Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with hijacker panicking and saying if I die, how will I apologize to my GF. Ishita says its just turbulence, no one is panicking, you just get seated, nothing will happen, you would be meeting your GF. Hijacker gets seated beside Raman and says I don’t want to die. Raman asks him to just not worry.

Adi talks to Shagun. Adi asks her to get a selfie with Ruhaan and also his autograph. Shagun says I thought just Pihu is his fan. He says no, I have some other work, but please get it. She says fine. He ends call and says sorry to force you, but I want Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan comes and asks what is it. Adi tells about Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan says I also want one. Adi says fine, what will I get instead it. Shravan says you are dealing with me. Adi asks him to

give Romi and Mihika’s wedding planner name and details, I will give you Ruhaan’s autograph. Shravan goes. Adi says I want to see did Romi really forget his family, I will give any updates of his marriage to Dadi.

Aaliya comes to meet Ruhaan and asks are you fine, you called at this time. Ruhaan says I m going tomorrow, I have two assignments, Nancy and Mam are not here, I hate to stay alone, did you had dinner, join me. They sit for dinner. Ruhaan says you would be eating food made by Ish… I mean your Amma. After dinner, you have to go back home, I know you can’t stay back. Aaliya says no, I can stay back if you want. Ruhaan thanks her and asks about her education, friends… Ruhaan says I don’t have friends, I don’t know what happens in sleepovers and nightouts. Aaliya says its lots of fun, I have two best friends, Isha and Naina, when I met you first, I found you humble, you treated me as a friend, can I ask you something, why are you moody, you look happy sometimes and then angry, I feel like talking to some girl now, I m sorry. Ruhaan propers the hair and asks the plan for movie. Aaliya asks him to select the movie and she will make something different for him. Ruhaan goes. Aaliya says poor Ruhaan, why does he stay scared, I hope I can relax him, he has to go Mumbai for Appa’s project.

Raman talks to hijacker, and says you are strange to hijack a flight for GF, whats guarantee she loves you equally, love is nothing, people change, maybe she changed. The guy says she loves me. Raman says think about it, if she does not marry you then… the guy says I have to marry her, I can’t live without her. Raman says love does not exist. The guy says you don’t understand love. Raman says I got cheated whenever I tried to understand love, when plane lands, you will die seeing your GF marrying someone else. The guy asks him to stop it. The air hostess tells Ishita that the man is telling hijacker that love is illusion. Ishita asks what, can I talk to that man, else make hijacker sit somewhere else. The hijacker guy asks Raman to stop his nonsense. Hostess asks hijacker to change his seat.

Ruhaan gets surprised seeing Aaliya making south Indian food. Ruhaan tastes the food and recalls Ishita. Ruhaan says its tasty. Nancy comes and says a lady came to meet you, she is some fan’s mum. Ruhaan asks how can anyone come like this. Aaliya says you should not disappoint any fan, I think you should go.

Ishita tells the hijacker that he should not be hungry, as he is battling for his love, he is going against the world and fighting for his GF. He eats some snacks given by her and thanks her. She says you love her a lot, when we love someone, we want everyone’s blessings, that is how we start a new life, what are you doing, you want to start a new life, by getting people’s curse, I understand you love your GF, the way you are scaring people, they can’t understand your love purity, try not to hurt people, I think you should meet her parents, win their hearts and assure that you will keep their daughter happy forever, if they know you did this hijack, they will not like it, win their trust instead doing all this, win everything by love. He says what you are saying is true, I just want to meet her once and express my feelings, I will tell her that I will try to convince her parents, I will tell Mumbai airport authorities to get my GF there. She says I don’t know this would happen or not, they would be scared. He says what did I do, did I harm anyone, I m hearing your nonsense. He gets angry. Raman says people just know to spoil work, women are problem of every man, what was the need for that woman to say all this. The hijacker says I want to meet my GF.

Ruhaan gets shocked seeing Shagun. Romi and Mihika have a talk. Adi meets them and says sorry you had to wait, I m assistant of wedding planner. He says I joined today and recalls how he joined the job by requesting the man and working for free. Adi asks them to sit, and shows some shortlisted designs for their wedding. He smiles.

