Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rinki talking to her friend Nikki, and saying there is nothing to care about budget, as Raman told her not to worry, and they check out few things online. Mrs. Bhalla talks about the puja. Nikki asks her to try destination wedding. Rinki says won’t it be high. Nikki says no, your brother is CEO and he has some status. Ishita brings coffee for them. Rinki shows her about destination wedding, and shows some places. Ishita says its beautiful and recalls Raman’s words.

Rinki says I m very excited about marriage. Ishita says its good. Rinki says I called wedding planner, Shagun’s one, Kiara, she said she will arrange everything. Simmi comes and joins their talk finding bookworm Rinki in normal mode. Ishita thinks what to do, she can’t tell Raman, as he is

worried for expenses, I can’t explain Rinki, her heart will break and Raman won’t like this.

She goes to her room and thinks about Udaipur wedding, and other expenses. Raman comes and smiles seeing her. He pacifies her and says we have savings, and you are earnings too, Rinki is younger sister and we can manage it, afterall marriage happens once, sorry mostly once, not like mine. She says we can manage the wedding, we don’t need wedding planner.

Shagun sees Kiara and hugs her. Kiara says I felt you recommended my name. Shagun says no one consults me, Raman may have decided. Kiara says you are with Raman now, and talks about Rinki wishing a palace wedding. She says this guy is from Houston and shows his pic which Rinki shared. Shagun says I think I saw him somewhere and Kiara goes. Shagun says I feel I saw him somewhere. Kiara meets the Bhallas and fixes everything. Mihir comes and thinks whats Kiara doing here, she spends a lot, why did aunty call her here.

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He says congrats to Rinki. Rinki says she is my wedding planner Kiara and introduces Mihir to her. She says she is very happy. He says he has some work with her and talks to her. She says she is very excited about wedding and he says about having wedding in Delhi, as Kiara will spend a lot. Rinki asks whats the matter. He says no, you know me, I m miser type. She says tell me. He says its not like before, I m sharing this with just you, no one knows it, you got mature so I m sharing, Raman resigned from his job. Rinki is shocked.

Shagun finds out about Nikhil and recalls her and Ashok’s US trip. She recalls Ishita’s words and smiles saying this is Nikhil. She says mummy ji trusts her bahu a lot and want to do Rinki’s bidaai, do the needy arrangements, I won’t say anything now. Raman talks on phone and asks not to decline any job offer. Rinki comes and cries hearing him. Raman hugs her and asks what happened. She says I will miss you a lot. He says you won’t give us time to miss, come sit here.

She says she does not want Udaipur wedding, as much money will get waste. He asks will you teach me about money. She says I don’t want to show off. He asks whats your problem, and asks Ishita to ask her the same. Ishita asks did anyone say anything, what happened. Rinki says I m very selfish, I know you want to make my wish true, but I came to know your job is gone, I m sorry. He says I m not incapable to get any other job, and hugs her. He makes her smile.

He gets a call and Rohit says but company… Raman says fix it and I don’t care about company, fix the meeting, I will meet them. He tells Rinki that he got the job. Ishita says don’t take tension. Raman says no, take tension about shopping. Ishita asks her to hide it from everyone. Raman asks who told you this. Mihir comes and says I told her. Shagun calls office and asks for connecting to Ashok. Adi comes to her and says about Rinki’s wedding at Udaipur, Dadi told me to come for shopping. She says they did not invite me, they don’t respect me, focus on studies, its just you who care for me. She says she has some work and leaves.

Mihir says he told Rinki and sends her asking for coffee. He asks how did he think he will take his place in that company, how can Malhotra play this bad game, I will resign, he can’t do this. Raman acts rude to him and asks him to get independent now. Ishita asks him to calm. Raman says my name is enough to get a job, you don’t need to leave job, I got you here at this point, don’t expect anything else, you have to be independent. Ishita asks him to stop it. Raman says I told you not to get in between and shouts on them. He acts very rude and leaves.

Ishita says sorry. Mihir says I know he is doing this intentionally, he wants me to move ahead in my career, he does not show his feelings, he is doing this so that no one feels bad, he does so much for everyone, what he told now is right, why should I halt my career, I love him, he is like my dad, I m worried for Rinki’s marriage. Ishita says Raman is strong, he will manage. Mihir says we have to take care of Raman. Raman stands out and hears them crying and smiling.

