Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raman comes in the function and looks for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ishita. He hides his tears and says she would be coming, I will see. Raman does the aarti and cries. Jai Dev………….plays………….. Raman prays for Ishita and her well being. Raman closes eyes and prays. Ishita comes and stands beside him. Raman turns and gets shocked seeing her. He hugs her and thanks Lord. He cries. Ishita asks what happened. Raman takes her outside and asks where was she, he was calling her. She tells him that her phone was off, her rickshaw stopped on the way and she got late. He shows her the blood stained dupatta and chit, he got bad thoughts and thank Lord she is fine. She says my car and this saree….

He asks what, this is not your saree pallu. She cries and says Simmi took

my car, and this pallu is of Simmi’s saree, as she has worn similar saree like me. FB shows Simmi coming to meet Ishita at her clinic and wearing same saree as Ishita. Simmi says I got a saree for you, get ready. Ishita asks her to go in her car, and she will come by car. Simmi asks her to come on time. Ishita says someone was following me, Simmi was in my car. Raman says call Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla asks them whats happening. Raman says nothing. Mrs. Bhalla asks what were they talking. She says we have to leave now. Mr. Bhalla asks where is Simmi. Appa says Ishita has come alone. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi went to clinic to come with Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says its unavailable. Ishita says she came to my clinic but… Raman says Simmi’s life is in danger. They all get worried. Raman shows the pallu. Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks Raman to call police.

They all come home and try to get Simmi. They call relatives and police. Raman asks Ishita why did she get late. Ishita recalls that she felt someone is following her, and saw Rinki there. She asks Rinki what is she doing here. Rinki cries and says sorry, forgive me, she is lying to everyone, she is ashamed. Ishita asks what happened. Rinki says she has an affair with someone. Ishita gets shocked. Rinki says she was feeling lonely as Mihir is not here, she was meeting her Australia friend, she was drunk one day and … now he is blackmailing me. Ishita scolds her and asks who is that man. Rinki says help me please. Ishita says I warned you, I told you to be careful, I will help you, make me talk to that man now itself, this matter should end now, tell him to come at Pammi’s place. I will talk to him, you don’t come there, I would suggest you go and visit your friend for few days. Rinki thanks her and cries. Ishita says I m helping you today, but I will not forgive you, Mihir is my Devar and brother too. She goes.

Raman asks Ishita to answer. Ishita says I told you, rickshaw stopped. They all pray Simmi is fine. Raman and Bala try finding Simmi. Ishita prays for Simmi. Raman gets a call and says what, I m coming. They reach some place and see Ishita’s car. They ask the people where is the lady. Mr. Bhalla and Appa also come to find Simmi. Bala asks what happened here, any accident or… The man says the woman was wounded and she was taken in ambulance, don’t know it was accident or something else, maybe she died. Raman scolds him and calls Ishita to reach police station soon.

Ishita informs Mrs. Bhalla that Simmi is not found, just car is found, relax, Raman and Abhishek are finding her. Raman and everyone try finding Simmi. Abhishek gets the call and gets Simmi’s info. He says he got news of a woman’s accident, she can be Simmi. They all rush. The doctor treats Simmi. Raman, Ishita and everyone reach the hospital and ask about accident patient. They go to the ICU. Abhishek asks doctor about the lady. Raman says let me meet, she is my sister. The doctor says she is unconscious. Ishita requests to let them see Simmi once. The doctor asks them to come. They all get shocked seeing Simmi injured. Mr. Bhalla goes seeing her.

Ishita asks how can Raman be sure that she was being attacked. Raman says Simmi wore clothes similar to you, and attack happened outside your clinic. Parmeet tells Ashok that the killer attacked Simmi, Ishita did not die, Simmi is in hospital. Ashok and Suraj are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. very emotional episode.chee…..rinki toh bahut gir gayi .lekin mujhe lagtha hai rinki ka murder aur simmi ke accident ka ilzaam ishitha pe aayega .jaise bhallas behave kar rahe hai waisa hi lagtha hai aur ishitha ne bhi rinki wali baath raman se chupayee.

