Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming to police station with others. Abhishek tells them that Adi wants to say something. Ishita asks Adi did he see someone, what does he want to say. Adi says I want to confess, the person who attacked Aaliya was me. They all get shocked. Adi says I was the culprit, I attacked on Aaliya.

Ruhi as Ruhaan visits Singhal’s house. She hopes she wins Kanika’s heart and convince her to help them, I have to stop Singhal from troubling Papa and Ishi Maa. Kanika’s mum comes there. Ruhi gets shocked seeing Kanika on wheelchair. Ishita asks Adi why is he lying, who is pressuring him, tell me truth, why did you lie, I know you can’t do this, I know you. Adi says no, I m saying truth. She asks are you mad to say this. He says I m culprit. Mani

comes and says you did this, I knew it, no punishment is enough for you, you are a criminal. He slaps Adi and beats him.

Ishita asks Mani to be away. Abhishek stops Mani and asks him to control himself, Adi confessed his crime, let us do our work. Aaliya asks Mani to leave Adi, he did not do anything. Ishita asks them to leave her son. Abhishek says he confessed his crime, we have to arrest him. Adi is taken away. Raman shouts and asks Ishita to stop it, Adi is a culprit, he confessed the crime. Ishita says no, this can’t happen, he is lying, please Raman, understand. Raman and Ishita cry.

Ruhi meets Kanika. She says I m sorry to meet you so late, tell me whats your fav song from my album, we will sing it. Kanika does not reply. Ruhi talks to her mum. Her mum says I called you here, not Kanika, sorry, Kanika lost her legs in an accident. Ruhi says I m sorry, if Kanika is not my fan, why did you call me. Her mum says sorry Ruhaan, Kanika does not smile since she is in this stage, when she hears your song, she smiles, please Ruhaan do something and make my daughter smile.

Aaliya asks Adi to tell her truth, I know you did not do this. Mani asks her why is she asking explanation, he is an animal, not a human, he should be hanged. She says I m alive, I did not die. Mani says you could have died in that attack, come with me. Aaliya asks Adi to say, you are my friend and loved me, tell me. Shagun asks Aaliya to come, Adi insulted women doing such work, I can’t believe my son would do this, he was short tempered since childhood, its Raman’s fault, its big upbringing. Adi shouts stop it, leave me alone, I don’t want to talk. Mani, Shagun and Aaliya leave. Raman and Ishita look on and cry.

Raman tells Adi that you will be left alone for this crime, this time I m ashamed to call you my son, your punishment is you stay here alone. He goes. Ishita cries and asks Adi to tell truth, you can lie to everyone, you know I m understanding truth. Adi cries. She asks why are you lying. Raman comes back and asks her to come. She says let me talk to my son and shouts to Adi. Raman takes her. Adi sits crying.

Ishita goes to talk to Aaliya. Mani asks her not to trouble Aaliya. Ishita says she is my daughter too, can’t I talk to her. Mani says fine, just 5mins. Ishita and Aaliya talk about Adi’s confession. Aaliya says I m also shocked, Adi wanted to go to hypnotherapist, he saw someone who attacked on me, he could not see that person in 1st session, but after today’s session, he did not tell us anything, and then Appa called me and said Adi confessed his crime. Ishita says it means someone else was involved. Aaliya says yes. Ishita asks who is trying to protect, why will he do this. Mani asks Aaliya to come. Ishita hugs Aaliya and asks her to keep this matter to herself. Aaliya leaves with Mani. Ishita says its clear that Adi is not culprit, whom is he saving.

Kanika’s mum says wow Ruhaan, you have sung so well. Ruhaan says Kanika, I got many albums for you. Singhal says no use, nothing affects her. Kanika says he is Kanika’s father. Ruhi greets Singhal and says I will sing my best and make Kanika smile, give me one chance. He asks her to leave. Ruhi removes her cap and her hair get loose. He identifies her as Ruhi Bhalla. He asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says I m Ruhaan the popstar, you don’t know truth, I m sorry I tried my best but could not make Kanika smile, I failed. He asks whats this game. She says no, I m not playing any game, honestly I came to convince you through your daughter, but I felt very bad for Kanika after seeing her, I really wanted to make her smile. I had no bad intention, so sorry, I failed. She cries.