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Shagun comes to meet Ashok and goes to him. Ashok asks you, what do you want. She asks won’t you ask me to sit. He says no, I m busy. He argues and she asks for Amrita’s number who resides in US and gives some excuse. He says I m sure you want something and forwards the number, asking her to get lost. She says thanks and leaves. He thinks she has some plan and wonders what is it.

Ishita drops Raman as he gives his car for servicing, and they have a sweet talk. She asks him not to take job by family tension. He says he gives tension to others. She asks him to go. He leaves. She wishes he gets a good career start. Ashok greets Raman saying hello Mr. CEO. Raman says I came here for a meeting. Ashok says yes, so greet your new boss with love. Raman asks what do you mean. Ashok says I told Rohiot to send you here, I m your new boss, welcome to my world.

Ashok is back to his creepy things and says money can buy happiness, you know I m right, so you are staying here. The family is happy having a discussion. Shagun says once, Amrita recalls my call, Rinki’s marriage will become a big issue.

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  1. bhagi

    aab kya e bakwaas dhekna bakhi hai kya vaise bhi after all raman ne malhotra ke paas job issliye choda thaki vo aapna ijjadth na ko de par aab kya us ashok ke paas naukari kar ke usko ijjadth milega kya bakwaas bana rahe hai show ko pura ka pura negitivity ye vo yhm nahi hai jo muje pasandth tha i hate the writers….

  2. arey yaar koi tho usi shagun aur ashok ko naa throw out of world.jab dekho creating any problem for ishra.and raman plz dont hear that stupid ashok yaar.ishu is right u should accpect the job with any matter whatever happens bus raman dont do job for ashok.aagar u want to job so urgently then u can work with mani also right.

  3. and waise bein a writer ko kya laga that we r idoit to watch this that hamara raman kumar bhalla will do job with cheap way yaar.already we losing the trp agar this happen then sure we lose more.dont to this yaar.and kya job job.u can start a new bussiness too by ur own.

  4. Hey Mizun ???? Are you ok?? Accident hua yaa sleep ho gai.???? Jyada pain to nahi hai na?? Ab tak kyo nahi aai??? Serious injury to nahi hai na??

  5. Lukey

    I hate the story writers there is no romance in the story only shaguan ashok and family nonsence i wil not watch this again

  6. Oh I am sorry……..thoda Dimag ghum gaya tha iss liye yaad hi nahi raha & Gujrati me bol diya…..par sach me yeh makers ne Dimag kharab kar ke rakha hai……….

  7. Hey SBB ka video dekha?? IshRa YHM FB par hai…..mai abhi thodi der me dekhungi……us me tha Raman chala new office…..& pati no 1 shayad Ishita Raman ko trophy de rahi thi…..

  8. IshRa scene toh mast tha. .yaar. … it. …..♡ aur raman jab kehta hai. …..apne pati se flirt karrahi Ho. ….hayy raman aaise sad mat ho plzzzzzzz

  9. Prayosha tum dekhna….aage ke episodes main sirf ishra scenes honge ….tum tension mat lo….aur rinki ko marriage ….nahi hongi aur humara raman itna bhi kamzor nahi ki …..woh ashok ki baat manega…

  10. Haan dekha. …mast tha. ……ishita ne usse suit select karne main help ki. ..aur usse aarti bhi di. …….aur raman k awards dikha kar. …usse motivate bhi kiya. ……bahut achcha tha scene. …..may be kal bataye ga. …….

  11. Mizun…….yeh YHM to bigad diya hai…..paar mera dusra fav show Maharana Pratap shuu ho gaya jise kuch dino se YHM ke liye ignore kar rahi thi par ab yeh bahot interesting ho raha hai……uss ke baad baat karte hai……

  12. Galat kya bola …sach hi to bola ki inn logo ne bigad diya hai……….makers ko galat bola show ko nahi……& thodi der baaad baat karte hai…muje SBB ka video dekhana hai……

  13. Yes. ..dono bhai bahen ne Sach main rula diya. ………..bada bhai ho toh aaisa. …………….aapni bahen k liye kuch bhi karega………….aur job bhi ussne rinki k liye hi li hai. …

  14. Raman ka character har rule main perfect hai. ………….
    …aur jab raman rinki ko bachcha bachcha bol raha tha. ……hayyy. ..mast lagraha tha

  15. arey yaar kya bonding hai.raman aur rinky ka bhai bhena bond and raman aur ishu ka bond.beti papa ka bond.papa beta ka bone,beti maa ka bond,saas bahu ka bond.nann bhabhi ka bond.all the bonding r just awesome.u guys r the best.