  2. kajal

    These nail bitin twists really guyz it has made me to hook up to the show. But please reveal the secret fast as i will really getting goosebums. Please Dont even try of draging this sequence pleeeeeeeeeeeease

  3. Wohooooo!!!!
    Here is another piece of news from your favourite show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms & Star Plus).
    Earlier in the day we had reported about Simmi (Shireen Mirza) getting attacked. And now we get you information that has
    already been in talks for long.
    The popular series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will finally take a leap to add more drama in the plot.
    Shared a close source from the show, “The casting has already begun from yesterday and by end of next month, the plot
    will finally see a leap in time.”
    With the leap (told to be of approx 10 years), a lot will change in the serial. From new faces to new relationships, a plethora
    of changes will see in line.
    From what our sources inform, the creatives are still working on the storyline post leap. But what remains for sure is that
    the ENTERTAINMENT and DRAMA quotient will surely keep you hooked!
    We tried reaching the actors but they refused to comment.
    Producer Ekta Kapoor did not revert to our calls and messages.
    Not to worry folks! We will keep you updated on the coming developments for sure!

  4. kajal

    Chache jitna lamba leap de do pr please ishra ke cute relation me koi siyappa mt dalana after time. leap please guyz adi ruhi ishra ko sath rahna pleeeeeeeeease its a request dont part away ishra

  5. Anu

    how can mihika & abhishek relate?? abhishek is sarika’ bro. sarika is co-sister to ishita. so abhishek wil be bro to ishita as well as abhishek.. its so disgusting… i wonder how u guys are accepting this relation…. it has become like SNS…. if they donno relations,just go and learn… just for entertainment and trp’s showing all the nonsense and illogical relations&events..

      • Nannu

        I guess, bro in law….
        devrani ka Bhai, Bhai nahi kehlata, coz devrani sister in law hoti hai. to Bhai bhi bro in law hua na.
        I don’t think there is any problem, since they are not real brother and sisters, they are cousins.
        jethani ki cousin and devrani ka cousin, of course they can marry, coz those 2 ladies are related as “In Law” relation. Aise to duniya me har koi kisi na kisi se related hoga fir 🙂

  6. fathi

    Plz no leap…y the makers r taking leap for YHM better take the leap frm any other ekta shows accept YHM..PLZ PLZ…we all tell urll not to take a leap but urll the makers are taking leap…..rely sad on the makers of YHM…..y do urll taking leap??wht z the reason for the leap????????i wants the answr of my qstn..

  7. bhagi

    dnt know aage kya hone vaala hai par sirf ithni duvaa hai ki kuch bhi ho ishra ko seperate math karo plzzzx i totaly agree with rithu i toooo think the same rithu as like all ekthas serials she is trying to seperate ishra before leap

  8. Don’t want to see bull shit tracks
    I really sad abt this serial …..
    What is happening in this serial…
    Really very bad ….
    Not interested to watch ….
    I just reading written updates…
    Now not interested to comment here …
    Before I used to love comment here …
    Now not at alll…
    Alll bull shit tracks
    What is that episode last week
    Raman and Shagun locked in room…
    Seriously makers dg much by giving imp
    To shagun…..
    Worst episode in yhm serial…
    Hate to see that episode
    Really upset vit this tracks
    How can makers think abt 10 years leap..
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh god 10years….
    Makers go to hel vit u r vil shit leap track….
    Seriously not interested to come to tellypage ok bye guys c u tmr …..

    • And one more thing …
      Better to stop?????? the serial than …
      Showing bad tracks….
      End the serial happily…..
      We want happy ending not all crap tracks..

  9. jhanvi

    Oh god …ritu …..kya sach me 20 yrs leap….

    Ye makers pagal ho gaye hai kya??? kyu ye ek hi bat pr Ade hue hai……???

  10. i feel like crying after reading the 10 years leap news .serials koi mazak nahi connects many people with many fan following and millions of veiwers around the world .aur sab yeh sab yhm mein nahi chahthe .aur sab ekdam se yeh serial bhi nahi chod sakthe .jiss serial ko log itnaa pasand karthe hai aaj aisa banaake sqbhi fans ka bharosa utth gaya hai ekta serials pe .

  11. we wanted too see ishruhdi and ishra .if that is only not there then yhm is not there.this show started of with a unique concept of a really good step mother and most beautiful ishruh pair but now tje show has turned into a crime based show with revenge surrogacy lot of evils and extra marital affairs .this does not convey any social message nor is a sort of entertainment to be considered .the leap is of 10 years where we will not find ruhi and adi then yhm will never come up in trp.

  12. we dont want leap…..
    we dont want leap…..
    we dont want leap…..
    we dont want leap…..
    we dont want leap…..
    in yhm.hate the makers and writers of yhm and ekta kapoor .

