khushi

      Ya sindhu me too feels lyk raman didnt convey his feelngs well in his conversation with shagun nd ishu. His decesion of marryng shgun was to purposefuly hurt ishu. Nw he is sayng somethng else. Nd he didnt say sorry to ishu for his mistakes and also didny confessed his feelngs for her. Juz said i dnt luv shagun y didnt he said he luv ishu n so cant marry shagun. Instead evry tym he is sayng ruhi ke liye pihu ke liye. Ns ishus reaction is un believable. She suddenly agreed na suggested mani fir shagun. Shagun is right koi exchange offer hai kya


    Hi Kushi!
    You Just Go Ahead.
    Don’t Think About The Result.
    Just Give Your BEST
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    • Ssakn

      Hi aditya..i read ur comments daily…sterday u commented na…puttuka thoni ochina buddulu ediki povu ani…u r right…anthe anthe nv cheppindi correct ye…

    • Khushi

      Thank u so much adi for ur motivation. Actually itz my first attempt in english language. I used to write in my mother tongue only. Nw thought lil differently that if in english it will be understandable to all.
      Thank u so much once again dear adi
      Take care

  21. Simzain

    Mani qu manoj ko dhondho atleast dat wil b much btr option fr shagun as dey luved each other…n kya mani ko ishata apna ghulam ya bandhua nauker samjhti hai ke uske life ke decision lele wo plzz tum nhi ker sakti usse shaadi fn dnt try to forcefully or fr d sake of frndship usper zaburdasti kisi ko bhi thoup do apne ghr ke problms msolve krne mani ko bali ka bakra bana rahi hai gr888 n wat bot shagun is she a pc of furniture ke ek ghr se dosre ghr bhej do too much shagun ko dubara se negative kerne me raman ka bahut bada hath hai he shld suffer her hatred

  22. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Episode was ok. Precap looked good shaggy will remain shaggy such a villian. Have a lovely week.mwah.

  23. susan

    Ishita believes than Shagun is caring and loving etc etc. If she knew the truth she would certainly not have proposed a Mani Shagun wedding. At least Ruhi is feeling guilty for being so rude to her Ishimom. But Raman? How long will I have to wait for my old YHM to return? Now I see Parmeet is also coming back in bahla house as somebody’s aunt. How many rooms are there in that house? Lol. Lets see what evil awaits our Ishra in the next 21 minutes.


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    • jaz

      Haha hahaha hehehe kya choda hain ektha ke bhare mein your absolutely right Adu sahi kaha tum ne ye ektha hi hain aisi she go and learn some director bala chandar he is a Tamil movie director he take base of lady character very strong


    I have Seen for A WEEK
    Definitely That SERIAL Will ROCK in Future.
    This is A ONE WOMAN SHOW.
    SERIAL members Are Not So EFFECTIVE
    This GIRL WILL Take The TRACK On COMEDY Side
    Good Morning in ADVANCE

  26. Hanna

    Hey guys honestly speaking this story showes no value for women in general .. As Ishitha does lot to the family & most of the time she get treated like a piece of shit by Raman , the story has to inspiration for women . How crazy is to even think to get mani n Shaun married when Ishitha knows he loves her only. The story basically getting overboard with too many twist

    • Mino

      Ur very Correct Hanna.. This is the most disgusting Insulting show for women. Ekta being a woman to show this rubbish always demeaning the women. Look at IShu She has done nothing but good always thinking of others welfare & see where she has got landed not even respect from her own Hubby. I am not Indian sorry i an not insulting ur culture. But for sure India too won’t tolerate two women exp the former & the present wife in the same house. & won’t treat a woman like this badly. IShu has gone through an Earthquake, Fire, Bomb Kidnapping Insult from In laws, Raman’s friends & Mostly her own hubby. still he has not apologised to her for all the bad name calling.
      why is it allowed to show so much bad things in a drama. Normally with the world full of bad & wicked things happening they should show good Positive things so that people will learn exp the kids . But i think the CV’s have messed up this beautiful story. can’t take any more of bad things. I Hope i did not hurt anyone. sorry if i did

  27. Swara

    I think cv is trying to push Ishra Union until both actors are on set cause am not sure romance with a double body is gonna have any effect and am sure this time it’s gonna take Raman anoda year to apologize you can see that ishu is kinda keeping a distance she is not exactly sure on what to do or how to react but loved what Raman told Shagun today part from the explanation on why he proposed cuz we all know it was to spite ishu at that point in time but he also said the truth he said he can’t marry her cuz he doesn’t love her dat sentence was worth hearing and did anyone notice shaggy reactions when he said those words am not exactly happy with ishu for suggesting mani but she always has good intentions just that the people she makes them for are not worthy she always trust and see the good in people easily and fast any way can’t wait when Raman is gonna see Shagun for who she is and apologize to ishu

  28. rithushree

    I missed the episode.episode was worst and precap also.only one thing that happened good in yhm was ruhi realized and accepted ishitha.

