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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla and Bala scolding and slapping Parmeet at his home, telling about Simmi’s accident. Parmeet says are they joking, he has just come home. Mr. Bhalla says he will kill him if he gets to know he is responsible for Simmi. Parmeet says fine and come, I will be here. They leave. Parmeet says who has attacked Simmi. Ashok asks Suraj to book tickets, they will live outside India for few days. Parmeet comes to them. Ashok says he has good news and his wounds will be fine.

He says Ishita Bhalla is dead. Parmeet asks whatr, Ishita died, but how and when. Ashok says I hired contract killer to kill her, he has attacked Ishita and she died. Parmeet says I did not see bigger fool than you, Simmi was driving Ishita’s car and killer attacked Simmi,. Ishita is

not dead, Simmi is injured and is in hospital, Mr. Bhalla thought I did this. Suraj says its bad situation. Parmeet says Simmi will give statement to police. Ashok says even then police can’t reach me.

Simmi gets conscious. Raman and Abhishek talk to her, and ask what happened exactly. Simmi says she left in Ishita’s car and tyre got punctured on the way. FB shows Simmi changing the tyre and someone has hit her, the man saw her face and stopped, she fainted. Raman says Abhishek, it means the man did not come to attack Simmi. Abhishek asks then… Raman sees Ishita and says the man came to kill Ishita, as they are wearing same saree, and Simmi was driving Ishita’s car. Abhishek asks but why will he kill Ishita.

Ishita asks them how can they be sure. Raman gives the same reasoning. Abhishek tells about Simmi’s statement and says someone was following Ishita and attacked Simmi. Raman asks Ishita not to go out. Abhishek says be careful, I will send guards, the killer was hired, Raman do you have any doubt.

Its morning, Amma makes soup for Simmi. Mihika says don’t know who can attack Ishita. Amma says Mrs. Bhalla is worried for Rinki too, she did not come home even to ask about Simmi. Mihika gets thinking. Shagun talks to Manoj about Laxmi’s reports. Manoj says you seem to be doctor here. Shagun says we can’t take any risk, Laxmi has to be fit and fine for surrogacy. He smiles and answers her saying the process of surrogacy. He says he wants Ishita’s permission. She says Raman will convince Ishita, I m worried about Laxmi. She asks about Laxmi’s husband’s reports having some disease. Manoj says its not big disease, its common cold, its medical term for it, its all fine, we will get other reports tomorrow.

Raman talks to Abhishek. Abhishek says they will get CCTV footage of Ishita’s clinic exteriors, we will know something soon. Raman says I can’t relax. Ishita thinks Raman is taking so much tension. Raman ends cal. She asks is he fine. Raman ties a safety thread to her hand. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………….plays…………….. She asks when did he start believing in this. He says I get scared thinking to lose you. She jokes. He says he will face the problems first. She says she will die if anything happens to him. He hugs her.

He asks for coffee. She goes. He goes to washroom and talks to Manoj. Manoj says reports are normal, it means Laxmi can become surrogate mother. Raman gets glad. Manoj says he wants Ishita’s permission before inseminating the fertilized eggs. He asks Raman to get Ishita’s sign. Raman says he will get the signs, till then do all the tests. Manoj says don’t worry, take care. Raman thinks how to take signs.

Raman asks Ishita for her signs and she asks what is it. He asks her to sign for their love, just think its biggest surprise for her from his side. She signs on the papers, while he hides the written part. She asks is he happy. He hugs her and they smile. She thinks to tell Raman about Rinki.

Mihika calls Rinki and rings the bell of her home. She says maybe she is sleeping, Mihir keeps keys under door mat, I will check. She gets the keys. Manoj tells Raman that Laxmi is fine, Shagun has checked well. Laxmi is perfect surrogate mum for your and Ishita’s child. Laxmi comes and Raman greets her. Manoj says he will check a patient, and till then Raman can talk to Laxmi. Shagun says Laxmi, I told you that you came as an angel for Raman and Ishita’s baby, talk to Raman.

Mihika goes inside the house and looks its messy. She says maybe Rinki is in bedroom. She looks for Rinki and gets short western dresses. She checks the bill of 55000rs and says she did shopping for 55000rs, this is really weird. She says Mr. Kumar paid her bill, what is Rinki doing, something is going on and alls her. She worries recalling Amma’s words and says is Rinki in any problem, I have to tell Raman and Ishita, but they are already worried for Simmi, she will talk to Abhishek.