Adi cries and says everyone will trusts me a lot and I broke their trust, I m sorry. He recalls Ruhaan and says no, I can’t let anyone know this, if anyone knows, then our family will be shattered.

Abhishek says Ishita has done serious crime and puts her in lockup. Adi gets shocked seeing her. Raman asks Abhishek whats going on, can you explain me. Abhishek says we arrested her. Raman and Ruhi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • shreya shetty

      u r correct dia.its her who did that cruel thing on poor aaliya.she should get exposed soon to everyone in the bhalla family,please ishu save adi before this nidhi and shagun get away and its too late.

      • A.K


        |Registered Member

        Dear Ammu
        No…. thats not true,How can she be the culprit as Aliya said that a young man of 5ft and few inches attacked her and pihu is a kid and shorter in height!

      • danny

        How can it b pihu. She is a kid and aliyah had mentioned that a guy of 5 feet threw it. Pihu if stands in stool she will reach this height.

      • Parichary

        Pihu was not at the park because there is noone to supervised Pihu. So Pihu was at Mani house or school or party with Shagun watching but Shagun is busy with entertainment. Adi saw that Ruhaan avtar wore high heel while running. Ruhi tell parent and Adi that Ruhaan can’t wear heel because Ruhaan is a boy. Ruhi show them that she is wearing takkies. Raman and Ishita believed in Ruhi and Adi. Raman feel guilty for not believing Adi but he thanks his truthful loving lady Ishita for saving Adi and Ruhi. Ishita tell Abhi that Nidhi is the one who is behind Aylia attack. Nidhi lied to police and Raman,and Ishita that Nidhi was at Jaipur and show fake receipt. Police keep Nidhi observation. Raman and Ishita investiage and found the proof that Nidhi had lied. Ishita caught Nidhi wore hoodie and want to escape but goes vain. Ishita and Raman caught Nidhi. Ishita scold Nidhi then slapped Nidhi twice for her children (Adi and Ruhi).

  1. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, Shivani, MIno, VP, Kiran, Az, Saritha, Monique, Bhagya, Khushi, Siddhi, Jaz and many many YHM fans

    Today’s episode is so emotional. It is nice to see the bond between Ishimaa and Adi. How much she trusts her son and useless Shagun suspects her son. She is his real mother and she does not trust her son. But his step mother trusts him a lot that he did not do this. What an irony? Shagun is not cut off to be a mother at all. In the end she blames Raman’s up bringing. I hope they quickly clear Aliya’s case and show the revenge that Ishita has for Shagun. I am just waiting for those episodes.

    I wonder what happened to Romi. Why he is not seen? What happen to Sharavan and Bala? I have not seen them for awhile too.

    • Ananthi

      Yes Sidhu di..U r right.episode was so emotional and worst. Shagun is a heartless person. She doesn’t deserve anything good. In some cases, a stepmom doesn’t care for her stepson….in this serial it’s opposite. Well done Shagun….this time U escaped

    • Parichary

      Shindhu and Ananthi

      Shagun want to revenge on Ishita and make her as bad mother so that she want to show Pihu that Ishita doesn’t care about children lives. Pihu did not see Ishita save Adi and Ruhi lives while Ishita fight for crime to save children. Shagun want put all blame on Adi but Ishita defend Adi and Raman stunning see Ishita fight for truth and support Adi while Raman cried for Adi and Ishita. Ishita ask Abhi to take her and Adi to the private interogratte Room and Shagun left the jail and went out. Abhi and ishita ask Adi for the truth. Ruhi arrived home and give good news to Raman and Ishita but findout that Ishita is in jail with Adi then Raman bring Ruhi to jail. Adei blunt out on Ruhaan name that attack on Aylia that shocked Abhi and Ishita then Ruhi and Raman enter and get shocked by Adi confessed. Ruhi and Raman say what? Ishita say no, it can’t be Ruhi! Ruhi cried when Abhi and Ishita questions her. Ruhi then remember and defend herself that she was at the event on Aylia acid attack and show proof the photograph. Ishita, Raman, Abhi and Adi believed Ruhi. Ishita suspensed that who is in Ruhaan Avtar then Adi recalled that Ruhaan avtar wear heels then tell family and Abhi that Ruhaan avtar wore heels. Ishita get to know that it is Nidhi who want to attack Aylia.

