Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to room, and seeing Raman changing. He asks her to knock the door and come. She says its my room too, don’t fight now, my mood is good. He says why not, Mani got breakfast for you, he cares for you. She says so what. He asks what are you saying. She says nothing. He says I m Delhi guy, you Australians… she asks what are you saying. He says nothing, I don’t want to know about your romantic meeting. She asks what, you think all bad things, Mani came to tell me that Ruhi got that photo collage and trophy in her room after we went. He asks really, it means she still loves us, she went on me and does not express. She says yes, I was thinking to take her to counselor, Niddhi brainwashed her and Ruhi could not complete her studies, she was made a boy, I

think she needs a counselor. He says fine, I have to talk to Anil, he said if we make trust on children’s name, then it can’t be diluted easily, I will see that. She says fine, I have to get ready. She signs him to go. He says when I was changing, you came, now I will stay here, joking, anyone can get shock seeing such sight, on a second thought, such shock is good, its been long. She says don’t embarrass me, go out. He goes and says things are getting on track, if everything goes on like this, it will be fine like before. Shagun looks on.

Bala looks for some book and gets Shravan’s daily diary. He says it will be exciting to read, but its bad manners, I should keep it back, but he is my son, parents have right to read children’s diary, it does not matter. He laughs reading the diary and says so he likes his Amma more. He reads Shravan hates him, Appa interferes a lot in my friend circle, my friends tease me that I can’t become handsome and smart like my Appa, I wish I was not Appa’s son, I hate Appa. Bala gets worried. He says what did I do, I wanted to help Shravan, he hates me.

Shagun tells Raman that they have to go to Pihu’s school for PTM. He asks her to manage, I have to take Ruhi and Ishita to counselor, and meet Anil too. He asks Neelu to tell Ishita that he is waiting in car. He goes. Shagun gets upset. Mr. Bhalla looks on.

Bala tells Amma that Shravan hates him, how could he think so. Amma says its his age problem, kids think they are right and everything else is wrong, don’t take tension, if we don’t support them, they feel we don’t love them, let some time pass, Shravan will understand everything, think of some solution. He says you are saying right, I will find a solution, I will change my approach and treat him differently. Shravan says I m going to take Ruhi’s autograph. Bala asks him to have milkshake, I will make it, just 2 mins. Shravan refuses and leaves. Bala asks Amma to see. Amma says don’t think so, understand him, Ruhaan is his fav so Shravan left in hurry, think positive.

Ashok sees Niddhi booking a spa appointment. He says great, its nice, Ruhi is with Raman and you are thinking of spa. She says I m tired, I want to relax. He says you know Raman got to know I m plotting about his house. She asks who told him. He asks did you call Ruhi, and tell her that you miss her. She says I did not, sorry. He asks her to tell Ruhi that you love her, go to meet Ruhi and see if you see any weakness, we will complain to judge, if judge does surprise visit and sees some weakness, we will win. She says that’s why I say you are the best.

Ruhi and Shravan have a talk. Ruhi tells about her fans. He says I m also your fan, and calls her Ruhaan. She laughs. She asks about his specs. He says I got specs this year, doctor asked me to use, you sing very well, don’t leave singing, everyone does not have talent. She says no, even you would be having some talent. He says no, I have none and gets sad. She reminds him he used to do cycling so well. He says it was easy. She says I don’t know. He says fine, I will reach you. She says come then. He asks now? Fine, I will get my cycle.

Pihu asks Shagun why did she not come to school. Shagun says sorry I could not come, Raman went with Ishita, do you like them being together. Pihu says yes, they are getting Ruhi home. She asks him to tell Raman to spend time with mumma. Pihu says okay and leaves. Shagun turns and sees Mihika. Mihika asks what are you teaching Pihu, don’t create any confusion. Shagun says I m already irritated, don’t teach me. Mihika explains her that Ishita came for Ruhi, don’t teach wrong to Pihu. Shagun says you are guest, just stay as guest. Mihika says you are guest, I m bahu of this house. Shagun goes. Mihika says I won’t let Shagun do anything wrong this time.

