Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman holding hands and crying. She makes him wear the black thread and cries. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays……….. She says I made this for you here. She thinks that she wants to live her life with Raman, and not die so soon. She cries and runs away. Raman opens eyes and cries angrily. He leaves from there. Ishita signs on the register. Warden says time decided is 5am, we will wake you up at 4am, take bath, doctors will do your checkup and then you will be hanged, any last wish. Ishita says I miss my Amma, and the Payasam/sweetdish she used to make, can I make Payasam for everyone.

Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla cry while pacifying Adi and Ruhi. Raman sits crying in his room. Romi comes to him. Raman leaves from the room. Ishita sadly serves

Payasam to everyone.

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Later, Ishita is taken by the warden. She takes bath. Doctor checks her. The families are present there in the visiting section of the jail, and cry. Ishita sees all of them and cries. They all cry for Ishita and meet her. Ishita apologizes to Appa and asks where is Amma. Appa says Amma is doing puja for you. She asks Appa not to cry. Ishita hugs them and asks them not to cry, as she wants good memories to take along with her. Shagun hugs Ishita. Ishita asks her to take care of her kids, I know you are a very good mother and will keep all the three kids well. She asks where is Raman. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know where did he go, his phone is not connecting. Warden asks Ishita to come. Amma does the puja at home and cries. The kids pray for Ishita.

Ishita is taken to the place where she will be hanged. She sees the rope knot and cries. She recalls her marriage and family. They cover her head with the black cloth. Ishita is hanged and thrown down. Amma’s puja goes on. Amma gets the news and gets shocked. Ishita gets conscious and gets up. She removes the black cloth off her face and looks around the dark place.

Ishita says I m here, I m alive, I got saved, I can see Ruhi and Adi now, they would be finding me, they will kill me, I have to get out from here. Om ……plays………. She sees some net mesh cut out and makes the way out of it. She follows the light coming in the dark place, and looks for the exit. She comes out of the place.

Ishita asks Raman to pull her up, her hand is slipping. Raman gets Ishita at some cliff. He says I did not get you hanged, as I would have not got the peace of killing you. She gets shocked. He leaves her hand and says you have to go so that I do what I want to do, which was not possible when you were alive.

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  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that the entire
    Bhalla and Iyyer family
    are broken down after
    Ishita’s death.
    Raman does not come to
    console them while
    sleeps in his room.
    Nidhi also shares his
    room after Ishita’s death.
    Shagun comes to Bhalla
    house meeting Raman but
    is angry seeing him
    Shagun also gets angry
    seeing Nidhi there.
    Shagun scolds Raman for
    forget Ishita so soon.
    Raman tells famiy
    members that he was
    feeling alone so bring
    Nidhi there.
    Raman also tells them
    that NIdhi ais ready to
    accept Adi, Ruhi and the
    Ishita’s baby which
    Shagun is carrying.
    Shagun angrily slap
    Raman when he tells the
    about his decision to get
    married with Nidhi.
    Shagun scolds Raman a
    lot but he does not hear
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  2. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  3. Raman pushes Ishita
    from the cliff to
    save her from getting hanged.
    saves Ishita and sends her to some
    safe place. Ishita is announced dead
    and the families break down.
    acts to get interested in Niddhi to
    expose her cheap plan.
    Raman romances with Niddhi in his
    room. They both share a drink and
    spend romantic time. Raman has
    forgotten Ishita. He is doing all this
    a plan. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked
    seeing Raman and Niddhi in the
    bedroom. She goes to stop Raman,
    saying Ishita’s death happened just
    few days before. Raman asks what
    shall I do, I don’t care for anything.
    Niddhi wants to marry Raman, and
    coming closer to him. Raman and
    Niddhi celebrate their togetherness.
    Raman knows Niddhi has changed
    video footage chip and wants to get
    that from Niddhi. He scolds Mrs.
    Bhalla and sends her out of the
    Mrs. Bhalla cries in shock seeing
    Raman changing colors.
    Niddhi has taken revenge on
    by losing Ishita’s case. Niddhi was
    going to marry Raman years ago,
    then Raman married Shagun.
    did not forget how Raman Bhalla
    rejected her and did all this to get
    back in his life. Raman apologizes
    Niddhi and tells her that he will
    her now. Raman will successfully
    expose Niddhi and prove Ishita
    innocent. Niddhi will be kidnapping
    Raman and Ishita’s child and
    away, after which a leap will be
    coming in the show.

  4. The upcoming episode
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman pushes
    Ishita from a cliff.
    After Ishita’s death,
    Raman brings Nidhi at
    home and romances with
    her in his bedroom.
    Nidhi also get intimate
    with him and try to bring
    Raman very closer to her.
    Mrs Bhalla is shocked
    seeing Raman and Nidhi
    romance and curse
    Raman for forgetting
    Ishita very soon.
    Raman throws out from
    his room and tells her
    that Nidhi helped him in
    his business.
    Mrs Bhalla is shattered
    seeing Raman’s
    Soon, Raman and Nidhi
    also get married but it is
    still not reveal that if
    Raman really forgot Ishita
    Apart from this, Ishita will
    also enter in the scene
    but in new avatar.
    Ishita‘s new look is
    modern and her name
    will be Shalini.
    Stay tune dfor further
    exciting updates.

