Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita worrying. Raman and Mani ask her not to worry. Mani says I think we should inform police. Ishita too feels the same and asks him to call police. Romi comes to Ashok’s godown and hears some goons talking to their boss and saying we got two of them here, if they don’t agree, we will shut their mouths forever. Romi thinks its good chance to get Adi and Aaliya out. He goes inside the godown and tries to see. He sees the goons. He sees some men captured. The goons scold the men for cheating Ashok. Romi says thank God, its not Adi and Aaliya, but where are they, I have to inform Simmi. He leaves. He calls Simmi and says Ashok kidnapped his men who cheating him, did you know about Shagun. Simmi says Shagun is strange, she has come to spa, she is not involved in

Adi and Aaliya’s matter, I hope they are safe.

Ananya gets stomach ache. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla worry. Amma says we will take Ananya to school clinic. Ananya says doctor can’t do anything for this pain. Mrs. Bhalla asks what do you mean, do you want to say anything. Ananya nods. Mrs. Bhalla asks kids to go to their class. She asks Ananya to say what is it. Amma asks did you promise anyone of not saying. Ananya nods. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to just sign while they take name.

She asks Ananya about neighbours. Amma asks is it about Simmi. Ananya signs no. Ananya tells them about Pihu’s hand wound. They get shocked and rush to see Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says I m your Dadi and caretaker in school. She cries seeing Pihu’s burn mark. Amma applies ointment to her hand. Pihu apologizes for being rude to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says its fine and hugs her. Pihu asks her not to tell Papa, as Shagun told her. Mrs. Bhalla says I won’t say, he is already worried, tell me if you need anything. Pihu says okay and goes. Ananya looks on.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Shagun is enemy, she does not take care of Pihu, she can’t be called a mother. Mihika thinks about Adi and Aaliya. She collides with a little boy and says sorry. The boy’s mum asks her helper to clean the boy’s clothes. The lady happens to be Mihika’s friend. Mihika says we are old college friends and you are not in touch. She asks is this your son, he is so cute, you had child so soon. Kanika says I was troubled and could not say anything. Mihika asks her to come and talk. She asks how can your husband do this, men feel women is property, you should have left him before. Kanika asks how, my son was there, my husband threatened me to leave my son, I can’t leave my son with my husband, he is a Casanova, case was tough, I won custody case, now I m happy with my son. Mihika says I m so sorry, I did not do so much happened with you, you did right. Kanika says this happened because of my lawyer. Mihika asks whats your lawyer’s name. Kanika says Kunal Sethi, he is smart and nice, child’s well being is imp for him.

Adi and Aaliya come to office along with Dadi. Ishita, Raman, Mani get relieved. Ishita hugs Adi and Aaliya. She asks are you both mad to disappear. She scolds them for being irresponsible. She says one mistake makes others point on family, did we teach this to you, we were worried, we have bear what others say. Adi says we did not do anything wrong. Mani asks Dadi where did you get them. Dadi says railway station, station master called me. Mani asks where were they going. Dadi says nowhere, they were cancelling my Chennai ticket.

Adi says yes, Dadi was going because of me, as she got angry with Mani, I went to cancel ticket, but the man asked for ID, so maybe he called Dadi. Ishita says he is my son, and she is my daughter, I gave them these values, you doubt on my family and relations, culture, our relations are different, but not distant, marriage colors are different but meaning is not wrong, I m hurt, Dadi has blamed all of us, Mani is my childhood friend, we raised together, there can’t be anyone’s pure relation, you raised finger on us, I felt very hurt, you tell me what would you name this relation, two broken lives tried to manage two kids’ lives, tried to make them a family, we joined broken family, what would you try to name this relation, my husband did not point on me, he is not like that, no one has right to point on us, it hurts, we can’t get better children like Adi and Aaliya.

