Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita, Prateek and Abhishek looking for Shagun. Shagun is inside that new car. Abhishek stops the car and asks the man did he see any woman wearing burqa. The man says no, this is car parking area, we have to go to deliver this car. The car leaves. Ishita asks where shall we find her. Abhishek sees CCTV there and says now we will know where is Shagun. They see the CCTV feeds and Shagun in bad state. Abhishek says I think she is shot. They see Shagun getting inside the car. Ishita says its same car that went for delivery. Abhishek says yes, we spoke to that same car driver. He asks manager to give car owner details fast. The manager says this car is on Bala Subramanium’s name. Ishita asks what. The manager tells the address of delivery. Prateek says that’s our

building and they all rush.

Ishita reaches there with them and does not see the car. Ishita asks Bala where is his car. Bala says I did not buy any car. Abhishek says it has something imp, tell us. Ishita insists. Bala says fine, don’t tell Vandu, I cancelled the car booking and told Khosla. Abhishek asks who is Khosla, give his details. Bala gives details and asks Ishita what happened. She asks him not to tell anything to Vandu and leave. Abhishek, Prateek and Ishita see Khosla’s details. Abhishek says Khosla is Suraj’s right hand. The constable gets the new delivery address, that’s Ashok’s house.

Ashok gets angry as driver took car for servicing. He asks watchman to get cab. The man gets the car to deliver to Suraj. Ashok talks to him and asks did Suraj buy it. The man says no, the car is named on Bala and delivery was to be done here. Ashok signs and accepts the delivery. Shagun sees him and get shocked. The man says car kit is inside and thanks him. Ashok says its good, I got a car for the day. He sits in the car. Shagun hides. Ashok says don’t know where is Shagun, I have to find Shagun, maybe Ishita will go to meet her. He turns back and reverses the car.

Abhishek, Prateek and Ishita reach to his house and talk to guard about car delivery. The guard says yes, car was delivered, Ashok has taken it. They get shocked. Abhishek asks did any driver go along. The guard says no, Ashok drove it himself. Ishita says it Ashok gets Shagun, she is pregnant and she is hurt too. Shagun is in pain. Ashok says I have to find Shagun. Suraj calls Ashok and asks did he take the car delivery. Ashok says yes, I m driving it. Suraj asks him to drive well. Ashok says I know driving, don’t worry. He ends call and says I have to do something soon.

Mihir tells Raman that client was so happy, we will get this contract. Raman says we have to be sure Ashok does not get it. Mihir says Ashok is of nowhere now. He calls Sanjay and says he just joined us. Raman talks to him. Sanjay says my family likes the environment here, I want to invite you and your wife for Poornima festival, women keep fast and moon’s puja is done. Raman says its like our Karwachauth. Sanjay says no, women keep fast for husband’s long life and this one is for husband’s prosperity, its believed moon and earth come closest on that night, and that Poornima’s light has healing powers, every hurdle and problems will get away. Raman says we all will come. Sanjay thanks him and leaves. Raman thinks of healing powers. Mihir asks will you take Ishita there, if anything happens. Raman says I can’t live in fear, maybe this can help her. Mihir says you love Ishita so much, when I see you and Ishita, I realize marriage is such a lovely bond. He leaves.

Ishita worries and says its evening now, Shagun is wounded. Prateek asks her to relax. Abhishek tries to trace the car. She asks them to inform her and leaves. Ashok comes to some hospital and asks someone to check hospitals, as Shagun is shot, and Ishita will take her to hospital. Shagun is still in the car.

Abhishek thinks where can Ashok take Shagun. The constable tells the car’s location. Abhishek calls Ishita and informs her the same. She says why will Ashok take her to hospital, Shagun will be wounded. He says we can’t tell anything now, I will send Prateek there. She says I will reach there and worries, saying I should take some eatables for Shagun. She reaches there and sees the car parked. She sees Shagun unconscious inside and worries.

Ishita hits the mirror and wakes up Shagun. Shagun sees her and gets up. The nurse tells Ashok that burqa lady recovered, you can see her. He thinks whats Shagun. Ishita sees Shagun wounded. She hugs her and they cry.

Ashok says I did not find Shagun here. He gets shocked seeing Ishita and Shagun. He runs after them.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman and
    other Bhalla family
    members find out Ishita’s
    reality of meeting to
    Ashok creates
    between Raman and
    Ishita and Raman thinks
    that Ishita betrays him
    like Shagun.
    In anger and sadness,
    Raman gets drunk more
    and refuses to talk to
    Ashok asks Sarika to take
    advantage of this
    situation and attack on
    Sarika is doing all this
    just to stop Ashok
    revealing her truth.
    Sarika tells some wrong
    words against Ishita and
    shows some concern
    towards Raman.
    Sarika mixes something
    in Raman’s juices and
    request him to take it.
    Raman takes the juice
    which makes Sarika
    happy and worried.
    Will Raman and Ishita get
    separated forever?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

    • sharwani

      Horror kuda kadu motham manchi show Ni padu padu chesi pedutunnaru inkentha kalamo ee sodhi…naku updates thote chirakesthundi kani andaru baga follow avuthunnaru kada show Ni visugu ravatkeda ani pedda doubt naku?

