Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman insulting Raman and saying I could not handle myself knowing he is jobless, and he has duty to take care of him being relatives. Raman says keep your job, I don’t need it. Ashok says his market value and where will he go declining his offer, he was his worker before too. He says first you had Shagun and then me, and now with you, and now I have Mihika, don’t break this relation, you loo very calm, breaking nothing, you are not looking usual Raman Bhalla, ego ends big people, you have two sisters, one is at home and second is getting married, you need money as marriage has high expenses, two sisters, two wives, two kids, double expenses, so money is imp for you, drop your ego and work for me.

He says Malhotra did not do good with you, kicked you out,

no one will hire you. He says peon’s job can be got easily, but CEO is difficult, you decide about my offer of CEO of my company, money can buy you happiness, home runs by money, not ethics. He says you know I m saying right, else you would have gone, its juts a job, you need it, take it. He recalls Ishita’s words and how he promised to do Rinki’s marriage in grand way. He shakes hand with Ashok. Ashok says good decision. Ishita waits for Raman and says will it be fine, why did he not come, the meeting should go well, he should get job as per his choice.

Ashok says I made your joining letter, I know you love to be CEO, I m the MD of this company, so behave well and you will get anything. Raman says thanks, I need job, you be the boss, I don’t need to show down others to make myself high, have a nice day,and leaves. Ashok says its fine, you just see. Raman recalls about his family’s happiness. He thinks he joined Ashok as he needs him, but its not his failure, Ashok can’t buy his respect. He sees Ishita waiting and recalls her words.

She sees him, and he smiles. She asks what happened, its fine if its no. He says he got the job, and they gave me appointment letter, company is good. She is glad and asks is he sure about it. He says its CEO post and good pay. She says congrats, lets go and say everything. He says if I tell you the truth, you won’t let me join, but I m helpless. She asks him to sit. He flirts with her. He says he can give her the kiss for her driving job and she smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla tastes the sweets and scolds the catering people. They see the designs and have a laugh. Raman and Ishita come home. She signs Rinki and she hugs Raman saying congrats. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats happening. Raman tells them. Suraj asks Ashok is he serious. Ashok says yes, Raman did not had any option, I have hired him, Raman can never cheat his job and not let personal problems affect us, and I have to settle some old scores. Suraj says you made your enemy your slave, cheers. Mihika hears this and is shocked.

The family asks Raman why did he not tell before. Ishita says I stopped him as we were having functions. They are glad and praise Raman. Mr. Bhalla talks to Raman about new company and Raman does not tell anything about Ashok. They have the sweets. They all celebrate and he looks at them. Ishita signs what and he gives a slight smile.

Shagun talks to someone and says she will talk to Amrita. She ends call and says once it gets confirmed, then she will see Ishita. She thinks once she tells Garima, all the matter will end, I will keep calling till Amrita takes my call. She says once she answers my call, Rinki’s marriage will become an issue. Ishita keeps the alarm and asks Raman what time to set. He says 6-6.30 and thinks he is breaking promise again by hiding the truth, but he does not want to take her tension, they will know it some day, but this marriage should happen peacefully.

She looks at him and he turns. She finds him tensed and thinks she feels he is hiding something, he has something in heart, is this new job nervousness or some other tension. She sleep and he looks at her. Its morning, Ishita prays for Raman for his first day at new office. Raman thinks what to wear. She decides for him and gives the aarti. He asks why this special treatment. She says its your first day.

She brings his best CEO trophy and shows him, which reminds him that he is still the same, its proof of his talent, he is the best. He says if you give such encouragement to me, see what I do. She asks what. He says I will make trophy factory. She laughs and asks him to discuss any tension. He says no one can do anything against me. She asks him to get ready and come soon for having breakfast.

Mrs. Bhalla makes Raman have curd and they ask him to come for the functions. Raman says he will come and jokes on Rinki. They all wish him all the best and he leaves. Romi thinks he has become Mr India at his home because of Shagun, no one talks to me, I will not leave Shagun. Shagun gets Amrita’s call and says reminds they met last year. Amrita says yes, Garima told me, you are Ashok’s GF. Shagun says we are separated and she asks about Nikhil Malhotra, and she got his wedding invitation. Amrita is shocked.