Shravan teaches cycling to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Shravan not to leave her, she will fall. Shagun comes there and looks on. Ruhi falls down. Shagun runs to her and asks are you fine. Shravan apologizes. Shagun slaps Shravan and scolds him a lot. Ruhi says its okay, don’t scold him. Shagun scolds him badly and calls him useless. Shravan cries. Bala goes there and says stop it Shagun, I have seen everything, why did you slap him. He asks Shravan to go home, I will handle. He says this will happen if kids play, all kids fall while learning cycling, this is last warning, if you touch my son again, I will not leave you.

Shravan comes home crying. Amma and Appa ask what happened. Shravan locks himself in his room. Bala comes. Amma tells him that Shravan came crying and locked the room. Bala tells everything and says Shagun slapped him, see his specs broke too. Mihika says how can Shagun do this, he is a little kid. Bala says no use, I scolded her. He asks Shravan to open the door. Amma says I m getting scared, I think you should break the door. Bala breaks the door. They all get shocked seeing Shravan fallen on the ground, with his cut wrist. They rush him to hospital.

Ishita and Raman talk to the counselor. The lady says parents and stable background are necessary for shaping a kid’s personality, but Ruhi has stayed all lone, she has seen negativity, you have to understand her likes and dislikes. Ishita says I agree. Counselor says you get admitted in school. Ishita says we were thinking the same. The lady asks them to be positive, support her, she needs you. Raman says we will make sure of this. Raman goes to attend a call. Ishita says Ruhi gets much anger. Raman calls Shagun and says I will ask her to reach school. She is busy on another call and sees Raman’s call. She disconnects her call and says now he remembers me, he was irritated by me in morning, I will switch off my phone. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says Pihu’s school lady called, there is PTM, I refused to Shagun inb morning, both parents have to go, I don’t understand, can we go there, its just one hour, please. Ishita nods. He says thanks, I will get the car.

Raman says Ishita, this fulfilling and anything good won’t change the truth, don’t try to pacify yourself, once Ruhi comes back, you will go to Australia, and I will get back to my normal routine, so don’t have hope, then heart will break and you will be hurt, just stay well for these 23 days.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mahi

    Kaminapan dikhane lagi shagun pta nhi suruat m kaun sa bhoot chadha Tha Ishita ko dhnoodh Kr uski family Puri Kr denge cheap women ye kabhi bhi sudhregi achha h kam se kam bhalla family se ek kam ho us kamine Ashok ko hi deserve karti h.

  2. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, Shivani, VP, Mino, Shona, Jaz and many YHM fans…. Today’s episode was really nice. I hated the precap. It is worse. The bedroom scene was very nice when Raman was changing his clothes. It was really the Ravan Kumar and Jhansika Rani cute fights. You can see Raman is feeling insecure with Mani around. I think if Mani and Aliya are not in Delhi, Raman would not be insecure and perhaps he would come even closer to Ishita. He is now not sure whether Ishita truly loves him or the original love between them is still there or waned. We can see he kept saying I don’t want to hear any romantic moments of you or Mani or Mani has come to get you breakfast. So he is just trying to see whether there is anything between Ishita and Mani.

    I hate Shagun. She is now worse than Niddhi and Ashok. How can she influence Pihu? Time and again she is using the child to get what she wants. How selfish? I am so glad Mihika told her off by saying that she is a guest but Mihika is a bahu. Thumbs up MIhika! It is so unfair for Shagun to slap someone else’s child. She never had shown so much concern for Ruhi and all of a sudden she shows extra care to Ruhi. Not genuine at all. Shagun has become really the bad guy. How evil of her?

    The precap is so painful to watch. How can Raman say this to Ishita time and again? Both have ego and none want to admit they love each other and don’t want to leave. Raman thinks Ishita likes Mani and is going to marry him. Ishita thinks she does not belong to Bhalla family as she was away for 7 years and no connection. I am happy though that Ruhi saw how Shagun treated Sharvu and Ruhi should know that Shagun can never become a good mother. She probably looked after Pihu initially as a gratitude to Ishita but now she wants the control and I don’t think she has that much love for Pihu if not she would have gone for PTM even if Raman was not coming. She was so petty and childish in her behaviour.

