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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Ruhi and Pihu. Pihu says she liked her dress a lot and asks Raman to make chocolate cookies without taking anyone’s help. She says she is going to Iyer house and goes with Ruhi. Raman goes to make cookies. Ishita offers help, but he tells her that he will make cookies alone. Romi asks Sanchi not to play games with him.

Sanchi says I did not know its your house and gets inside her house. She shuts the door. Romi says she is mad girl, she can tell everyone about us. Raman concentrates on recipe and call disturbs him. Recipe gets changed. He bakes cookies and says this is done, I will go and freshen up till cookies get baked. He goes. Ishita comes in kitchen and checks cookies, which got burnt. She calls out Raman. He asks did you come here by

getting its aroma. She asks him to take cookies out. He asks how did it get burnt. She says its wrong recipe, you added apple crust. He says credit card people called and I did this mistake. She asks him to make it again, I will help you. He says no.

She says you manage a big company, whats this thing then, when I made non veg for the first time, I made it so bad and you encouraged me, I will help you. He says no, I will do alone. She says fine, I will stand away. He says its done, stand there and say what to do. She tells him recipe. Ruhi, Mihir and Aaliya come. Raman tells Mihir that he has no time to talk. Mihir says fine, I came to meet my sister. Raman asks Ruhi to say instructions. Ishita ties rakhi to Mihir and says ask Aaliya, I missed you every year. He gifts her and says finally, Adi has come. He asks him to come and discuss project details. Ishita talks to Aaliya.

Aaliya says I have to talk a lot. Ishita asks her to say, let me start with your beauty, you are glowing, you look pretty and blushing, is this love. Ishita says no Amma. Ishita says I m your Amma, don’t hide from me, I m excited. Aaliya says its complicated, I don’t know if he feels the same, when right time comes, I will tell you first. Ishita gets message and says I have to study, I got many books, I don’t know how to study again. Aaliya says you are saying this. Ishita says I m not getting motivation. Aaliya says we will do something to make study interesting, if you answer questions right, you will get prize. She says if you answer right, you will get chance to hug Ruhi. Ishita laughs and says you know how to convince me, I like it.

Aaliya and Ishita sit to prepare studies. Ishita answers right and goes to hug Ruhi. Ruhi is helping Raman in kitchen. Aaliya asks more questions. Ishita answers right again and goes to hug Ruhi. Ruhi understands the game and laughs. Raman hugs Ishita and Ruhi. They call Aaliya too. They all have a group hug.

Raman presents cookies to Pihu. Pihu likes the cookies. Everyone clap for Raman. Aaliya says Amma, you and Raman did a great job. Ishita says thanks, I m happy to answer right and hug Ruhi again and again. They smile.

Later, Ishita asks Raman what happened to his hand. He says I got hurt, I forgot to wear oven gloves and take tray out, its fine, I have become mumma recently, I will learn. Ishita says this is so cute and applies ointment to his hand. She says I have pain in wrist, I have to write a lot. He asks her to take rest. She says I m loving this role reversal, we are doing this for Pihu. He massages her hands and says you are managing my business, it will flop if your hands get ache. She says finally, we can understand each other’s work, we will get Pihu right. He says yes, if we are sacrificing so much, don’t worry, Pihu will also come.

Ishita wakes up by alarm. Raman also wakes up after some time. She says I don’t understand this project, I have to study and make this presentation too. Raman says you will manage, I m thinking how kids study so much, Pihu has to make a scrapbook, why are you in stress. She says its all new for me. He says I will help you, its not a big deal, go office, its imp, else you can’t understand the ones working there, I told Adi to be with you. She asks who will manage home. He says I m here to manage everything, lets do role reversal well, Pihu needs art paper and items tomorrow, where will I get it now. Ishita says I have already kept it. He asks how do you manage all this.

She says like you manage your big business, you can do this too. He says we will share work and they discuss on the project and scrapbook work. yeh hai mohabbatein………plays…… Door bell rings. She says it maybe milkman. Raman asks her to go and get ready for office, I will attend milkman. Raman goes to take milk. Milkman asks you… Raman asks why, won’t you give me milk, give same quantity.

Ishita gets ready and talks to Aaliya. Raman asks Ishita to get ready fast, she has board meeting. Ishita asks about the saree. He says its perfect, I told Adi to be with you, I keep cash and files in drawer, don’t miss to have food being busy in work. She asks how will I remember. Raman says I will remind you. She gets Aaliya’s message and says she is wishing me all the best, she is so lovely, she is like my best friend, don’t say anyone, Aaliya told me she is in love. Raman thinks of Adi and smiles.

