Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking why does she get angry on Raman for these petty things. Tandon comes in disguise and teases Ishita. Raman sees it and comes to rescue. Tandon laughs and shows his face. He says he has come today to surprise them. Neil comes with him. Tandon says when I came last time, you both looked annoyed, so I came to check this year, I feel you both have tension even today. Ishita says no. Tandon says you both have love, where there is love, there is fight also. He asks Romi to play music, to make Raman and Ishita dance. He gets them to dance. Everyone dance. Raman and Ishita look at each other, feeling connected in mid of everyone. Ishq bulava…………..plays………….. Shagun looks at them.

Raman brings Mihir in the group. Romi passes the message

to Mihir. and they all pass the message to each other. Ishita looks for Raman. She gets sorry chit from Ravan Kumar and smiles Raman comes to her and they smile, sitting on the bench and ending their fight. Shagun gets jealous seeing the sight. Everyone sit over dinner, and Tandon is glad to join them. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to serve him more. Tandon asks about recruiting someone. Raman praises the guy. Romi tells Rinki he is talking about me and praising. Raman says someone else, and Romi’s face turns upset. Mihir agrees with Raman. Rinki laughs and says Romi is mad, he thought you are sending him to Dubai. Raman laughs and asks what will you do there, party? Its work there. Romi asks can’t I work.

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Everyone joke on him, and upsets Romi. Shagun looks on. Mr. Bhalla asks him to work hard to fulfill his dreams. They all laugh. Romi says one day I will show everyone. Raman asks when, after our pics have garlands. Romi leaves annoyed. Raman says he will be fine, don’t worry. Appa talks to someone about personal loan. Amma comes and asks about his ring, he did not wear it even on pongal. Appa says you forget things, I kept it in bank locker. She says no, its small thing, I did not keep in locker. He says when the house caught fire, I have kept it in locker. He leaves to avoid her further questions. She says my memory is sharp, the ring is not in bank locker.

The watchman gives Ishita he found headphone near the pumphouse, and says your family was celebrating Lohri yesterday. Ruhi says its Adi’s, he was finding it, but how did it reach there. Ishita thinks the same and says the headphone is of Adi, whats happening. Adi looks for the headphones in his room. Ishita asks is he finding something, his headphone, tell me where he saw the last, I will help you, its with me. She shows it and takes it back. She says you will get it, but how did it fell near pump house, all kids were in lawn, how did this reach there. Adi says I don’t know.

Shagun comes and asks what happened Ishita. Ishita says Adi’s headphones were lost and guard said it was found near pumphouse, when all kids were celebrating near lawn, how did the headphones reach pumphouse. She thinks why did Adi not go to get corns when he knew it, why did he send me. Shagun tells about the kinners asking Nek from them, they said you got a child, you might have not realized. Ishita asks are you sure. Shagun says yes, how much will you interrogate my son, he just came from school, he did not have food. Ruhi looks on. Shagun and Adi leave.

Ishita recalls the kinner’s words and says no, Shagun I remember it well, when I met Raman, I just told him that kinner surrounded me, I did not say they were asking for child birth’s nek, how does Shagun know they were asking Nek, is this anyone’s game Ruhi hears this. Ishita says is someone trying to separate me and Raman. She recalls Raman’s words. She says Adi is a kid, he gets emotional about Shagun, does Shagun…. What was she thinking, she did not think if I can fight with word and get her home, for family, Ruhi and Raman’s sake, I can do the opposite too, she thinks I m innocent, she will do anything and I will bear, no, I m not like this, Shagun is using Adi, she is aiming at me. She says Shagun, I won’t let this happen, you have to face me now, this is not easy.

She turns ad sees Ruhi. She asks what is she doing here. Ruhi smiles. Ishita asks her to get freshen up, and she will get food. Ruhi goes to Adi and asks why did he do this. Adi asks what. Ruhi confronts him about headphones, he has trapped Ishita and got kinners after her to stop Ishita, and make Shagun do puja with Papa. Adi says yes, Ishita is bad. Ruhi says Shagun is liar. They argue about Ishi Maa and Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun left me, and Ishi Maa came in my life and taught Papa to love me, she is the best. Adi says my Shagun mum is best. They challenge each other. Ruhi says I will prove my Ishi Maa is best. Adi says you will understand one day that Ishita is bad and Shagun is the best.