  3. jeni

    I hate this Shagun…….all problems r bcoz of her… bhallas & iyyers will fight again…..niddhi will be given ruhi’s custody…….ishra scene was superb……but then in precap raman says its all jst for 23dys……..
    Kill this shagun….then evrythng will be fine…………….then ishita wont even think of going back leavng her kids wthout a mum…..& raman can accept ishita without any doubt………

  4. Kimberly

    Ishita is trying too hard to get back in Raman’s life but Raman is not interested in Ishita . Actually no one is interested in Ishita , neither Ruhaan nor Pihu . They consider Niddhi and Shagun as their mom . Ishita should go back to Australia and take care of Aaliya .

  5. Murugan

    precap was good … Raman should sent Ishita with mani and stay with his kids … Ishita doesn’t deserve Pihu or Raman …

  6. shivani

    Hi everyone…vp rithu mino sindhu siddhi jaz aditya….
    why raman is kept on saying the same lines-once ruhi is back you will go back to Australia..may be he is in the top level of insecurity..he know that once ruhi is back, he will lose his madrasan…if he doesn’t want ishu to go back, then why he said ishita not to have hope…after the leap ramans characters is worst and confusing…Happy that mihika realized shaguns intentions…she may prevent shaguns wrong doings…

    • Mino

      Hi Shivani & All the YHM Friends, IShu is scared to show her feelings to Raman i think as he said he has nothing to do with her & all the bad things Raman said still ringing in her ears i suppose. Ishu too have realised . Raman is famous for misunderstanding where Ishu is concerned. But He Loves her madly but it is a selfish love. not from the heart. he is always thinking of himself, his kids & his family. Ishu has to dance to their tune . No one cares for Ishu’s feelings . No wonder she is silent. As VP said they have ruined Raman’s character after the leap. all negative vibes from him. this Ekta Is fond of Shagun i heard So may be she wants to put Them together & Get Ishu out of the Story. It will be the end of it. we all watch cos of IsRa. Anyway i don’t want Shagun negative again as i am sick of the negative wicked ways. this story is a love story .Pls stick to the love part CV’s As we love the cool loving family life not fighting cheating bad mouthing show.

    • vp

      Hi Shivani … Raman is going on saying the saying thing he is scared Ishitha will go away … And he said he will start going with his work .. his way of expression is like that … he was so proud when Ishitha was talking to the counsellor .., he is scared to dream with her again … nothing else … be cool …. Ishitha is sad .. when hearing this … she understood very well what he is talking about … but the truth is next 22 days will make them so close that … they cant part at all

  7. Murugan

    She didn’t care about them for 7years … Raman always stayed for his kids and Ishita … but she didn’t cared abt anyone and left to stay with mani … I really didn’t like her … Getting irritated while watching her with mani … even when mani asked for dance, she didn’t reject … But Raman never gave any space to any girl other than Ishita … He said tat he will marry shagun since he was angry on Ishita …. When he is angry, he always do this but he always had his limit … I like Raman very much

    • vp

      we all like Raman very much … his understanding a person is very poor … Even today I want Ishitha to leave Raman and Ruhi . they dont deserve her … And Pihu she is not getting attached … keeping herself away from Pihu … drawing a line only for her concern to Shaghun …Two days together Pihu mingles with Ishitha , she will not go near anyone …Ishithas selfless love is like that … 7 years she was living on guilty … the thot of she being the readon for Ruhis death ..Even when ishra started loving , when Ruhi is exchanged for Adi … she told Raman … if no ruhi … no ristha … no us .. How Adi is transformed … Raman too is madly in love with her … thats why going on telling Ruhi ke liye … he knows his madrasan will be no more if Ruhi is not there …

      • Mino

        Pls Don’t totally blame Ishu. The things that came out of Raman exp the man u love to death.. he was terrible & the words were worse. it would have been better if he took a knife & stabbed her. that IShu would have accepted not killing her with all those cruel words where Ishu sacrificed her whole life to bring the Bhalla family together & give a secure happy family background. She was with Mani for a reason cos Money was knocked down by a truck after he saved Ishu. She felt responsible at the same time she was mentally down. what can she do other than leave everyone. Her world was Ruhi. as she said she was made somebody after Ruhi. everybody insulted her including Raman Mrs Bhalla saying she is barren. poor thing she got a life after Ruhi came into her life. Raman without Ishu’s knowledge did the surrogate fiasco. Pihu not that she doesn’t love her. she doesn’t want to get false hope like how Raman is keeping a distance from Ishu. as Raman after getting her to do everything will say i don’t need ur help very capable of him. so she is very careful with her feelings.

