Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling everyone that she is not getting the letter, she checked everywhere. Mr. Bhalla asks Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla to see in her room. Abhishek comes and Ishita says she is not getting Vohra’s letter. She says she will ask Raman. Raman goes to Adi and says no need to do packing, Papa will not let you anywhere, this is not because of you, I can’t live without you. He says see Ishita is worried without Ruhi. He says she will be worried without you too, I promise I will get Ruhi back. Ishita talks to Vohra’s assistant and asks about him, and he says he left for New York and he does not have any copy. Everyone try to find and does not get it. Ishita asks Raman about the letter.

Raman says Adi will not go back. Ishita says we will get Ruhi and then apply

for Adi’s custody, how will we get Ruhi if Adi does not go to Shagun. Raman cries and says Ruhi won’t come, we will make fresh appeal. She says will Ruhi be with Shagun. He says yes. She asks why. Ruhi is glad and checks her dress. She says Ishita will take her today and Shagun comes to her.

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Ruhi says Ishita will take her home today, as 48 hours are over, we will go court, I packed my bags and I will go home from there. Shagun asks her to have food. Ruhi says no, I will have it at home. Shagun scolds her. Ruhi says its your last time to shout on me. Ishita asks Raman whats going on in his mind. He says he won’t answer for everything, and says there will be no changes. Ishita asks how can he decide, did he discuss anything, how can he do this, you love Adi, but how can he sacrifice Ruhi, it was Ruhi who made him realize he is father, and asks for an answer.

She realizes that Raman took the papers at night, and asks did he steal the papers. Everyone cry. Ishita asks how dare you, all that was a reason, it was not your love, you did this, you cheated me to get the papers, I don’t believe you, are you a father or not, forget about being husband, you are a big liar, tell everyone. Raman says yes, I have tear those papers by my hands. They all are stunned. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did he do. Ishita asks how can he do this and says I hate you Raman. Simmi consoles her. Ishita says you did not think about me, I came in this house for Ruhi, she is my first love, I want my daughter, bring Ruhi.

Raman goes away. She says what will happen of Ruhi, how can he cheat Ruhi. Raman comes and brings a paper. She sees its Vohra’s letter. He says yes, I m a liar, I can’t lie well, I did not choose any one child till now, I stole the papers and could not decide, now you decide, I can’t choose as both are my kids, sorry I ashamed you and your love, I m a father and Ruhi made me realize I m her father, but Adi is also my son, you choose who will come here, Adi did a big step that I got shaken up, he was thinking to do suicide. They are stunned again.

Raman says he is 12 years old and think of his mental state, he feels no one loves him, his mum, dad and anyone, he read in papers and thinks if he ends his life, our problems will end, I m sorry, I was trying to help him, I could not see my son like this, I can’t decide to take your daughter, I just wanted time, but I can’t see you crying too, I will not do anything, you decide Ruhi or Adi. Mihir and Rinki are at the court and wait for Raman and Ishita. The lawyer asks about them as he needs papers. Mihir says no one is taking call. Ruhi hugs Rinki and asks about them. She says she packed her bags and she will come home with them

Ishita says we always discussed we will say truth to everyone and not hide anything, but this did not happen ever, it was always lies, its just Ruhi to whom I always told the truth, she is waiting for me, I will keep my promise to her. She says I will not cheat my daughter, how do people cheat. Raman cries.

Shagun asks how can Vohra leave case like this, he should have informed me. His assistant says I m here, don’t worry. She says I will complain. Rinki and Mihir wait for everyone. The judge starts and Mihir says they are on the way, sorry to waste court’s time. Simmi brings Ishita. Ruhi is glad seeing her and smiles. Mihir asks about Raman. Ishita says he did not come. Ruhi says Papa.. and Ishita is angry seeing Raman. Raman apologizes for coming late. The judge says start the appeal for Ruhi’s custody case. Abhishek says the doc submitted was fraud and asks Ishita for the letter.

Ishita says I m Ishita Bhalla, Ruhi’s step mum, I was given her custody before and no one will doubt that I m her mum, Ruhi is stuck in this matter, and I want it to end, I came to take my daughter Ruhi, and we decided that Ruhi will be with Shagun Arora. Ruhi’s smile goes and Raman gets restless. Ishita cries. The judge asks the reason for this. Ishita says compromises have to made in life, we have Aditya, so we want Ruhi to stay with Shagun, we don’t have any disputes . The judge asks does she has any pressure on her. Ishita says no. Shagun smiles. Ruhi says she wants to be with Ishita, she promised and can’t break it, she is not bad girl. She cries a lot. The judge asks Ishita is she sure of this. Ishita says yes. Abhishek apologizes and the judge says they are cancelling the appeal. Ishita apologizes and he asks her to go. Ruhi says take me along. Ishita asks Simmi to take her. She does not see Ruhi and leaves.