  29. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya(both the diyas)riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie mino jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl parvathi Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli siddhi az and all yhm friends.
    Shagun is doing too horrible . before she used to play games from front and now from back.i am waiting for when she will get exposed.

  30. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun pretends of being alone which makes Ishita feel bad.
    Ishita feels guilty that she is responsible of Raman and Shagun’s separation.
    Ishita believes that Shagun has changed but unaware about she has turned evil again and she was the one who kidnapped her to stop her marriage with Raman.
    Ishita comes to Mani’s house as they are best friend and Ishita says to Mani that he should marry now.
    Mani (Sumit Sachdev) thinks about getting married with Shagun for Ishita’s happiness.
    Mani tells Ishita that no one can understand and him like her but he is happy for her and Raman’s reunion.
    Ishita suggest Mani that he should get married with Shagun as Shagun is alone and he is also so they should be best couple.
    Mani refuses to Ishita but Ishita insists him to think about Shagun one time.
    Will Mani accept Shagun for Ishita?

  31. rithushree

    hi are you? even I totally agree with you.ishitha should not insist Mani to marry Shagun.its like kaha Shagun and kaha Mani because he is soo good and Mani never says no to ishitha.

    • VP

      I am fine Rithu … Totally damaged the unique story …. watching star utsav the old yhm … Shaghun … and then Star plus how Raman says highly obliged to her … for what ? Manoj was very sincere … why she didnot Marry him … her eyes are only on Raman …nothing else … we can never sympathise with her … what cvs are upto ? Really disgusting … even now they can bring it back to that uniqueness … Ishitha keeps distance from Raman .. understandable … becoz Raman said Ruhi ke liye only …. dont keep feelings and all … that we can see from her … but Raman should apologise to Ishitha …

  32. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It seems that Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi ) feels guilty for Shagun’s ( Anita Hassanandani ) loneliness.
    She will feel responsible for separating Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Shagun and hence will make a plan to get happiness in her life.
    It seems that Ishita will go to Mani and will suggest him to get married to Shagun as both of them are single and need companionship in their life.
    However Mani will reject Ishita’s plea to get married to Shagun immediately.
    Will Ishita be able to get Shagun married to Mani or not?
    Will Shagun be able to separate Raman and Ishita or not?
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

  33. Ammu

    Again shagun is a negative character y yaar today I love ruhi she realizes ishu love for her that’s gr8 moreover she is going to impress ishu ooo that’s nice😍😍😍😍
    Really today today was awesome👌👌

  34. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    HI Jaz Aditya,VP, Rithu,Shivani, Mino, Shona, Sindhu,Az, Prisha, Saritha, Nish, Naaz, and many YHM fan

    Jaz and Aditya here is hoe to register.

    When opting to register go to the top of the page you will find a tab with these tabs below:
    Home…. Contact Us…. Submit Article……. Activity…..Register……Login
    Go to the register tab
    A new screen will appear.
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    otherwise just click on the link below to find the register page and follow the aforementioned steps.
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  35. Jasmeen


    |Registered Member

    Wish Shagun understands the realty.. shagun has done lot of sacrifice to Bhalla Family.Her life has to be settled and live a happy life aling with bhalla family and Kids.

  36. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    ACP Abhishek back and informs Ishita about getting married with Divya in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Some fun filled moments is going to add in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein after having lost of Ruhi, Ishita’s kidnapping drama.

    ACP Abhishek returns as he was sent to the rehab center because of his drinking habits but he has now returned.

    Ishita goes police station with Simmi over some legal issue where they get happy seeing ACP Abhsihek fit and fine.

    ACP Abhishek welcome Ishita and SImmi while gives them good news about getting married with a Bhopal girl Divya and Ishita congratulates him for their married life.

    #really Ekta what nonsense is this?

    • Khushi

      Unbelievable … Aisa comedy can be done only by ekta…i wonder if she put firward twin role of divyanka… One with raman nd one with abhishek.. Haha.. Juz joking
      Hw to ruin a nice story line koi ekta se sikhe
      All her shows end up in the same dilemma.. Start as a hit nd eventually flop

      • Monique_D


        |Registered Member

        Hey yaar .When you have a great show like #Yhm why spoil it with unnecessary story line .Twitter is going crazy as they are bashing Ekta ,StarPlus even DT on certain comment she made regarding the coming story line. So wish they could write it as if it was a bad dream and we have little Ruhi and that story which we fell in love back.One can only wish.


    Hi JAZ Monique VP Rithu Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi Kushi Lekha Radhika SARITHA Super GIRL Az Naaz Sakshi(PIHU)
    Ramchin And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Ssakn Thank You for Supporting Me.
    But This is Right
    Because I Have Seen in Many People.

  38. Shinning stars

    I am big fan of YHM.but I just hate the character of shagun….please jaldi se ruhi,pihu or ishita ko milado.

  39. Super Girl

    Hi all yhm fans.Episode was ok, precap also.i dunno what to say anymore.What is there to write about i think yhm after such a long time should end now.The story is getting boring because they dont want to unite ishrarupiadi.So many serials after leap ended.they should do the same with yhm.It was beautiful watching but now please end it.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.