She says they have seen so much, they did not misbehave, our children did not cross limits, they tried to win your heart, Adi learnt this from us to win elder’s heart and not hurt them, you have blamed us, Raman and Mani got together, you told so much, Raman did not say anything as he cares for me, he loves me a lot, the family loves me, my father in law felt bad by your words, as I m his daughter, our family is made by love, we have no boundaries, its bonded by love, you can get confusion seeing us, there were complications, its beautiful thing that we completed our lives, you outsiders won’t understand this love and bond, we don’t do overacting to show love, we just love each other, children learnt this.

Adi asks her to sit. Ishita says its not okay, I felt bad, Dadi pointed finger on our family. Aaliya and Adi hug Dadi. Adi says Dadi, I won’t meet Aaliya till you accept me, I can’t lose you for Aaliya. Ishita asks Dadi did you see and hear. Dadi says yes, I m hearing since long, but people won’t listen, Bala’s mum created big issue, how many mouths will you shut. Raman asks what shall you do.

Dadi says you have to do something, I have no problem with Adi and Aaliya’s marriage. They get glad. Aaliya thanks Dadi. Dadi says wait, Raman and Ishita have to do something. Raman says we agree to everything. Mani says yes, whatever you want. Dadi says I don’t want Aaliya to go in such house where her Saas-Sasur are living together without marriage, so Ishita and Raman have to marry again with all rituals. Raman says our marriage happened. Dadi says you stayed with Shagun, Mani stayed with Ishita, you have to show people you are husband and wife. Raman asks why to prove. Dadi says I don’t want anyone to point on Aaliya, she is my pride, this is imp for me.

Mani asks Ishita and Raman to marry again, if this makes Dadi happy. Adi and Aaliya ask them to agree for their sake. Raman asks Ishita what do you want. Ishita says we will marry for everyone’s sake. Raman too agrees. Adi and Aaliya hug them. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……………… They all smile.

Ishita asks Raman what are you finding. Raman shows a saree and says I have thrown all your luggage, but not this, Lord gives one chance to people to stay together, but Lord gave us second chance, lets see how you look. He makes her wear the saree and smiles. She asks how do I look.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Adejoke

    Nice episode

  2. Beautiful episode precap nice…just hope CVs doesn’t spoil it and let Raman leave ishita at the altar because of pihu hope they tackle the problem together

  3. Grand wedding celebrations begin in YHM

    Ishita and Aaliya’s mehendi celebrations begin. Ishita is going to become Aaliya’s Saas. Both saas-bahu mehendi is done together, and this brings a unique track in the show. Mrs. Iyer applies mehendi to Ishita. Ruhi attends the guests and shows her responsible side.

    Ishita gets shy seeing Raman. Mrs. Iyer gets too emotional and cries thinking of Ishita’s bidaai. Mrs. Iyer is seeing Ishita’s happiness after a long time. Ishita and Ruhi hug her and ask her not to cry, as Ishita will be always close to her family. Aaliya enjoys Ishita’s mehendi. Adi was waiting for his marriage functions since long. Adi is very happy. After Ishita’s mehendi, Aaliya’s turn comes. Ruhi makes Raman practice Bharatnatyam along with Ishita. Raman does Bhangra and does changes in the dance steps. The family is happy and looking forward to the sangeet ceremony.

    Shagun goes with Mani and Dadi to Dadi’s house in Chennai. Aaliya’s Dadi does preparations for rituals. Dadi wants to apply uptan to Mani and give him oil bath, as part of Diwali rituals. Shagun argues with Dadi, even if Mani tries to stop Shagun. Shagun is too irritated seeing the Tamil rituals. Mani asks Shagun to apologize to Dadi, as she is elder. Shagun refuses to apologizes and asks Dadi to let her go home, and leave them alone for some peace. Dadi tells Shagun that she is not afraid of anyone and will celebrate Aaliya’s marriage her way.

    1. Shivani very nice…i m feeling so good after imagine everything wrote in comment…you are awsome

  4. shreya shetty

    hello guys I am stuck in my family problem again.actually I misbehaved with my mother very rudely because of what I ve said to her and now how to regret it???I wish if god would ve taken me away from this world,because nobody is ready to forgive me for my horrible misdeed.i feel like I am not loved by anyone at all.please can anyone tell me how to solve this problem I know this is personal and I must share this to u guys coz u all are like my best friends and together we solve matters like a family.