  8. Priya K

    Oh god… this b*t*h shagun… i knew it. Even she turned good nd grew pihu nd aadi… the inner wont fade away right… nd now it came back again… really i jst hate her…even she’s acts gud in front all…. she has snatched all the happiness in the life of bhalla nd Iyer family.
    Ishra scene was gud… actually superb… lasting lonher for another one. Hope all gets well soon… ishra realize their love towards eachother….pihu want to know the truth that she is het ishimaa’s daughter
    nd ruhi shld forgive ishra… luv u ishraru nd aahu (aadi nd pihu) i wish i could see ishra with their kids… aadi, ruhi nd pihu in one frame. hope for the best. Fingers crossed….××××….!!!!!!!

  9. Cham

    Even I can’t understand what Raman says in the precap…WHAT WAS THAT??? Doesn’t he really want to be with Ishitha or IS He Out Of His Mind to say such thngs for her???? Somehow thins went nicely and smoothly through these days but after seeing the precap, I was really really disappointed!!! A bad precap! Are those writers create such things to drag the show ah???

  10. Jay

    story getting very boring. also that chemistry between Ishra no longer there. their acting is very strained.

    • vp

      True Jay dragged a bit .. and their chemistry … is not gone … they are scared to become so clise … so for viewers … it looks their chemistry is gone … listening to what Ishitha is telling Raman itself is a good chemistry rt ?

  11. jaz

    Hi Adu rithu saima bhgi shona super girl vp siddhu siddhi avanthika jeni moninqe shivani fathi And all members of yhm fans Gd evening Guys

  12. jeni

    Hi frndz…..I’m jst takng a brk 4 a few dys………… coz i hve my xams……..& waise bi yeh lok DT weddng tak…story drag karne wala hai………..
    ….patha nahi……yhm ke bina kaise hoga…but i hve 2 ………
    Evry1 take care…….& hve fun….i’ll miss u guys……♡

  13. rithushree

    episode was ok .precap was worst . shagun has become really too worst and raman is the worstest of all , really just acting like a mad in the precap .

  14. Sara

    Seriously shagun again in negative character? And why is she putting the pressure on shravan and what is he trying to prove by it? That she loves ruhi so much and cares for ruhi so much she is just insane and I just don’t get her character she sometimes feels this is all for the betterment and again she feels jealous

  15. shreya shetty

    that’s right shagun truly deserves her taste of her own medicine for humiliating shravan at the public.he was just trying to teach ruhi how to cycle properly and poor little girl fell off and got injured by that small accident.nowdays that nasty shagun whos feeling insecure and doesent realize that ishita is staying with raman in bhalla family for just 3 weeks to get ruhi back in the house but HELLL NO she s getting on my nerves[shagun].I hope that pihu will come to know that ishita is her real mother.aaaaaaaaaaaagh that EVIL NASTY DIRTY NIDHI IS ONCE AGAIN PLANNING SOMETHING ROTTEN ALONG WITH ASHOK TO RETRIVE RUHI BACK TO HER SIDE.I HOPE THAT NEXT EPISODE SHE WONT BE SUCCESSFUL IN HER EVIL PLOTS.FEELING SAD ON SEEING SHRAVANS CONDITION where he committed suicide thinking that nobody understands him except for his dear family

  16. shreya shetty

    OVER SMART HEADED SHAGUN DARN I HATE THAT LADY WHO GETS IRRITATED ALL THE TIME BY SEEING ISHITA AND PIHU S CLOSER BONDNESS.pls ekta maam do something that this whole scenario gets back to normal so that all of us YHM fans would be delighted and happy to find this serial interesting.

  17. Angelinah

    I just dont understand Raman sometimes, what does he really mean by saying thing mxm bad precap

  18. rithushree

    Raman is a mad man .do he have senses .if ruhi comes to bhalla house or if he hets ruhi’s custody then it will be given to ishitha like before or even if he gets then ruhi wont stay without her ishima then what type of future is he thinking about ruhi without ishitha . and in precap he is acting as if he is a very good man and is always trying to make others feel they are at wrong always and he is at right always . horrible man and his behaviors are worst of all.

