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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming to police station with others. Abhishek tells them that Adi wants to say something. Ishita asks Adi did he see someone, what does he want to say. Adi says I want to confess, the person who attacked Aaliya was me. They all get shocked. Adi says I was the culprit, I attacked on Aaliya.

Ruhi as Ruhaan visits Singhal’s house. She hopes she wins Kanika’s heart and convince her to help them, I have to stop Singhal from troubling Papa and Ishi Maa. Kanika’s mum comes there. Ruhi gets shocked seeing Kanika on wheelchair. Ishita asks Adi why is he lying, who is pressuring him, tell me truth, why did you lie, I know you can’t do this, I know you. Adi says no, I m saying truth. She asks are you mad to say this. He says I m culprit. Mani

comes and says you did this, I knew it, no punishment is enough for you, you are a criminal. He slaps Adi and beats him.

Ishita asks Mani to be away. Abhishek stops Mani and asks him to control himself, Adi confessed his crime, let us do our work. Aaliya asks Mani to leave Adi, he did not do anything. Ishita asks them to leave her son. Abhishek says he confessed his crime, we have to arrest him. Adi is taken away. Raman shouts and asks Ishita to stop it, Adi is a culprit, he confessed the crime. Ishita says no, this can’t happen, he is lying, please Raman, understand. Raman and Ishita cry.

Ruhi meets Kanika. She says I m sorry to meet you so late, tell me whats your fav song from my album, we will sing it. Kanika does not reply. Ruhi talks to her mum. Her mum says I called you here, not Kanika, sorry, Kanika lost her legs in an accident. Ruhi says I m sorry, if Kanika is not my fan, why did you call me. Her mum says sorry Ruhaan, Kanika does not smile since she is in this stage, when she hears your song, she smiles, please Ruhaan do something and make my daughter smile.

Aaliya asks Adi to tell her truth, I know you did not do this. Mani asks her why is she asking explanation, he is an animal, not a human, he should be hanged. She says I m alive, I did not die. Mani says you could have died in that attack, come with me. Aaliya asks Adi to say, you are my friend and loved me, tell me. Shagun asks Aaliya to come, Adi insulted women doing such work, I can’t believe my son would do this, he was short tempered since childhood, its Raman’s fault, its big upbringing. Adi shouts stop it, leave me alone, I don’t want to talk. Mani, Shagun and Aaliya leave. Raman and Ishita look on and cry.

Raman tells Adi that you will be left alone for this crime, this time I m ashamed to call you my son, your punishment is you stay here alone. He goes. Ishita cries and asks Adi to tell truth, you can lie to everyone, you know I m understanding truth. Adi cries. She asks why are you lying. Raman comes back and asks her to come. She says let me talk to my son and shouts to Adi. Raman takes her. Adi sits crying.

Ishita goes to talk to Aaliya. Mani asks her not to trouble Aaliya. Ishita says she is my daughter too, can’t I talk to her. Mani says fine, just 5mins. Ishita and Aaliya talk about Adi’s confession. Aaliya says I m also shocked, Adi wanted to go to hypnotherapist, he saw someone who attacked on me, he could not see that person in 1st session, but after today’s session, he did not tell us anything, and then Appa called me and said Adi confessed his crime. Ishita says it means someone else was involved. Aaliya says yes. Ishita asks who is trying to protect, why will he do this. Mani asks Aaliya to come. Ishita hugs Aaliya and asks her to keep this matter to herself. Aaliya leaves with Mani. Ishita says its clear that Adi is not culprit, whom is he saving.

Kanika’s mum says wow Ruhaan, you have sung so well. Ruhaan says Kanika, I got many albums for you. Singhal says no use, nothing affects her. Kanika says he is Kanika’s father. Ruhi greets Singhal and says I will sing my best and make Kanika smile, give me one chance. He asks her to leave. Ruhi removes her cap and her hair get loose. He identifies her as Ruhi Bhalla. He asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says I m Ruhaan the popstar, you don’t know truth, I m sorry I tried my best but could not make Kanika smile, I failed. He asks whats this game. She says no, I m not playing any game, honestly I came to convince you through your daughter, but I felt very bad for Kanika after seeing her, I really wanted to make her smile. I had no bad intention, so sorry, I failed. She cries.

Adi cries and says everyone will trusts me a lot and I broke their trust, I m sorry. He recalls Ruhaan and says no, I can’t let anyone know this, if anyone knows, then our family will be shattered.

Abhishek says Ishita has done serious crime and puts her in lockup. Adi gets shocked seeing her. Raman asks Abhishek whats going on, can you explain me. Abhishek says we arrested her. Raman and Ruhi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is Nidhi who became Ruhan & put acid on Aliya… Get up was like ruhaan so Adi is thinking it’s Ruhi… In the further episode Nidhi will b guilty…

    1. No it’s shagun

      1. NO Meghana! Famie is right. Please read Ritheshree update.

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