      This story is about a woman who is infertile and couldn’t have baby and Raman as a businessman. Romi is busy working and taking care of Raman company. Bala and Sharavan busy with family or visiting other place. I also don;t see Vandita as well. Ananya (Simmi and Parameet daughter) will come back to Bhalla house and missed everyone but other did not noticed Anaya returned and they are worry about Adi and Ruhi. Ananya did not know that her Ishita bahu and Ruhi are back alive.

  2. Ananthi

    Hi all yhm fans, I am back from my 1stsemester exams. I missed you all! How r U all?
    Episode was worst and precap too is interesting to watch.. Atleast Ishu and Aliya are in adis side. I think someone else did this.maybe Shagun,ashok or Nidhi. Poor adi. I hope the real culprit is put behind bars. I can’t expect Shagun’s comment like this. She doesn’t love anybody, nor even her closed ones. I hope Shagun gets exposed and the family shld be in happiness. I am really proud of Ishita. The mother who is selfless for her children. I love you Ishu. Raman could also be angry bcoz adi confession was a shock to him. Adi didn’t do this…… Real culprit shld be given a big punishment.

    • shreya shetty

      yes I certainly am with u dear ananthi.that shaggy shagun who is so cheap and cold hearted woman can do anything to ruin her very own son adis life and possibly ruhis as well.i mean what sort of mother is she to upbring adi and pihu like her???adi would ve told her to stay away from the family but no this evil lady wont quit after all she never ever wanted pihu to know the truth that ishita is her actual mother,seriously I too wish that if only these cvs and writers have thought of this drama properly then this negativity wouldn’t have occurred.shagun needs to be punished and that violent mani who slapped adi,how dare he does that???/he doesn’t realize that he is ishitas legal son and no person have right over him to hurt him like that.aaliya and ishita support adi as well as abhishek too.he and ishita only want to learn about the truth that is hidden in adis mind that’s it so that they can get a conclusive clue to track out the real culprit and that is none other than irritating nidhi herself

  3. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, majic,manju, honey priya, pradishma,sonia,rehma,wati,cham,chinz,pragathi,eera,devipriya,shreya,aisha khanna… Nd all my dear frnds and sillent readers too
    Hw ru all doing?
    Wishing you all a very happy weekend with ur family…
    Dear jaz, adi, vp, rithu, diya, aaliya, sindhu, saritha, shivani, mino
    Hw ru all doing? Hws life?
    Jaz nd monique missing u alot…

  4. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    When this negativity will be over and bhalla family will reunite as a happy family again…
    Pihu left bhalla house… Adi in jail.. Ruhi caught infrnt og singhal… Mani turned neg…ishitha will go to jail soon… All negativity… Fed up with this…
    I wonder still y ruhi is performing her shows as ruhaan.. Y she is not. Revealing het real identity in public..
    Nd hw culd adi think ruhi will do it? He is not telling this to anyone.. Did he dny trust his sister..thereby he is saving the real culprit..
    Nd what is abhishek doing.. All oblms solved by ishitha… She is lady detective bd abhishek dump.. They are shiwing indian police as incompetent…
    Mani’s rapid change is unbelievable
    Shaggy blaming abt adi’ s upbringing.. Sounds absurd… She who manipulates her children have niright to ask such a qn?
    Raman is adia father nd not believung him… Nice to see aliya supporting adi..

