Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone celebrating Bhai dooj happily. Simmi leaves and Ishita informs Prateek. She hopes Simmi is caught red handed and her truth comes out. Simmi comes to a hotel, while Abhishek and Prateek follow her. Abhishek says he feels Ashok’s intentions wrong. Prateek says we should take Simmi and Ashok’s pic, so that Ishita can show Raman. When Raman confronts Simmi with pics, she will not be able to lie. Simmi goes to room. Abhishek asks receptionist for details. She refuses to give details. He says I m police officer, I m working on a case. The lady gives him details. Abhishek and Prateek knock the door.

Simmi opens the door and gets shocked seeing them. She asks what are they doing here. Abhishek says let us come inside. She asks them to go. He says we want

to see what are you talking to Ashok. They get shocked seeing Parmeet. Prateek asks who is he. Simmi says he is my husband. Abhishek reminds she is divorced, does her family know she is meeting him. She says its my personal life, I will decide, its none of his business, she has not given right to anyone to question her. She asks them to leave right away. They leave. She shuts the door. Abhishek says its very strange, why is Simmi behaving like this. Prateek says we thought she came to meet Ashok, but she came to meet her ex husband, are those men related. Abhishek says Ishita can tell us.

Suraj recalls Vandu’s slap and says she insulted me infront of everyone, what did I do. He throws the water glass and scolds servant. Ashok asks him not to get angry on servant, its Suraj’s mistake to gift necklace, Vandu insulted him by slapping, does he not care for his respect. Suraj says yes, I did mistake, I will show her who I m. He goes. Ashok smiles and says this is good, Suraj will support me in finishing Bhalla family, the more the merrier…

Ishita waits for Abhishek and hopes Simmi is not culprit. Neelu asks did she add salt in daal. Ishita is lost in thoughts and talks to Neelu. Raman comes and asks Ishita to come along for icecream treat. Ishita says Ruhi is sleeping. He says your phone is lucky than me, I wish I was your phone. She says you do comedy and takes phone. He asks whose call is coming, its off. She says I will put on charging. Simmi comes home. She says she got icecream, will Raman have it. Raman asks her why did she go to meet Ashok. Simmi thinks Abhishek and Prateek did not tell Raman that she met Parmeet, she can’t tell truth to Raman. He asks her to answer. She says she will decide what to share with him, its her life. She goes. Ishita says I will try to talk to her. Raman says no use, this won’t solve.

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Ishita waits for the call and says Raman has my phone, they would be calling, my phone is not charged. Simmi cries in her room. She says Lord help me, Abhishek saw me with Parmeet, if he tells Raman and Ishita.. till when will I hide all this. Ishita talks to Abhishek, Prateek and Shagun, and asks how can Simmi meet Parmeet, she broke her relation with Parmeet and was marrying Subbu before. Shagun asks Ishita not to worry and not ask Simmi, Parmeet will be using Simmi, he is with Ashok. Ishita asks Abhishek to keep an eye on Simmi. Abhishek says I have my team after Ashok too. Ishita thinks whats happening, Simmi met Ashok and now Parmeet, he will be after Raman, Parmeet is creep, but why is Simmi meeting Parmeet.

Mihir comes to Bhalla house and meets Raman. Raman asks why is he upset, Mihir says there is some bad news, we lost a contract, there was hardly any margin in our price. Raman says its fine. Mihir says I studied all contracts, there are too many loopholes, how could we have lost by small margins. Raman says I m unable to focus. Mihir says I mean there is something wrong in our office, you have to look into it. Raman says Pathak makes contracts, we will call him, come have dinner.

Its morning, Pathak comes and greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to come for breakfast. He asks for tea. Ishita tells Abhishek that she will inform when Simmi leaves. Raman asks Pathak to come. Pathak asks Raman why did he call urgently. Raman asks is he in any stress, every contract has loopholes. Pathak says sorry, I had some personal problems, such mistakes won’t happen. Raman asks him to take few days leave. Pathak says I m fine. Simmi asks about Ananya. Pathak asks her how is she. Simmi says I m fine. Ishita says Ananya was playing with Ruhi and Adi, they went to Amma’s house.

Pathak asks Ishita and Raman is Simmi fine. Ishita asks why, what happened to her. Pathak says she was buying many medicines from chemist, she has withdrawn much money from Raman and her account, I got bank message in morning. Raman says I will talk to her. Ishita says wait, I will ask her my way. She goes.