Ishita says sorry I did not identify you. The man says I m your company’s investor, I m taking my funds back from this project. Ishita gets shocked. Mihir says you can’t do this. Ashok comes and asks why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap z thrilling itz gonna b intrstng……..
    Hi guyz can u all rmbr me???i am fathi ur old frnd of thz page….
    Srry guyz culdnt cme to thz page had xms n busy shedules …….

    1. yes fathi fathi very much remembers you …

    2. Hey fathi how are you dear..tum tu gayab hi hogayi is site se..thank you so much for coming

    3. Hi are you ? how is your studies? I missed you in this site and we all remember you.

    4. Fathi fathi after many days how r u ????

  2. Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi saritha aliya sheraya vp super girl salley susan shona and others yhm fans family hello everyone

    1. Hi Jaz … hellooooo

    2. Hye jazz

    3. Khushiarvind

      Hi jaz, hw ru?

  3. QueenB

    This Ashok is always being such a doofus!

  4. Hello khushi thank you so much for giving to a very nice story and nice script also..ektha ku tum se sikna chahiyeh..kaise story likthey hain.muje ek bath achi lagi tumare ff mein..o hain Ayu..ishra ka biological son..thanks again

    1. True Jaz …. Khushis ff is very nice … cvs should learn some positiveness from her story line

      1. Yeah vp true cvs should learn from khushi.aur ektha ku b

    2. Khushiarvind

      Thank u so much dear jaz nd vp for such nice and sincere words frm you…
      Actually jaz i was feelng vry bad for ishitha as the cvs didnt giv her a chance to giv birth to a baby and hav some precious memories of her kids childhood… So in my ff i made her mother of ayu…

      1. Thats nice Khushi … actually they cud have shown some miracle and changed the story line from surrogancy … whats the use of telling now … even now they can twist positively …

    3. Hi are you ? Ya Khushi ‘s ffs are good.

      1. I’m fine rithu

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    Loved today’s episode ….. loved ishra ruhi and aaliya scenes ….. wow sooo cute … want to see aadya love story ….

    1. Adityakiran

      Hi Samajna!
      Today’s episode Was Nice
      Specially The Bondage of ISHITHA RAMAN RUHI And AHLIYA.
      Nice One.
      Sanjana Your DP is Very NICE.
      This Complement is Coming from The Bottom Of My HEART.
      Good Morning in ADVANCE

  6. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    nice episode and hai guys jaz vp sindu rithu siddi monique super girl aditya kushi saritha

    1. Hey bhagya how are you itne din hogaye tum dhiki nahi buzy ho kya

    2. Hi are you ?seeing after many days in this site.

  7. Yesterday I felt very dragging …. today its ok … atleast Aliyas dress was decent … Ishitha looked stunning in the blue sari … her face looks very tired … something is missing from her … looks very matured …Raman really loves her to the core ..Not understanding is Ashok poking his nose … the first day to office itself cvs to bring the invester …. Simply dragging …

  8. Episode was boring and dragging and precap was worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya aditya jeni super girl jaz Shona az Monique d aparna priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel bhagya disha juhi shreya Khushi ananthi Aliya naz sindhu mino siddhi and all yhm friends.

  9. Hi all yhm fans. Episode was ok. Precap looked ok as well.ashok the villian back.these villians keep cuming back en spoiling the show.they shud be just shipped of to Mars. Lol.enjoy ur guys night.

  10. hi guyssss…aap lok how r u all?? 🙂

    2dayz ep so awesome yaar… so happy… ishra moments and parent role switch!!! omg awesome… and pihu looks happy too… finally use shagun ki yaad aana stop hogaya bcoz now ” “amma kumar bhalla” is taking care lol!!!! 🙂

    i hope dat idiot bad shagun doesnt break dis happy family… and dat ashok!!!! omg he doesnt let a woman in office or in business!!!! so s*xist guy he is…

    also i love ishu for her true feminist nature…who agrees!!!! 😉

    1. We’re all fine Ro, what about you.

  11. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita is tensed for her business presentation.

    Ishita takes Mihir and Adi’s help in her business presentation and is tensed over getting the project.

    As Raman and Ishita has done their role reversal, Raman is taking all care of home responsibility.

    Ishita is dealing with her business deals, Raman enters the room to give coffee to all.