    • Parichary

      Yes Khushi

      But this did not happened as why they did this.
      Ishita did drama to go to jail to get Adi truth out.
      Adi confessed the truth who attacked on Aylia and Ishita get shocked and dis believed that her rockstar do that. Then Raman and Ruhi heard it and get shocked by Adi mouth. Ruhi cried and defend herself and Ishita and Raman support Ruhi. Ruhi show her proof to be innocent of where Ruhi was at the day of Aylia attacked. Adi get confused then ask question again who was in Ruhaan avtar then get remember that Ruhaan avtar wear heels. Ruhi tells them that Ruhaan don’t wear heels because Ruhaan is a boy. Adi believed Ruhi and apologied to Ruhi and Ruhi cried. Ruhi and Adi hugs together then Ishita hugs kids (Adi and Ruhi) then Raman join family hug. Raman hold Adi face then hug. Ishita come to know that Nidhi is behind Aylia attack. Adi and Ruhi name got clear and Abhi informed Mani. Mani comes to Bhalla house to apologized Adi and Bhalla. Raman ask Mani about newpaper then slapped him and Mani get hurt and Ishiu tried to stop. Raman then again slap Mani twice and throw Mani out of Bhalla house.

  5. Sindhu

    I thought Singhal’s daughter name was Kajal. How did it become Kanika in this episode? Have the cvs forgot? Actually Shagun should also be arrested and not only Niddhi for throwing acid on Aliya because Shagun is harbouring a criminal be bailing her out. She actually faces a greater judgement but as it is nothing will happen to shagun. NIddhi may get arrested as she already wants to quite the show.

    Why did they make Mani very violent? Slapping and hitting Adi. Such a gentle Mani turned out to be a violent person.

  6. Luna

    So Adi also turned out to be like his fake mom blo*dy b*t*h Ishita. Adi now deserves to be rotten in jail for this cheap act. I’m damn sure that b*t*h Ishita must have sent Adi to throw acid on Aliya and now she is showing fake love and sympathy to Adi. Even that Ishita should be in jail.

    • magic

      Oh my god luna i am laughing but can you plz tell us which story is right your’s or yhm writer’s and if your story is right than by god you are going to get solid comments from the fans and if the writer’s one is right than still boring yhm episode what you think i think its a dream

    • shreya shetty

      luna please stop using bad words.see now I am not using any more slangs coz now I am a very changed person.if u want to express ur anger towards ishu in a positive manner,just call something disapproving not by calling her with offensive words.hope u don’t misunderstand me dear.please don’t get angry on me if I interfered in ur opinion.if u hate adi and ishita so much then who cares???I as a good friend wants u to be a better its not adi or ishu dear luna actually nidhi wears high heels isn’t it so that fake ruhaan whom she had disguised herself was infact herself!!!!I am sure adi wont accuse his little sister ruhi for that since shes very innocent and docile.luna,luna ishita isn’t pretending to be motherly get it.since she didn’t or never experienced motherhood by not giving birth due to her reproductive problem she deeply craves for children a lot although shes married legally to raman so to express her unconditional love towards her own children she still believes that adi is innocent and had never done such a thing at all but that annoying grapefruit shagun must get punished so bad for accusing her own dear son like that.shame on such a mother who intentionally wants her own child to go very down like shagun

    • shreya shetty

      call shagun those words not ishita.she absolutely knows whats wrong and fishy behind her back for real.ishita is a legal step mother who cares deeply for her children

    • shreya shetty

      I hope u r fine dear luna???why are u so angry to ishu.what has she done anything wrong???pls tell there something bad about her.well anyways take care and yes don’t say like that dear its not nice to any of us by reading it about ishita aka divyanka.actually this serial isn’t real at all but reel understood???well just carry on and don’t go through it even I was like u uttering bad words and scolding people before but now I dont

    • shreya shetty

      please don’t think I am against a friend I too want u to express ur ture opinion positively dear luna.all I want is to be friends with everyone in a happy manner.i am trying to convince u not to offend any of the characters of this show coz since Aditya kiran told me that its not at all real but reel.hope u understand me

      • A.K


        |Registered Member

        Dear LUNA! OMG!
        Do u watch the serial? I am laughing so hard right now! And why do u all act like its REAL , its REEL. AND plz dont feel BAD about my words.U should not criticize anyone using these OFFENSIVE words
        AND I love both <3DIVYANKA,<3 and <3ANITA<3 as they are playing their roles so well

      • Parichary

        Chilli, would you please mind it.

