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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Raman, Ishita and Manoj about Pallavi. She is Pragati, she has come to file domestic violence case against her husband, she did not tell me her husband’s name, I m sure she is the one. Raman asks are you sure, did she see you well. Shagun says yes. Ishita says its possible, when I went to their house, I have seen Pallavi’s hand hurt, when I asked her, Chadda and Pallavi made a story, Pallavi was tensed, she always looked scared, maybe she was running away from her husband and came infront of our car, Tusshar has seen them too. Raman says Shagun is saying that lady’s name was Pragati, maybe Pallavi is different.

Ishita says maybe her name changed after marriage. Raman says Chadda is our lawyer, we can’t take risk, Pallavi will manage, else

get friendly to her and find out truth, we can help her. Manoj says yes, don’t worry. Raman says we should leave now Ishita. Raman and Ishita come home, and see Ruhi crying. Ruhi says now you don’t love me. Ishita says I love you the most. Ruhi asks where did you go then. Ishita says no, Shagun wanted to have pani puri, so I went there. She hugs Ruhi and says pregnant mummies can like to eat anything. Ruhi says it means you love that new baby. Raman says Ishita does not even love me, give me a hug. Ishita hugs them and says I love you both. Raman says I also love her, like romeo and Juliet. Ruhi says no, don’t become romeo and Juliet, uncle was twisting aunty’s hand and he said he was showing love like romeo and Juliet. Raman asks who. Ruhi says Chadda uncle and aunty. Ishita and Raman get shocked.

Pallavi cries and asks Chadda not to beat her. He says this time I m leaving now and fumes. Ishita asks Raman how can Chadda beat Pallavi, he is educated and Pallavi is so sweet. He says maybe Ruhi is mistaken. Ishita says Ruhi is smart, she knows difference between romance and violence, she would have seen something not normal, this is not first point that wrong is happening with Pallavi, how can we ignore this.

Chadda asks Pallavi why did she go in party and lied to him that she is unwell. Pallavi cries and says Ishita insisted. He says you would have refused her, and kisses her. He says you know I don’t like your lies, I had to miss flight because of you, why did you go there without informing me, I heard that woman, you went to complain about me. She says no, I did not take your name. He threatens her. She apologizes. He hugs her and says I love you. Raman says Chadda loves his wife, I think he is possessive. Ishita says I m afraid that wrong does not happen infront of us and it gets ignorant, you know such cases. Raman says the problem is you think a lot, I know you will do something to help Pallavi, but be careful, I have professional relations with Chadda. She says I would like to know whats happening in Pallavi’s life, I promise I won’t take any drastic step. He asks her to sleep now.

Its morning, Amma asks Vandu to sit, I will make food. Vandu says its all over, I made the breakfast, have it. Everyone sit to have the breakfast. They all take the first bite. Amma stops Vandu and says I will make something for you. Vandu says why. Bala says you made all this, I will make something special. Vandu says no, I made all this, who will eat this then. She tastes the food and spits it. She says its very salty, I m sorry. Amma says its fine. Shravan says its still world’s best food, I will have it. He hugs Vandu.

Adi is leaving and tells Raman that his friend called him to come for sleepover. Raman tells Ishita that its good Adi’s friend called him, his father took my words well, friends groups matter in this age. Romi comes and tells Mihika that he will get his bag. Mihika says I came to check Romi, if he is ready, we could go office together. Romi gifts her and says its small thanks for you, no one can do what you did for me, I got a job and respect too, thanks so much. Mihika says it was not needed. Ishita says check it, he got by love. Mihika likes the gold chain and pendant. She says its beautiful. He says its not expensive. Mihika says thanks, but it was not needed. Sarika comes and looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says it was needed, you saw his talents when everyone called him useless, thanks a lot, and blesses her. Mihika says he is very talented, he will progress a lot on his own. They all see Sarika.

Mrs. Bhalla says your words have changed his life Mihika, its big thing, there are some people who just know to ruin other’s life. Romi and Mihika leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu not to make parathas for anyone, whoever wants it will make it. Sarika fumes and throws plate. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla calls her unlucky and shameless woman who ruined Romi’s life.

Ishita asks Raman is he not going for work today. He says I m free and thinking to work from home. She says good decision, shall we invite Chaddas for lunch. He says you mean you want to get friendly with Pallavi. She says you suggested this, I want to know Pallavi well, maybe she really needs help. I promise I will just observe and not react. Raman says I will call him, I hope he is free. He calls Chadda. She hopes her doubt is wrong.

Ishita says I think Pallavi is lying, why are you bearing anyone beating you, I m ready to help you. Raman and Chadda come talking there. Pallavi gets tensed seeing Chadda.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. happy for ishita and abhishek engagement(divs and vivek) .they were looking best in engagement .wish them best of luck….