Ashok burdens Raman with the work and asks him to resume his job from where he left. Shagun asks Amrita is she coming India. Amrita says you did a big favor on me. Shagun says everyone loves Ishita, now things will change.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Show has lost the charm. Kuch bhi dikha rahe hain…. Why can’t raman work with Mani?? And how can Malhotra spoil his name just verbally?? Every company in the world depends on Malhotra words… Bulshit….

  2. Aur ye shagun…. Nobody can be so Dumb… Y is she behind ishita… She should be taking revenge from Ashok instead…. And she has forgot everything. She is back to X husband… Kya Bakwaas yaar.. Aur Kitna itne acche serial ko bigadoge??

  3. ishra

    Yes that’s the good idea working with mani.where did this mani go.mani is shown only to create misunderstanding between ishra.why can’t they take mani now to help raman financially.

  4. yhm1997

    Absolutely!! Ishra scenes r very less n dunno but I m not able to connect with this serial anymore….n y is Raman always saying he’s helpless…ashok was a part of d gang who degraded his wife’s modesty….its better if he stayed jobless rather Dan fng sumthng like this

  5. Are yaar raman ko aaise sad tension. ..main mat dikhao. …….bakwas …ashok hi mila. ..mani kahan gaya. .raman mani k sath bhi kaam karsakta hai. .na. ….mani ko Itni jaldi bhol gaye. ……….aaise kaise hosakta hai ki. .Raman ko koi job nahin deraha hai. ………..mani ko leke aao. ..yahi right time hai mani k aane ka. ……plzzz. ……mani hi raman ki problem thik kar sakta hai. ……..
    …ishita k is bad time main mani ko sath hona chahiye tha. …………….plzzzz mani ko wapas lao. ………….

  6. Are yaar kisi ko samjh nahin nahin aata ki. ..shagun raman ki wife nahin hai. ..phir. .bhi. …ashok kehraha hai ki. ….raman ko dodo wife sabhal ni hai. ..bakwas. ……..are in logo ko samjhao koi. …….

  7. arey yaar kya hai a.we cant c raman like this.dont do this to u raman.u have ur saving and even ishu works.aagar u want a job then u can contact tandon or mani.and ofcourse we r lost out our mind that the great ceo is jobless and working with cheap ashok.arey yaar writer dont do this to ishra fans.and oh ho ishu madam use ur jagga jassu find out what raman is hiding and stop him form going to that so called company yaar.

  8. sanju

    dnt feel like readng d w.u too…
    stoped watchng d shw long back …….n wid dis job issue its becoming even more worst

  9. naina

    such a dumb epi yarrr how can they show such a crap….if show continues this track..absloutely it wil b out of top5 this week

  10. Raman jab uss cheap 6’2″ ko. ..Sir kehraha tha bilkul bhi achcha nahin laga. ………uss ashok k liye. ..yahi naam thik. …6’2″….perfect hai uss cheapo k liye. …………aur kis tarha se usse baat karraha tha. ……

  11. naina

    arey yar v watch this show bcoz it has inbuilt beauty of many relations n when ever v watch this show before v used to have smile on our face but knw its jst like…wat the hell these makers r dng …

  12. Bechara romi. ….sahi kaha. …Mr. india ban gaya hai. …..koi baat hi nahin karraha hai. …….ab romi uss shagun ko nahin chode ga. ………
    …shagun plan karrahi hai ishita ko ghar se nikale gi. …par woh khud ghar se bahar jaye gi. …….

  13. today i got very very very angry when that pagal ashok to raman.angry mein naa i wish to throw him in hell dare u ashok just wait and watch mikha will teach u a good lesson.and mikha plz yaar this time dont leave that pagal so easily.teach him a good lesson ki ashok should never ever even try to hurt raman even in dreams.