        Luna did not see what kind of mother is Ishita and Shagun?
        Shagun does not care for children and she want Raman and his money.
        Ishita is different from Shagun that Ishita sacrafice Raman’s children and love not money. Shreya had used abusing words but what Kiran exlained that this program is not real life movie. It is just story.

        Stop blaming Shreya but for now is that Shreya is using plain and respect words.

  7. Sindhu

    HI Kiran, how are you? I did not know you were Aditya and changed your name to Kiran. Anyway both names are nice for you. I don’t mind whichever names you use. Actually I only watch YHM for KP and DT and now of course for Ruhi and Adi. Both the teenagers are acting very well too. They have got nice expressions and emotions. No one can cut close to KP and DT. Their emotions are fabulous. I don’t watch other serials though I do hear some others are nice too. Still I stick to YHM. I am very loyal to this.

  8. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Ishitha will find the culprit… Bt no use.. As always The culprit will be left unpunished… In case if bhalla family they will get punished for evn the mistakes they never commited. But the real culprits always escape without any punishments…

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi yeh hai mohabattein fans hw r u all. Friends i want to,know about one person here he is commenting as adithya and HP .

  10. ritu

    ye sab ek story hai aur waise he unko kaam karna hai. ishita ka jo role hai waise he wo karegiaur shagun uska role [play kar rahi hai. inke sirf acting acchi hai jo hum sabko real lag rahi hai. par ye sab ek entertainment show hai.

  11. rithushree

    Episode was bad and precap also was bad.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna mino Sarita sara prisha Aisha siddhi magic and all yhm friends.

  12. rithushree

    Shagun is too disgusting woman. She is too horrible. she is soo selfish that today she bad-mouthed her own son in front of mani and Aliya.

  13. shreya shetty

    thanks for all of ur wishes and I hope that I shall come out with passing colours for sure guys!!!I ll be back with more things to tell u all of how I experienced it

  14. Tullu

    everytime ishitha will find the culprit. Is Raman dumb ? Don’t he understand his son ? Mani need to be Hero of the show .. Ruhi who has discontinued her schooling is ready to do business and trying to convince other competitor !!! sick .

    • Parichary

      Raman is confusing and don’t know what to do so he let his ladylove Ishita to do detective work and investiage so that Raman can focus on his daughter Ruhi. Adi is Ishita responsibility because Adi need Ishita more than Shagun. Ruhi want to continue with her schooling but I think that she is dong schooling for short period and do all the music career with Raman and Ishita support.

      Music is Ruhi life that is why Ishita call Ruhi my rockstar1 Yes Tullu, Ishita had found the cuplrit and the cuplrit is Nidhi Chrabba. Nidhi want to revenge on Ruhi for fbeating her so badly so ndhi know that Aylia is Ishita favourite person but did not know that Ishita only loves Ruhi as her baby so she did upbringing Vandita’s children, Simmi daughter Ananya and her children (Adi and Ruhi). Ishita want to adopt Pallavi son Rohit who Sharika lied that Romi and Sharika are the parent of Rohit. But Mr Chadda was murdered by Pallavi and Ishita want to report to Abhi but Pallavi took Rohit away and Romi divorce Sharika and kick Sharika out of Bhalla house. Romi and Mihika are dating for 7 years and living together. Ishita loves children more than herself. That is why children loves Ishita and always listen to her and learn all the value and respect from her. Raman adored Ishita more than Shagun.