Raman and Ishita have a talk in their room, and laugh on the jokes with improper English. He jokes about Shagun’s bad English and she says very bad, don’t joke on ex wife. He says there was no topic to talk to her, just fashion and going here and there, its different with you, its good to talk to you. He smiles. She comes to him and says today you are making fun of her, and you used to love her a lot before. He says men have problem, they like people by beauty, her mole has fooled me and I did not see she does not have heart. She says I have mind and heart both. He jokes and they fight throwing pillows. Shagun hears them and says now this how this mole and heart (Til and Dil) will fool you both.

Adi talks to his friend and sees his tattoo. He tells Shagun that he wants to have a tattoo, as Rohan also did it, its cool. She refuses saying its painful. Raman comes and also refuses saying he is small, its painful, I can’t allow you. He gets a call and says Shagun no tattoo for him, and leaves. Adi asks Shagun to make his wish true, no one loves him. Shagun says fine, I will get the tattoo. Adi hugs her and says you are the best. She asks him to get ready. He goes. She thinks Ishita has shown her rights on Raman, and this time I will show that I have right on him, as I m his past and shock Ishita.

Shagun flaunts the R tattoo to Ishita. Ishita is shocked and thinks about R tattoo.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. .wow…IshRa scenes….toh mast mast the. ………..sorry note ……..bench part. ….and pillow fight. ….toh superb the. ..♡♡♡♡


    go ishita dont take it easy fight bk for ur man lol love ruhi in this episode shes not easily fooled she smart

  3. Ishita ka jagga jasoo scene …nice. …..
    …..ab tumhe koi nahin bacha sakta hai. ….shagun Adi ko. ………ishita se. ………
    …..ishita ne sahi kaha. ……jab woh saari duniya se ladh kar usse ghar mein lasak ti hai. ..toh woh usse ghar se bhi nikal sakti hai. …………..
    …………….shagun ne galti ki ishita halke ke mein lekar. …………..shagun toh gai kaam se. ……

  4. Ruhi…kya sunaya usse Adi ko very good. ……….chodna mat uss Adi ko. ………
    ……aur tum hi ye challenge jeeto gi. ………
    …….aur Adi ko bhi pata chal jaye ga ki. ….
    …….ishita sab se achchi maa hai. ……….
    ……love you Ruh. ..♡♡♡

  5. zee

    Wow ruhi baby u r just doll u gave a nice answer to adi ishitha ur new avatar is very intresting going intresting shagun wait and watch the game from ishitha todays pillows fight is also superb after a long time cute nok joke

  6. Hai guys..
    I don’t know why ekta mam give so much attention to that idiot shagun.Thank god I am relieved that shagun is going out from ishra’s life sooonnnnn.please let that happen soon

  7. Yeah aliya Naz. …..
    main prayosha aur palak ko miss karrahi hoon. …..unke bina bore horahi hoon. ……………….aaj toh palak ek bar bhi nahin aayi. ……..

  8. Aaj toh bas me ishra ke song me kho gai …ishq bulava….ishq bulava….Jane kab aave……ab bole commenters Jo Raman ki burai kar rahe the….bolo ab kuch nahi hoga bolne ko…. Raman rocks ..

  9. Thankgod ishita ko sachi ka pata chale gaya ki shagun hai saari gadbad ke pheche and ruhi bahut cute hai…ab woh adi ko shagun ka asli chera dehka degi…

  10. Main abhi ishra ka scene dekh rahi thi …….ishq bulawaa Jane kab aaye. ……….
    mera favourite song hai. …….aur yahi song meri favourite jodi. ..IshRa ko diya hai ……….ye toh aur bhi favourite hogaya hai mera. …….jab bhi ye song suno gi. …….IshRa ka bench scene yaad aaye ga. ………love it

  11. Pillow fight was awesome…..Ishra bahut cute lag rage the and raman ka dailog ki bhaar ki sunderta se Jada Mann sunder hona chaye. ……yeh raman toh maar hi dalta hai…
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤raman ke liye..

  12. Yes palak aaj sab k muh bandh hogaye. .raman ko. ..bura kehrahe the. …………kya bolenge woh. ………..kuch hai hi nahin bolne ko unn ke paas. ……

  13. Mizun mai some ja rahi hu…yeh papa ke phone se comment kiye hai….mere phone me net pack khatam ho gaya hai… So good night….. And sweet dreams…

  14. awesome episode.aaj ishitha ka naya roop dekhne ko mila aur aage bhi dekhenge ki kaise ishitha shagun ko takkar ki jawab degi.ishra bhi phir patch up hue aur ruhi adi challenge was just superb.i am dam sure ki ruhi will win the challenge.waise ishra scene was dam good from the ishq bulawa to the sorry letter part.monday will be more nice when shagun shows the tatoo and raman laughs at her etc.drama and whatever came on sbb today. yhm rockzzzz…….