      • gopu

        ee serial chose na prema ne inka penchukunnanu ee roju thanaku peli ayendi evadetono… 7.53pm timing ke anduke ananu waste serials chosee mounigi povadu ani…

  2. yeh sarika .ussi ne raman ki drink spike kii thi aur ishra ke beech misunderstanding laa rahi hai .mujhe nahi lagtha ki iss misunderstanding se ishra seperate honge .go to hell sarika .saari musibath ki jad wahi hai.

  3. angel


  4. nimrit

    in upcoming epi…shagun & ishita will be dance on pinga together….. how crazy makers yr…..haat….wo man aaj dikhayana epi me uske ghar ke function me…..

  5. nimrit

    but raman itna pagal kaise hai….mani ke bareme bhi usse yahi misunderstanding hui thi… achha sabak mila tha raman ko…..& he loves a lot & trust on ishita …..then how can he doubts on ishita…..

  6. nimrit

    iss ekta ke show day per day bad & disgusting hote ja rahe hai…….usne to MATSH ki to wat laga di hai puri…uss Rvi ishani ko to kitne bar separate karegi pata nahi…..ab usi experiment ko lagta hai yhm me bhi try karne wale hai……….cheap makers…..hate ekta…….koi nayi story nahi hoti inke paas..sab dusre dusre show se copy karte hai ye…….foolish…..

    • Jhanvi

      Ya nimrit I didn read it before…

      Again dragging 3 epi to search Shagun… Make it fast yar ….it’s scaring..

  7. Raman knows that Ashok wants to ruin his life in anyway he knows that he put some informer in his house itself then how can he believed ashok words and doubts on ishita disguisting
    Raman knows that what ever ishita doing only for raman and family he knows some times
    she may be lied or hiding some issues from him for his welfare only how can he do with ishita so

  8. SIndhu

    Goodness just to help shagun, it is uch a drag. There are actually 3 persons Ishita, Prateek and Abishek to help Shagun and none of the, can help her. All they do is keep running to look for her. Look at Ashok, single handedly he can track Shagun. Why do the producers make the lead actors silly? I am surprised Raman does not suspect anything as Ishita keeps disappearing and Romi too does not suspect Sarika as her expression shows it all that fear and anxiety. Really I feel like wringing Sarika. She is not even grateful to the Bhallas family and only selfishly thinks of herself. Can’t she show some emotions to Shagun that Shagun is pregnant and carrying a child. Looks like there might be a huge argument between Ishita and Raman. oh dear……. I don’t know what is going to happen. If it is going to be negative I don’t feel like watching as I am not ready to face the fact that Raman and Ishita are going to separate. Really hope it does not happen but you never know about Ekta. She keeps experimenting until both lead starts get separated. Before the new year comes to an end, Ekta could show some pleasant moments with Raman and Ishita. Looks like it may not happen. How sad…..

    • Diya

      Sindhu actually sarika is helpless she’s doing all this so her secret is not out..rohit is not romi’s son sarika adopted him so that she can get into bhalla family..

  9. Havent seen the epi yet cos m back in hostel…Maybe seperation will not happen..But there r so many spoilers on fb and insta.Too confusing..

  10. actually raman lacks common sense .agar sarika ishra ke beech misunderstandings kar rahi hai aur yeh keh rahi hai ki ishitha hi woh khabri hai aur woh raman ko betray kar rahi hai jaise shagun toh raman ko yeh sochna hai ki ishitha ke andar shagun ki aatma hai aur yeh sab shagun kar rahi hai naa ki ishitha .kya bade fools hai yeh makers . serial yeh log banaathe hai aur khud hi bewakoofon ki tarah show mein dikhaathe hai aur kitnii baar inn logon ne raman ko bewakoof hero jaise dikhaaya.

  11. Ashok (Sangram Singh) creates misunderstandings between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) revealing Ishita’s truth to Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

  12. hema

    E ekta ni mental hospital lo join chepinchadam beter.yela unde serial ni yela chesipetteru karma ra baabu diniki fans ela unnaro kuda telidamla.

  13. Diya

    Hi all my dear frnds…
    Rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nimrit, faya, fathi, cindy, misty, parvathy, sabrin, Natasha, etc….

