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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihit taking to the hotel manager and asking to give keys of rooms to everyone. Everyone is very happy. Bala is also happy and jokes. The receptionist calls them by names and gives the keys. She says about Raman Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla says he is my son, he will come late, I will keep his keys. Simmi gets her keys and misses Parmeet. Mihir asks the manager to decorate Raman’s room. He says yes Sir, I did as you said, flowers, chocolates, candles, wine……… Mihika says impressive. He says not for us, for them. She says I know. He says I have to be with Simmi and Ananya will cry all night. He says simple, come in my room. She smiles and leaves.

Raman and Ishita are arguing. Ishita proves her point that they are going wrong way. He defends GPS. She says I will call

Pathak to case on govt. Raman taunts her and takes a U turn. She says can’t you ask anyone the way. Ruhi asks Simmi to with them. Simmi asks her to go. Shravan plans and praises Simmi. She smiles and says you are applying me cheese, go and play. Shravan and Ruhi are happy. Simmi asks them not to trouble anyone and take care. The kids runs out. Ruhi says Shravan you are champ, where did you learn this from. Shravan says from Appa, he lies and praises Amma. Bala and Vandu hear this. Vandu gets annoyed knowing Bala praises her falsely. She leaves. Bala goes after her.

Romi comes and Ruhi asks does girls agree to guys by false appraisal, Shravan told me. Romi smiles and takes them to play with him. Raman and Ishita are on the way. He says I won’t drive now, my back is aching, I need 10mins break. She says they might be missing us. He says we will see a small hotel and stay here for night. They start arguing. She says don’t taunt me, you can talk too instead of watching tv at night. He asks what you talk, what you ask, how many tooth you plucked out.

Mihika and Mihir are waiting for Raman and Ishita. Mihir says phone is not connecting. I think thyey lost the way, Raman won’t take directions from anyone. Ishita asks Raman to ask the way, is your ego getting hurt. A truck comes and Ishita says Raman……….. he gets tensed. A glass breaks by the waiter and Mihika gets tensed. Raman and Ishita bump the car somewhere and has their heads down. Raman gets up and says we are saved, the truck driver is mad. He asks Ishita to get up and says what happened to her.

He sees her unconscious and puts water on her face. She opens her eyes. He asks are you okay. She looks at him. He says thank God you are fine. She asks who are you. He says who me, what happened. He starts talking in Tamil and says where am I, who are you. He says relax, you don’t remember me. She says don’t touch me. He says I m your husband, we are married. She asks where is Amma. He says we are going to Amma. He says we are married, we have children, don’t you remember, I will call doctor. She sees the sindoor and says we are married? She asks we have kids too? He says yes, two, Ruhi and………. She says I don’t feel it I m married. He says we are happily married, I m tensed, I m not getting doctor number. She says no, we were not happy. He says how do you know. She says as you husband is shy of asking routes. She laughs. He says oh God, are you mad, is this the way to joke, idiot. She laughs and says see your face, scared. He says sit in the car, people will beat stones at you thinking you are a witch.

He says this is why I ask you to watch TV less, as you get these ideas. The car does not start. She says now you are acting. He says no, really its not starting, now lets walk. He says there is no network, whom to call. She asks him to message Mihir, it will be delivered when network comes. She says I can’t walk more and sits. He says come, hotel may be ahead. She says we walked 2kms. He says did I come here before to know hotel location. He holds her hand and says get up. A guy comes on bike. Ishita says ask him. The guy asks where you have to go. Raman says what are you staring, go now, else your family won’t get you. The guy leaves.

She says he was so handsome, he would have dropped me. He says yes, he should have met you before me and married you, I would have got saved. Another man comes and Raman asks about hotel. The man says its small and 1 km far. Raman thanks him and they walk towards it.

Mr. Bhalla asks Appa to drink. Appa says one is enough for me, I will have to have one with Raman too. Mr. Bhalla says Raman messaged Mihir, they lost way and will come late. They drink. Amma comes and Amma gets tensed. Amma says I got many things from gift shops, its so beautiful. She shows him the mug and he says nice. She sees the wine and asks whats this Mr Bhalla, two glass, see your age, be careful and have self control, see my Vishwa, he never touched. Mrs. Bhalla comes and Amma tells her that Mr. Bhalla is having two glass.

Mrs.Bhalla says he knows how much to drink, don’t ignite fire. Amma says fine, le him drink whole bottle. Mrs. Bhalla says Appa acts innocent, even he would have drank. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to count bottles. Mrs. Bhalla asks him is this other glass of Mr. Iyer. Amma says he won’t drink. They argue. Romi comes and ends their argument saying its my drink, I will prove it. He drinks both glassed. Amma says ayyo, all the family is drinkers. Mrs. Bhalla says I will prove Appa also drinks. Mihir comes and Romi takes his help in saving Appa.

Mihir blinks.Romi says lets end it. Both of them drunk. Romi says I won. Mrs. Bhalla is happy. Mihika asks Mihir to come to play cards. He is drunk and Mihika scolds him. She leaves annoyed. Mihir says listen to me Mihika and drinks the rest.

Raman and Ishita come to the holiday hotel. She says Ayyo, is this it. He says holiday from hell. They go to the reception. Raman says we want a room. The man asks for how many hours. Raman says what do you mean, we want for all night. She says lets call family, they might be worried. The man hears this and says it will be double pay now. Raman asks why. The man says if you family calls, we have to lie. Raman says what nonsense and gets angry. He says she is my wife and my car is really not working, give me keys and call mechanic to toe the car. Send something to eat. Ishita says veg. They go to the room. The room stinks and their noses has to suffer. He says impossible, I can’t stay here. She says this is better than being on road, its ok we will manage. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………

Raman laughs as Ishita gets allergy on her face. (All red marks) She closes her eyes and says I m looking horrible. He says you look horrible since childhood, why are you scared now. He says I should close my eyes seeing you. She asks are you not afraid seeing me, I thought you will shout.

Update Credit to: Amena

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