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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun trying to find about Ishita. She says I called 20 chemists, I don’t know about Ishita. She asks Pihu to come out, since when is she sitting in bubble path. She says Ishita is pediatric dentist, if I refine my search then…. Her inner voice stops her and says you are finding Ishita, is this right or wrong. Shagun says its right, Ishita’s family needs her, I will take her to Ishita, Pihu should know her real mum, if Ishita is alive, she should be with family, Raman forgot to live life, I will find Ishita and complete family. Her inner voice says your family or Ishita’s, you are doing a good work, but if you unite Ishita with them, what about you. Shagun says I m doing what Ishita did for my kids, she did a lot for me, I have her favors on me, I m just filling

her place. Her inner voice says you will lose all this when they get Ishita, don’t lie to yourself, are you not scared of losing this happiness, you are a mother, you have a family, don’t you like this. Shagun says yes, I like it, but I know this belongs to Ishita. Her inner voice says Adi is your son, you gave birth to Pihu, Raman was your husband before, this is your home, go back. Shagun shouts stop it, and says what am I thinking, I have to find Ishita and make her reach her family. She makes calls to find out Ishita.

Ishita sees the baby crying. The hijacker asks the pilot to open the door, else he will shoot the hostess. He asks the lady to make the baby silent, else he will shoot her. Ishita gets up. Raman thinks who is this woman. The man asks her to sit, he can shoot her. Raman is angry and says foolish woman is provoking him, she will die and get us killed too. Ishita says I m going to get water so that the lady can make baby food, the baby will get silent, its simple logic. Raman says don’t know what nonsense is she saying. The man sends hostess to get water. He asks Ishita to sit down. Raman looks on from far and gets frustrated. Raman reacts just shoot her…. The hostess gets water. The man asks lady to calm down baby. He asks them to cooperate or he will shoot them. Raman says he looks some mad guy.

Shagun asks Pihu to come out. She dials the last number and hopes its Ishita’s. She notes down residential number. Mani wonders if Ishita is fine, she did not call. Aaliya calls him and says we will go for dinner tonight, don’t worry for Amma, get ready, I m coming to pick you up. He says no. She ends call. Shagun gets number busy and thinks to call later. She hopes for positive response.

Simmi sees Romi in Raman’s cabin. She removes the pendrive and calls him thief. She destroys pendrive and scolds him. He says you ruined my hardwork. She says this is theft, you became thief being with Ashok. He asks her to leave. She asks him to leave, if Raman gets to know this, he will kill you. He says I don’t care, I learnt to move on in life, you are my sister, come on my side, I will give you much money, Raman will not know. She cries and says I did not see any poor guy than you, you have money and no family, get lost before I call police. He leaves. She says I can’t tell Raman, mummy can’t bear this. She leaves from there.

Mrs. Bhalla takes Adi to doctor. She asks doctor is everything fine. Doctor says nothing to worry, Adi should eat healthy food. Mihika comes and says sorry, I did not know someone is here, I will wait outside. Doctor asks her to come in, how is Romi. Mihika says Romi is fine, I came to give our marriage invitation card. Mrs. Bhalla and Adi leave. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks Adi to wait. Adi says I know Dadi, you want to hear about Romi. She hears Mihika. Mihika thanks doctor for treating Romi, and invites him in marriage. Adi tells Mrs. Bhalla that you miss Romi right? She says yes, I m his mother, I can’t forget him, when I got to know Romi was will, I was sad, I m worried for him, he forgot us, he is marrying and did not tell us, he did not send us card, don’t tell this to Simmi or others. Adi hugs her.

Aaliya comes home and asks Mani to come, Amma can call once flight lands, we will go now, come. Mani and Aaliya leave. Shagun calls on the number again. She thinks whats happening, did Ishita really…. Did Pihu see anyone else?

The plane gets jerk. The man asks whats happening, why is everything shaking, is it a storm. The hostess says I think we are facing turbulence. The hijacker removes his extra worn clothes and fake beard. The people look at him. He takes the gun and asks them to look down. He asks hostess to call pilot. He asks pilot to inform airport staff/police to get his girlfriend at airport. He says my GF is angry with me, I have to meet her, else I will kill everyone, so I have hijacked this flight, I had no flight to go to Delhi, this flight will go Delhi now. Pilot says please understand, its not possible. The hijacker cries and tells his love story, that she is rich, I came here to earn and become rich, her dad threatened to kill me, I can’t live without her, I know she is waiting for me, I love her a lot. Raman says strange man, he did this for his GF…..

Raman talks to the hijacker, and says you are strange guy, you hijacked a flight for a girl, whats guarantee your GF loves you equally, love is nothing, people change. Ishita hears him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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