    Raman helps Ishita in presentation

    Raman intentionally drops coffee over Ishita’s presentation, and leaves from there.

    Raman gives hint to Ishita to re-make the presentation as it’s not appropriate for the business deal.

    Ishita will get it and make her presentation over again, let’s see will Ishita manages to get the deal.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  12. YHM: Shagun files custody case, shocking documents bring turmoil
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It was earlier seen that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will expose Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and her evil plans in front of the entire Bhalla family.

    Ishita and Raman (Karan Patel) will join hands together to keep Shagun away from Pihu.

    However things will take a dramatic twist when Shagun will file for the custody case of Pihu.

    If rumours are to be believed Shagun is hiding a huge secret about Pihu to the entire family.

    Will Shagun be successful in taking away Pihu from the entire Bhalla family?

    Will Ishita come to know the dark secret behind the documents?

    Keep watching this site for more updates.

  13. In the upcoming episode, Ishita gets nervous as she has to prepare business presentation.

    Ishita does not understands that how will she prepare the presentation then she try to makes the presentation.

    Mihir as well as Aditya helps Ishita in preparing the business presentation.

    Raman decides to give coffee to everyone thinking that they are working hard for preparing the business presentation.

    Ishita impress everyone by making nice presentation

    Raman brings coffee but then he spills it on the presentation in order to tell Ishita to prepare new presentation.

    Everyone gets shocked and worried that what will they do now as time is less and they have to prepare the presentation.

    Ishita will makes the presentation all over again and everyone will get impressed by her presentation.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  14. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is leaving no stone unturned to attract the audience. Bhalla family completes the rakhi celebrations which will be filled with fun and Drama.

    As per Pihu’s wish, Raman decides to make her favorite choco chip cookies which are often made by shagun. When ishitha offers help , he rejects and starts doing them seeing a recipe.

    But it gets burn as he mixes two recipes in one. Later Ishita and ruhi help raman to make pihu’s favorite cookies.

    In the coming episodes, Shagun will be angry on raman and ishitha and reaches mani’s home Mani who is a kind hearten person, sees her disturbed and plans a dinner for her to change her mood. He takes her permission and plans some special dinner.But at the last minute, she changes her mind and refuses to go with him.

    On the other hand, Sanchi is the new teacher for ishitha and romi gets shocked to see her. If rumors are to be believed mihika gets to know about sanchi and romi’s connection. This will bring differences between them.

    Will shagun use aliya as her new weapon to separate ishitha and raman?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  15. Hai yhm fans today episode was nice precap looks intersting let’s see how ishu faces ashok


  17. Is pihu daughter of raman n shagun
    becoz she has same appearance as ruhi?

  18. Hi all. I simply do not understand the need for this role reversal. How long is ishita going to study for this degree? Is that how long it is going to take for Pihu to love her ishi-mom. And then what. Will Ishita be doing raman’s work forever. As it is now there is no time for bonding with ishita. Why can’t mihir take care of the business? I think they would have had more free time if ishita remained a dentist and Raman a businessman.

    1. Simply dragging Susan … its boring also ….This Ashok has no other work , I dont know …. no reality at all …Dt and Kp , working v hard to bring their chemistry …. their cuteness is gone …How can Ashok intefere in anything and everything … who made him MP …. that too MP …

      1. Yeah vp you absolutely right.the stupid ashok have didn’t any work .anytime nosey with raman ishitha,and how many times he became a post kya sabji hain kya jo easy se market miljayeh.useless fellow

      2. Khushiarvind

        Exactly vp uts juz dragging… Raman taking care of pihu is ok bt i never heard anywhere that a parent told to take care of all kids in his child’s class. Unbelievable… They r juz dragging episodes lyk anythng..when will they tell truth to pihu

  19. Hi everyone don’t have much to comment they r just dragging not telling pihu the truth ashoke mp hai mps kya it nay free hotay hain n no need ishita to study these cvs are mad

    1. Mm siddhi mein b yehi soch thi ki ishitha ko kya padi hain study karneki. She is a doctor .cvs not giving important to her carrier.what wrong with this lady ektha.and another side they are not telling truth to pihu.ruhi siting in house and nothing doing and raman office ko chodkar he became a pihu spl guardian..nothing to watch now days..just dragging.guys one thing why cvs showing very important to shaggy.. siddhi I think ashok sasthey miljaathi hain mp ki SIT kitna criminal hain phir b.he is a very cheapest person.shaggy,niddhi also..

