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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok talking to some businessmen. Ashok asks Malhotra for help. Malhotra says Raman is a good businessman, what help do you want if you have him. Ashok says but he said to sell off company. A man says then sell it, you will get good rates. Mihir is irked and Malhotra asks him to drink. The man asks Ashok how does he get such women, Shagun and Mihika, and Ashok sees Mihir. Ashok says she married me to save her BF, but I genuinely loved her, she used me. Mihir scolds the men to be respected businessmen and joking a woman’s respect, Ashok blackmailed the woman and made her wife to force her, you are associating with a rapist, if anyone does this with your wives, sisters and maybe daughters then.

Malhotra asks him to let it be. Mihir says no Sir, if you all choose

to associate with Ashok Khanna, your reputation is at stake. Raman meets Ishita and Subbu. She says so you came. He says I had to. She thinks don’t know why don’t he not say, come on say it. He thinks if I say, I will be trapped forever. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..plays……… The lady says her son is not well and leaves. Ishita says what will we do. Subbu says without patient, we can’t do presentation. Ishita says she will make some calls.

Raman asks him to focus, he will arrange the patient. He says he will be the patient. Subbu says it will be big sacrifice for Ishita, is he sure. Raman says yes. Subbu tells Ishita that he got the patient. They are called on stage for their seminar. Rinki tells Mrs. Bhalla that Mihir is going to travel agent to book our holiday. Mrs. Bhalla says good, it will be honeymoon, have some shopping with me. Mihir comes home drunk. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord.

He stumbles and Rinki makes him sit. She asks whats wrong with you. He gets angry on Ashok. She asks where did he meet, he went in office party. He says Mihika’s life spoiled because of me, everything is over, Mihika married that dog to save me. He cries and says I doubted her, I used to hate her thinking she married Ashok as he is rich, I thought she is gold digger. How could I think this, she bear so much, Ashok did attempt to rape and even when she stood strong, I married someone else and what Mihika has, to hear people say anything against her. He says sorry Mihika. Rinki cries and leaves.

Ishita says Subbu will show the process demo and asks for the patient. Raman comes and signs her not to be quiet. Ishita signs Subbu. Raman lies down and she worries thinking does Raman know about this. Subbu says this tooth extraction will be less painful and w will use local anesthetic. Raman thinks it means I will lose my tooth and gets up. Subbu makes her lie and says you are really brave.

Subuu asks him to open mouth and gives injection. Ishita and Subbu talk to people. She says everything went so well. He asks shall I drop you. The driver says Raman send car for her. She says Raman planned dinner, maybe its surprise. He says he got his tooth removed for you, its bigger surprise, anything for you, I m very happy for you, that you got a husband like Raman.

Ishita comes to the restaurant and the manager says its fully booked for her. She says wow, I m impressed. She keeps the flowers and gets Amma’s call. She says conference went well, I will talk later, I came out for dinner with Raman. Raman comes smiling. Music plays…………. Raman holds his face and she says looking very nice. He asks for her hand. He makes her sit on the chair.

She says is it aching. He says hmm. She says you sorted everything and then all this, it has to be special. He points to her. She says so that thing you have to say. He holds her hand and says I love you, which can’t be understood well. She asks what. She says shall I arrange painkiller. He says no. He says again. She asks whats he saying. He says be quiet and says again. She says she can’t hear it and smiles. He explains by sign and she acts. She says shall I get pen and paper. She likes the music and says he planned so well.

He calls a waiter and he serves drinks. She says I don’t drink, you know. He says stop and asks her to have it. She says you should have told me before its grapes juice. She says I m sorry for tooth ache, but you saved my seminar, thank you so much. She says if kids were here, it would have been good. He signs her to have it. She says will we not order food, lets place an order. He sends the waiter. He makes her drink it.

Rinki makes Mihir lie on the bed and makes him drink water. He says I m sorry and she asks him to sleep. She recalls his words and cries. Raman says Madrasi woman, you drunk the gift too. Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi and kids appear and say what, he is mute today and made her drink the diamond pendant. Ishita says I will die. Raman holds his cheek.

Bala’s mum talks to him and says Subbu is better meeting Ishita. Ashok taunts Suraj and defends Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. poor mihika… their lv stry is true… so i wish rinki out f mihir life..

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  6. I think they will show mihika and subbu together

  7. Yaar yeh log bachon ko kaise dailogues de rahe hai is serial me espcly ruhi shld ny one of her age tlk all diz n dat too wid parents hadh hai bahut bura inpact padega bachon per if dey r watchng diz show n ab bus hogaya itna drama jus fr an ilu….ek do baar acha lagta hai per her baar koi na koi rukawat irritate ker rahi hai n shayad ilu jub kaha jayega tub tak shayad viewers ko koi interest baaqi nahi hoga…her baar spcl set up kerte hai fr ilu den dey spoil it so badly…jus rembrd ramz n priyaz confession scene was so so so romantic n luvly btr den young couples..wo baat nahi aa sakti kisi aur me kabhi…miss u ram n priya…

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