Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi getting angry seeing Shanaya flirting with Raman. Ishita asks Raman to come with her to room, while he refuses. He acts shy and concerned that anyone would see. Ishita says you will be surprised, come with me. She takes him to the hotel room. Niddhi follows them angrily.

Bala asks Romi what happened, you are sitting here alone. Romi says its fine, I sometimes sit here. Bala says I also sit here alone sometimes. Romi asks about his classes, tell me if you need few computers. Bala says not now, I will tell you when I need, but you joined Raman’s office. Romi says yes, I m working, I thought to do business too, if your friends need, tell me. Bala says sure, Vandu may come late, I have to leave, if she comes, tell her I left, all the best. He leaves. Romi

think what to do to arrange money.

Ishita asks Raman are you sure Niddhi will see us. Raman says yes, Niddhi can see and hear us from this window, which is common between this room and storeroom beside this room. Ishita says great, but if she does not come. Raman says I have arranged CCTV in store room and we can get the feed here. Ishita says it means we can see her too. Niddhi gets angry seeing Do not disturb sign. She sees the store room door open and goes inside.

Raman and Ishita see Niddhi inside store room. They talk aloud to make Niddhi hear them. Niddhi hears them and tries to see them via window. Ishita flirts with Raman, while he acts like not comfortable. She says its just you and me here, tell me what will you drink, sit here. He asks what are you doing. She says we are going to start work relationship. Raman says work relationship is not like this. Niddhi thinks Sarika was right about Shanaya.

Ishita says dad called me for my marriage, I reached your marriage, when I came there, your marriage broke, my engagement broke, what does this mean, there is some kismat connection. He says I was shocked seeing you there, you looked like… she says I look like your wife, we have connection of heart. He says you are getting mad. Niddhi is angry on Shanaya.

Mrs. Bhalla takes care of Shagun. Mr. Bhalla thanks Shagun for giving happiness to the family, forget old things, we are glad you are giving Raman and Ishita’s baby, I want to give something for this favor. I have few property, I m giving it to you, please keep these papers. Shagun says I can’t take this, I did this for me, I did not do favor. Romi looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says you have right too. Shagun says its Ishita’s right, I can’t take this. Romi thinks of the property, and if I get it, maybe I can stop Sarika by giving her money.

Raman makes distances and Ishita sticks to it. They have a talk. Niddhi gets scared seeing the rat and scares him away. Ishita asks Raman to relax. He asks what is she doing, leave my hand. Ishita gets close and says I will show whats relaxation. He says control yourself, this is not business. Ishita plays a song and dances…… Niddhi gets shocked.

Aaj sikha de mujhe love karke……plays…………… Ishita dances with Raman to woo him, while he smiles and acts to avoid her infront of Niddhi. Ishita teases him with a rose and falls in his arms. She pushes him on the bed and gets close to him. Niddhi gets angry. Raman gets up to leave and Ishita stops him. She hugs Raman and Niddhi controls her anger watching them.

Sarika is on phone and asks Neelu to shut musical toy. Simmi comes and sees Ananya crying. Simmi scolds Sarika. Sarika badly taunts Simmi to stay in her parents’ house. Romi hears this and scolds Sarika. She asks him to do her settlement else bear her silently. She goes on call. Romi gets angry and thinks to throw money on her face, and kick her out of house.

Raman asks can we just finish this meeting. Ishita asks are you not feeling what I m feeling, I think of just you, I think I love you Raman. He asks her to just stop it, you should be ashamed, I was marrying Niddhi, marriage stopped, it did not break, I love Niddhi, your face just matches with Ishita. She asks how dare you Raman, do you know me. Raman says you are just Raichand’s daughter. Niddhi hears them and says Raman is so good, Sarika made me think against him, he trusts me a lot, if he knows, he will feel so sad, I should leave. Niddhi goes. Ishita says you will regret Raman. They see Niddhi going. Ishita jumps happily and laughs. She says Niddhi would have faced rats there too. Raman says we have to take revenge from her for your every tear, family’s suffering and our separation painful moments.

Niddhi looks for her car. Guard says your car was parked in no parking, RTO took it away, its auto and taxi strike today, you can catch bus. She asks are you mad, will I go by bus. She thinks what to do, and takes lift by some girl…. She asks her to drop her till RTO. The girl agrees. Niddhi introduces herself. The girl says I m Shanaya Raichand. Niddhi is shocked.

