Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita avoids Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita waking up. Ashok wakes up. She greets him morning and says congrats, fever isn’t there. He thanks her. She says I m happy your session will start today, I will leave, Simmi may come to take me. Ashok says don’t know about Simmi, but Raman may come, he thinks you are here. Mrs. Bhalla does work. Ishita comes as Shanno. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her for coming so late. Simmi says just hear her out, Shanno’s brother is ill, she was with him. She asks Shanno to go. Ishita apologizes. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Mr. Bhalla for getting things late. They argue. Raman asks what’s this, stop it, Romi get ready, we have to go office, there is imp work. Simmi asks Shanno to go and clean things. She says go and freshen up, I will give you imp work, you have to please Raman, he is

upset, he didn’t have breakfast, you have to make him have food. Ishita smiles. She comes to Raman and knocks the door. He says just 2 mins Romi, I m checking some files. She says I got breakfast. He refuses. She says you should stay away from Ishita. He asks why. She says first have food, then I will say. He eats and says yes, tell me,

She says Ishita stays with Ashok, I don’t like him, keep eating, I find Ashok strange. He says I also find him strange. She says I will tell you, have food, Ishita talks sweetly with Ashok, all men are same. Raman says I m not like him. Simmi looks on and says Shanno is great, she has impressed Raman. Ishita says you are good at heart, have food. He says I will eat. She goes to Simmi and says Raman has been fed, you also have food now. Simmi says you are so sweet, no one has ever cared for me in this house, thanks. Ishita acts to cry. Simmi asks why are you crying.

Ishita says I never got love in my life, I m a maid here, but you talk to me with love, I got to stay with my ailing brother because of you, Ishita asked me not to come, Ishita was ordering me as if its her house, I don’t like her, she has hurt me. Simmi says leave it, she must have said something about me. Ishita says I don’t hear a word against you, I told her its fine if she fires my brother from job. Simmi says I will get him a job in Raman’s office. Ishita says Ishita and Ashok aren’t married, they are living together, I will find out about them and tell you. Simmi says you are smart, you have pleased me. Ishita smiles and thinks the sooner Simmi trusts Shanno, I will know how she is giving pills to Raman.

Raman checks clothes. Ishita asks what’s happening. He says I have a special meeting with Ishita. She asks Ashok’s Ishita. He says she is just Ishita, my business partner, she is coming office, I have to meet her. She thinks how will I go there. She asks where are the papers that needs Ishita signs, I will keep it in your bag. He says its in office, go to Ashok’s house and do something that he stays at home and Ishita comes to office, I m going to get ready.

Ishita says how will I leave from here, ashok can’t reach there, I have to go and signs papers, what shall I do. She bolts the bathroom and says sorry, I can’t let you reach there, I can’t let promise break. She collides with Mrs. Bhalla and thinks did she see me locking Raman in bathroom. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go and help Neelu in work. She asks where is Raman, is he bathing. They go to kitchen. Ishita says I can’t work today, I have to take my brother to hospital. Mrs. Bhalla asks who will do the work. Neelu says I will manage, let her go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to see Shanno’s excuses. Ishita says there is no one to look after him, let me go. Simmi asks her to go and come back soon, Lohri function is in the evening. Ishita goes.

Shagun says you are giving so much importance to this oath. Ishita says I just have to do this, I know this is stress. She changes and gets ready. She says if you are with me, everything will be sorted. Shagun says hurry up, else Raman will break the bathroom door and come out. Raman finds the door locked and shouts. Romi comes and says strange, Raman left for office. He hears Raman and opens the door. Raman says hurry up, we have to go office.

Shagun asks Ishita to go and sign the papers fast. Ishita greets everyone. She asks Shweta to give the project approval file fast. Shweta goes to get it. Ishita says I m in a hurry, please get it fast. Adi holds Ishita. She gets tensed. He asks what happened, please go through packaging design file and finalize it. She asks him to show it to Raman, she is in hurry. He sees the mark and asks how did your face get burnt. She asks where. He shows the mark. She says its a speck of dirt, I was cleaning the house today, show me the file.

She asks how is it. He asks her to final it. She says make this final. He says fine, I will tell the team. Shagun sees Raman coming and hides. Raman says I wish Ishita didn’t leave. Shagun calls Ishita and says come downstairs fast, Raman is coming. Ishita says I m finding papers, coming. Shweta gets the file. Ishita signs on the papers. Raman comes there. She makes some files fall down. Raman helps the peon. She leaves. Raman sees her and calls her out. She runs to the car. Shagun drives off. Raman runs after the car and calls out Ishita. He thinks why is she avoiding me like this. Romi comes and asks what happened to you. Raman says she didn’t stop, this happened because I got locked in bathroom, I got late, I wouldn’t have missed Ishita.

Romi asks what happened. Romi says I don’t know what’s happening, I want to be with Ishita all the time, you can’t understand. Romi thinks this is called made for each other, Raman doesn’t remember Ishita but remembers their love. He asks do you want to meet her, I mean why don’t you invite her for Lohri part. Raman says I can’t, she is planning Lohri party for Ashok. Romi asks do you remember SRK dialogue. Raman says yes, when you want something, the entire universe helps you achieve it. Romi says you can try at least. Raman says fine, I will invite her.

Ishita says I got til laddoos, why are you worried. Raman says Ishita didn’t come, she has a party at her place, I don’t love her, she is a good businesswoman, she won’t come to our party. He gets sad.

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  1. When you want something, the entire universe helps you achieve it.” And when the universe gives you what u want then something (cellphone, doorbell) or someone (everybody wanting to tell Ishita/Raman all their troubles) or even they themselves (Ishita always blabbering about romance at their age) is always ready to take it away. I have watched this serial to long to get my hopes up. At the moment they are just draaaaaaaaaagggggging. Cv’s just thinking about new ways to keep IshRa apart so as to avoid romance. At the end of the day Simmi is not going to pay for what she did. Everybody will say she was under the influence of Parmeet and she will sit there with that sorry I am alive expression and as usual Ishita will forgive her.

  2. Raman remembers shahrukh’s dialogue from a movie thats more than 10 years old, but he doesn’t remember his soul mate ishita and the fact that ruhi and adi are his children!
    Thats right cv’s, just keep throwing more bull shit at the viewers, becos they dont havebrains rt.
    As long as the viewers love “ishra” “divan” or whatever, nothing needs to be real, folks are going to enjoy it, rt…

    1. Pratichee Mahapatra

      Please stop all this nonsense Drama yaar. Ye yaadash of Raman. Please this makes us Bakwaas…. Please stop it

    2. Pratichee Mahapatra

      It’s true… This is really nonsense… All this yadash … Bulshit

  3. Hi Susan how are you ! True very dragging and boring too … The story is not reaching anywhere to find out the true ! Only cvs to be blamed . They are mocking on memory loss now ! What Kasam … I dont understand ! Only to give ss for Shaghun from surrogancy the story they twisted to defferent levels ! Gulabo track Raman knowingly wanted to be with his wife and kids . Here Ishitha took the step to be a maid to be near him but instead of going to find out the truth … knowing he has memory loss … she is making him pagal . In the beginning of the story their nok jhok was enjoyable … now no sense and logic ! Whatever said and done both KP and Dt does brilliant acting ! Just for them I am watching ! Even now the cvs can bring life to the story ! In defferent ways …

  4. I still don’t get how simms is giving raman the pills when she doesn’t cook for him
    He stoppedal taking them in tablet firm since Mrs bhalla went to jail.

  5. shagun is right , ishita is taking the oath too seriously.

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