    I don’t want any separation or leap to happen..rithu now we have come to a state that we can’t even believe the spoiler…Pls guyzzz iam fed up thinking abt wafs gonna happen but can’t stop thinking also.. Rithu try to bring any news…

  14. diya

    rpisode was emotional and a lil draggy .. guys hv u seen the pic of ishita and shagun dancing . according to the sources , to hid frm the clutches of ashok ishagun will get mixd up with a troop of dancers . so that ashoke cannot catch them . nd they not only take maharastrian avtar but also dance together on the pingaa song .

    nyway .. i just want this end asap .
    hope no seperation btwn ishra ahead .

  15. Cindy

    Epi was bad enough? but the precape the worst? and plus don’t create a rift between ishra ??



  16. diya

    guys seperation wont happen though sarika will try to manupulate evry 1 against ishita but very soon her truth will get revealed.

  17. arshi

    Hillarious…in such a crucial situation,when one woman is pregnant & shot & a mad man is behind the two bechari lachar women with two useless good for nothing gabru jawaan,how can any 1 dance on a song like pingaa???????…..!!!!!!!its hard for me to understand!!!!!plzzz can any 1 make me undsrstand????if u yourself can understand it…!!!!!

  18. Sara khan

    in the coming episodes we will see tht ishita is critical after crocodile attack. . everyone comes to know the truth abt shagun n saarika.. but ishita dies..
    leap of 20 years….
    shagun has given birth to girl who turns out to be ishita. .. N ruhi turns into a stubborn n arrogant girl after the death of ishita

  19. Naaz

    Hi rithushree, zaara, jhanvi, both diyas, fathi, faya, nimrit, darshika, parvathi, VP, misty, etc.. All yhm fans. Good morning friends. Daily I read written updates and its comments. I like to read it comments friends. Now a days mizun, priyaroli r not posting their comments

  20. Jhanvi

    Now I just hate d word leap…

    So stupid writers to show Raman is doubting ishita… Only to show how Shagun is MAHAN ( great )…

    Hatee u writers…..

  21. Jhanvi

    When ishu Nd Shagun will dance ….?? It means d truth will come out..Nd after they will dance ….but after crocodile attack or before…????

    Nd Ashok shld not win this time… Only goodness shld win.. Nd if he will win then writers r really crap…

  22. diya

    hey sara we know ishu wnt die . so stop predicting all this. divyanka doesnt look so young that shewill play a 20 yr old .

  23. Its time for some much needed
    entertainment on Star Plus ‘ Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein. Ashok seems to be hell
    bent on exposing Shagun’s truth. He
    will be seen chasing Ishita and
    Shagun everywhere. Hiding from him,
    Shagun and Ishita will join some
    dance performers and will get dressed
    up in a Maharashtrian style.
    As per a source, the duo will not only
    dress up in Maharashtrian attire but
    will also perform on the song ‘Pinga’
    from the film ‘Bajirao Mastani’.
    Interesting! Isn’t it?
    It would be really exciting to watch
    Ishita and Shagun perform on Deepika
    and Priyanka’s song!
    Well, the upcoming track seems to be
    really entertaining as we see the
    actresses perform and the story
    entails a lot more drama to reveal
    Stay tuned for more updates…

  24. nsb

    fed up of ashoks track..looks like he has nothing else to do in life..writers dont have anything else to change the track..ishita is over acting now so so much concerned n dying for shagun..omg..dragging n dragging such a nice serial..

  25. diya

    nowadays i m feeling so lazy to write comments dunt know why … thand ka asar!!

    sas bahu aur betiyan, suspense , sazish ///////|

    ishita and shagun in order to hide frm ashok enters a marathi house hold . there ishita does shagun’s dressing and all .
    in the next scene ishita comes running to shagun and says ashok is here also nd he is enquiring some ppl outside . shagun gets afraid . thn ishita says only 1 way is left .lets go and take the avtr of dancers nd she also tells shagun to trust her nothing will happn. they dress up like dancers nd dance to the song pinga . but suddenly ishita sees ashok thr at the function nd he turns around with shagun with pallu so ashok cant see thm .ne somehow sends ashok backstage .nd she keeps on dancing with the pallu on .

    so this is what they showed ..
    divyanka gave a byte in which she said that it was a hide nd seek game between ishagun nd ashok .

    well ….. some new twists awaiting ..
    hope evrythng goes wll ..
    nd this track comes to end soon .
    with a GOOD NOTE.
    if nyone post the trp of this week if u cn do .
    according to a source , very soon sarika will be xpsd nd ishra will not seperate .
    waiting #fingercrossed .
    ps- both anita especially divyanka r soo good dancers . i didnt knew divyanka can so well evn if she is a pro. waitng !!

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