  19. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.hi jaz en adi episode was ok.precap not.plz ekta mam don’t drag this track., find a solution .I really don’t like shugun. Niddhi or ashok. Plz just vapourise them.

  20. jaz

    Hey guys some body kill shagun..pls cvs just veccat kardo is daayan shagun se..and other hand raman.this man never change his attitude.. ashok ji aap apni shagun ku lejayi o aapku hi.deserve karthi hain..Idiot kahi ki.ek bachi ku lekar game khel khel rahi hain.mihika well said chutiya shagun khabinahi sudreghi.kami ni ..kitna gathiya sooch hai mar thi kyu nahi…

  21. Siddhi

    Yhm is on no 1 this week
    Sns on 2 position
    Kumkum bhagya on 3
    Kasam on 4
    Yeh rishta kya kahlata hai on 5

  22. Starbucks

    Pls the story at least needs to have a little bit reality this is like a fairytale human are not robot to suddenly change there mood??

  23. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Shagun will stay Shagun….once bad you will always be bad.And to hurt someone like Shravan like that is just wrong ,they are friends and it’s not like Ruhi was seriously hurt or anything she just fell. Then the precap……..I think Raman wants Ishita to say no…if we get Ruhi then she will stay.It took forever for then to admit their feeling at 1st.He is the egotistic man that want a women to confess their love first.Ishita knows it will be difficult for her to go back to Australia when they get Ruhi…don’t know why she is persisting to go to Australia .The bedroom scene is testament to the fact that he want it to be one before …to have his Madrasan back.

  24. Mehak

    They already have 2 evil characters nidhi and ashok. What’s the need of 3.shaguns character as a nice lady suits the show

    • vp

      Shagun was the first evil Mehak … a person who is bad to turn to good is very defficult but a good person can easily be turned as bad …

  25. vp

    Mihika did a great job .. as amma told Ishu … when she was agreeing to stay with Bhallas .. Ishu is fighing with her love over Raman … she is not able to express it … busy in uniting family .. cooling Raman handling Ruhi and Shaghun …not an easy job … Sravan is going thru that teen ager change … Ruhi and Sravan meeting was awesome … to make him happy only Ruhi put the topic cycling …by falling many times only one will learn … but commiting suicide for this is too bad … the cvs need something to make a fight … I read one spoiler Ishitha saying to Ashok … Talking about two wives … I felt v cheap hearing that … cvs please re edit the words spelled out by theses lead roles .. cvs only spoiling this story … day by day … totally lost interest in watching …. never expecting to get that uniqueness …

    • Siddhi

      Ya I too felt very bad when she talk about two wives v don’t want to see ishu n shagun in same house

  26. Super girl

    I agree with u guys but raman will only realise that he was wrong en ishu was right en they still love each other,once they get ruhi custody.then maybe ishu will meet up in an accident before her wedding, I think shagun will bump her or sumthing, she’s turning negative, more like when adi knocked amma. History repeating itself. Sad really, dragging track.

  27. Kimberly

    Why no Adi-Aaliya scenes ? I really like the couple . They look so cute together, even when fighting .

  28. Amina2000


    |Registered Member

    feel so bad for shravu and shagun is starting to get on my nerves someone needs to give her a slap and sort her out especially after slapping shravu for no reason. but loving the current ruhi tracks their so cute

  29. nish singh

    Did not enjoy today at all…raman and Ishita are so natural together and Raman is so happy having her..but suddenly pre cap. I think he is reminding himself..not to get carried away

  30. shanaya

    Hello to all fans of yeh hai Mohabbatein . My name is Sahanya and i’m Sri Lankan but I live in Italy with my family . Also I look YHM . I really love Ishita and Raman . I hate Ashok and Niddi .Please Ruhi stay with your Ishima . Ruhi don’t hate your Ishima because she loves you very much .
    Shagun please don’t become negative again and reunite Ishita and Raman, and tell the truth to Pihu that Ishita is her real mother. Today’s episode is nice but the bad is precap . Why raman?? doesn’t understand that Ishita loves him and wants to stay with him .
    I’m waiting for tomorrow’s episode . A kiss to all the fans of yhm??? . Bye. See you tomorrow.