  20. what abt ruhi studies :O

  21. Adityakiran

    Hi JAZ Kushi Monique Mino VP RITHU SHONA BHAGI NANDU LAYA BHAGYA SUPER GIRL SAKSHI AZ Naaz Ahliya Shreya Sindhu Siddhi SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Rocket Sanjana Disha Ahliya And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Good Morning in ADVANCE
    Take Care GUYS

    1. Of course yaar .tume pochne ki zarorat nahi..tum tu humare dil mein basthi ho..Adu I’m really sorry yaar you also last your two days before comments mein padithi ..tum muje phela bathYa koun nahi.any way take care pls don’t watch tv much time vision very important to dear take rest .We’re all with you dear..aur hum sab tumare liye pray karege..

  22. Raman is thinking Aliya will become his daughter in law when actually she will become his sister in law as Raman and Mihir have brother like relationship.

  23. that’s awesome

  24. Adityakiran

    A Good Morning to ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    GOD Bless You And Your Family Members With GOOD HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.
    Take Care YHM GUYS.
    Have A NICE DAY

  25. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  26. Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all guys.

  27. Not to hurt anyone’s feeling ….but I think this serial has taken a Lil too much leaps and I feel like ishita and raman are looking kinda old ..pls change ishita’s stylist b4 she used to have straight hair and pretty makeup but now seems like they makeup her to look old…I know there are so many diva yanks fans here but if you see then we can recognize that she had gained weight sry to say …I didn’t realize but just b4 some days I went through old yhm episodes and if you see her now and and in 2013 there is loads of difference …I know many of u ppl will maybe hate me after saying this but it’s just my pov?

    1. Shaza def she has put on weight … after her leg fracture … but her off screen pics she diesnt look this fat and old too … I too feel the hairstyle makes her look old … both of them together some chemistry is missing … they are trying both Kp and Dt . I feel now they are into the consoling each other …totally the story line is really rubbish … just think after every thing if Shaghun is coming upto say Pihu is not Ishithas … I dont know .. just assuming …Her own kids been saved by Ishitha … Shaghuns fans … do you all think she is really loving Pihu ? I f you love someone … no matter whatever it is … please ensure that person is happy … Hi Mino .. Shivani ..missing you both … Sindhu everything at your home is under control .. Praying for you ..Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all ..

      1. Monique_D

        I agree VP,the whole new style of Ishita really doesn’t fit with her.
        Don’t get me wrong she really pulls it off but I cant see that spunky no nonsense young dentist that we met doing a style like that.

        And all this coloring of her lovely hair also doesn’t do it for me.
        Her hair was always on point but now looks dull and lifeless.

        What age are she suppose to play late 30 early 40’s?
        She was that elegant beauty that made even the most ordinary sari look stylish.

        And I sense there is something missing between DT and KP.
        Don’t know if they all of a sudden are afraid to give us that chemistry we want out of respect for their respective spouses but I think they need to have a talk to work that out.
        Ratings are on a record low as YHM didn’t even make the top 5.

        Yes this story line is a little weak and I feel that they can still save it if they really want to.
        ishita lost her feistyness ,we kind of saw a glimmer of that when she was in battle for Pihu with Shagun even when Raman recently flirted with the ladies.
        They need to bring a bit of desire back and stop all the focus on Shagun,Aliya,Mihir and Romi for a while.

  28. Hey Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi saritha aliya sheraya vp super girl salley susan fathi shona Ro bhagya and all members of yhm family gd morning to all dear friends

  29. Anshika pattnaik

    Good one

  30. Monique_D

    Happy Krishna Jayanthi everybody

  31. Priya9876

    Raman doing great job… ?

  32. V wanna c track hw they used to fight fr ruhi custody…nt with this bullshit ki n ka twist??CVS wakeup?trp nw is out of 5..if u ppl continue with this pathetic story line it vl B out of 10??….as v said v no need leap ekta didn’t listen nw die u idiot shw has lost its charm??n guys if u agree r not KP body building doesn’t suit him.?think yar fr ppl who r short …..body doesn’t suit???I m sry but this is wat I feel…n regarding DT if v see in blue saree she is nt so fat???may b due to camera effects v r getting c her if she put on lot of wt…if v c her off screen pics she doesn’t seem hw v c her on screen..

  33. turn shagun positive please writers

  34. Ishita is so selfish

  35. Bhalla family used shagun, shagun is right. I agree she was wrong in start but shagun was totally changed after leap

  36. Current track is such a rubbish what The hell is going on

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