Raman talks to Laxmi at the hospital. At police station, Abhishek asks Ishita to answer her. She says she can’t tell him, and asks him to call Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Whats happening is rinki’s murder blame will come on ishu. Guyz what u are up to. Pehle 10 years ka leap. Now what leap se phele ishra ko alag kr denge kya ye log. Psata nai kya krna chah rai

  2. Guyz 10 years leap means generation leap adi will be 22 and ruh almost 17. Ishra romance will be vanished adi and ruhi will be the main lead their love story noooooooo we dont want the bl**dy leap

  3. Balaji Telefilms’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) seriously doesn’t leave any chance to surprise…no actually shock us!
    Isn’t it readers?
    The drama that the creatives manage to bring in this show is just too addictive!
    After we reported about Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Simmi (Shireen Mirza) being attacked, here is another major twist
    that will leave you speechless!
    It has been reported that in the coming episodes, Rinki (Resha Konkar) will be killed…but do you know who would be the
    It is none other than MIHIKA!!!!
    No no…Mihika (Mihika Varma) will not kill Rinki in revenge or jealousy over Mihir (Raj Singh Arora), but it would be an
    Hold on to your breath and take a seat before we divulge all details.
    Shared the source, “Mihika will be seen enjoying her time in the Ganpati festivities. She would be seen trying her hands in
    shooting. And when she will fire a shot towards the aiming doll, Rinki who would be seen standing behind it would drop
    Oh My Godddd!!!!
    Yes, as per sources, the goons would change the fake pistol with a real one and that would cause Rinki’s death. Though the
    family will not be able to find Rinki’s body, her death would create a lot of differences among the Iyers and Bhallas.
    Mihika would cry innocence would be put to guilt by the Bhallas. Having lost their youngest daughter, the distraught family
    will decide to punish Mihika. On the other hand the Iyers would stand for Mihika knowing well that it was an accident.
    Phew! Too much drama we must say!!!
    From what we hear this ‘murder’ oops…accident will lead to the leap (that we reported yesterday). With changed equations
    and relationships, the masala would be just perfect!
    The actors refused to comment on the developments.
    We promise to keep a close eye on what is going to happen next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and bring you all the exclusive

  4. YHM: Rinki will be murdered in
    the show, and the blame would be on Ishita,
    which breaks the Bhalla family.

  5. Go to hel vith u r crap storh makers

    1. apcelutely right .

  6. i did not watch yhm all at today.todays was worst episode.raman itnaa neeche gir saktha hai ki ishitha se dhokhe sign liya woh bhi surrogacy ke liye .

    1. Yes Dr pagal episode
      We are the fools to feel bad abt the show
      They won’t understand our feelings…

  7. guys….. Today did this episode tellycast….?
    Because we watched yesterday episode again in star plus. Please some indian friend tell me…. Please……

    1. Yes it came u think so but what is the use
      Very bad episode

  8. where is romi and sarika simmi is romi’s own sister even he wont be there in this time.
    will rinki,s dead will break bhalla family or raman and ishita relation. if rinki died for that
    rinki only responsible with her misbehaving attitude how will ball family could blame
    ishita what a selfish raman and bhalla family for their mistakes they are blaming others

  9. raman gone mad totally how can he behave so madly…..usko e booth kaha se saavaara……my god ye serial tho aab worestness ki saaari hadhe par kar chuki hai mai tho bas ithna hi keh sakthi hu ki #RIP yhm…..

  10. In uk we are upto date! This episode is new!! I wish Mihika isn’t the one who kills Rinki and hope after leap Ishra are still together

  11. I am really sad bczz of yhm serial
    I didn’t except from this show

  12. oh god can’t take it toooooo much of drama……so boring
    leap thing is also crap I wish this doesn’t happen..

  13. better to change the title Yeh hai mohabbatein to ” Narakaniki daredi ” ….

    1. Ohhhhhh god gopu …
      Seriously u r correct…. Fed up vit dis tracks…
      Totally mad tracks..

  14. Most worst twists and this serial will no longer be viewed by audience if it continuos like this.the serial will be useless with out Ishita andRaman bond.

  15. Thanks ramchin, don’t know how did this happen……
    And 10 year leap is too much……it means raman and ishita very old……. No ishra romance…… Ruhi is a adult and they will replace someone for ruhi……
    Full nonsense…….. ! If Surrogacy and leap happen,definitely I leave this show. I can’t wast my time any more for this. I fixed my lectures times because of this. I think no need it any more. Obviously I quiet,if this happen.
    From SL

  16. iss show mein sirf bomb blast ,badla ,accidents,miscarriage,extra marital affairs,surrogacy ,crimes , misunderstandings , etc…..and all types of negarivity happens.there no such negativity that has nat been shown in the show.if ekta and makers or writers think that it is a sort of entertainment then they are mistaken. all which they are showing in the show does not convey any social message but just obtaining the hatred of many fans towards the tracks and breaking the hearts of many fans . after having experienced such type of tracks and having known about the worst upcoming tracks in yhm it will be a precaution not to watch any of the ekta serials as all her serials begins with high trp and later end with lowest trp. we fans or veiwers had great expectations towards this serial and thought that this serial and the makers understand the fans and their interest towards the show .and today none of the fans wi encourage such a kind of makeover or change in story line upcoming . so yhm be ready for low trp and loosing a million of fans and veiwers .