  2. Seriously… Where they are dragging?? I m losing patience… Please reveal everything..

  3. Episode is ok. Precap is good. Wonderful scene of romi and mihika. but still i can’t believe separation card of ishara. Sweet scene of ruhi. Love u babyyyy

  4. In today’s episode I was happy seeing some happy family moments especially shravu vandu and ishra ruhi it was too cute and sweet!! Even romi gifting mihika was nice and was really pitying pallavi….. poor lady and that chadda is a monster what’s the use of studying law. He is extremely cruel and hope tomorrow ishita will find out the truth of chadda, even though there was no romance today, I could ishra’s sparkling chemistry in every scene they appear, they are really adorable onscreen couple so please don’t separate them.

  5. This is our old mohabbath
    Love u ishu ruhi raman and shravu toooo

  6. Indeed they are world’s best couple why do the fans like ishRa together vivek and divya congratulations ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  7. Today episode was really good? but pls ishudon’t bring any trouble anymore PLEASE ??

  8. It was really a nice scene of Ruhi, Raman and Ishita. It brings back the old memories of YHM. I hope they do have more of these scenes before the murder episode appears. Frankly, whatever twist they do have, eventually the YHM writers should make sure IshRa reunite and not separate. Sometimes it is tantalizing on when those murder episodes are going to come. Now they are busy with Chadda and Pallavi’s domestic violence. Once that is resolved, I suppose the murder scenes will appear. I really hope it will not as bad as we are all speculating.

  9. i missed the episode .episode was ok .precap was also ok .bechari pallavi .and hey guys.

  10. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbtein will show that Ishita
    finally gets successful finding out
    Rohit’s biological mother.
    Ishita calls to Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani) and informs her about
    Pallavi is Rohit’s mother and
    Pallavi’s real name is Pragti.
    Shagun suggests Ishita that she
    should talk to Pallavi and takes
    Rohit’s custody.
    Ishita thinks talk to Raman about the
    same but she get stuck in mystery
    and does not get a way to come out
    from it.
    Stay tuned for further exciting

  11. we dont want seperation in yhm and ishraruhadi seperation . veiwers would never entertain this .anyways guys from tomorrow at 7 pm yhm will start on start utsav from the start .i am soo exvited for it and i will not miss it .yhm rockzzzzz…..

    1. sorry it is excited .

  12. sorry it is excited .

  13. I think Ishitha will kill Chadda for Pallavi. And the lawyer who’s going to fight her case will suggest them to go for insanity plea. Meaning that Ishita isn’t mentally stable n that she shouldn’t be held accountable for the murder. She’ll probably be sent to an asylum and that might be how they’re separating IshRaRuAdi. I hope this doesn’t happen though.

  14. Hi guyz after a long time I am cmng to thz page bcz I couldn’t come bcz I had some kind of functions n I am missing you all n the page . but wht the hell in upcoming I cant even believe that raman will marry.feeling irritated.
    Hi everyone n there z a another fathi too in thz page.may I knw who r u? Fathi.

  15. Today i loved yhm it was our old yhm
    Was missing this only

  16. Todays episode is mixed on one side lovely Ruh n Ishra scene for which viewers are waiting since long time,another is poor Pallavi is beaten by her husband so badly. Anyways plz makers no murder track n no Ishra separation. Ruh Adi n Ishra are reason for watching this show if you separate them no one will watch YHM.

  17. Yay!! Finally some ROMIHIKA scenes!! Just love them soo much !!

  18. Hi janvi.rithu.vp.priyol.ude.sara.darshika.dia.diya.diya.ramchin.nivedha.siddhi.Hj n all YHM FANS.
    today epi was k.
    but i hope shagun might kill ashok n ishita will take her blame n tell tht she herself killed ashok.
    cant wait please reveal soon.plz plz.
    ONCE AGAIN WISHING U VIVEK N DIVYANIKA.BEST OF LUCK I AM HAPPY FOR BOTH OF U TOO.whn i saw in FB page n whn i heard the news of u both i got like feeling to jump bcz i am so soso much happy.

  19. Nice episode sorry what I earlier said about yhm it inculcates good values and happy that it maintained its rating love u ishra and ruhi very intelligent girl of intelligent parents . Ishra very caring for me yhm is no 1. All the best continue drag the story. I hate that sarika she was feeling jelous.

  20. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Niceeeeeee episode…… After the long time,we saw cute ishraru scene…….. Love it. Let’s see, how the things are going on…….

  21. Hi all yhm fans good morning
    i liked sharvu part it is so nice ishra and rughi also hello writter we dont want to see ishita as murderer if she kill some one also raman should find the truth with help of mihir,romi,bala etc
    that is the heroism if he marry someone for ishita case is a failure of heroism only dont to like this
    why always bad people are winning you episode like suraj now cheated bala and take his house by very bad ways

  22. Hi guys ….how r u all ??

    Nice epi…. Nice ishraruh scene ….ruh is super cute ..,
    This Mr. Chadda is soo irritating…

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