Ruhi tells Vandu about her school essay to be written on qualities of a father. Ruhi and Shravan say their father is the best. Ananya says Papa. Simmi cries seeing this. Ruhi and Shravan see Ananya missing her Papa. Vandu says Ananya is learning new words. Shravan asks will Ananya always be sad. Vandu asks why do you feel she will be sad. Shravan says Ananya has no father. Ishita comes there and hears them.

Ishita asks Simmi what is the matter. Simmi refuses to tell her. Ishita tells Prateek that Simmi left, when she returns, I have a plan.

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  1. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is maintaining it’s position in the top of the TRP chart ever since the Ghost track started.
    Ishita’s mother brings a tantric home to help her daughter. Ishita uses this as an opportunity and pretends to get more violent and tries to hurt Romi. But being Ishita, she can’t see anyone from her family getting hurt and decides to cut her own wrists; and claims that it is Shagun’s ghost’s doing.
    As TellyGuru already mentioned Ishita finds out the reason behind simmi meeting Ashok . Simmi is helping Param without the knowledge of Raman.They also find a new clue through which they suspect Pathak for hurting raman during Diwali. In the coming episodes,The Biggest secret of Ishita will be out.Read to know How..
    According to a source,”Ishita comes to meet Shagun to discuss about their further plan.In the meanwhile,Ashok who doubts ishita and follows her.He finds out that shagun is alive.He catches them Red handed and tells that their Drama is over.He threatens them to STOP their Bhoot drama.”
    Ashok will now Blackmail ishita and Shagun to work under his control.It would be interesting to find out how the Ladies will come out of this problem.
    Will ishita and shagun come out of this problem? Will Ashok try to harm Raman again?
    To know what heppens next,Keep reading this space for more updates.

  2. arey yar mujhe tho dheere dheere strong feeling ho rahi hai ki ye saara khel,drama nd sab kuch ek disaster hone vaala hai bec ek taraf raman’s bussiness is in danger aur vaha ashok ishu aur shagun ke plan ke baare me patha chal chuka hai tho i had a strong feeling ki e sab kuch ek disaster hoga aur phir koi leap hogi and as usual just like saari ektha’s shows ishra will seperate nd like that

  3. Simmi and Ruhi doing Bhai Dooj pooja of their respective brothers. Raman is angry with Simmi because of her fight
    with Ishita. Ishita came to know that Simmi is meeting Ashok secretly. Simmi is found meeting Parmeet. Ashok has
    seen Shagun and Ishita together. Ashok is glad catching them red handed. Ishita and Shagun were meeting to
    discuss their plan. Ashok threatens them. He says he will show them his plan.

  4. ab shayad ishitha aur shagun ka ashok se open challenge hoga aur zaroor ishitha shagun prateek abhishek hi jeethenge aur iss baar ashok nahi bach paayega .

    • Hi jhanvi , ritu , diya , darshika n all how r u guys ya I completely agree with u darshika n jhanvi agar DT is trying to make abhishek main lead this is completely wrong

  5. Divya

    Again Suraj real character is out. Hope suraj shouldn’t do any wrong with Vanditha. Now a days vandu is looking good

  6. jhanvi

    Ha bhagi ye news sunke to me bhi heran hu…pata nahi kya hoga… Kabhi to ye log hame unke plans Strong hona ka yakken dilate hai aur kabhi aisi news dekar dara rahe hai……actully agar Raman ko pata hota to shayad separation ka darr nahi lagta lekin kyuki writers Raman ko pata nahi chalne dena chahte.. Jab ki mere khyal se to ishu ko sabse pehle Raman ko hi btana chahiye taking WO alert rahe lekin ishu nahi bta rahi hai.. Aur Na hi writers btana chahte hai shayad….. Isiliye muje bhi darr lag raha hai separation ka….agar Raman ko pata hota to darr nahi lagta….., kyuki koi solid wajah nahi hai Raman se ye bat chupane ki fir bhi wo log chupa rahe hai…..

  7. jhanvi

    Epi was OK……. Still we have to wait for simmi’s truth…..what is that BL**** param doing..???? Dfntly he is using simmi…. ..

    Family scene was nice….. Nd kids masti was also nice… After long time we saw them… Ananya is also very cute….

    Nd what that BL**** Ashok did….he make suraj against vandu Nd bhallas… I hope suraj will nt listen him ….