  16. ur right was touching scene tha when rinky was crying and raman asked kya beta bol.was really awesome tha.bada bhai should be like this only.unforunately i dont have any elder bhai.only chota bhai hai.koi baath nayi even my chota bhai is like a son to me.i hope he do his exams well and all of u too.special prayer form my side to all of u who all r having there bro too.

  17. haan mizun yhm is best serial ever and ever.they always rocks the screen.sach mai yeh hai mohabbatein.bin kuch suna bin kuch kahae haath tho haath liya chal thogi saath tere.this only for ishra.

  18. Sahi kaha priyaroli. …….& thanks. …aur aap ke Bro. ………aur jo bhi exams derahe hai. .hum sab. …In shaa Allah. .achche marks se paas hojaen ge. …

  19. ..priyaroli…..Perfect song hai ishra k liye. ……waise ishra par har song achcha lagta hai. ..aaisa lagta hai. .Un k liye hi bana hai

  20. ok guys iam back.ur right mizun all the songs suit for ishra.when it comes to ishra the songs become more beautiful than ever.waise aaj bhi it made me cry that bula dena song form raman.

  21. and may tho bhooligayi ki woh raman aur mihir ka scene was quit awesome.raman scold mihir for his good and mihir also understand it the way raman scold mihir show a bro bro ka bond and a friend friend ka bond and ofcourse dad son ka bond bhi.strong bond.hamaza aise hi rehana.

  22. Hayyy. .ye dono bhai. ….kitni achchi tarha samjte hai ek dusre ko. ….raman Mihir. …..aaise hi sath Rehna. ……aur Mihir hume tumse yahi umeed thi. ……..
    ..aur raman plzzzzzz ruo mat. …..

  23. xyz

    Ohh lol sorry I juz read on times all child artists r on leave so der scens will be reduced. So told abt “Ruhi”

  24. Oh GOD ……muje to Raman Mihir ne rula diya……….sach me yaaar khun ka rishta ho na ho koi fark nahi padta pyar me yeh IshRuh…&& Raman Mihir ne saabit kar diya…..

  25. backwaaz backwaaz aur backwaaz.ashok ke yaha kam karne ke liye raman kaise maan gaya.maine socha tha ki woh sadu akdoo md malhotra khud raman ke paas aayega aur mafi mang kar yeh kahega ki ussne jyada bol diya lekin yaha toh kuch aur hi khichdi pak rahi hai. bilkul backwaaz.

  26. nikhil se rinki ka marriage toot hi jaayega.lekin yaar ye shagun kab tak rahegi yaar ishra ke beech aur poore bhalla family ko pareshaan karthe karthe. raman ko doosri job jpin kar lena chahiye.uss ashok ne kitnaa insult aur humilate ki raman ka phir bhi kya backwaaz dikha rahe hai .

  27. Oooh. .angel. .ab kaisi hai tumhari health ok na. …….are ye exams k time par sab ki health kharab horahi hai. …..
    …….plzzzz apni health ka khayal rakho. …..

  28. Hey Angel take care of yourself yaar………exams bahot najdik hai….& tumharo to 1st board exams hai…hume to aadat ho gai..board exams ki……

  29. kya angel.aap tum kaise hoo.i hope ur alright.two days back u were saying ur going for farewell this happen.koi baath nayi take rest take ur medicine properly.and get well soon dude.bye good nt.

  30. Yaar Ashok life me kabhi kabhi to sach bolta hai….sun lo uski baat Raman usne sahi kaha……Money can buy your happiness………but not Money….its Mani…………….
    Pls yaar uss cheap Ashok ke saath kaam karo uss se achcha hai….Mani ke saath kaam karo…..yaar yeh kaise ho sakata hai ki Delhi me hote hue Mani ko Raman ki job ke baaare me pata ho………pls yaar Mani ki re-entry ka yeh hi sahi waqt hai…….usse bulao…..pls pls pls bulao……….

  31. frankly speaking really pissed off this drama . yeh ashok aur shagun ke alava aur bhi actors hai . buss inn dono ka drama mahinon se aa raha hai .bardaash ki koi hadd hoti hai . pehle shagun ashok ki drama kam nahi thi kya ki ab mihir rinki ki shaadi. toh bhai makers trp gradually kum hogi hi .matsh aur kkb mein accha track aur yaha backwaaz pe backwaaz dikha rahe ho.really disappionting.