Raman and Ishita talk about Niddhi. Niddhi tells Mrs. Bhalla that this Shanaya is fake, real is someone else. Mrs. Bhalla acts and asks Niddhi to save Raman.

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    • diya

      well leap is cancelled nd thr is presently no leap in the show . yes she was bng decided to play ruhi post leap ..but now as if now the makers have decided no to go with leap due to high ratings of the show .

  1. diya

    hello all finally its proved by watching today’s episode that yhm is nt taking any leap . its cancelled . but this mrs bhalla is too much . i hvnt seen the epi yet . was the girl who said she is shanaya .is she aditi bhatia?

  2. shivani

    Hey after watching today’s episode i feels that aditi bhatia is entering as real shanaya , not as grown-up ruhi..becos nidhi says “this shanaya is fake..real is someone else”

  3. SIndhu

    Hi Rithi and all regular YHM commenters. Hope everyone of you is doing fine. Nice episode. But precap is not fantastic. Why is even Romi under the control of Sarika? It is so silly. Why is everyone afraid of Sarika and so careful? Now that Rohit is not there, they should just ask her to get out of the house. Nice moments of Ishra and very interesting to watch Ishita seducing Raman. It is quite nice to watch. Please I hope no separation between Ishita and Raman. The spoiler said that Shagun will look after their baby and Ishita will leave Raman in search of grown up Ruhi but Shagun has already bagged a lead role in a movie so how will she have time to act in YHM for the subsequent episodes I wonder. If that is the case she will be so busy she will not be in YHM. I hate the spoilers. I hope there is at least one that is reporting the truth. I know that Divyanka and Vivek will be getting married either in July or November. I don’t know whether they are going to bring the separation then. I really really hope there is no separation. Why Raman has to go through so much of trouble to prove Ishita innocent and then for the producers to separate them again?? Isn’t this silly?

  4. shivani

    I dont knw wat would happen in the upcoming episodes of yhm…Whatever happens,Ishita should be with her ruhi..writers always showed ruhi as intelligent and understanding..also as per the current track ruhi knows this nidhi’s evil plans to seperate her ishima from how could this possible that
    nidhi will brainwash ruhi against ishitha nd ruhi will hate her ishima.?.nd wat happened to Raman?, In the early episodes when Raman exchanged ruhi with adi, he has realized how much ishita loves ruhi..he knows ishita cant live without
    ruhi..then how can he repeat the same mistake..?

    • V P

      very true Shivani . Totally agree with you … whoever brain washes Ruhi will never change … spoilers really boils up our emotions … Today episode was really dragging …. feels like having the old Ishitha back soon …. their dancing was very boring even though to show off to Nidhi ….divyanka off screen in dresses looks very nice …. but somehow as shanaya the costumes are not at all suiting her .

  5. Vins

    Episode was okay. . What is this romi part… so annoying… every time he feels low before that witch sarika. .. irritating… Instead of giving her money he can pair up with his so called friend mihika… so that sarika will be automatically get diverted from nidhi… They both can play with her.. irritate her… They can scare her.. then it would be fun watching that sarika going mad abt them… then she won’t interfere in others matters…. think of it cvs… don’t make romi again bad in front of his family… don’t repeat the story…

  6. Ammu

    Omg wat is going to happen in yhm ooo God again separation noo yaar ruhi shouldn’t hate ishi Maa yaar plz writer don’t doo this I will die I can’t see them separate????

  7. Amna

    Please choose a different grownup ruhi post to leap make niddhi kidnap ruhi or adi not new born baby let Raman and ishita have one happy moment and let them take care of the new baby please. Ruhi is not a tomboy she’s a girly girl. So please change the leap on what is happening and who is going where.

  8. noor

    Mrs bhalla is actually mad . Why she gave property to shagun? ? The third baby is just like adi and ruhi . it is born by shagun not ishita .ishita deserve her own baby .That’s why I hate surrogacy from start . Don’t know from where that stupid idea entered ekta’s mind .