Shagun says I m so sorry to disturb you so late, I m Pihu’s mom, Pihu industries for whom you signed contract, my son Adi is your big fan, he asked for your autograph, Pihu is also your fan, if I get your selfies, they would be really happy. Aaliya says Ruhaan has great fan following, my Amma went to Mumbai by flight today. Shagun says even Pihu’s dad went by Syndey Mumbai flight, whats your mum’s name. Ruhaan interrupts and stops Aaliya from saying. They see the news that Sydney Mumbai flight has been hijacked….. They all get shocked. Shagun worries and rushes. Ruhaan thinks Papa is in this flight and asks Aaliya are you fine. Aaliya says Amma was in this flight, I have to go home. Ruhaan asks Nancy to ask driver to drop Aaliya home. Ruhaan worries for Raman and Ishita. Ruhaan prays for them.

Ishita is wounded. Raman takes her to hospital and asks doctor to treat her. He says you will be fine and does not see her face.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    So finally this track bring some happiness ruhi still loves her ishimaa n papa yeah she loves her ishimaa much more then shagun mumma she even not get teary eyes on seeing shagun she got teary eyes when she met Raman n when she met ishu she get attack so she expected ishu to love her more then pihu but ishu exchanges her that’s why she is angry with ishu but still loves ishu n Raman now she should think that ishu don’t live with pihu even pihu don’t know that ishu is her mom

  2. Siddhi

    Now I want to see how will ruhi react when she will come to know that ishu had recieved a bullet

  3. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hmm agree siddhi di ruhi still loves ishu bt she didn’t do right by stopping alia. Lets see what happens nxt

  4. shivani

    So called high voltage hijack drama is over….everyone had a thought that ishra would meet during this drama… and was very much excited to see their meeting …..but as usual nothing happened….next would be the ishra’s misunderstanding drama!!!…ishita already misunderstood raman that he married shagun….i hope mani and aliya will reach india soon to spice up this drama and will create the same misunderstanding in raman’s mind…only god knows how writers will proceed with the story…!!!
    And somebody commented that shagun ruhaan together make a plan to separate ishra..!!!!…How ishra will unite if whole world is against them…??

  5. shivani

    From today’s episode i felt that raman hates ishita..why he said he got cheated whenever he tried to understand love..???.how ishita cheated him…??…if he believes that ishita cheated him, what would happen when he sees ishita alive and she is with mani…??…why he said to hijacker that he will die seeing his GF marrying someone else… means raman will misunderstand ishita..right…?

  6. Nivedha

    Wow nice episode… God… Raman… Can’t you find Ishitha? Can’t you find any breeze in her presence? Can’t you hear your heart beat raising when she is near to you?
    But how can’t you see even while you are taking to hospital?
    That’s OK… Love Ishra Forever…

  7. SIndhu

    Though the part about Ruhi was nice, how can Ekta make us a fool. Both Ishra are explaining about love and no one can recognize the voice. Raman takes Ishita to hospital but does not see her face. What is this? Such close proximity and he doesn’t see her. Goodness. How much more are they going to tantalize? So it looks like Pihu will be the one uniting them or Ruhi herself… Sometimes spoilers can be wrong and say Ruhaan hates Ishita or Raman but the writers may show in a different angle.

  8. pooja

    what nonsense ?? when will raman and ishita come face to face ?? stop this drama …and come to the point..

  9. Superb.. We have to wait some good news of yhm.. Bt no problem.. Bcz.. This is the best tv series.. I like today episode.. And precap also.. Good.. Thanks for updates..

  10. Pragya Sharma

    Plzz convey ekta Kapoor…I request her…plzzz yeh hai mohabbatein ki fan following bhut hai to usko km krwane me kyu lgi hui hai….atleast abb to Raman ruhi aur Ishita ko mila digiye….

