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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita taking Shagun to the car. She makes her sit and gives her water. She says I will do first aid now and then take you to doctor, you will need stitches. Ashok comes out and sees car dicky open. He looks around and sees Shagun. Shagun sees him in the side glass and tells Ishita. He runs to them, while Ishita starts driving. Ishita and Shagun leave. He calls the goons and says Ishita and Shagun are together, find them. Ashok follows them.

Adi is upset as his picnic got cancelled. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla ask the reason. Adi says a crocodile was spotted in the lake, that’s why, I had to see crocodile. Mr. Bhalla says we have crocodile in our home and jokes on his wife. Adi laughs. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that his dad is calling her crocodile. Adi says we will

go somewhere. Raman asks them to get ready, his new employee invited them in Poornima puja, its near Faridabad, I will message address to Ishita, she will come there.

Amm gives coffee to Mihika. Mihika says I thought its Vandu. Amma says Vandu is managing Shitija. Mihika thanks her. Amma says I spoke to Soumya, she is worried for you, why are you afraid of marriage, life won’t end with marriage, I m happy with Vishwa, and see Vandu-Bala, Raman-Ishita, everyone has problems, your problem was very big, think if you sit with it, how will your life move on. Mihika says you are right, my marriage was a nightmare, I m scared, I m ready to see guys, but I will decide, no emotional blackmail. Amma smiles and says I spoke to Mihir, he is not ready for second marriage. She says its okay, we will see other guys, I m ready. Amma gets glad.

Ishita’s car stops. She sees the tyre puncture. Shagun asks what will we do now. Ishita says we have to go to doctor and get treated. Shagun says what if Ashok comes. Ishita says Ashok won’t know we have come to Faridabad. She takes Shagun to a function, and asks her to keep smiling. The lady asks who are they, did they come with dance troupe who will perform tonight. Ishita says yes. The lady welcomes them and says dancers are ready, you both also get ready. Ashok comes there and says I will catch you Ishita.

The lady shows the room. Ishita gets Shagun inside and locks the door. Ishita sees her hand bleeding and looks for first aid. She sees Ashok from the window and worries. Ashok talks to Sanjay and says his wife and her friend are here. Sanjay says maybe my wife invited them, you join us, the ladies are there for puja. Ishita tells Shagun that Ashok is here. Ishita sees some costumes and says we have to hide here, we will get in dancer’s getup, even if Ashok knows us, he can’t do anything, I think this will be right. Shagun worries and says Ashok is very clever. Ishita says we have no way, trust me. Shagun and Ishita dress in south Indian attires and leave with the lady.

The lady welcomes them and asks them to enjoy the first performance. Pinga ga pori Pinga …….plays…… Ishita and Shagun dance with the women. Ashok sees them. Raman and Bhalla family come there. Ishita and Shagun hold saree pallus and try to leave. Ishita sends Shagun. Ashok smiles seeing the Bhallas there and calls someone. Raman sees Ishita dancing as her pallu falls. She goes while dancing. Raman goes to see. Shagun goes out and the goons identify her. She runs seeing them. She throws her nose pin and bangles on the way. She gets tired and halts. The goons follow her. She thinks to hide there and gets inside a hut. The goons try to find her and go to check that hut.

Raman stops Ishita. She recognizes his voice. He says I m sorry, I think I know you. Sanjay asks Raman to come, and meet his parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. guys i hve some bad news … according to the casting directors of balaji . after the crocodile attack ishita’s face will get dis- figured followed by a sequential leap of some days . they hv posted it in thr facebook page . i am very heartbrokn at the news . well divyanka wil only play ishita but her look will get changed .

  2. Precape is good waiting for the next epi???

  3. Whattttttttt ??????
    Her face…… Oh noooooo…..

    But r u sure there is a leap of some days only..??? Nd it’s OK at least no long leap.. Nd only Divz will play…. I hope soon she will get her look back Nd Raman will be there with her…. Nd no separation Na ???????

  4. If there is a short leap …Nd no separation …it’s OK but heart broken for her face….

    Bl***y sarika Nd Ashok….. Hateee them…. Sarika shld be punished hard… She dsnt dsrv forgiveness…..

  5. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hiiiii friends……. Dance was very nice.
    Suddenly I reminded ‘paro & chandramuki’. According to me, the best dancer is #DT. She was looking sooooo pretty.
    But now I really want to see the end of this track.
    From SL

  6. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Merry Christmas guys…….!!!

  7. hi rithu,janvi,both the diyas and all yhm fans wish you merry christmas

  8. Hi everyone…

    Merry Christmas guys…!!!

  9. Good afternoon friends. Happy Christmas to all yhm fans rithushree, jhanvi, parvathi, siddhi, VP, fath, Zara, nimrit, darshika, both diya, Natasha,sanrin, misty etc

  10. Sorry its sabrin and fathi

  11. Hi jhanvi, had u watched kabhi sauten kabhi saheli? I also used to watch that serial. It was nice in beginning but then it became borring. Anita was very young in that

  12. Leap of one year will be there

  13. just saw the sbs segment of crocodile attack. thank god , ishita’s face didnt got disfigured . but she was badly injured .her hands nd all . according to thm now tye truth will come infront of the family as now shagun will only take ishita to the hospital.

  14. Thanks telly updates for written episodes

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