      Mani had not been known that Shagun is behind Nidhi bailed and taught Aylia to do bad. When Aylia had acid attacked and Mani get shocked and lost and don’t know what to do and want to blame on Adi, Ishita and Raman. Ishita is hurting by Mani betrayed an goes against her for Shagun. When Adi proved to be innocent and Aylia informed Mani. Mani get shocked by Aylia saying from police informed. Mani feel gulity for hurting Raman and Ishita and pointing a gun on Adi’s head to kill him and beat Adi badly and take Pihu away from Raman and Ishita for telling court that Raman and Ishita are bad parent. Mani have forgetten who raised Aylia and Vivaan in 7 years when Mani had hip functure.

  15. Indira

    When will the story turn and show the real face of Shogun to Mani
    Mani an intelligent man couldn’t see through Shagun
    I can understand he was protecting Aliya as a father figure any father would have done the same if they were in his shoes
    But going against Ishita and completely trusting Shogun is very stupid of him

  16. Apurv Porwal

    Sorry yhm I cursed aliya and his appa but they are right on there path now will ishita bhabhi proof adi innocent I am satisfied

    • Parichary

      Apurv… Aylia is on Adi side since she know about Shagun truth colour to destory Adi and Ishita. Aylia comes to know that Mihir does not love her but Adi did love her. Aylia accepted Adi loves for her and support Adi. Aylia tells Mani many times that Adi is innocent and Mani did not listen and take Shagun side and take Pihu away from Bhalla. Aylia get angry on Mani for supporting Shagun and break the friendship with Ishita.

  17. Minaal Meer


  18. Dilip

    What are the future plannings of nidhi she is leaving the maybe she will be behind the bars after few episodes.

  19. susan

    Wow wow wow. What an episode! Superb acting by all. So emotional. Wow what happened? Raman was looking so good tonight. Lets hope they keep it up.

  20. sachin

    hey guys its nidhi fr sure or else a new entry becz none othr thn nidhi is the enemy of ruhi….

    so i think its either nidhi or a new face who haste ruhi…n

    hope adi gets the point of view soon and realises tht the disguised women cn be someone else too…he mean tht if he says the truth thn the family will break down,bt atcually if he tells the tryth the family will get back their losted fame!!!

    adi should’t hv done ths….

    nw way no worries as madrasan is thr see will soon shor out these as she did over these mny years

  21. Luna

    Yhm is so boring nowadays. Sick of this Shagun. This so called mother does’nt care for Adi, how will she take care of Pihu. I’m still not getting how Shagun won Pihu’s custody despite being a surrogate mother, she was’nt even married to Raman. So by law it’s simply not possible for Shagun to even file for Pihu’s custody. It’s so stupid and unconvincing.

    • Parichary


      1. Shagun made Pihu behave badly towards Ishita and called Ishita bad name which made Raman angry and scold Pihu and Shagun bring lawyer to watch it and want to take Pihu away but lawyer tells shagun that Shagun can’t take Pihu because of the law so she must report to the child court.
      2. Shagun bring judge to see Raman slapping Pihu but judge did not see Ishita stopped Raman from slapping Pihu. Pihu and Shagun then tells judge that Ishita made Raman slapped her occasionally but Ishita did not do that and did not spend time with Raman and Raman did not expected Shagun to stoop too low by lying to judge.
      3.Shagun made Pihu fake birth certificate that Shagun had signed instead of Ishita.
      4. Shagun use Mani to go against Raman and Ishita that Mani called Raman and Ishita are bad parent to Pihu because of Adi had been send to jailed.
      5. Pihu goes against Raman and Ishita for Shagun.
      6. Pihu tells Bhalla family and Ishita that she hate all of them. Pihu started packing her few things and take Pihu to shopping.

  22. rithushree

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  23. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It was earlier seen that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get herself arrested for the sake of getting the real truth out of Adi (Abhishek Verma).

    However Adi will break down seeing his Ishima getting arrested and confess the truth in front of ACP Abhishek (Viviek Dahiya) and Ishita.

    He will tell that he saw a person dressed up as Ruhaan who threw acid on Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee).

    On the other hand Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will be shocked to hear Adi’s confession and will prove her innocence.