  5. Star Plus show Yeh
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    major twist in the upcoming
    It seems that Raman will push
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) off the
    cliff and kill her.
    After this sequence the show will
    witness a leap of few months
    where lots have things will be
    It seems that Raman Bhalla (Karan
    Patel ) will get married to lawyer
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) much against
    the wishes of his parents.
    However it will be worth seeing
    that if Raman has actually
    forgotten his wife Ishita.
    On the other hand Ishita will enter
    the show in a new and modern look
    and will be called Shalini.
    It will be interesting to see the
    show with the changes in the
    dimensions of relationships of the
    family post the leap.

  6. i cant just tolerate this .i feel like crying .ek toh precap hi bahuth daraawni hai aur agar leap hua toh yhm kahi kho hi jaayega .i want my old yhm very badly .plz makers ekta and cvs plz return us our old yhm.

  7. Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high voltage melodrama in the
    upcoming episodes.
    Post Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi)
    death Raman is seen romancing
    with Nidhi, he is seen getting close
    to her and even sharing the same
    bed room with her much against
    the wishes of both the Bhalla as
    well as Iyer family.
    However, when Shagun (Anita
    Hassandani) comes to know about
    it she goes and confronts Raman
    about it.
    Sadly she is very shocked to see
    Raman getting close to Nidhi,
    Shagun will be seen questing
    Raman about his love for Ishita.
    Apparently Raman is not affected,
    disappointed and angry Shagun
    goes ahead and humiliates Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) and Raman (Karan
    Patel ), if rumours are to be
    believed Shagun even slaps
    Raman right across his face and
    walks out.

  8. With major twists, turns and drama
    Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has again hit the high
    place in popularity chart as
    viewers are eager to know fate of
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi).
    As per the current track Ishita has
    been given death penalty for the
    murder charges of Mr. Chaddha.
    Raman and Ishita are devastated
    and Bhalla and Iyer families feel
    sad and helpless.
    Though Nidhi will be seen making
    plan with Raman to save Ishita of
    death penalty, it is now revealed
    that Nidhi has lost Ishita’s case on
    Apparently Nidhi has lost Ishita’s
    case for the motive of avenging
    Bhalla family and Raman.
    Nidhi has done it despite Raman
    agreeing to marry her to save
    In the upcoming episode, Raman
    will make drama of Ishita getting
    killed by accident as Raman will
    push her off cliff.
    Ishita will be safe but will stay
    hidden and away from Raman.
    On the other side Raman will
    realize Nidhi’s double game and
    post leap Raman will avenge
    Raman will make drama of
    romancing with Nidhi and post
    exposing her, Raman and Ishita
    will reunite.

  9. if ishra reunites after leap also then also we are disappointed .and who knows how many years leap yhm will take and if ruhi adi are more grown up means . anyhow we dont want leap in yhm.

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Rubbish……….. I want my old YHM…………..I missing that soooooo Much ………….Precap is soooooo horrible………I can’t even read it………How can I watch this????If its a plan of Raman to save Ishu…..Phir bhi its horrible………..

  11. I’m OK with the track if leap is not happening. yes aneena I’m a malayali. yhm 1st epi muthal mudangathe kaanunnu and u, r u a malayali.

  12. shenya

    ???? I’m very sad . I can’t bare the pain anymore . Ishita is completely innocent . She should be released somehow . I hate the recap .

  13. SIndhu

    The coming episodes are going to be worse. If Raman is close to Niddhi to expose her, I am fine with that but if he is going to end up marrying her to expose her, I will be totally upset. That is not acceptable. In the news, it says Raman will prove Ishita’s innocence but Niddhi will kidnap the children. If this is true, is she going to kidnap the child that is coming or even Adi and Ruhi? Will not Raman and Ishita even get a chance to enjoy the newborn child for a few episodes? Ishita and Raman can never have their own child holding the child together. She lost her baby when she was trying to save the family and driving the bus and then she fought so hard to save the baby during the ghost drama and now even too she will not get a chance to be with her own baby. What nonsense is this? Ekta just loves to use the children in the serial to toss them about. Ruhi and Adi were thrown here and there for custody case when Shagun was bad and then Rohit was also thrown about from Pallavi to Sarika to Ishita and back to Pallavi. Now Ishra’s own baby is going to get kidnapped. Please Ekta get real and be sensitive to motherhood and child. Why can’t they have some episodes where the whole family is happy with the newborn child and enjoying the new addition. Now they are talking about the leap after the children or child be kidnapped. This is year is the leap year as there are 29 days in February so please don’t tell me they are going to have the leap on the show on February 29? I will be devastated. Even now I can’t stand watching Niddhi and Raman romancing in their bedroom though I know it is only fake acting on Raman’s side. I can’t bear to see that episode. Can someone please tell me that Ishita and Raman will be together after the leap? I don’t want an avatar of Ishita changing to Shalini and into a modern woman. She always had the best bahu look and please keep it that way. Please please Ekta and YHM writers.

