Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita enters Bhalla house

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika saying Ishita will come home. Shagun asks what about engagement. Mihika says engagement didn’t happen, we didn’t exchange rings around ring finger, no one knew anything, I did all that in haste. Ishita says we have hurt you all a lot, I used to feel terrible, I couldn’t even tell you all this, so sorry. Amma hugs her. Ishita hugs them all and says we are lucky to get understanding family. Simmi asks Ruhi to move away, Ishita is no one. Ishita says you get away from my children. She slaps Simmi and says I m back now, my children are with me, my husband will be with me soon. Simmi says Raman is in my control, if he doesn’t accept you as wife, I challenge you, win him and show. Ishita accepts challenge.

She says Raman will accept me as his wife, you

just wait and watch. Simmi says we will see. Simmi and Parmeet leave. Ruhi says we are with you but Mr and Mrs. Bhalla were upset. Ishita says I will win them once I m back home. Shagun says I m upset, you didn’t trust me, you could have shared this. Ishita says I trust you, I didn’t want you all to fall in risk, or Simmi and Parmeet know our plan, sorry for that. Shagun says I understand, your real battle will start now, you have to win Raman’s heart. Ishita says I can go there as his wife, I can win his heart. Bala says I think you should go there first, before Simmi and Parmeet make Raman against us. Mani and Shagun ask Ishita not to hide anything from them now, they are always there for her. Ishita says I know. Shagun says go, your husband is waiting for you.

Ishita comes to Bhalla house. Ruhi does her aarti. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to leave. Raman doesn’t accept her as wife. Ishita says I have come here as his legal wife, grahpravesh will surely happen, its my right, you can’t send me. Adi says enough Dadi, you can’t stop Ishimaa, this is her house, if you do this, I will call police. Raman says no need, let her come in, I m never going to give her wife’s place. Ishita says he is my Raavan kumar, I will handle him, I will perform rituals, I respect you, welcome me. Mrs. Bhalla says I will not accept you as bahu. She goes. Ishita cries. Adi makes her smile. Mihika asks Ishita to come in. She makes Simmi slip. Simmi falls near kalash. Ishita hits kalash. Simmi sees her foot.

Adi asks Simmi to be careful. Simmi says I m going to complain to Raman. She says you have hurt my head, call a doctor. She goes. Amma says one rasam is left. Ishita steps in red color kumkum water and leaves foot prints. She prays to get strength to get Raman’s memory back. Mihika asks Ishita can she manage this, Raman is angry. Adi gets some parcel and gives to Ishita. Ishita says we can’t move back now. She smiles and goes to Raman’s room. Raman says get lost, I don’t want to see your face. She says I want to show something. She shows the certificate. He says not interested. She says this is our marriage certificate, we have been married before, we have three children.

He gets shocked. She says please believe me, I have photos. She asks him to see their wedding album. He sees the pics and recalls the marriage in flashes. He gets weak and collapses. She gets shocked. She shouts to Adi and Mihika. They come and get shocked seeing Raman. Aaliya also comes. They all hold Raman and put him on the bed. Mihika asks how did this happen. Ishita says I was talking to him and this happened. Simmi, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla come. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita. Ishita asks Adi to call doctor. Simmi takes phone from Adi and says there is no need to call anybody, this is happening because of you, Raman’s doctor will come and see her. Ishita says this is because of your fake medicines and fraud doctor. She sends Adi to call. They argue.

Mrs. Bhalla asks them to have some shame, let doctor come. Ishita says I m a doctor, this is happening because of Simmi’s medicines. She stops Simmi from going any medicines to Raman. Adi says enough, get quiet now, doctor will come and check him, we don’t need to give anything to him, note down and check. Pihu looks on and runs to Appa. She hugs Appa and cries. Amma and Appa ask what happened. Pihu says Raman got an attack again, will he get fine. Kiran says nothing will happen to him, Ishita is with him. Appa says we should go there. Mrs. Bhalla moves Ishita away and asks her to see what she did to Raman. She scolds Ishita for blaming Simmi. She says Simmi cares for him more than you, you are unlucky for Raman, go from here, never come back to my house. Ishita says I m not going. Amma and Appa come and stop Mrs. Bhalla. Amma says Ishita won’t go anywhere, she is Raman’s wife. Simmi worries.

Simmi says you are mistaken, you can’t rule here. Ishita asks Raman to take rest at home. Raman asks her to stay away. Ishita asks Ruhi to tell the matter. Ruhi cries and says Nikhil forced himself on me. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The entire Bhalla family (except Romi, Mihika, Neelu, and Ishita’s children) is selfish and egoistic. They are so ungrateful to Ishita. If Ishita hasn’t been made the bahu before, then the Bhallas would have suffered. Ishita sacrificed a lot for them. I say that she should never forgive Mr and Mrs Bhalla for their behaviour. Enough to bear this nonsense! Happy that IshRa are married, but what about Raman? He hasn’t got his memory even after Ishu showed the marriage photos of them. The role of a CEO has been made into a fool. It’s time for Simmi and Param to dig their own grave. Ananya’s death is only because of them. Cvs please make Raman understand Ishita and reunite with her.

    1. Unfortunately in most indian family its bahu who is considered wrong
      The behavior Ishita get from her sasural is the true image of our society

  2. Hi everyone . Thus is my first time commenting . My name is Sara . How are you guys ? ❤

    1. Ansa

      Fine dear welcome here ✌ how are you Sara

    2. hi….dear…u r most welcome ……

  3. Today was awesome first ishita slap simmi, then when ishita was about to enter the house, mihika made simmi fall, simmi deserve it.

  4. Can anyone please tell what does ruhi mean?nikhil forced on her,what does that mean ?I hope it’s not what I’m thinking

    1. Nikhil tried to rape Ruhi

  5. Hi, I think Raman also doing a drama for to know the secret of annanya death from ishita.

  6. Nikhil tried to rape Ruhi and this scene was shown as a flashback.

  7. simmi really deserved d slap

  8. Simmi deserve more than slap,she considers herself a sister no sister will do something like that to her brother,she can harm him for life sincere condolences to Mr Boney Kapoor and family for the untimely death of his beloved wife Sridevi may her soul rest in peace.

  9. How sick, this hero doesn’t have spine , plays puppet to his stupid sister, is a CEO but doesn’t have brains to figure out stuff by himself, he is such a spineless man, he doesn’t know how to treat a person. And the remaining family is such ungrateful,……..can’t he do any research on his life, I think he just likes falling off, rather than having a thought. Is he deaf, why isn’t the whole world saying anything. Y isn’t the media asking him questions about his ex wives.

  10. when is Raman going to get his memory back
    I am sick of it .And why is Simmi and Param not in jail yet
    wow u kidnap someone in India and get away with it best place t commit a crime and
    get away with it

  11. instead of so much planning and plotting hiding from each other, why couldnt all these “good peopl” in the bhalla house gather guts to just tie simmi and param in some room and keep them away from raman… why cant they take mr and mrs bhalla into confidence by telling all the truth about these two. this way they could easily save raman from the pills….isnt it all unwanted and utterly rubbish…

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