    Will Ishita and ACP Abhishek be able to get hold of the real culprit or not?

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  24. VP

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  25. danny

    Have all the bhallas have lost their brain. Why don’t they discuss or tell the truth or even think about it.
    Adi Mayan went to accept the crime.. Did he thought of consulting with ruhi. As he thinks that she did it. OK don’t talk to her but at least think wat motive ruhi would have to do this??? Aliya is ruhi’s friend. And ruhi is ishita’s upbringing. Then how can he doubt her. But no adi mag an had to confess to create more drama.
    Did he try to collect proof that ruhi really did it or not. No he just took it that it was ruhi . hr should have try to find proof against ruhi at least and then try to destroy them If he wanted to save his sister but no. Even if he would have tried that he might have got some clues.. Paglet bhalla

    • Parichary

      Hola Danny

      Adi is confusing of who is in Ruhaan avtar and think that Ruhi is wearing Ruhaan avtar to meet Aylia and to attack on her. Adi is much drunk. The truth is out that Ishita defended Ruhi and so is Adi. Ruhi and Raman arrived to police station and police questioned Ruhi and Ruhi confused and cried and defend herself and remember where she was and who she was with on Aylia acid attacked. Ruhi shows Raman, Ishita and Abhi the proof that she was at the event with Simmi (Raman’s sister) and shows the photograph of her and Simmi. Adi get confused and Ruhi look at her Ruhaan outfit and cried. Ishita and Raman consolled Ruhi. Ishita ask Adi to think again and Adi recalled the attacker wear heels then informed that the attacker wore heels. All get confused and see Ruhi wear takkies not heels. Ruhi and Ishita comes to know that Nidhi is the only one person that attack Aylia with acid. Nidhi tried to defend herself by lying that she was at Jaipur but to get faked ticket with Ashok help. Ishita and Raman does investiagation with Abhi help and found the proof that Nidhi was not at Jaipur. Ishita slapped Nidhi many times and order the police not to released or bailing Nidhi out of police station. Nidhi is now arrested. Adi and Ruhi name are cleared from criminal records and Bhalla and Iyer families get happy and thanks to Ishita for hardworking and know that Ishita trust children. Adi and Ruhi get happy that Ishita save them alone without other helped.

  26. Sristi

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  27. Appy

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    or haan is pag pe is serial k writer ki beti b thi na jo keh rhi thi ki isme mihika ko pregnat dikhaye ki romi ki repost sarika ne change ki thi and all. kya hua behna uska??? kahan gayab hho tum b

  28. danny

    Hate CVS for turning shagun negative. As thy had no other idea to unite ishu pihu they again turned shagun negative. But I dont believe that any person can change so suddenly from bad to good. And good to bad. OK shogun became good for her children that is acceptable. But wat they r showing right now is beyond limits.

    It would have been better if they had shown that shagun dies while protecting ruhi from niddhi. And pihu still doesn’t know the truth and heart broken after shagun’s death. She doesn’t talk to anyone. Then ishu tries to cheer her up in various ways. Finally pihu accepts is hu as ishima. Later she comes to know about that is hu list her real mother and gets angry but then all the family makes calm down and again ishu and pihu patch up.

    Like this even adi and ruhi would have respect for their mother (I don’t like the concept of bad mother at all) and even ishu would have a chance to rectify her mistake.
    Instead they gave this kika track and then turned shagun negative. And all this.. It not acceptable to me at all. Again and again no new villain so bring back shagunas villain

    • Diya

      Yes danny even i feel the same.. Shagun might b very immature when she left ruhi and adi for Ahsok(luxuries) nd all.. But still she is a mother.. She turned good..i was loving her bond with Pihu more than Ishita-pihu bond.. they ruined her character just to bring pihu close to ishita.. and ishita keeps on saying Shagun is Kharab Aurat which hurts me d most and raman says u r not mother of pihu,,, i hate them both