  14. anu

    Episodes are becoming worst day by day. What bakwas twists the writer is writing. Just have to watch for ishitha and Raman but not for the good story line….

  15. Jitna ashok raman ki insult kare ga. …usse kai zyada. ….mihika ashok ki insult kare gi aur. …………..chode gi nahin. ..mihika. ……ashok bas do din aapni boss giri dikha le. …phir dekhna. ….mihika kaise. ……tumhari sari boss giri nikal ti hai. ..aur raman k samne jhokati hai. ..just wait n watch. …….you creep. ..

  16. bhagi

    patha nahi yeh makrs din bar din iss show ko bakwaas bana rahe hai agar esa hi chalta raha tho show trp chart ki top 10 me bhi nahi hogi…………. yhm lost its charm aur mi show dhekna usi vakth chod diya tha jis vakth maine usss spoiler that ashok is boss of raman how can these
    makers show such nonsence & iss se jyada acha tho yeh hota ki raman jobless hota

  17. Raman kyu usse ashok ki baato me as gaye… .kyu accept ki job…shit yaar….makers plz change the track…raman Ashok ke boss ke roop me acha lagta hai…ashok..raman ke boss ke roop me bikul bhi acha nahi lagta hai…
    Yeh ashok raman ki majboori ka fayada utha raha hai…..

  18. Guys…notice kiya kya ki ishita sofa par soi….raman ke side me nahi. ..kyu…..jab phechali baar bedroom scene aaya tha tab ishra ek saath bed par soye the….

  19. Yes ..palak. ..maine bhi notice kiya. …….jab anniversary k time toh dikha ya tha. ……ki. ..ishita bed par so rahi hai. ..raman bhi side main so raha tha. ……..

  20. hi mizun.and u guys right even i notice it.i was ishu sleeping in soba.this is nt fair koi tha acha dika tho hum ko.we dont want our fav show lose it trp.waise kkb going high with kiddnaping concept.we dont to lose it yaar.yhm come first yaar.

  21. bhagi

    hiiiii mizun prayosha angel and how r u guys mizun i heard that u have gone through accident how r u now and angel how is ur hand and hiiii priyaroli palak nd ruhiiiii ruhiiii how is ur princess

  22. bhagi

    waise makers humko ithna dumbo samjthe hai kya kyom ki jab ithna successful ceo ko job chodna padtha hai tho thab md&ceo must gave ans to investors……..tho iss hisaab se tondon ko tho patha chalna chahiye……aagar raman ko aapni insult karvani hai tho vo uss malhotra ke pass hi rukh jatha hai na…….nd india me aise bahuth saari co’s hai jo insaan ki capabilities dhek kar kaam dhetha hai……..very upset with yhm..

  23. Are yaar ab IshRa ko kya jo gaya ???? Ishita couch atlr kyo so gai??? Jab se Shagun && Aadi aaye tab se to dono saaath sote hai na……………….

  24. Sorry Mizun aaj 4 se 9:30 ka Tuttion tha……….I am very tired & feeling not so well…………
    & abhi call aya ki kal school me practical ko exams hai………

  25. episode kuch tha hi nahi.uss ashok ke yaha kaam karne se toh accha hai ki raman uss md malhotra ke yaha hi kaam kartha. backwaaz pe backwaaz dikha rahe hai . agli trp uss se bhi battar hogi . kkb, math, nauc,dabh,sns aur kaafi saare serials mein interesting ho raha hai aur yaha yhm mein kuch accha hone ki namonishaan hi nahi hai . plz makers acche khathe chalthe serial ko melodrama aur drama ka bhandar matth banayiye .plz…………..

  26. Yaar sab serialsme Holi ki taiyariya shuru ho gai……& inke drame hai ki khatm hone ka naam hi nahi………..
    Abhi Romii ka raaz khula nahi ki aur 2 raaz aa gaye ….ek Nikhil ka dusra Raman ka……………………
    Romi ka raaz khulne wsla ths uss ka kya hua…….