  11. lucky

    i have never seen a person who takes anothwr to the hospital and does not see her face t only happens n yhm.hahahahahahahb total stupidity of the highest order.if they do not have something else to show prolonging t will only irritate the fans

  12. Sayujya

    stopped watching the telecast as they are going to drag ishra reunion. Will start watching when they see each other.from the spoilers it seems to be a whole lot of boring episodes with no ishra scenes…all other scenes seem so borrring now a days…toshi-madavi scenes..aadi-shravu scenes and above all shagun’s goody scenes…and today’s Ishita highjacker confrontation was so illogical,boring,dragging and irritating…

  13. Today’s episode was ok,but it is very illogical for someone to take a wounded person to a hospital without seeing his or her face.I do not understand how they always come up with such nonsense and their guts always allow them to post it for people to watch.

  14. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all yhm friends.

  15. Anakha

    Hai rithu and all yhm friends……Episode was ok…..raman saves ishita but still he don’t see her…….anyways…..I’m waiting for ishita raman ruhi adi pihu reunion……ishita will soon meet Monika….i’m really missing mihika verma….

  16. The upcoming episode
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Mihika meets
    Ishita in hospital.
    Mihika and Ishita share
    emotional bonding where
    Mihika request Ishita to
    come back to home.
    Ishita refuses to go back
    to home because she
    killed her Ruhi.
    MIhika tells Ishita that
    Ruhi is not died but she
    returns in form of Ruhi
    and shows Pihu’s photo
    to Ishita.
    Ishita is happy seeing
    Ruhu’s face in Pihu.
    Ishita thinks to return
    home for her daughter
    Pihu but stop assuming
    Raman gets married with
    Shagun for Pihu.
    Ishita thinks that Shagun
    sacrificed her life to
    grown up Pihu so she
    should not snatch
    Shagun’s happiness.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  17. sewwandi

    I like this episode.because it was proved that Ruhi still loves Ishi ma lot. I like to see it because it is the theme of the story.their affection never be lost.they should bond each other by hearts.thanks to present such positive things.

  18. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    going to introduce some mind
    blowing twists and turns in the
    upcoming track.
    Hijacker wants to meet his girl
    friend who is in Delhi.As he doesn’t
    get any flight to Delhi, he boards the
    flight which is supposed to go
    Raman talks with the hijacker saying
    what is the guarantee that his girl
    friend loves him equally as him.
    Also suggest him that people change
    and love is nothing.
    The plane lands in Delhi but there
    will be bomb blast in which ishita
    gets injured. Raman gets saved, but
    unknowingly he helps ishita to reach
    Mihika who gets the news of Bomb
    blast reaches the hospital in search
    of Raman but find her Akka who is
    believed to be dies 7 years ago.
    When Ishita opens her eyes,She see
    mihika and tries to hide her identity.
    But mihika being a soul sister brings
    the truth out from ishita’s mouth.
    There will be a emotional reunion of
    both the sisters.
    Later Mani and Aliya reach the
    hospital to meet Ishita. Mihika
    invites Ishita for her marriage. With
    this good news ishita will be happy
    thinking Mihika is marrying mihir.
    Ishita gets shocked to know Mihika
    is marrying Romi.

  19. Star Plus’ most entertaining show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbtein currently showcases
    a ‘hijack drama’ wherein Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi ) and Raman (Karan
    Patel) have been trapped in the same
    plan. While we hold our breath and
    wait, what will occur when the duo
    will come face to face; the show
    brings another parallel twist in the
    A strong willed Ishita will soon take a
    stand against the terrorist and will
    eventually be injured thereby being
    admitted to the hospital. Wondering
    who takes Ishita to the hospital?
    Well, yes. It is none other than our
    superman – Raman Bhalla!
    But yet again, the situation will be
    such that Raman will not be able to
    see Ishita. We wonder if this is the
    karma connect!
    Moving on, Mihika ( Avantika Hundal )
    will land up in the same hospital in
    search for Raman, thinking he is
    injured but will be shocked to find
    Ishita there.
    An actor on the condition of anonymity
    informed, “Mihika believed that Ishita
    was dead and after seeing her there,
    she will be left dumbfounded. The
    audience will surely get emotional
    watching the sisterly love Divyanka
    and Avantika will enact.”
    Mihika will inform Ishita about her
    plans to get married to Romi ( Aly
    Goni) in the near future. On hearing
    this, Ishita will reject her plans and
    will suggest her not to marry.
    What is the reason behind Ishita
    stopping Mihika? We shall find that out