Shagun asks Ruhi why did she not have anything. Ishita says she was not able to meet Ruhi’s eyes, she trusted me a lot and I have let her down, I broke her trust. Raman promises he will get Ruhi back, and both their children will be with them. They cry.

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  1. Oh God ….pls makers ko thodi saddbudhdhi do…..
    & jo FB par story thi ……wo sach kar do……aisa hua to YHM ki TRP badhegi hi badhegi………

  2. Thank god. .ishita ne raman ki baat samjhi. …aur woh usse naraz nahin hai. ……agar ye Adi ki tabiyat ka ishita ko pata hota toh woh bhi yahi karti jo raman ne kiya. …….raman ne jo woh sahi tha par ishita ko batana chahiye tha. .aur . …koi bhi parents apne bachche ko aaise halat mein nahin dekh sakte. …….wish ye matter jald khatam hojae. …………
    next week tak ruhi ko malom ho jana chahiye ki ishita ne aaisa faisla kyun liya

  3. very close of heart touching scene tab ruhi bola tha ishimaa i wont form u and iam nt a bad was sweet of ruhi.bus aap raman plz make ur promise fulfill soon and make maa beti together.

  4. suni

    dis raman bhalla is so selfish…..he didn’t c anyone before ruhi…..n dis adi just f**k him out of d show or stop dis nonsense…

  5. ek aur emotional epidose tha.and kal bhi hum ko rula naa hoga.everyone is right form their side.for ishu ruhi and adi is important same to raman also.and only one thing is wrong tho thats writer and shagun.shagun is just disgusting women and writer is always forgetting that serial ka naam yeh hai mohabbatein.agar u guys dont want us to show mohabat then koi baath nayi per plz dont show us this that ishimaa and ruhi ka separated.plz stop this.and ha the serial ka main and important jaan tho ishu and ruhi.we love the serial by them only.i wish this end soon and we get good scene of ishraruh and adi.

  6. urmi

    mood kharap kar diya is epi ne want to see ishraruh 2gether but adi need ishra as shagn is the worst mom ever hope jaldhi sab ek saath ho……..
    Hi,mizun prayosha priyaroli angel samiha and all the ishraruh fans…
    I am new here……….

  7. akhi

    don’t separate ruhi and ishita…they r the soul of yhm..can’t bear it….hw they live apart?plzz stop this nonsense

  8. IshRa ne rinki k sangeet k bad se ek bhi selfie nahin li toh. .fb par admin ne kya mast edits bbana rahe hai divan k. ….

  9. bhagi

    hiiii priyaroli and everyone…….am here priya par muje cmnt karne ka man hi nahi ho raha hai kya cmnt karum aaj pehli baar maine yhm ko miss kiya vo bhi jaan booch kar par phir bhi dhekne ka man hi nahi kar raha hai…………..

  10. malash

    Oh God!! Hope d papers ar wit raman…an pls make useless out of shagun life cuz I hate her for using kids for her selfishness. …pls put Ishima an ruhi together…..dnt make ruhi hate her beloved ishimaa….dis episode is touching serious. …dey supus to make love not all dis custody issue. …..we is d luv yhm….

  11. urmi

    thanks angel mizun nd priyaroli I am feeling disgusting my exam is going on and on since 2 months because of hartal and last one is left its on 29 march my parents is vry hopeful for my result please all pray for me for achieving a good result

  12. hi bhagi.kaise hai aap.and waise ur right ki even i used to fight and shout at my family to watch my serial.jab watch show 7.30 then in my house only starplus will run.per here tho they show ka separation.which i wont want to c in my life ever and ever.umeed hai ki raman will sort out it soon.

  13. urmi

    yhm have become vry irtating I am watching this show frm the 1st episode bt nvr felt so disgusting with its track that is feeling now the track should be changed…….

  14. Hi…….priyaroli……achha…..hooo……but utna nahi……ek to friends se…pareshan…..aur…..yhm show ka…..drama kafi…..boring lagne….laga. …hai….!%!