  27. Hey Mr. Abhimanyu Raghav ……..Where are you.?????????
    Pls come back………..your best friend & het dearest hubby need your support……………pls come back yaaar……….we are waiting for you…………

  28. Hey. .prayosha aaj romi ne kaha na ki ab woh shagun ko. .bataye ga ki woh kiya karsakta hai. …toh may be. ..isse hi romi k raaz ka pata Chale ga. …

  29. Saale Ashok Raman ko chair bhi nahi di bethan ke liye……………
    Abhi Raman ki majburi hai……& majburi me to Gadhe ko bhi baap kehna padta hai………….
    Phir Raman ke Din badlenge……….tab humara The Great RKB tuje apni aukaad yaad dilayega…………

  30. ek toh v-day iss show mein akle hi celebrate nahi kiya aur drame pe drame dikha rahe hai. sab kuch adhoora adhoora hai koi bhi drama complete nahi hai. romi sarika ka ,mihika ki shaadi ka raaz ,nikhil ka raaz,adi ishitha ke kareeb aaya lekin uske baad kuch nahi hua,company ke flat mein bhallas abhi bhi reh rahe hai etc…

  31. Haa hoga to sahi Mizun……ok bye Good Night …Mizun & Rithushree …….& Mizun tumne bataya nahi kal Accident hua tha yaa phir sleep ho gai thi…????
    Jya injuery to nahi hai ns…

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  33. Aaj subah hi Gujrat me Baadal chaye he the… maine sab se pehle socha ki ab bhi Ishra ka rain dance dekhana hai……& aaj hi news me aaya ki ishRa Rinki ke sangit me dance karege….koi achcha long Romantic dance hona chahiye bina disturbance ke ……..hope So ki yeh Raman ka new boss 6’2″ Raman ko Sangit me jane de……..

  34. mani kaha ho bhai jaldi aa jao.tum ek acche insaan ho aur raman ko kabhi bhi humiliate nahi karoge. jab shagun ki shaadi ke din tumne ashok ko dhamki diya lekin phir uske baad toh tum gaayab hi ho gaye show se.

  35. Sleep ho gai thi prayosha. …bahut blood gaya. …..Stiches lage …….main thik hoon ….lekin dardh kaam hi nahin horaha hai. ………….

  36. ha prayosha shagun ki chaale toh poori lady gang aur sabko patha hi hai lekin iss baar direct hoga toh shagun ka halat dekhne layak hoga.iss baar mujhe lagta hai romi ka raaz sabke saamne aayega aur shagun bhi expose hogi.

  37. Khatti cheej……khaas to Mangeo to bilkul mat khana…..muje bhi 6gh std me 7 stiches aaye the…maine 2months tab apne fav Dahi ki Kari nahi khai thi………

  38. Are wah rithushree. …..aaisa hoa toh maza aajaye ga. …..shagun ka woh chamcha pakda gaya. …….ek planning toh samne aaye gi uss shagun ki. …..

  39. Ok prayosha main nahin khaon gi. …….yeah mamma ne bhi ruka mujhe ye khane se. ..bas jald hi ye Dard kaam hojaye. …….chalne nahin aaraha yaar. …….uper se exams kharib. …hai. ..darr lagraha hai. ……

  40. ha mizun aur prayosha agar shagun ka ek plan expose hua aur uska bhaand phoota na toh ek kya uske saare plans aur dirty games ek ke baad ek saame aathe hi rahenge.

  41. Haan rithushree. ….woh toh hai. ….romi se lekar Adi ko use karne tak sab plan samne aajaye ge. ….par kab hoga. ….
    ye holi ka celebration bhi bakhi hai. …….