  20. Can anbody clear my doubt…if ruhi is ruhaan then why if above ff it is written him…
    I will be thankful if u clear my doubt…

  21. Yes writers are thinking fans are stupid how can raman doesn’t see ishu it’s horrible unbelievable & how can she can’t recognize Raman voice it’s doo lame naa anyway it’s tooo much draaggging so I too stop watching this idiotic drama hope u gys don’t mind by my comment day by day it is becoming like kkb uhhhhh really missing old yhm ruhi yaar pihu ka getup change karo yaar ??????????????????????????every uch disappointed by yhm

  22. V P

    Hi Rithu … Sindhu … Shivani …siddhi and all …. hoped todays episode to be something great …. which was totally a nonsense . I admire the guts of CVS for taking us for ride . Really felt very sorry for the artists ….. it was really very hot DT was not that great in her acting ladt two episodes . May b the heat …. Really surprised if Raman could not feel Ishitha in his hands …. once he had told her even if his eyes are closed he can recognize her …. Ruhis part was nice … Adi is like his Ishima trying to intefere in every one , may be another six months it will take for ishra to be together . Dont feel like watching …. but just watching to see DT . I personally feel Ishitha should not go back to Raman …. he doesnot deserve he …, how did Ishitha cheat him ? He doesnt remember what he talks …. how the cvs are making him characterless … i really dont know … Mihika too …. her decision to marry Romi is a wrong move

  23. Nature

    Ohh god when this stupid ekta will stop those miseries,I’m fed up with the serial can’t wAtch it anymore. If i continue to watch I’ll die with anger for sure.???????

  24. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Adi gets a job
    and comes to Adi comes
    to meet Raman in his
    But, Raman is in
    angry mood because of
    Adi’s new job.
    Raman asks Adi to leave
    the job and join his
    business but Adi tells
    him that he will not obey
    Adi blames Raman that
    he also never listens to
    Raman gets furious
    seeing Adi’s misbehavior
    and slapped him
    Adi recalls Ishita as how
    she made him an
    emotional man but now
    he is again a stone.
    Adi leaves Raman’s
    office sadly while Raman
    gets shattered in front of
    Mihir recalling Adi’s
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  25. It’s time to strengthen the sisterly
    bond in Star Plus’ daily Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms).
    After seven years, the beloved sisters,
    Mihika (Avantika Hundal) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) are going to come
    face to face. And as expected, we hear
    that the duo will share some emotional
    Post the hijack drama, Mihika will
    rush to the hospital to find out more
    about Raman’s condition. Little would
    she know that there would be
    someone else welcoming her.
    Our source shares, “In the hospital,
    she will bump into Ishita. Upon
    meeting her beloved younger sister,
    Ishita will also get carried away.
    While Mihika will inform Ishita about
    whatever happened in the past seven
    years, Ishita will be left shocked.”
    With Ishita back in Mumbai, we can for
    sure expect things to take a positive
    Aren’t you looking forward to Ishita
    and Mihika’s emotional meeting? We
    are definitely doing.

  26. Mihika sees Ishita in the hospital and
    tells that she is her sister. She asks
    Ishita to open eyes. Mihika comes to
    know that her sister is alive after 7
    years, when she came to search
    Raman in the hospital. She couldn’t
    meet Raman and found Ishita instead.
    There was a hijack drama to unite
    Raman and Ishita. When Ishita gains
    consciousness, Mihika tells her about
    her marriage. Ishita says she is very
    happy for Romi and her. It is yet to be
    seen how Bhalla and Iyer family react
    seeing Ishita, and what will Raman do.

  27. Its time for some
    emotional drama in your favourite
    daily soap ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.
    Post seven-year leap, the
    estranged sisters Mihika
    (Avantika Hundal) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will come face
    to face in the upcoming episodes
    of the show.
    If reports are to be believed,
    After the hijack sequence, Mihika
    will reach hospital to
    enquire about Raman’s condition
    but there she will see Ishita.
    Both the sisters will share some
    emotional moments in the
    hospital. Then, Ishita will get to
    know about all the mishappenings
    which took place in the past seven
    years in Bhalla and Iyer family.
    Will Ishita be back in Bhalla
    house? Will she reunite with
    Only time will tell!

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