    • V P

      absolutely you are right Noor . i was also very much against and really annoyed the way they are all pampering Shaghun …

  9. Siddhi

    I have seen a pic of aditi bhatia as grown up ruhi she has boy like hair n was wearing jacket I don’t know which spoiler to believe some r saying 7 yr leap some 8 yr n some 10 n some r saying no leap uff I am getting frustrated

  10. Siddhi

    Don’t want ruhi to hate her ishimaa I just love ishru bonding don’t want ishrarudi separation

  11. Anakha

    Hai rithu and all yhm friends…episode was okay..ishra’s part was interesting..hope there will not be any leap in the show….love yhm …

  12. diya

    lovely episode . lovd it . guys i hv got some confirmed news that presently thr is no leap in the show . it is cancelled .i dont know about the future .but currently no leap . i confirmed this news from the admin of thefb page “Queen of hearts divyanka tripathi” .

    well since the real shanaya is sm1 else nd neither aditi nor that girl .i thnk that grl was roped to play grwn up ruhi earlier .but currently she isnt comng ny time soon .
    the makers hv cncelled the leap due to high ratings of the show ..nd we all know how much trp crazy they are nd in order to dragg this current track nd bring new twists in it they have introduced the character of real shanaya raichand …so that they can continue with this .

    i really hope thr is no leap nd separation ahead!!

  13. wao surrogracy idea was soo brilliant shogun ne bhalla family ko third baby diya ishu he nii wao ekta there was no need of this stupid surrogacy actually bhalla family ko shagun ko hi ghar me rakh lena cahiye babies pada karnay k liye now she should born romi baby n jab sab k babies ho jaye tab pata calay saari property shagun k name ho gi hai n phir shagun ko Devi bana lo I have no problem with Anita she is superb as negative character but this surroravy idea was very dumb

  14. News about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s upcoming 10 year leap has been buzzing around since a long time. There have also been reports of actress Aditi Bhatia being roped in as adult Ruhi in the post leap track.
    However, a shocking news has just been revealed that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will not be taking a leap. Aditi Bhatia will enter the show but she will not play Ruhi and instead she will be seen as Mr. Raichand’s real daughter Shanaya. Currently Ishita is pretending to be Shanaya and Raman is supporting her in this drama. However, very soon the real Shanaya will enter and new twist will take place.

  15. At holika dahan puja, Bhalla family is celebrating. Raman and Ishita’s truth is out to everyone, except Niddhi and Sarika. Shanaya is doing puja with Raman. Niddhi gets angry and tells Sarika that Ishita was innocent, and she has trapped her. Shagun hears Niddhi accepting her crimes. Shagun informs everyone about Niddhi’s confession. Niddhi and Sarika will be kicked out from Bhalla house. This holi will bring many twists and all things will get fine. Keep reading.

  16. Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will not be taking the 10 years leap. Since a long time rumours were doing around that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will go in for a leap very soon.
    However these rumours have been rubbished by the makers of the show and it seems that there is no leap in the near future as well. Aditi Bhatia has been roped in the show but not as adult Ruhi but Mr. Raichand’s daughter Shanaya. Currently Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ) is pretending to be Shanaya to take revenge from Nidhi (Pavitra Punia).
    It seems that with the entry of real Shanaya lots of twist and turns can be expected.
    Stay tuned for more updates on your favourite show.

  17. No leap Aditi Bhatiya to play real shanaya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein In the serial yeh hai mohabbatain currently showing that ishita becomes shanaya to hide from the police and to trap needhi. ishita and raman playing game with needhi to find the video chip of ishita’s innocence. recently it has been shown that ruhi has doubt on shanaya that she is ishita so ruhi tells this secret to toshi and shagun and than this secret gone viral to every family member ( only sarika and needhi don’t know the…

  18. The upcoming Holi special episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring new interesting twists as Shanaya aka Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get successful in confusing Nidhi.
    The Holi episode will feature Shanaya aka Ishita being present for Holi puja. Ishita will light up the Holi with Raman (Karan Patel ) and will take the rounds around the fire notifying pheras of wedding. Sarika will notice it and will hurriedly inform Nidhi who will get angry. Smart Ishita will then announce her upcoming wedding with Ashok. Nidhi will get confused over the event and later will meet Ishita in person.
    In person Ishita again will tell Nidhi that she will grab Raman from Nidhi. Nidhi will be completely taken aback by Ishita’s changing stances. Ishita and Raman will enjoy Nidhi’s confused state.