  31. Susan

    I can feel the ghost track coming back again. This time Shagun is the ghost. Everytime Ishra comes together Shagun always mysteriously appears in the background. So tired of her “everybody please pity me” face. Precap was heartbreaking.

  32. Akila

    Now Ishu n Raman will attend ptm . Pihu will like ishu ……Shagun will over react for this n create a scene. Now judge will enter…

  33. Isaaq

    I think it’s a good thing Shagun will become negative because then Pihu will love Ishita more. Pihu may see the reality of Shagun and will hate her. This is good as Pihu nd Ishita will unite.

  34. vp

    Good morning Rithu , Shivani , Sindhu , Mino , Aditthya Kiran , Jaz … all yhm fans A very Good morning to all …… I

  35. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’
    most successfully running show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein will witness some
    high intensity drama.
    It seems that Ashok will support Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) for getting the custody
    of Ruhi.
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will get angry on
    him for supporting evil Nidhi.
    However Ashok will taunt Raman to be
    an unlucky man as both his wives left
    him and even his daughter is not
    willing to stay with her.
    Apparently Ishita will angry with
    Ashok for his insensitive comment on
    Raman and will throw a challenge on
    She will challenge Ashok to get the
    custody of her daughter Ruhi.
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  36. shahana abbas

    Negative shagun is more better than supportive shaguna becoz if she becomes negative raman ruhi pihu adi all will come to ishita’s side

  37. Az

    Hi all YHM fans, I’m a silent reader here. Even i don’t understand the fact that why raman and ishita are filing for ruhi’s custody if they don’t intend to stay together as a couple post that. Story line lacks depth and is repetitive and muddled to the core. At one instance, ishra get close, the next moment raman gets bitter. His feelings and dialogues are very conflicting and confusing.

    And shagun should know tht ishita never wanted to take pihu away. Even when shagun was pregnant with pihu, ishita insisted that post delivery shagun can take care of the baby along with them. But what shagun is doing now is extreme selfishness.

    Just hoping that they bring the serial back on track soon.

    • vp

      End of the day it is a serial AZ we have to blame the cvs … I too think Karan and DT being the best in TV industry has no say on what they say and do …

      • Az

        True VP… Even I love them both. Just missing the old yhm charm that made me a fan of theirs.

    • shreya shetty

      try being logic dear stupidic Kimberly.if u hate this serial sooo much then who told u to post such nonsense about shravan and ruhi here huh.this is my last warning to u if u ever dare call ruhi ruhaaan then I am gonna smack ur face for sure got just get lost.r u blind Kimberly that ruhi and shravan are brother and sister not any sort of couple

  38. Nirmala

    Mr. Kimberly you have gone nuts i think, Ruhi and shravan are bother & sister did you get that.
    Just because you can comment dont talk nonsense.

    • Kimberly

      Nirmala, Ruhaan and Shravan are not brother and sister because Ruhaan is the daughter of Niddhi acccording to law and Niddhi has no relation with Iyer family . And even if we consider Ruhaan as Raman’s daughter then also Shravan is not brother of Ruhaan because Raman and Ishita are not husband-wife , they are divorced , so Raman also doesnt have any relation with Iyer family . And I’m a girl , Kimberly is a girl’s name , i think u dont know that . So dont call me Mr

      • Mino

        ur language is more of a boy’s so no wonder i don’t know about others but i too thought u were a guy.. then use the language of a lady. Very Sorry to hurt ur feelings but why are u trying to provoke people from this site who are so good. u urself got this on u. pls don’t blame anyone k. bless u

      • vp

        I cant resist replying you … Kimberley … sorry to ask … what are you doing ? student ? too bad with your usage of words … you like anyone and comment but …please follow up the storyline and talk …. I feel sorry for you …

      • shreya shetty

        guys just consider Kimberly as a mentally challenged minded person whos like a pet suppose consider a doggy because of reading her stupid and nonsencial comments she purposefully wants all of us to hate YHM and let ekta Kapoor down.KIMBERLY U R NO 1 ABUSER OF ISHITA GOT THAT.A 100 PERCENT DOGGY AND EVILIST OF NIDHI

  39. Damini

    Kimberly are u out of mind what do u mean by raman & ishu are divorced so ruhi can date ishu s sister’s son ??? ruhi is not biologically ishita s daughter
    but she is raman s daughter ok it may be happen in Muslim but not in Hindus and its serial drama so just watch u dont need to pair them idiot.