    1. Don’t think like that. If u were rude to your mom, then you should surely apologize to her. What u did was wrong. U will have to regret your mistake by punishing urself. Don’t take me wrong but this shld be done. If u r stuck in a problem,then share it with your father and your dear ones. u are all best friends to me. I am your best friend. I don’t know what fight between u both, but u said that u misbehaved with ur mother. The moment u realise ur mistake,then u won’t commit it again! U will go and say sorry to your mom. Mom knows her child’s emotions, situation etc.

    2. Cool down sherya and dnt say anything bad about yourself…give some time and space to relationship… i know your mom definetly forgive you…i remember one song’s lyrics dil ka koi tukda kbhi dil se juda hota nhi,apna koi kaisa bhi ho apna he vo duja nhi…be brave and trying to sort out your problem…say sorry and tell mom that you are feeling gilty..everything will be all right

    3. You should apologize her and assure her that you won’t do the same again. I think she will forgive you for sure .

    4. miss shreya when u r irritated it seems that no one loves you.. first apologize to ur mom .. u shouldnt be rude to the one who taught u how to speak .. i cant understand ur prob exactly but mistakes happen with everyone the one who regrets & try to rectify them is the best.. be cool.. apologize to ur mom … be positive.. be happy

      1. shreya shetty

        thanks everyone I am glad sure that with the help of ur solutions to my problem I would be able to clear it through this discussion.very happy that theres atleast my besties who were able to understand my heart breaking problem and gave me a good suggestion.actually it was my mothers birthday and I wished her a happy birthday,then what my sister did was she asked for a glue and I angrily denied her to take it so without listening to me she and our neighbor boy(whos just 8 years old) stole my glue and finished the entire glue to fix the bicycle parts.i needed that glue to stick my science practical records such as graphs or some assignment papers in them.but these two annoying animals my sister and that little brat boy(just like pihus blood) without my knowledge did this on purpose that inufuriated me very mother told me to come and celebrate with her and with those two nasty kids on her birthday and what I did was,i badly denied that I never ever wanted to celebrate my mothers birthday and after all shes the worst person.on hearing this this broke my mothers heart so much that she broke down to tears and cried a lot.the cake was over and I didn’t get a single piece to munch on because of those two nasty animals my sister and that stupid boy!!!I tried consouling her a couple of times but she urged me to DIE DIE AND DIE THAT MADE ME VERY VERY EXTREMELY ANGRY OF HOW COULD SHE EVER SAY THIS TO HER OWN DAUGHTER LIKE THAT!!!!
        next what happened was my grandmother called me to talk to her twice and I told my mother that the mobile which I have was not proper because once it drops to 30 percent that battery automatically shuts its power down.on saying this my mother misunderstood me taking me that I don’t have the heart and humanity to talk to my own grandmother,all I wanted to say is that the mobile isn’t proper at all so that’s why I couldn’t talk to her.i just said that mother is a bad cruel cold hearted person to her that made my mom to pounce over me and beat me up!!!my entire hands legs,face were brutually bruised and especially my fingers which my mom bit very hard have started to become I too felt hurt and I beat her up badly as well.suddenly our neighbor aunt came(that little boys mother) and interfered the matter between my mother and me.that aunt scolded me badly for hitting my mother and told me to GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!I REPLIED HELLO MADAM,DO U EVEN KNOW WHO THE HECK ARE U DEALING WITH???WHO TOLD U AND GAVE THE RIGHT TO COME BETWEEN ME AND MY MOTHER HUH???JUST PISS OFF FROM HERE!!!!these were the sentences I ve back answered to our neighbor aunt which made her feel sad.she then understood my problem that I am having with her younger son whos very little in front of me,then she started to counsel me in a calm manner.but then one thing she warned is that if I ever dare try to touch her son or daughter then she ll arrest me and put me behind bars!!!!seriously can a 16 yr old teen be sent to jail like that!!!