  17. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , We have seen
    that Raman takes ishita’s sign for the
    approval of Surrogacy. He also
    worries for ishita and Abhishek
    arranges security for ishita.
    We have already mentioned that Rinky
    is going to die in the show.Here we
    come up with more details.
    According to a source,Mihika is going
    to kill Rinky.
    Yes you heard it right,the sweet and
    charming Mihika Iyer is the person
    who is going to shoot rinky.
    But she will not kill in a revenge or
    jealousy over Mihir (Raj Singh Arora),
    but it would be an accident
    Shared the source, “Mihika will be
    seen enjoying her time in the Ganpati
    festivities. She would be seen trying
    her hands in shooting. And when she
    will fire a shot towards the aiming
    doll, Rinki who would be seen
    standing behind it would drop dead.”
    The goons would change the fake
    pistol with a real one and that would
    cause Rinki’s death. Though the
    family will not be able to find Rinki’s
    body, her death would create a lot of
    differences among the Iyers and
    Mihika would cry innocence would be
    put to guilt by the Bhallas. Having lost
    their youngest daughter, the distraught
    family will decide to punish Mihika.
    On the other hand the Iyers would
    stand for Mihika knowing well that it
    was an accident.
    This tragedy will lead to a leap of 10
    years and a lot of new faces with new
    relationships, a plethora of changes
    will see in line.By the end of October
    the leap will take place.
    Stay Tuned for more updates.

  18. cant even tolerate a more news of the upcoming tracks of yhm .its become a torture now .miscarriage ,bomb blast ,surrogacy,raman and shagun locked in a room ,rinki’s wierd behaviour and extra marital affairs,ashok’s criminal motive to kill ishitha,simmi’s accident ,rinki’s murder,mihika commiting crime of mudering rinki ,leap for 10 years,ruhi and adi leavimg the show ,no ishruhdira scenes and all the upcoming tracts are all the worst tracks that a serial could have is just too irritating and torturing to watch.

  19. Everything is nonsense! Up to Romi’s wedding the story went so nice and romantic but now nothing is nice and normal. The part in the bus.. was interesting and heart touching but the rest is full of nonsense!!!

  20. Dis is total rubbish,wat a fantastic series,i mean it is the worst episode ever.YHM u ve f**ked up big time

  21. Wo doctor itna interfere kyo kar raha hai air Raman kyo understand nahi kar Rama that
    Ishita ko third child ki zarorat nahi hai n what’s all this nonsense about rink murder

  22. Raman third child k liy itna kyo mar raha hai

  23. Acha howa rink I ka murder ho gaya otherwise WO 2shagun nikaltr

  24. Missing ishrarua scenes bhalla family to starting se hi pagal thi mummy Ji pagal
    Raman kharos,romi lose character, simi jhagralo ,rinki as shagun and one n only
    Mr bhalla a typical sasur poor ishita

  25. Ruhi ki hi waja se trp increase hoja te hai aur leap k bad kya hoga

  26. Bas bhi karo yar ekta,aur kitna bakvas dikhavoge…kyo e sab anab shanab twist dalke kahani ko paka rahe ho…
    Why the hell ramam need that third child….please ye drama band karo..

  27. Mihika ne rinki ko mara hai. Jail ishita ko hogi.

  28. Nayi bottle me purani shrab mat bhecho ekta

  29. Akashdeep sehgal ka role kaha gayab ho gya

  30. Rinki ka murder mihika ne kiya hai kyunki rinki mihir ko dhoka de rhi thi. Jaldi hi ishita ko 10 saal ki saza hogi. Uski help ek new character krega, akashdeep sehgal. Jab wo jail se aayegi to sab us se nafrat krenge. Mihir will get married to mihika.

  31. Hii yhm friends…how are you ?…

  32. IshrafAns wants ishra baby…

    Ishra is not complete family….

    Sooooo yhm track ???..

  33. Murder mihika ne kiya aur sazza ishita ko kyo??

  34. kaun jail jaayega.whats all this?

  35. U me tv segment bday party of ruhanika ….
    # Saloni

  36. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for some big drama and
    twists in the upcoming episodes. Raman will be seen
    betraying Ishita and breaking her trust by making her sign
    surrogacy papers without her knowledge. Ishita will be
    fooled by Raman, while on other hand Rinki will go missing
    and Ishita will be suspected as she was the last person to
    meet her.
    Everyone will get shocked when Rinki is found dead, and
    Ishita will be blamed, and suspected for Rinki’s murder.
    Raman will support Ishita as he knows that he can’t do such
    a dreadful deed and he will vow to find the murderer.
    According to online media portal, Mihika will be the
    murderer of Rinki but it was just an accident not a murder
    Mihika or Ashok, who killed Rinki? To know watch the
    suspense and thrill filled episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  37. happy advanced birthday ruhanika dhawan aka ruhi .

  38. leap is confirmed .they said in sbb that ruhi will be leaving the show soon so they celebrated ruhanika aka ruhi’s birthday in advance .hate the makers to bring leap .

    1. Ruhi vil neve leave the show…
      She vil back again as ishuram child
      So please don’t worry guys….

  39. I don’t want leap

  40. Happy birthday RU in advance

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