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The Episode starts with Rinki talking to her friend Nikki, and saying there is nothing to care about budget, as Raman told her not to worry, and they check out few things online. Mrs. Bhalla talks about the puja. Nikki asks her to try destination wedding. Rinki says won’t it be high. Nikki says no, your brother is CEO and he has some status. Ishita brings coffee for them. Rinki shows her about destination wedding, and shows some places. Ishita says its beautiful and recalls Raman’s words.

Rinki says I m very excited about marriage. Ishita says its good. Rinki says I called wedding planner, Shagun’s one, Kiara, she said she will arrange everything. Simmi comes and joins their talk finding bookworm Rinki in normal mode. Ishita thinks what to do, she can’t tell Raman, as he is

worried for expenses, I can’t explain Rinki, her heart will break and Raman won’t like this.

She goes to her room and thinks about Udaipur wedding, and other expenses. Raman comes and smiles seeing her. He pacifies her and says we have savings, and you are earnings too, Rinki is younger sister and we can manage it, afterall marriage happens once, sorry mostly once, not like mine. She says we can manage the wedding, we don’t need wedding planner.

Shagun sees Kiara and hugs her. Kiara says I felt you recommended my name. Shagun says no one consults me, Raman may have decided. Kiara says you are with Raman now, and talks about Rinki wishing a palace wedding. She says this guy is from Houston and shows his pic which Rinki shared. Shagun says I think I saw him somewhere and Kiara goes. Shagun says I feel I saw him somewhere. Kiara meets the Bhallas and fixes everything. Mihir comes and thinks whats Kiara doing here, she spends a lot, why did aunty call her here.

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He says congrats to Rinki. Rinki says she is my wedding planner Kiara and introduces Mihir to her. She says she is very happy. He says he has some work with her and talks to her. She says she is very excited about wedding and he says about having wedding in Delhi, as Kiara will spend a lot. Rinki asks whats the matter. He says no, you know me, I m miser type. She says tell me. He says its not like before, I m sharing this with just you, no one knows it, you got mature so I m sharing, Raman resigned from his job. Rinki is shocked.

Shagun finds out about Nikhil and recalls her and Ashok’s US trip. She recalls Ishita’s words and smiles saying this is Nikhil. She says mummy ji trusts her bahu a lot and want to do Rinki’s bidaai, do the needy arrangements, I won’t say anything now. Raman talks on phone and asks not to decline any job offer. Rinki comes and cries hearing him. Raman hugs her and asks what happened. She says I will miss you a lot. He says you won’t give us time to miss, come sit here.

She says she does not want Udaipur wedding, as much money will get waste. He asks will you teach me about money. She says I don’t want to show off. He asks whats your problem, and asks Ishita to ask her the same. Ishita asks did anyone say anything, what happened. Rinki says I m very selfish, I know you want to make my wish true, but I came to know your job is gone, I m sorry. He says I m not incapable to get any other job, and hugs her. He makes her smile.

He gets a call and Rohit says but company… Raman says fix it and I don’t care about company, fix the meeting, I will meet them. He tells Rinki that he got the job. Ishita says don’t take tension. Raman says no, take tension about shopping. Ishita asks her to hide it from everyone. Raman asks who told you this. Mihir comes and says I told her. Shagun calls office and asks for connecting to Ashok. Adi comes to her and says about Rinki’s wedding at Udaipur, Dadi told me to come for shopping. She says they did not invite me, they don’t respect me, focus on studies, its just you who care for me. She says she has some work and leaves.

Mihir says he told Rinki and sends her asking for coffee. He asks how did he think he will take his place in that company, how can Malhotra play this bad game, I will resign, he can’t do this. Raman acts rude to him and asks him to get independent now. Ishita asks him to calm. Raman says my name is enough to get a job, you don’t need to leave job, I got you here at this point, don’t expect anything else, you have to be independent. Ishita asks him to stop it. Raman says I told you not to get in between and shouts on them. He acts very rude and leaves.

Ishita says sorry. Mihir says I know he is doing this intentionally, he wants me to move ahead in my career, he does not show his feelings, he is doing this so that no one feels bad, he does so much for everyone, what he told now is right, why should I halt my career, I love him, he is like my dad, I m worried for Rinki’s marriage. Ishita says Raman is strong, he will manage. Mihir says we have to take care of Raman. Raman stands out and hears them crying and smiling.

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Shagun comes to meet Ashok and goes to him. Ashok asks you, what do you want. She asks won’t you ask me to sit. He says no, I m busy. He argues and she asks for Amrita’s number who resides in US and gives some excuse. He says I m sure you want something and forwards the number, asking her to get lost. She says thanks and leaves. He thinks she has some plan and wonders what is it.

Ishita drops Raman as he gives his car for servicing, and they have a sweet talk. She asks him not to take job by family tension. He says he gives tension to others. She asks him to go. He leaves. She wishes he gets a good career start. Ashok greets Raman saying hello Mr. CEO. Raman says I came here for a meeting. Ashok says yes, so greet your new boss with love. Raman asks what do you mean. Ashok says I told Rohiot to send you here, I m your new boss, welcome to my world.

Ashok is back to his creepy things and says money can buy happiness, you know I m right, so you are staying here. The family is happy having a discussion. Shagun says once, Amrita recalls my call, Rinki’s marriage will become a big issue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I hate these supid ideot chep mastermind Makers…………..

    Humare IshRa ko kitni baar humiliate karoge…………

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  6. yeah ur right prayosha.this totally unfair.even we want good scenes of ishra.bus usi shagun aur ashok ko naa throw them out of world.agar aise e chaltha naa then we lose our trp something and make our trp come first by beating kkb.

  7. yaar prayosha just relax.whatever they do in math but hamara ishra and yhm is best ever and can take their place.and we hope this holi makes so happy and ishra ka romance bhi.

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    Yaar ab Raman phir se Ashok ke hunder work kare yeh bilkul thik nahi…..

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    Ab yeh to hume pata hai ki tum yeh job accept karoge……….bas ab kaise bhi Ishita ko pata chal jaye ki tumne Ashok ki company me job li hai………..
    Yaar Malhotra ne tumhari self-respect ko thes pahuchai iss liye tum ne Resign kiyaa…….to iss company me tumhe kaun respact dega…………
    I am sure ab Mihika hi Ashok ko thik karegi……pls Mihika Do something for your Jiju & Akka ………pls yaar ab saaari ummide tum se hi hai……..& pls Holi se pehle yeh Problems solve karo……….

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