  13. Chichi

    I have no idea what goes in ekta’s mind? How can a person b so stupid ! When her tv series is nt doing well she do something to get it included in top 5 again not show some stupid drama abt rinki simi or shagun.. why is ishitha dressed like this old woman with long sleeves and overacting in almost all the seasons?? Why are they taking leaps? We don’t want to see ruhi and adi as anyone else ! This ashok is full of himself and does stupid things to take revenge frm raman! Doesn’t he have any work ?? Anita hassanandani might be one of ekta’s favoritez but that doesn’t mean that u have to give her a greater importance than the leads! Is she bringing this whole surrogacy track to show more of shagun in the show???? We started watching this show due to raman and ishitha’s unique chemistry ! Please make ishitha pregnant !! Or else put an end to this show nicely but that is highly unlikely to happen in ekta’s show cuz she never stops a serial until it runs on tv for abt 5-6 years

  14. ekta and her team are just horrible .they dont know how to make a serial .yhm divyanka and karan and the whole yhm cast is gonna loose its millions of fans . for dam sure .

  15. Siddhioo

    Kya bakwas hai I want to cry leap what a nonsense I want to kill writers bull shit guys v should stop watching yhm ab writers ishra ko separate karna cah rah hain kya hum logon k comment ki koi importance nahi hai hope yhm top10 se nikal jai an entire bhalla house as usual iahita ko blame kar gai

  16. Siddhioo

    Missing ishru scene s makers u completely disappoint all yhm fans first miscarriage than surrogacy and now leap

  17. feeling too much regreted for a serial which would turn out to be the worst ever serial with continously happening worst tracks and leap . yhm and yhm’s whole cast not worth for having such a huge fab following and veiwers.

  18. Siddhioo

    Now atop this serial there r
    Many more good things to
    Show as abimihika teach
    And ishu pregnancy can surely
    Increase the trip now I don’t want
    To comment by guys

  19. Siddhioo

    Agree with ritual
    V don’t want leap
    V don’t want leap
    V don’t want leap
    V don’t want leap
    V don’t want leap
    Don’t wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaañnnnnnttt leap
    Actually I amm foooll wasting my time in writing comment
    As my opinion does not matter

  20. Nandini Singh

    This was threatning episode. As i ws ot thinking this would may happen asishita ws been planned to be killed but by mistake simmi reaches as a confusion nd let her starveseriously, bt thank got ishita is save wht else we want. But blo*dy Ashok must be killed a s soon as possible. And one think ws gud dat suraj ws nt in favour of ashoks greed . Plz let suraj be tell truth of asok nd let Raman Isita let a gud life…..

  21. ishitha ko bilkul kisi saas se kam nahi dikha rahe hai .she is fay but still giving such a kind of hair style and saree to make her look even more fat .she is not at all looking as tv serial bahu but a saas.aur aajkal toh woh sude actress jaisi dikh rahi hai bilkul foolish jaise act kar rahi hai .raman aur bhallas se rinki ki baath chupakar aur usse dehradun bhejke apne hi pair par kulaadi maar li usne.

  22. cham

    I too feel like crying! no i’m just crying.. why 10 YEARS??????????? OMG! this is gonna let YHM into a deep trench and no need of telling, NO MORE FANS! stupid writers’ narrow minds! The beginning of this show was really superb with a unique concept and Ishra’s lovely moments gave a beautiful colour to the show and now what will happen? I can’t even imagine. I’m gonna stop watching YHM after the leap. I’m really sorry Ishrarudi. Love soooo much but can’t tolerate these sort of things.

  23. cham

    still i can’t imagine it and if it is true.., it won’t be successful. therefore better to end the serial with a happy ending and it will be in our hearts forever than those writers’ rubbish ideas. plz..

  24. roshannnn

    I don’t think that there will be 10 yrs leap. Before also the news WS that shagun will be the surrogate mother.
    Its just to make people serious

  25. Rahul

    Ishita ko hogi 10 saal ki sazaa aur raman ban jayega ek khadus insaan. Ab story chalegi ruhi par. Suraj, ishita ki family ki serial se chutti.

  26. Siddhioo

    Ekta k serial me heroin always innocent hotr hai aur hero always
    Kharos is se before Bhi ekta serial parichay me Bhi esa hi howa

  27. VIDHYA


  28. Hey guyzz Leap isn’t confirmed yet n I don’t think it will happen.. So don’t worry for now.. N get ready to see atleast 100+ article on same and copy paste of each other.
    Will update if there is any true news about it. Stay tuned n keep watching yhm

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