  32. MATH seto muje bahot bahot bahot gussa aa raha hai……..uss me IshRan ki Dinner date dikhai na to inn makers ki khair nahi…..humare IshRa ki Date 2 baar cancle ki to unki bhi complete nahi honi chahiye………

  33. are everyone alright .main kuch dino se dekh rahi hu ki sab ki tabhyat theek nahi hai aur fake commenters jyada ho rahe hai.waise mujhe lagtha hai ki yhmtellyupdates ek akela site hai jaha kaafi comments aathe hai . i pray ki all yhm ishraruh fans be alright.

  34. sahi kaha prayosha math mein jyada aur yhm mein kam .its not fair. yeh hai mohobbatein se jyada yeh hai lumbaaaa drama shagun ashok ka hai. bala romi simmi mani vandu mihika sarika yeh sab drame hai toh bhi kheeeche hi jaa rahe hai.

  35. Hey Rithushree…….bahot dino baad aai yaar……..itna patiences kaise rakha ……. mai to ek din bhi IshRa ke baare me baat kiye bina nahi reh sakti…….

  36. Yes prayosha ur right. ……….ishVeer ki date pori nahin honi chahiye. ……..yaar ishra ki har dinner date ko bigada hai toh ishVeer dinner date kaise complete karsakte ho. .ye toh IshRa k sath na insafi hogi na

  37. hi prayosha . yaar iss net ne pareshaan kar diya tha. chaar din wait kiya . customer care ko phone kiya kya kya bhagadodi hui but i am happy ki ab iss site pe phir se roz aaungi.

  38. Dekho………yeh IshRan bhi……IshRa ki tarah ghar me juthi fight karke gghar se Date ke liye nikle….unn ki Date complete hona nahi chahiye……

  39. Yaar YHM me 1 Year 2 months hone ke baad bhi itna Romance nahi dikhaya jitna MATH me sirf7-8 months me dikha rahe hai………
    This is totaly unfair…………..
    I hate these supid ideot chep mastermind Makers…………..

    Humare IshRa ko kitni baar humiliate karoge…………

  40. Good Morning ……Priyaroli………
    But what Good In the Morning?????
    Meri morning roj MATH ki aawaj se hoti hai & muje yeh makers par itana gussa aa raaaha hai phir kaha nikalu heh gussaa???

  41. yeah ur right prayosha.this totally unfair.even we want good scenes of ishra.bus usi shagun aur ashok ko naa throw them out of world.agar aise e chaltha naa then we lose our trp something and make our trp come first by beating kkb.

  42. yaar prayosha just relax.whatever they do in math but hamara ishra and yhm is best ever and can take their place.and we hope this holi makes so happy and ishra ka romance bhi.

  43. IshRa ke itne achche scenes dikha raahe hai………par phir bhi unhe baad me itna rulate hai………pls yaar itna bhi kisi insaan ko pareshan mat karo……..
    Yaar ab Raman phir se Ashok ke hunder work kare yeh bilkul thik nahi…..

  44. Are yaar Raman Ishita ne bola to ki kisi ke bhi pressure me job mat lena……..
    Ab yeh to hume pata hai ki tum yeh job accept karoge……….bas ab kaise bhi Ishita ko pata chal jaye ki tumne Ashok ki company me job li hai………..
    Yaar Malhotra ne tumhari self-respect ko thes pahuchai iss liye tum ne Resign kiyaa…….to iss company me tumhe kaun respact dega…………
    I am sure ab Mihika hi Ashok ko thik karegi……pls Mihika Do something for your Jiju & Akka ………pls yaar ab saaari ummide tum se hi hai……..& pls Holi se pehle yeh Problems solve karo……….

  45. Hii…Prayosha. & sbb nahin dekhe kya.? …..rinki ki sangeet function chal raha hai. ……..ishita bahut pretty lagrahi hai white n blue combination saree mein. …….puri family enjoy karrahi hai. ……ishita raman ka intezar karrahi hai. Kyun k raman abhi Nahin aaya hai. ………..raman k aane k bad. ….IshRa ka. .superb dance hone wala hai
    ………intezar hai iss episode ka. …..aur sab se zyada IshRa ki performance ka. ……

  46. hi mizun.ur right.usi ashok ko naa just throw them out of planet.per koi baath nayi mikha will teach him a good lesson.mikha dont leave that ashok so easily yaar.

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