  15. Gyz mai ek hath se typing kar rahi hoon aur mujeh doc ne rest karne ke liye kaha kyuki mera left hand fractured hai soo aaj thodi jaldi karahi hoon magar I will Cath u gyz tmro

  16. hey guys i am glad ki yhm fans aur kaafi veiwers aaj ke episode se phir se serial dekhna shuru kiya hai aur ab present track aur future story itnaa interesting hone ki wajah se show mein aur energy aa gayi yaar awesome. i am sure ki next trp is gonna be really good.

  17. div pyar

    hai divyanka sis…

    lov u loads divyanka sis…

    i lik yhm serial very much becoz of u…

    i m south indian girl from tamilnadu (chennai)…

    in serial u r using some tamil words mam … thank u so much for using tamil words mam..
    really very happy mam….

    i m tamilian girl mam…i m learning hindi bcoz of u mam..

  18. Hey Mizun sorry yaar….. tum bore ho gai…maine dekha ep but shor ku wajah se maja nahi aaya……kal phir se dekhana padega…….so…..good ep.. I have no words to explain my happiness. …… OK bye ….GOOD NIGHT….

  19. mh

    Guys see it on you tube ssb m dikhaya hai shagun k future besti n ishita n kitne smartly shagun ko phasaya so glad ishita realised on time
    otherwise that wicked shagun would have fooled her

  20. Ruhi rocks i love what she did in yesterdays episode in one little paragraph she united two lovers. Sometimes the smallest of us r the wisest. I am also like ishita i am south indian and i hav a heart like her so i understand what it could feel like to have such a big heart to help others u most of the time get hurt yourselve but this show is far one of the best shows i hav seen

    • Mohan

      shagun chahe jitna haath per maar le iske aage ishu chup nahi bhaithne waali kyunki usko ab ruhi se inspiration mili hai aur usko realise ho gaya hai ki raman bhi shagun ko like nahi karta aur sirf usise pyar karta hai lekin sirf uss baddimag adi ki wajah se sab bardaasht kar raha hai

  21. Good morning palak. ..
    hiii. ….
    kal maza aaye ga. …shagun ka poopat chera dekhne main. …………………..
    ….aayi thi badi ishita ko hurt karne. ……….khud ki insult kara baithi. ……

  22. yesterday i missed the show due to my frd call.but aaj i sawed it seriously it was the way raman say sry to ishu tho mindblowing.superb ishra rocks.

  23. Mohan

    this song ishq bulava has become a special song for me…my god wat a chemistry between ishita and raman..
    i wish that they both were real life couple also…and baby ruhi is so cute.

  24. Mohan

    i hope that this serial never goes offline as i am really starting to like this serial as when i started realising that ek thi hasina was a gud serial it went offline as it was finished but i wish that yhm never finishes and spread love all over just the way it is spreading with the magic of ishu raman and ruhi.

    • Mohan

      maine kal ka episode download karke rakha hai coz i loved that moment between ishu and raman when the song ishq bulava going on in the background and also wo raman ka ishu ko sorry bolne ka style….

  25. Mohan

    hey mizun wat all shows do u watch on star plus but one thing i am sure that u r also a die hard fan of yhm just like me and my wife

  26. Hi. ..mohan…..
    sahi aapne.main ..yhm ki die hard. hoon. …..ek episode miss nahin karsakti thi. ……….aur mein sirf yhm hi dekhti hoon. ………

  27. Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
    Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
    Main ta kol tere rehna
    Main ta kol tere rehna
    Main ta baitha kol tere…

    Tainu takda ravaan
    Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
    Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
    Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
    Tainu takda rawaan…

    Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
    Lage alag hi jahaan di
    Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
    Lage alag hi jahaan di

    Ae to nazraan nazraan di gal ve
    Tu vi sun le zaraa
    Main taa kol tere rehna
    Main taa kol tere rehna
    Main taa rehna kol tere…

    Tainu takdi rawaan
    Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan
    Paagal main khud nu banaunda ravaan
    Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
    Tainu takda ravaan

    Ishq duaavan jaane kab aave
    Ishq duaavan aave jab aave
    Main ta kol tere rehna
    Main ta kol tere rehna
    Main taa baitha kol tere…

    Tainu takda ravaan
    Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
    Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
    Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
    Tenu takda ravan (x2)
    ………perfect song for. …..perfect. …..beautiful. ……couple. …..IshRa. ……….
    ….special IshRa ne. ..iss song ko aur bhi special kardiya. ….