  14. Resh

    It would be better if they don’t drag the current track too much…I just want the current track to end soon.Fed up with this.

  15. Meghana

    Disgusting nidhi.i hate u.i still hope raman is making this oly to save his love.dnt know abt leap bt ishra is the best couple of starplus serials. Bt ektha plz have some scence.u r playing vth feelings of viewers.even though ishu raman reunite i hate u ektha for making all viewers bakras

  16. V P

    whst should we beliefe ? todays episode was v sad ….. really wonder how come Ishitha did not die ..,,who eorked behind it is very important to know . she being the lead role can not die . how come Raman throwd ger …. what to believe Raman marries Nidhi … how stupid and Rubbish …ishra can not be seperated … please

  17. Starbucks

    I am really going to stop watching the next few epis cos even I know that Raman is acting it’s still hard to see Raman with niddhi

    But it’s the same Ishu did in the ghost tracks she acted infront of the family to save Raman’s life and Raman is
    also acting infront of the family to

    save ishu’s life
    But the hard part is ishu was acting as a possessed person but Raman is acting as if he totally forgot ishu’s it’s hard to family can anything more worse can happen to this family

  18. God, can’t even imagine the condition of ruhi and adi after knowing about their ishimaa’s death. Now I have started watching our old yhm. Missing the old tracks.

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ishita is very pretty naturally not painted wit makeup…does it mk sense to push wife over cliff then cum back as new????? Stupidly tink viewers point don’t even matter???? Dumb..

  20. summi

    Horrible episode n pre cap. I don’t have words to comment. Unable to understand Ramans expressions, hope Ishita will be save but what is the logic to push Ishita from cliff .

  21. Chandana vadlamani

    Kya ho raha hai? First isshu was arrested and raman&nidhi’s romance and now raman going to kill isshu by pushing her out of the cliff and isshu in a new avatar shalini a modern girl? Ohh murughan kuch nahi samagh raha hai!

  22. Ekta i seriously hate u frm bottom of my heart…u took away our old yhm…dnt u have any feeling..dumbo;->;->
    jst to increase trp u r increasing negativity in serial like hell..

  23. benu

    It is not only Yhm all serials are full of craftiness and story without meaning.Please ekta make some nice serial..YHM used to be very nice but now it is total melodrama with unrealistic situ.

  24. Preety sid bieber

    Stop of dis noncnse yaar…too much…i think is janam me ham ishira ka romance toh nahi dekh payenge its imposibl???

  25. Anakha

    Episode was emotional…thanks rithu for the upcoming episodes…whatever happens,we want our ishra together forever….and no leap please….we want our old yhm back…

  26. V P

    Divyanka acted so well , jail scene and all superb . really a gifted actress . so too the whole cast of yhm . please do not make Raman to marry Niddhi ….. romancing with her to prove Ishitha is innocent is acceptable . not only that ekta you are spoiling the good story line and characters .raman and Ishithas character delivered a lot a good messages to the audience . now we are all warching to know what is happening to Yhm ….adi ruhi and sravan too acted very well . Ruhi def a great child actress … dont disappoint the kids … their prayers to God to be answered …. ekta madam succeeded in bringing Shaghun positive for which she twistted the story line to bomb bladt and Ishithha to lose baby . whats the use of telling all this ? you have spoiled this unique story to the maximum ….now the spoilers say a lot of unrealistic things ….we saw the depth of Ishras love and please make a happy ending and stop this serial . please dont change Ishimas character a very simple humble fair and loving character …. new avatar ? cant think of it …. so too Raman …. how can he romance with Nidhi even if pretending . Really feel sad for the great artist … being a CEO , from beginning he iis a failure in this show … always begging to get things sorted out for his family . Ekta you have to wake up ….. and retwist this serial to the old yhm …please .. understand we fans want to enjoy watching …. this is full of un realistic moves ….( nothing against Anitha Hassandani …. her negative role was so superb …..and shaarika too acts so well . no Divek romance please ….its so cheap ….let them have their on sweel Romance off screen …. ishras chemistry is amazing and in tv industry they are the best couple . cant wipe them from our minds …love Ishra .. really miss their happy moments …

  27. i think ghost track is better than this . bcz in that track ishitha gets herself hurt but at current track raman is going to disappoint all the family members including himself and children for ishitha. he himself gets scoldings from all family members.what is the need of that???????????????????????????????????

  28. reshma

    why the same old promo is going on air???? Raman dancing with ishitha on sanam re song and YEH THI MOHABBATEIN….

    the same black dress Raman is wearing (yesterday’s episode).. ishitha in pink saree, candle lights and gun shot…

    once ishitha falls from the cliff, how this dance and gun shot will be possible???

    I’m really confused seeing the same old promo again..

  29. Anakha

    Ishita-raman was selected as the international couple in star pariwar awards..then how can they seperate them…if so the trp will fall..

  30. I don’t know what had happened with yeh hai mohabbatein. Earlier they were making drama with ghost and now with suicides. This is the reason why I have completely stopped watching yhm which was my favourite. I request the makers to end these things as soon as possible.
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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