    • Kimberly

      Damini, First of all Ruhaan is daughter of Niddhi according to law , not Raman- Ishita . So there is the end of discussion , Ruhaan can date Shravan because she has no relation with both Bhalla and Iyer family .

  40. Honey

    Sooo called miss.kimberly, u pls keep your blo*dy laws with uu.apart from the nonsense you are commenting daily today u started to change relations even.wat a nonsensical thinking u have..great

  41. Kaya

    Hey guys! I am new here.And wanna support of you all.l just love yeh hai mohabbatein,but not that rude Raman and that idiotic Shagun.

  42. Kaya

    Rithushree I am a big big fan of you also , as you comment.And dear really thanks for sharing upcoming updates Thankyou dear.

  43. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity melodrama. It seems that Shravan will meet Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and both old friends share some fun moments. Shravan will force Ruhi to do cycling and unfortunately Ruhi will fall from the cycle and gets injured. Things take a dramatic turn when Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani) will enter the scene and scolds Shravan for his carelessness. Shravan will get depressed by the scolding and hence will get panic attack and will be rushed to the hospital. The Bhallas and Iyyers will have a major showdown due to this misunderstanding. It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show. Will Bhallas and Iyyers ever be able to come together or not? Stay tuned for more updates.

  44. rithushree

    Star Plus serial ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has become everyone’s daily dose of entertainment. With a lot of twist and turns, serial has still maintained its place in the the viewer’s heart. In the coming episodes,Pihu’s school invites parents for a meeting. When Shagun is not able to reach the meeting, Raman takes ishita along with him to Pihu’s school. There ishita introduces herself as Pihu’s Maasi. That irks Raman and asks is she is fine. School teacher praises pihu that she is a bright kid and does well in school. The only negative thing they tell to IshRa is her addiction to Serials. AS reported earlier, After Shagun’s slap, Shravan will be seen in an unconscious state in his room and he will be hospitalized.This incident will create a fight between Mrs.Bhalla and Amma. Nidhi will record the whole incident and present it before judge who will be shocked with this video. She gives the custody of Ruhi to Nidhi saying Bhalla family environment is not good. But Raman and Ishita beg the judge not to take decision suddenly.After a lot of discussions Judge agrees to give another chance to Raman and Ishita with a final warning. Will ishita be successful in getting ruhi’s custody permanently? Stay tuned for the next update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  45. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fans, get ready for an upcoming twist in the serial in coming few days. As for now, these days Raman and Ishita are trying to make Ruhi happy so that they can get her custody. In the coming episodes, Raman and ishita beg the judge and get the custody of Ruhi for 22 days. This fact will irk Nidhi and she feels that Raman gave money to judge. She asks Ashok to give more money than Raman or else bribe some politician to get Ruhi’s custody. Then Ishita and Raman enter the scene and scold Nidhi and Ashok. Raman scolds ashok saying that he got a good partner just like him pointing towards nidhi. And Ashok points towards Raman’s wife’s and children which creates a huge fight between them. But ishita stops Raman. on the other hand,Ishita finds out that ruhi is missing her Romi Chachu. She determines to bring him home. She goes to Raman and with the help of family members she ties his hands and feet with a rope. When Mihir is trying to help Raman, Ishita stares at him and tells him don’t dare to touch him. Mihika,Adi ,ishita take Raman in a car to Romi’s house to make him say SORRY. Will Raman apologise to Romi ? Will Romi comes back to Bhalla house. Stay tuned for more updates.

  46. Jaanvi

    Thanks ritu for the daily updates. Really like yhm. I dnt get time to watch the ahow as i have shft.. but the telly updates is awezome ..

  47. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life. Raman and Ishita are trying their level best in wining Ruhi’s heart out but Ruhi is firm in her decision. Nidhi tries to brainwash Ruhi’s mind every time by playing her dirty tricks. On the other side, Ishita learns about Ruhi have kept their gift safe in her room and get excited and later inform the same to Raman. Hence excited Ishita decides to throw a surprise party for Ruhi. Shagun gets irked seeing Pihu, Adi and Raman’s growing closeness towards Ishita and hence decides to snatch away Pihu and Adi from Ishita.