  42. Jab stiches lage tab pain nahi hua hoga…….par jab stiches todege tab kyada pain hua hoga……mai to sirf 6th std me thi tab hi stiches ka nasmsunkar mene Doctor ka gala paakadliya tha….par phir bhi Dr ne to 7 stiches lagaye the……

  43. Hey hum kab se kehrahe hai ki. …iss function se pehle shagun ki sachchayi sab samne aajaye. …..sare function Chale gaye lekin woh apshagun nahin gayi. …..hope k iss bar. ..holi se pehle iss shagun ka safaya hojaye. ………
    …aur IshRa apni. ……dusri. special holi achche se celebrate Karen. …..bina kissi rukawat k. ………

  44. Hey prayosha. .yhm fb par IshRa k new selfie pics. …..mast lagrahe hai IshRa. …..ishra ne black n red combination dress pahene hai. …….aur IshRa ki selfie awesome hai. …….
    …subha dekh lena thik hai. ….bye

  45. Hey Guys…Good morning………….
    Maine selfies dekhe……….chalo finaly Raman.sangit me pahoch hi gaya……..
    & Prachi you are most welcome in our group………..
    Bye guys……..see you @ Night……..& take care Mizun………..

  46. hey guys good morning .selfies bahut acche hai ek jisme ishitha ne black suit pehna hai aur doosra jab ishitha ne white netted blouse with blue saree pehni hai. phir se ek baar phir mihir ki sangeet jab trisha ke saath hue uske tarah yeh sangeet toh hoga par shaadi nahi hogi. ok guys bye school bhi jana hai.and hope ki koi accha news aaye aaj.

  47. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will show that Ashok
    (Sangram Singh) is happy to have an
    upper hand on Raman once again.
    Raman has lost his job and finds a
    new job in Ashok’s office.
    Raman takes the job at Ashok’s office
    just to make his sister Rinky’s
    marriage work out.
    Ashok humiliates Raman to take
    revenge from him for his insult.
    Ashok also gives more work to Raman
    so that he would not go to attend
    Rinky’s pre marriage rituals.
    However, Mihika watches Ashok’s
    tortures on Raman and plans to teach
    a lesson to him.
    Mihika uses her fake pregnancy to
    reveal Ashok’s truth.
    Mihika decides not to let Ashok harm
    Raman at any cost.

  48. hi guys.mizun,prayosha,ritushree,angel,palak,aliya,bhagi and all good mrg.have a fresh and healthy day with ishra selfie.bye c u all.iam going to office.bye.

  49. Yaar IshRa ne Mihir Trisha ke sangit par Teri Galiyan ……….Ashok Shagun kesangit par Manva lage song par dance kiya tha….& yeh dono films uss time par new thi to kya lagta hai ab ksunse new song par dance karenge???
    Ishita ne dress change kiya too kya isi black dress me hi dance karenge ……..
    Aaj sangit kr selfies aaye hai to shayad kal tak Danceka video bhi aa jayega…….

  50. Hey aaj Aly Goni ka Happy wala Birthday hai…… hum sab ki taraf se Aly aka Romi ko Happy Birthday……….
    & hum sab wish karenge ki aaj uss ke khas din use apni family me apni purani wali position wapas mil jaye…….

  51. Hey. ..prayosha. ..mujhe ab sirf ek hi song yaad aaraha hai. …..jeena jeena. …….yahi ek song hai jo new hai. ……aur IshRa par perfect suit karta hai. ………
    ..tum kya kehti ho. …???

  52. Hey…..Sbb main IshRa. ….ka dance bataya. …..IshRa bahut achche lagrahe hai. …..aur dance bhi bahut romantic tha. ……
    ……aur IshRa wahi song par dance karne wale hai jo maine kaha tha. ……..
    …jeena jeena kaise jeena Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum. ………….superb. …….

  53. Thank god mai right time par aa gai..5mins bhi late ho jati to miss ho jata dance…….dekha Mizun tumhara fav song hi tha…Happy…………

    Haay Shayad kal tak aa jayega yeh show me……..

  54. Are yaar har serial main holi celebration horaha hai. …par yhm main kab bataye ga. …….wait nahin horaha. ……….ab k IshRa ki holi kaisi hogi? ??last time ki holi rocking thi. …..

  55. Wow…..ab bas jaldi se aaj sangit dikhaye & kal IshRa ka romantic Dance……………
    & uss ke baad jaldi se Nikhil Shagun & Romi ka raaz bhi khul jaye……

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