  29. Sakina

    Sick and tired of that irritating Ishita…..her over the top action ……over the top concern for Adi….who was never brought up by her….from where is she getting so much love for him? She spent hardly a few months with him before disappearing from the scene and even earlier her was with his real mother. This mother India Ishita feels Aliya is her daugther, Adi ,Ruhi and Pihu her children …what is this ? Will she not let any biological mother lover her kids? WIll she overpower every one ? What does she know about upbringing ? She hardly brought up any child right from birth…..but the amount of hamming and loud shouting and possessiveness she has for all of them is so fake and untrue. She behaves as if she loves them more than even Raman and all family members. Her family has no scruples. Mihika loved Mihir, married Ashok and now married to Raman;s brother. This is the limit ,,,,,ishita is getting all awards as she is a product of Ektas…….otherwise there are more deserving heroines….her love for all the children is so false fake and made up. She is the worst ever heroine of star plus

    • Parichary


      You are absolutely wrong about Ishita.

      Raman and Shagun was married and gave birth to Adi and Ruhi, right!
      Shagun left Raman when Ruhi was 6 month old and took Adi away from Raman and staying with Raman’s emeny boss and Shagun bf Ashok.
      Ruhi was raised by Raman and Raman’s parent and did not get loves from them.
      Ishita thought that she is infertile woman and she could not be able to have baby but after 1 year Raman got Ishita pregnant.
      Ishita was walking on the street and noticed the puppy whimpering in the middle if the road and Ishita want to crossed the road to save puppy but the road are much busy so Ishita noticed Ruhi crossed the road to pick up the puppy. The driver did not pay attention on the road and busy chatting with friend and was about to knock the Ruhi down but saved by Ishita. Ishita had sacrafice her life for Ruhi.
      Raman is busy getting award and giving speech. Ruhi came to know about her real mother from Dimple and went to look for Shagun and got locked up in the room and Ishita searched for Ruhi and hear Ruhi shouting and cry. Ishita ask security to call the manager to get the spare keys to open the door because the child is struck in this room. Ishita talk to Ruhi by the door and the manager open the door and crying Ruhi ran to Ishita and hug her tightly and Ishita consolling Ruhi. Raman witnessed it and get angry and argue with Ishita and Ishita defend herself.
      Raman send Dimple to take Ruhi home and Ruhi start cough while Raman goes to Ashok for the party. Dimple scold Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla did not noticed but Ishita noticed. Ruhi cfontinue coughing badly and Dimple angry on Ruhi and look for cough syrup and gave to Ruhi. The cough syrup had expired and Dimple made Ruhi drank all. Ishita get bad feeling of Ruhi and go to check on Ruhi but Raman came home drunk and Raman warn Ishita to stay away from Ruhi. Ishita want to tell Raman about her feel uneasily about Ruhi. Ishita leave Raman on couch to sleep and want to leave Bhalla house and hear Ruhi shouting for mother. Ishita goes to investiage and get shocked an rush Ruhi to the hospital to save her life.

      Adi was kept care by Shagun and did not give so much love and Adi get lonely. Raman want Ishita to give Adi loves and Ishita noticed Adi sad. Ishita give Adi everything that he want expect her love and affection. Ishita protect Adi and Ruhi from evil people and stop people from hurting children. Ishita was pregnant and had miscarriage during women and kids abduction and bus bombed by Ashok driver. Ishita taught Adi the value and respect.

      Mihika still love Mihir and want to marry Mihir but stopped by Shagun and want to ruin Mihir life but save by Ishita. Ashok blackmailing Mihika to marry him to save Mihir for going to jail and Suraj faked unconsious. Mihir is married to Raman’s younger sister Rinky with Ishita help. Mihika felt bad and want Mihir to be happy. Mihir lost his loving wife Rinky during shooting on Ganesh festival day. Mihika had been dating Romi for years and now Romi and Mihika are married.

  30. famie

    It is Nidhi who became Ruhan & put acid on Aliya… Get up was like ruhaan so Adi is thinking it’s Ruhi… In the further episode Nidhi will b guilty…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.