      2. shreya shetty


      3. shreya shetty

        its all my fault I know and I can gurantee that I will go to hell afterlife!!!god can never forgive those kids who beat their mothers up and shows no mercy unless our mother forgives us for our misdeeds.when our mom forgives me only then lord will forgive me as well.its my mistake,I AM A SINNER AND I DONT DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD AT ALL!!!I WISH IF I COULD LEAVE THIS WORLD WITHOUT COMMITING A SIN AND REST PEACEFULLY.NOW ALSO I AM CRYING ABOUT THAT INCIDENT THAT OCCURED YESTERDAY

      4. shreya shetty

        this horrible nightmare incident occurred yesterday and not today.also my relative told me not to behave like a witch but always be an I am trying my best to behave and act like an angel

    5. Hi shreya in my opinion you should say sory to your mother but if you have big problem than you should ask vp or magic because she is a old lady and like your grandmother and i read her all comment so nice and well written she will tell you better thing and magic is a well/high educated i also read magic comment so good and abuse free so, both can help you

      1. Thank you Madhu …. for liking my comments … In fact I am scared to advise Shreya be coz her reply can be totally defferent than your expectation …. Mothers will never dislike their children ….Parents tell or advise or shout on children for their good only … accept it …be cool … after a long time when things are cool tell mom wahat was in your mind …girls make your mom as your best friend and boys should make their father too … then the totally peace at hoppy … happiness too … try to pray when you get angry … prayers give strenth to bear anything … and look downalways there are millions of people suffering in this world due to many things …. how better we are ….Prayer is a state of mind where an amazing exchange happens between you and God … you give your worries to God he will give peace to you …. God has given us a mouth not to speak out whatever you feel … understanding each person in their shoes r v important … ok done .. I enjoy with you all … feel myself a student ..

    6. Shreya, did you actually do ALL that which you mentioned ?

      1. You just read your comments and you will find the solution to your own problem. See because of your issues with your sister and that lil brat boy,you made your life complicated.. those two are not suffering you are suffering. You have vent out your anger and irritation on the wrong person i.e. your mother.. you should apologize to her and make her understand your point. And about neighbor and all other persons involved you can avoid them. Just don’t give reactions to them. That’s the best thing you can do to yourself. But dear, do speak to your mom.. cause mothers are actually the best thing that happens to a child. Hope you resolve all the issues. Sorry if my suggestion to you in any way hurt you.

    7. Hi Sweetie First Apologise to ur mum.. they always forgive but see that u try not to repeat the same wrong or what ever u did. & Pls be calm always at a situation. when we are young we think everything is right & we try to argue etc. with our parents. but sometimes they say for our own good.. it is up us to take the advice or not cos they have more experience in life than us. trust me we were eight girls when ever we were rude we got a smack on the face. till we correct our mistakes. but these days it is called child abuse & no one can hit a kid. But dear this is ur mum so say sorry to her & please try to be calm .when we accept our wrongs when we are young then we know we get experience & realise our mistakes. u are a good girl i am sure of that . so be calm God bless u ,,

  5. Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Susan Ruhi Magic and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

    In Ramans life, its the fifth time he is dressing up like a groom…first with shagun,then with ishu, third was with nidhi,next again shagun and the last again ishita…..why cvs made raman like this..??…ishu gave good preach about family and the bonding…but I don’t think she is right …because none in the bhalla family knows the value of relationships.. specially raman and mrs.bhalla…

    But anyways ishra are again marrying…this time for adi-aliyas sake…many years ago it was for ruhis sake…always for someone else’s sake…pls cvs , for God’s sake stop this nonsense….

    1. Exactly Shivani … somehow not feeling that happy watching all these crap … Ishithas lecture was too much …cant stop watching becoz of the Ishra … great actors they are …hope the marriage will happen

  6. Chinmaye melur

    Only thing that can solve anything is sorry, and patience, every parents love their kids. so have patience and tell her sorry, everything will be fine.