  8. jhanvi

    Nd yeah ….., Ashok came to know bout this drama.don’t know what will he do now…, Nd how ishu Nd Shagun will handle him…..,BT after this too much drama.. Ashok mst get punished, Nd param too, if he is also involved in this plan…, if this plan will nt work Nd Ashok will win…. Then dfntly dis drama will become useless…..!!!!!! Ishu hurt everyone only for this drama Nd only for to trap Ashok.. So this plan shld be rocking…. Don’t make it useless ,don’t make Ashok win, Nd don’t do anything wrong with our ishra Nd vandu-bala…..

  9. suraj bhi ashok ki tarah hi hai .uski galathi aur uski wajah se vandu ko kitnii problems jhelni padi usse patha hai phir saala kuch dinon ke liye kameenon ke foug se door tha ab phir se kameenon ke foug mein aa hi gaya .

  10. iss baar ashok nahi bach saktha kyunki ishitha ki plab mein abhishek bhi shaamil hai aur aur agar ashok ke khilaaf agar kuch hona bhi hai toh thos sabooth aur gava toh hai hi aur gava toh acp hi hai.

  11. diya

    yaa grt epi ..last part of the epi is emotional. bechari ananya i feel for her … i thnk simmi has a real strong reason . she is majboor i think. i knew ahsa koyi scary twist ayega … but no one can defy girl power . woh kammenna ashok v nhin . to kya hua pata chal gya toh .. i thnk rithu u r right .abhi open challenge hoga un tin logo k beech.
    and yes if simmi also gets involved in this pln .. it would b grt . koyi family member to hoga iss mein. abhisekh is also a part of this pln
    . so i dnt thnk nythng wrong will hppn . lets c what happens .nnd am again saying seperation will not happen . cz ishra ‘s child has nt cme yet in this world . i wonder what will happen to shagun after this?? make her marry manoj nd if not manoj den prateek.

    really waitng for tommorrows epi….

  12. Nagashri

    this is becoming pathetic day by day.. I dono Hw this has topped the trp chart.. disgusting track…. old yhm was far far better than this track

  13. Darshika

    ok epi…….
    I can’t say anything about upcoming episodes……. Very unpredictable.
    I think, suraj is negative again.
    And may be param has some sick. Simmi may help him for ananya’s sake.
    What will happen,when ashok know the truth. ? And I have a LITTLE(not big one) doubt about shagun. Let’s see.
    I think,we should wait and watch now.
    ( And if there’s a LONG leap or separation, I swear, I leave this show. Coz I don’t want to see 50 years old ishita’s and 55 years old raman’s love and romance. Chee…… Disgusting. But I still think strongly, there’s no leap or separation. Coz at least there’s no only one NEW spoiler about a leap or separation)

  14. Star

    OMG rithu r u serious….in the link u said it is written that ashok kidnaps ishita??? How did that ashok come to know?? He still didn’t learn..he have to’s episode was so emotional…bechari ananya I feel so sad for her..

  15. Diyah

    Feel so sorry for Anaya she deserves a dad Hopefully prateek or manoj will be her dad! So emotional anaya part

  16. jhanvi

    Guys have you read d news…, Divyanka is dating with vivek (abhishek)….. Nd she wants him to be lead in d show.. She also requested to CVs Nd Ekta to think once at least bout vivek… Nd Divyanka wants him to be paired with him…….oh god how can she do this …no one can replace karan Patel…..!!!!!! ……..Nd no matches Divyanka Nd vivek…. Nd if she is dating with him that’s OK Na….y she is mixing personal Nd professional life…..???????
    No one can give justice to Raman’s character….!!!!!!!

    • jhanvi

      Sorry….. Paired with her….

      No one can give justice to Raman’s character….., only KARAN PATEL…..!!!!!!!

  17. jhanvi

    Yeah Darshika….. I don’t know y BT I also have a doubt on Shagun..what will happen if Shagun is really helping Ashok… BT actually if she wants to harm Raman she will help Ashok Na ..y she make a plan Nd involved ishu Nd does such a drama……. May be coz she wants Raman to hate ishu Nd ishu to leave Raman….. So she can separate ishra….

    Don’t know anything many confusions..!!
    We have one option…., let’s wait watch.. We can’t do anything else…

    BT hope my pridction will be proved wrong Nd ishu will win.. No separation or leap..!!!
    Finger crossed !!!!!!!!!

  18. Darshika

    new commenters always welcome.