  19. News about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s upcoming 10 year leap has been buzzing around since a long time.

    There have also been reports of actress Aditi Bhatia being roped in as adult Ruhi in the post leap track.

    However, a shocking news has just been revealed that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will not be taking a leap.

    Aditi Bhatia will enter the show but she will not play Ruhi and instead she will be seen as Mr. Raichand’s real daughter Shanaya.

    New twist with real Shanaya’s entry

    Currently Ishita is pretending to be Shanaya and Raman is supporting her in this drama.

    However, very soon the real Shanaya will enter and new twist will take place.

  20. soniya

    hey koi mujhe batayega yeh leap ,ruhi bari ho jayegi yeh sab kya hai please anybody tell me. kya real me leap hoga fir toh. gaya yeh serial and yeah nice episode

  21. Neerja654

    Suddenly Nidhi has become dumb. What happened to her lawyer’s brains? Everyone can make her a fool. Even ruhi.

  22. A look at what Holi has in store
    for your favourite characters!
    The festival of colours is a crucial one
    for our daily soaps. A lot of drama,
    plotting, suspense adds deeper tones
    to the festive hues. This year too we
    will see a number of twists and turns
    in popular shows. Here is a lowdown
    on them…
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    A slap drama will unfold on YHM as
    we will see Simmi (Shireen Mirza)
    hitting Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) during
    the Holi celebrations. Romi (Aly Goni)
    will be a mute bystander to the
    proceedings. Niddhi (Pavitra Punia)
    won’t be able to attend the events as
    Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) will injure

  23. lata

    yeh hai moh has lost its charm completely and MS. EKTA loves taking people for a ride, the most ridiculous being when the noose falls and ISHI escapes. Seriously, is the noose so ficke or Ms, EKTA ?

  24. lata

    Rather than concentrating on the happy family scenario and overcoming the step mother tag and giving message to the audience it has gone into a completely ridiculous track, which deserves less mention. THERE IS A LIMIT FOR IMAGINATION, EKTA KAPOOR.

  25. 10 year leap cancelled in Yeh Hai
    News about Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s
    upcoming 10 year leap has been
    buzzing around since a long time.
    There have…

  26. With the new twists and turns
    being introduced in Star Plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers are
    glued to Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    and Raman’s ( Karan Patel ) new
    moves to see Nidhi defeated.
    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will embark on Holi
    Shanaya aka Ishita comes for Holi
    puja with Ashok and announces
    that the both will be getting
    Ruhi makes sure that Nidhi trips
    over and fractures her leg and
    can’t perform Holi puja.
    On the other hand, Shanaya
    performs puja with Raman and
    takes rounds around the fore with
    Sarika gets shocked to see
    Shanaya and Raman’s behavior
    together and hurriedly informs
    Shanaya threatens Nidhi that she
    will grab Raman from Nidhi.
    The upcoming storyline will show
    Shagun getting premature
    Everyone will get worried as
    Shagun will deliver premature
    However everyone will rejoice
    after knowing that the baby is fine.
    Soon Nidhi will run away with
    Ishita-Raman’s baby to blackmail

  27. V P

    shame to tell imYhm is based on Manju Kapoors novel Cudtdy . Why cant Romi divorce Shaarika …. cant understand …. solid reasons are there to file a case …then why not ? Nidhi concept and all utter rubbish . we fans will be happy when they add one Ishra scene in between … we are cheered … Only Mr Bhalla was there not pampering Shaghun …. Once a vamp now puttar … it seems three kids been given … she is a child producing machine or what . here Ishithas selfless sacrifice to marry Raman fir Ruhi … and how beautifully their love blossomed up and together for everything . now ex wife current wife future wife …. competetion … i dont know whom to blame … Ekta or story writer …. please dont take the fans for a ride …. heard no leap …. no need for a leap for this story … how step mother brings her own child and Adi and Ruhi ..ever try to seperate Ruhi and Ishitha … Divyanka is a fabulous actress … anyways … serials has to move on … yhm can be on the top in Trp if twisted pisitively … now its fun to watch …, fooling Ashok Nidhi and all …. after a time its get boring too . please go thru yhm ff … some r written brilliantly …

  28. Lavanya

    I have came to Mumbai for my vacation I had asked my father that I want to meet divyanka and do u know today only I have met her I can’t tell how much happy I am

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