  15. akhi

    frndzzz gud ni8….swt dreamzzz…bst wishes those who have examzzzz…pray 4 me model exam is going onnnnn

  16. urmi

    thnks angel bt if u considr me a frind I will take my thnks back I just wanted 2 knw that are u a muslim

  17. urmi

    hey angel dont get angry at me…. as m askng so much qustns……bt just out of curiosity,,,, I want to knw that are u a grl or boy……

  18. Mizun…ab…tum mera…..divyanka tripathi wale…post….kiya….huaa….statement par… ya…comments nahi…..karti hoo…..busy hooo kya…

  19. urmi

    i am not willing to talk about yhm for its bullshit track

    ya mizun…. I m a muslim ……waise tum konse religion follow karte hoon……..dont mind ha

  20. urmi

    i am not willing to talk about yhm for its bullshit track

    ya mizun…. I m a muslim ……waise aap konse religion follow karte hoon……..dont mind ha

  21. Aaj Computer ki Exam thi……are boar ho gaye Exam……..2 hours ka paper tha…..& 1 hour me complete…

    ..but last tha……to ab achcha lag raha hai…..

    • Mujhe bhi bahut bore hoga. ….aadat jo hogayi hai roz baat karne ki. .par. .roz 8 baje zaror aaon gi. ….IshRa k bare mein baat kare bagair nahin reh sakti

  22. Exam hall najdik hai ghar se????? Mera to kafi door thha & tumhara to9 baje achcha hai…..but yanha 9 baje 10th ki exam thi to humari 3 baje dhoop me thi……….Itni dhoop me itna door jana padta tha……..

  23. urmi

    hi prayosha….. my exam is also ending on 29 m…. just one left…. at last I will got a break for a couple of days….

    • Hey prayosha bata na hi bhol gayi ki 2 baje se hai exams. .maine galat timetable dekh liya tha. ……meri friend ne bataya nahin toh mein gayi thi. …

  24. urmi

    guyz,,,,m feelng sleepy aaj tiredness kuch jada tha……………… gd ngt and swt dreams……to angel,mizun,prayosha,anandraaz and all the ishra fans……

  25. hema

    There is no story at all.. Playing with kids by moving them here to there … People have to ban these type of episodes

  26. ha ha di…mein theek ho…busy ho or pHn ka paisa khatam ho geya tha..isliye nehi a pa e…

    Angel,11th to college e hain.. .hamara eha par..INDIA par kya systm alag hain??

  27. bhagi

    hiiiii gud mng prayosha priyaroli mizun angel samiha anandrazz and all……and all the best agar kisi ko xam ho tho

  28. urmi

    gud mrning ….angel,,,,mizun,,,prayosha,,,,priyaroli,,,bhagi,,,samiha,,,,anandraaz,,,,,sara and all………. have a nice day

  29. Kal hoooo na hooo…..aaj to hai….
    Aaj hoooo na hooo…..yeh pal to hai….
    Yeh pal hoo na hoo…..hum to hai……..
    Hum hoooo na hoo…..ishra to hai……

    To maker’s n director……
    Plzzz…change d yhm tracks…..

  30. akira

    Ishita gets high fever by stress, after getting separated from Ruhi. Raman begs Ruhi to meet Ishita once and Ruhi refuses. He tells her about Ishita’s ill state and takes her home. Ruhi visits Bhalla house for the last time and brings her anger out on everyone for choosing Adi over her. Ishita meets Ruhi and extends her hand to hold her. Ruhi pushes her hand away and starts bringing her anger out on her for her bad decision. Ruhi says she will never talk to her, as she herself told her that she is not her mother and made her away from her. Raman stops Ruhi and cries blaming himself for the bad equations between Ruhi and Ishi Maa. Ruhi asks Shagun to take her away as she don’t want to stay with Ishita anymore. She says Ishita told in court that Bhalla house is not her house, so she has come today as a guest, not as family member. Ishita is in pain and gets more unwell by Ruhi’s anger. She fears that Ruhi is going away from her. Raman vows to unite Ishita and Ruhi by some means, not giving up to Shagun so easily.

    Later on, Ishita goes to meet Ruhi at her school and gets sad seeing how Ruhi is avoiding her. Ruhi acts good towards Shagun and disappoints Ishita. Ishita and Ruhi again come face to face when the family goes for dinner and Shagun brings Ruhi there to add some spice. How will Ishita end Ruhi’s annoyance and explain Adi’s state? With Shagun still not turning genuine towards her daughter, will little Ruhi accept this as her fate? Keep reading.