    What the hell…..??? Jhanvi, where did you find that news…..? ishita and abhishek are never good pair FOR YHM…..!!!!!(another story,ok) We love ishita and raman pair…….. If divyanka do this, I’ll definitely hate her…….!!!!!! And no one watch that melodrama. I don’t care about her personal life…… But this is blo*dy disgusting idea…….!!!!! What does she think…..? We are NOT watching this ONLY for her. How many karan fans are there……? And how many ISHRA fans are there……? Seriously, if this is true, I hate Divyanka. Who the hell is she deciding it…..??? Really irritating.
    I’m very sorry, I don’t want to blame Divyanka. And don’t want to hurt any Divyanka’s fan. Coz I’m also big fan of her. And if this is a fake news, DON’T TAKE SERIOUS MY WORDS AT ALL. I hope that this is a fake news.

  19. jhanvi

    Yeah me too Darshika I also want to say d same…. What she think, people loves her so much it doesn’t mean we only loves her nd watch YHM only coz of her… We watch YHM also for KP Nd Divan….., we also love kp as well as Divyanka. Nd there r so many fans of KARAN also…he also have d huge fan following…!!!!
    I don’t know d news is fack or not …BT if she really doing this dfntly I also will not appreciate her nd lost respect for her…

    I m also a big fan of DT bt I also love KP to d core…..!!!!! Nd Divyanka shld nt mix d personal Nd professional life..I hope that it’s fack news….

  20. jhanvi

    BT I think after surrogacy drama I don’t think Ekta will try to mess up with fans again…..

    Actually on Twitter people r sharing their fear Nd saying that may be Ekta is planning for separation Nd leap.. Nd that’s y ishu is hiding d truth from Raman coz she doesn’t have d strong reason to hide this from Raman. ( I also think that if smone is trying to kill Raman she shld tell HIM d first Nd she shld tell Raman to be alert..) BT she is hiding this from him Nd there is no logic in this ….!!!! She is doing mistake …
    So ppl r scared that may be Ashok will win ( I don’t know what will happen to Raman’s character) nd after leap ishu will be paired with abhishek coz she is forcing CVS …….

    I really hope this not d real one……BT I m scared coz I also think d same that ishu is hiding this from Raman BT actually there is no need to hide this from him….

  21. jhanvi

    People were abusing Divyanka very badly so may be that’s y they deleted that article..,which I found on YHM page…

    U will find another article on YHM page…… 7 pictures of yhm’s ishra.y they r best…. People r also saying d same Nd abusing her under this article also ….

    I don’t know this is real or fack …BT hope it’s fack news….

  22. diya

    guys . .. i searched all over the internet but cldnt find a single site which tld divyanka tripathi is forcing the cvs to make vivek the lead .nd i really dont thnk divz is that insensitive that she will do such a demand . its not evn confirmd tht divyanka is dating
    vivek …nd we all know how she is .she is a thorough proffesional . i dont blv in this news . our divyanka can never do such a thng. we r ishra fans nd abhisekh is bng paired with mihika nd in the show he is evn younger than ishita . i thing its a fake news made by ny bad wisher of divyanka and karan who wants to harm thr reputation by using divyanka nd viveks rltnship status .
    nd as i know ekta wont do such a thng if this news is really true . AM A DIVYANKA TRIPATHI ND KARAN PATEL FAN nd i refuse to blv this news .

  23. gem

    The quality of this English is appalling. Please at least get the article through Word Autocorrect first. The article would be a much more enjoyable read.

  24. diya

    I hv searched all over the internet but couldnt find a single article about divyanka tripathi forcing cvs to make vivek the lead . i thnk its a fake news cz i dnt thnk divyanka is that insensitive that she will do such a demand . She clearly knows that ppl love ishra a lot … nd its not evn cnfirmed that she nd vivek is together . I thnk jhanvi nd darshika its fake news done by some moron to harm the reputation of karan , divyanka nd vivek . Plz dnt blv in this craps

  25. Star

    Ya me too even I wish its a fake news..if this is true also ekta won’t allow this bcuz of this the rating of the show will go down…no one can replace Karan Patel…till yhm is there ishra will be divyanka and karan..

  26. V P

    Such an amazing actress like Divyanka will ever tell Ekta or creators to give importance to Abhilash that too get popularity . Very cheap way of attacking Divyanka who is gorgeous in anything and everything . I always felt her as a character lady … fact I was admiring her for what she is off screen … Her humbleness , attitude , simplicity , what not anything and everything has attracted millions of fans . This is simply to spoil her name , people who are upset seeing her popularity . Why to mix her personal life into this . Allow her to move on in her life ….. She was able to give the viewers the best of her acting inspite of so many issues happened in her life . I also read the article , very cheap way of putting it whoever it is . Awards declaration and all nearing , just a politics these all . You love her , be with her

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