    • Mohan

      wow mizun aapne toh kamaal kar diya iss song ke saath mer din aur acha ho gaya….jab bhi ye song sunta hoon ya dekhta hoon mujhe ish aur raman ki yaad aati hai

  28. ya mohan ur right song is really superb and it suit ishra more.and iam watching nisha aur cousin also in starplus.u also try may be u and ur wife may like it bro.

    • Mohan

      priya i watch all the shows on starplus starting from iss pyar ko kya naam doon to everest…and my wife is now has gone to india for vacation so i am watching alone

  29. waise bein wt ever song ishra will always superb hai.and where u guys r downloading the video.can u plz say the .com.even i want it.cue ki in which i wear downloading till now is not working.

    • Mohan

      ofcourse IshRaRuh rocks and spreads love everywhere aur naahi un serials ki jaise jisse dekhkar ghussa aata hai serials jaise suhani si ek ladki aur saath nibhana saathiya aisa ek baar bhi nahi hua ki maine inn serials ki bina gaali diya dekha ho

  30. Mohan

    jab bhi main suhani si ek ladki dekhta hoon toh dadi,soumya aur ragini ke liye bahut saari gaaliya nikalti hai mere mooh se kyun ki ye log itne frustrating characters hai aur saathiya saath nibhana mein radha ko dekhkar mujhe itna ghussa aata hai ki agar galati se bhi wo mere saamne aa jaaye toh ladki hai wo bhi nahi sochunga jhoothe lekar maarunga usko

  31. Mohan

    main toh bolta hoon ki baaki ke serials waalo ko yhm se kuch sikhna chahiye haala ki yhm mein bhi ek vamp hai shagun naam ki lekin atleast poora episode uski zeherili harkatein toh nahi dikhate

  32. Mohan

    aur waise bhi agar shagun aur aadi ko dekhkar ghussa aata bhi hai toh IshRaRuh ki entry se saara ghussa chala jaata hai

  33. ur right bro.even when ever c that soumya,dadi,,and overacting menka and ofcourse radha.very very stupid character.and in point of view they all deserves 1000 slaps.and waise bein whenever ishra and ruhi enter the screen.they make us relax a lot.

  34. Mohan & Mizun thanks……but muje pata hai ki ep you tube & FB par hai…..but mere paas utna time nahi hai…….I am so tiered……..par kalka ep & wo video dekhkar saari thakan door ho gai…..

  35. OLV 25th Jan,2015 W.Up.: Ishita is in sports attire. Raman teases her n she goes to change. Raman stops her n says he was joking n she is looking hot! She leaves.
    ………..ohhhh mast hone wale hai. ..aane wale episodes. ………..
    … news pad kar toh ab wait hi nahin hota. ……………..

  36. Oh wow Mizun great news………are yaar mere paas FB check karne ka time nahi hai……pls yaar koi bhi news ho to batana …….pls pls pls……

  37. bhagi

    hiii guys……any way the episode was awesome ruhi ka challenge kamal ka tha aur ishra ka scenes tho super anyway i love the pillow fight waitimg for 2mrw episode

  38. bhagi

    Ishra Cute Scene.. heart emoticonScene is ishita is going for practice, raman seeher in track pants, he mocks her abt the dress by saying.. ‘ azeeb lag rahi ho ‘/then she tell she will/change… Then Raman says..” arrey tum to yaar ekdum tube light ho yaar.. Dimag bimag nahi hai kya? Mazak kar raha hu yaar.. Mazak to samjho.. Bahotachhi lag rahi ho.. Ek kaam karta hu main bhi tumhare sath hi chalta hu.. Koi kameena tumhe tadega to uski pitae to karni padegi naa ‘Then Ishita says.. ‘ Mujhe Running ki practice karni hai fighting ki nahi ‘ n movesawayRaman hold her hand n say ‘ arrey Maine kaha naa tumhe yahi pehanke ja rahi Bas ‘Ishita says.. ‘ Nahi mujhe logo ka attention thode naa chahiye ‘Then Raman says.. ‘ lekin mujhe logo ko batani hai ki meri biwi kitni hot lagti hai ‘Then Ishita says.. ‘ Sharmau? ‘Then Raman says.. ‘ tumhe suit nahi karega’ n smiles.. Ishita too smiles n then Raman says ‘ jao all the best ‘ n she leaves while smiling.Then there is divyanka’s interview about this scene.