  31. akira

    Am grt….anand raaz frm noida???right???
    i remeber….ishra asking me akira tum ladki ho ya ladka then u answrng her haha….

    hey urmi m gud how r u?? Talking for frst tym na?? hi samihA* hw r u??

    • urmi

      yeah we r talkng fr the
      first time…..actually m a nw cmntr bt,,,, I had read ur cmnt before,,,,,,,

      m also fine,,,,, preparing fr the exam hope all goes well……

  32. urmi

    ruhi has started to hate her ishimaa,,,,,jis rishte ke liye yhm tika tha wo tut raha hai,,,,
    dont like the storyline,,,,,
    emotional but disgusting,,,,,
    eagerly waiting to change the

  33. akira

    Ok priya di…yeh acha hai
    Haa mein bich mein aayi thi tab bataya tha uska name ab mizun hogaya
    urmi u knw me??

  34. urmi

    yeah akira,,,,its almost 1 year that I m reading cmnt here bt
    nevr wantd to cmnt…thats how i know about U ,,,,bt u did nt
    come in this site for many

  35. akira

    Right yaar was bg with exams isliye…..
    now finally am free. But now i have to go
    nyc to meet u urmi hope to c u soon
    bye sabko missed u alll <3
    lovee ishra…..!♥

  36. hi..angel…kya tum dubai par hi study karti ho???

    Meri lovely di….ap kya tum busy ho??? Di…tum log kitne vy behen ho?? Pata hain kal mere exam finish ho ga… I m vry happy…

  37. Urmi….yeah internal pain hai……..Lever par sujanhai……Dr ne bedrest bola hai…but abhi Exams hai to bedrest ka time nahi hai……isss liye vecation me medicines ka complete course start karenge…….abhi to thik hoo…but Dinner ke baad jyada pain hota hai……ok bye…2:30 baje baat karenge…….

  38. oh what ka co incidence mera exams 13 ko khatam hoga aurmein bahut happy hoongi aur tumhara bday bhi ussi din double happiness.happy advanced bday unique angel.

  39. sbb mein toh aaj yhm ke baare mein ruhi ishitha se hate karne wali baat dekhayenge aisa mujhe lagtha hai.hope ki sab kuch theek ho jaye jald se jald .aur waise bhi math aur kkb mein bahut accha ho raha hai aur yhm mein 6 months se shagun wala track ho raha hai.this track should end at some point atleast aur yhm ko bhi kuch accha fresh dikhana chahiye.

  40. angel, allah tumhara sath hain..o jaroor tumhe assa results dega,…allah k pas pehle mango…hamse jada allah sath dega..kyu ki hamara dua se koi kam nehi hoga..agar allah nehi caya so 1st allah…a sari bat mere school ka religion sir ne kaha tha…dil kaha to tumhe bola mene

  41. iss saal toh karan patel har jagha dikh rahe hai yhm mein toh already ab gumrah and nach baliye mein bhi uupar se shaadi bhi kar rahe hai.kya chaa rahe hai karan patel poore tv industry mein!

  42. Awww…..BG song….bhula dena muje…… yar IshRuh ko alag mat karo………& Ruhanika ne interview me kaha ki wo Ishimaa se gussa hai…..& unhe jalane ke liye yeh sab kar rahi hai………

  43. urmi

    good luck and wishes fr u angel……hope tum apne mom dad ki ummid puri karoge…….
    And please let us knw about ur result…..

    • Not be sad…….its very good……wese bhi board Exam me humare guess kiye hue marks se upar niche ho jata hai………mere 10th me 93% marks the…….

  44. In ma board exms I was appreciated by chief member of uae bcoz I wsnt well ma hand was fractured n one full week I was given glucose bohut kuch saha but thouh I got 2 nd rank uhh 2015 is vry lucky for me

  45. Hi. Guys. ..kaise ho sab. .
    hey …guys… New Zealand final mein pahonch gaya hai. ….
    ab india ki bari hai final mein Jane ki. ..
    …..yaar south Africa k sare players rurahe the. …… favourite. .African player steyn bhi ruraha tha. ..achcha nahin laga unlog ko rute dekh kar. ……

  46. bhagi

    congrats angel bt dnt be sad ……. tumhari tabyat thik nahi thi na xams ki time pe………be happy keep smiling

  47. urmi

    hi angel….congrats on ur result,,,,,
    have courage,,,,,
    dont lose heart,,,,,,,,
    surly u will do well in future….

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