  48. sowmy

    if we see previous episodes of yhm in first when raman and ishitha were married they thought that both the d btw them is ruhi but later on the bond b\etween them is close. now also that wil happen due to their children. though precap is bad but waiting for further episodes

  49. trupti

    history is repeating,story has started again as serial was started bcoz of ruhi ishra has to stay together

    • Az

      True rithu…shagun going back to her real self…now another obstacle in reunion of ishra…hope it happens soon. I feel before DT goes on leave…they’ll get ruhi’s custody and then either ishita will go back to Australia or face some accident during that phase. If I remember correctly, we witnessed almost same story line in another Ekta Kapoor show called ‘bade achhe lagte hain ‘.

  50. rithushree

    Adi and Ishita plan to get Raman apologize to Romi. They all decide to do anything for Ruhi, so that Ruhi feels they are happy and can give positive statement to judge. Ishita ties Raman’s hands and asks him to come with them to meet Romi. They all force Raman to come along, just to get his daughter Ruhi. Ishita asks Mihir not to free Raman, as she won’t listen to anyone when it comes about Ruhi. Later, Raman gets angry on Ashok, and they get into an argument.

  51. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita plans surprise party for Ruhi where she invites Ruhi sending a letter as her dadi and pati cook food together for her. Simmi praises Ishita for having such beautiful plans and thanks her for making everything settle in house. Shagun gets insecure hearing their conversation and decides to impress family members to keep her place safe in Bhalla house. Shagun makes fake call for Pihu in front of Ishita and Simmi where she tells Pihu to come as see will cook brownie for her. Ishita and Simmi go from there but Adi gets angry seeing Shagun’s fake drama. Adi tells Shagun that it is difference between her and Ishima where she uses her fake love to get attraction while Ishita uses her real love making everything perfect. Shagun gets upset by Adi’s lecture but she is not ready to leave Pihu as Pihu is her master key to let her stay in house. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    • shreya shetty

      rithushreee I have a doubt regarding on this serial.are raman and ishita divorced?????there are some nasty rumours spreaded about their far awaynesss.please tell us if its true

      • rithushree

        hey shreya .actually in some serial I heard if some husband and wife are away from eachother for seven years then automatically divorce happens and in an episode when Raman and shagun’s marriage was happening , mrs.iyer tried to stop the marriage but Raman told legally ishitha and he are seperated and in today’s episode also the judge called ishitha as ms.ishitha not mrs.ishitha.

  52. shivani

    Ishita plans a surprise party for Ruhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita plans surprise party for Ruhi where she invites Ruhi sending a letter as her dadi and pati cook food together for her.

    Simmi praises Ishita for having such beautiful plans and thanks her for making everything settle in house.

    Shagun gets insecure hearing their conversation and decides to impress family members to keep her place safe in Bhalla house.

    Shagun makes fake call for Pihu in front of Ishita and Simmi where she tells Pihu to come as se will cook brownie for her.

    Ishita and Simmi go from there but Adi gets angry seeing Shagun’s fake drama.

    Adi burts out at Shagun for comparing herself with Ishita

    Adi tells Shagun that it is difference between her and Ishima where she uses her fake love to get attraction while Ishita uses her real love making everything perfect.

    Shagun gets upset by Adi’s lecture but she is not ready to leave Pihu as Pihu is her master key to let her stay in house.

  53. Damini

    miss. Kimberley fo ur kind info by law relationship doesn’t matter okay ? law can’t change the fact that raman is rushi s dad and ishitA is his wife now stop ur nonsense may u can date ur step mom’s niece or whatever

  54. Rukhs

    i really miss old sharavan,he was very brave, smart,machoman. But now writer completely changed his charecter. Its not fair yaar.

  55. amanda

    kimberly ruhi can never ever be nidhi’s daughter, because she did not give birth to her shagun did and ishita brought her up then she was presume dead now she is back and even if she had come back 20 years after nidhi can never be her mom common sense can tell you that SHE IS SHAGUN’S DAUGHTER got it?

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