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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shravan and Ruhi seeing Sonography report and spotting the baby. Shravan tells Ruhi that Vandu will be giving him a sister, and its in her stomach. Ruhi says Lord sends babies to us from hospitals. He says did not not see that round aunty. Ruhi says then why did Ishi Maa told me wrong. She asks Ishita where did babies come from and says Shravan told me about baby coming from stomach, as Vandu’s stomach became fat. Ishita asks her to ask Papa, as he is very smart. Raman comes and Ruih asks him from where does babies come. He looks at Ishita and she says say now. Ruhi says Shravan said her sister is in Vandu’s tummy, but how did she reach there and how will she come out. She says Ishi Maa said Lord send babies. Raman says Lord sends babies to mummy tummy and doctor

brings them out, and then nurse gives babies to mummy.

Ishita claps and says nice.Ruhi says now I understand Papa is so smart, when you want baby, tell Papa, he will bring it. Saari fizaaon me hai………….. plays……….. Ruhi leaves. Raman and Ishita have an odd moment and Ishita leaves. Mihir tells Mihika about Raman taking Ishita on a romantic weekend. He asks her to keep it a secret. She says you are so unromantic, you did not do anything romantic for me. He says complains and all, ok lets go for a romantic weekend, tomorrow. He asks is she ready. Amma comes to her with coffee and says I m calling Bala and Vandu for lunch tomorrow. Mihika says good idea, but I m busy tomorrow, I have to go office. Amma says fine. Mihir hears this. Mihika says I lied to Amma. Mihir says very very bad girl.

Mihika says for you, you have to surprise me. He says I will plan the best weekend and you will love me again. She says I won’t wait for overnight picnic. He says yes, I will drop you home in evening. Ishita comes to her room and Raman asks her to sleep near Ruhi tonight. She says no, its ok. Raman says please, sleep with Ruhi, I will sleep there. Raman says its good Mihir arranged everything, as he gets his message. Ishita thinks it will be good as the whole family will go together. Do alag alag………………..plays……………… he sleeps on the couch and she sleeps with Ruhi on the bed. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………….

Its morning, Raman wakes up and sees the time. He looks at the bag and says great Ishita did the packing too, I will also get ready. It will be a good day. Ishita is arranging things. Raman says I will tell mum. He comes out and asks why are you doing so much for one picnic. She says we will get hungry on the way, I will give them surprise, no you tell them, they will be happy. Everyone come getting ready and Raman is surprised. Ruhi too joins them with the Iyers. Everyone wear good trendy clothes. Ruhi asks whats the surprise. Vandu asks why did you call us in these clothes. Ishita says we all are going out, as Raman is giving us surprise, as he wants to take us on picnic. Everyone claps.

He sits and smiles holding his face. Ishita says I did all the arrangements. Iyers are glad too. Romi says I will get music in pendrive. Everyone is excited. Amma says Ishita and Raman do so much for us. Ishita asks Mihika to call Mihir and get ready. Mihika asks why. Raman says we all are going for picnic. Mihika thinks Raman’s romantic plan got dropped, I have to tell Mihir. Mihir is making the arrangements for room’s decorations and things there. Mihir is getting ready to meet Mihika. Mihika calls him and says about Raman’s plan flopping, Ishita invited both the families on picnic.

Mihir says what to do now. She says think something. She says you come here, we will go with everyone and then see how to make Raman and Ishita spend some time. He asks what about my plan. She says you so selfish, what about them, come. He says no one will be left alone, all his lovely plan flopped. Mihika talks to Ishita and says Raman planned a special picnic for you. Ishita says how did you know. Mihika says Raman asked Mihir to do all the arrangements. Ishita says no, he told me we are going together.

Raman asks Mihir whats the problem if everyone is going. Mihir says but you planned for you both. Raman says its fine, everyone was stressed, its better. He says we will be in peace as women will be busy gossiping. Mihika asks Ishita to go with Raman. Ishita says no, he is so rude. I want to relax with everyone. I won’ go alone in his car, its confusing when he taunts and jokes. Raman says she is very nice, but at the end of the day she is Jhansi Ki rani, so bad idea.

Mr. Bhalla and Appa talk to Mihir and Mihika and says we will manage. They ask Raman and Ishita to come together in car. He says you come together till resort then we will meet. Raman hugs Mihir knowing its his plan. Everyone leave. Raman starts his taunts and she makes a face. They leave in the car and are speechless. She thinks about Mihika’s words that she has to go with Raman in his car. She asks when will we reach. He says two to three hours. Mihir and Mihika are in the bus and says we will reach in few hours, but I think Raman will come after much time, he might have some plan. Mihir says ooooooo….. and hugs her. She says leave me, everyone is seeing. Mr. Bhalla says it’s a good plan.

Ishita sleeps and wakes up. She says sorry, I fell asleep, whats the time, its over three hours, why did we not reach, are we lost. He says no. She says ask anyone the route. He says you don’t know technology, we have maps in phone, do you write letters in email era. She says you started again. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………….

Ishita gets out of the car, and says where am I. He says relax, its me, you don’t remember me, I m your husband. She says where is Amma, don’t touch me, who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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