  39. bhagi

    one more news that raman also knows shagun intentions & shagun use her cheap tricks vo vahi par pahunjathi hai jaha par raman ishu ko bulaya aur sahi time par ishu enter karthi hai aur phir se raman ne shagun ki dhulayi kardega nd they get to know that shagun is listening from their bed room door always

  40. Hi Mizun…….jab hum free the tab boaring treck chal raha tha…..& ab jab Exams time hai tab kitana achcha treck shuru kiya hai………kyu kya kehti ho Mizun???

  41. Bilkul sahi kaha prayosha. ……….
    ab ke achche achche scenes honge. …..
    aur unn anniversary bhi hone wali hai. …
    See 7 Feb se mere practical exams start hai. ……

  42. No Sandhya aisa nahi hai….mai Mizun se jyada baat karti hoo…..but reply sab ki comments par karti hoo….& haaa meri bhi final exams Feb me hi hai… abhi pata nahi hai……

  43. Now,ishita is hundred percent sure about shagun’s intention.Ishita will be ever ready to giveback answer to shagun’s plan.
    Raman and Ishits are fed up now Shagun and decide to make exit of Shagun from Bhalla house soon.

    It seems like Raman and Ishita’s cute romance has come back.Raman will tease ishita over her track suits and again compliment about her new avatar.

    What will Ruhi do to prove adi that ishima is best mama?How will ishita and shagun compete?Who is going to win in the sports?

  44. Are ye……. palak ……..ko kya hogaya. …….Subah sirf do comments karke chali gayi. …………..toh abhi tak nahin aayi. ……….

  45. hey guys vote for divyanka tripathi aka ishitha as best actress on telly we are yhm fans so ek bhi mauka nahi chodna chahiye yhm ko uupar laane mein and best actor abhi tak nahi aaya hai aur nahi best jodi.and agar hum sab ek vote bhi daal de toh atleast divyanka tripathi poll vote mein zyada aaye kyonki abhi bahut kam hai .plz.

  46. i wish hum sab ishra fans acche marks k
    se pass ho jaye phir yhm dekh kar enjoy kare,yu comments post kare aur apne veiws share kare .buss ye exams jald se jald acche se ho jaye.

  47. i wish hum sab ishra fans acche marks k
    se pass ho jaye phir yhm dekh kar enjoy kare,yu comments post karke aur apne veiws share kare .buss ye exams jald se jald acche se ho jaye.

  48. Wowww garba. …
    garba and dandya dance karna mujhe bahut pasand hai. ………..
    ………Full enjoy ka rahi ho ………….
    ………good night. ………

  49. priya

    What a shame, I wanted either the mother in law to find out or Simmi. They’re really good at dealing with situations like this. It will be hard for Ishita to prove that Shagun is trying to separate Raman and Ishita.
    Adi will grow up to be the most thickest child ever. Even Ruhi is more understanding and mature.

  50. kat@@@……..jab region pta chala or samajha to Moko nhi diya ……I really really miss u….4 all times n sorry…..kat@@@…….god maaaf nhi or Sakta hai but tum mujhe maaf karo me janta hu tum kr dogi…..

  51. SS


  52. Nahin prayosha…. ..mujhe proper garba dance nahin aata hai. ………lekin jab bhi. ….gujrati folk music sunti hoon. …..main dance karne lagti hoon. …………..dandiya. …garba dance my favourite. ….par koi nahin ..hai mere sath dance karne k liye. ……….falguni patak.(garba queen) my favourite …uss k sare album songs. ……mujhe bahut bahut pasand …. hai. …………

  53. ishita in black tracksuit admiring herself in front of a mirror
    bg song ai hai adaaa
    rep says raman has said something to ishita
    raman n ishita looking in the mirror
    rep says every girl asks her husband how m i looking 
    and ishita asked raman the same
    raman said its too tight are u going out wearing this
    and ishita says she cant go for sports wearing a saree
    then she goes to her cupboard to take out somehing else
    raman follows her n says he was joking only 
    and DT’s intv she said this track suit with hoodie is her personal one
    and SBS said IshRa love story has speeded up now but Shagun is there to create obstacles

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