  7. Episode was ok .but dragging.
    Finally my exams are over .
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli and all yhm friends.

  8. Instead of all this marriage drama .why are they not showing Raman or ishitha making more attempts in getting pihu’s custody back . They are just dragging I think.

  9. Dis marriage also wont get completed….some villian wil come to spoil celebrations….hope something good to happen in yhm…bcoz getting bired of routine story

  10. In today’s episode also they showed ishitha giving so much of lecture to dadi.and it’s all just dragging the whole episodes too much.

  11. whosoever update about upcoming episode please do it…i want to know whats is gonna happen next…
    as well as about TRP….

  12. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabatein will show that Raman and Ishita get ready remarried for uniting Adi and Aaliya.

    However, both Iyyer and Bhalla families very excited for Raman and Ishita’s remarriage while Ishita is also happy as she will do all rituals again.

    Raman is not interested in it and scolds Romi when he shows designer suits to him.

    Everyone try to convince Raman but he acts pricy while Ishita enjoys seeing Raman’s cute anger.

    On the day of weeding, Shagun is angry over Raman and Ishita’s wedding so she provoke Pihu by telling them that how Raman is going betray them getting married with Ishita.
    Raman angry on Ishita revealing truth to Pihu

    Raman and Ishita start taking wedding rounds and then Pihu burst out at Raman for choosing Ishita over Shagun.

    Ishita then reveals to Pihu that Pihu is daughter of Raman and Ishita which makes Pihu shocked while Raman is angry on Ishita for telling truth to Pihu.

    Pihu will be in deep shocked after truth reveal while Raman accuses Ishita for all this.

    Will Raman and Ishita get married?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  13. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman and Ishita’s remarriage preparations are going on.

    Shagun is irked seeing Raman-Ishita’s happiness, and everybody pampering them and ignoring her.

    Shagun can’t see Raman-Ishita happy and thus plans to turn their happiness into sadness for always.

    Shagun instigates Pihu and reveals her paternity truth to her by manipulating it, Shagun tells Pihu that Raman betrayed her.
    Shagun manipulates Pihu

    Shagun tells Pihu that Raman betrayed her when Pihu was born and got married to Ishita and how she suffered a lot.

    Pihu being an innocent mind believes Shagun is telling truth and gets irked with Raman-Ishita.

    Shagun is using her trick to instigate Raman-Ishita’s daughter against them.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  14. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Hohabbatein will show that Aaliya’s dadi send Shagun Chennai so that she would perform everything nicely.

    Aaliya’s dadi prepares for Tel snan pooja for Mani but Shagun returns home before pooja get completed.

    Shagun shouts at Aaliya’s dadi for sending her to Chennai and tells her that she has right on this house and behaves rudely with dadi.

    Mani gets angry on Shagun but Shagun does not sit silence then dadi decides to go back to home town.

    Apart from this, Ruhi trains Raman and Ishita for south India dance while Ishita enjoys seeing Raman practice.
    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) south Indian dance with Ishita and Aaliya’s mehendi

    Raman and Ishita are happy as Pihu also dance with them and spread happiness in wedding environment.

    Furthermore, Ishita and Aaliya’s mehendi function take place in which Amma gets emotion applying mehendi to Ishita and Ishita tries to bring smile on Amma’s face talking about her and Raman’s marriage memories.

    How will Shagun become hurdle in Raman and Ishita’s marriage?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  15. The Top 10 shows along with the BARC TRP Rating, TVT Rating

    1. Naagin

    2. Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

    3. Saath Nibhana Saathiya

    4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    5. Udaan

    6. Brahmaraksha, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Siya Ke Ram, Kumkum Bhagya, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah

    7. Sasural Simar Ka

    8. Ishqbaaaz, Chandra Nandini, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Swaragini

    9. Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Devanshi

    10. Mere Angne Mein, Kawach, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

  16. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Pihu traumatised post surrogacy truth reveal

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    It seems Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Aliya (Krishna Mukherjee) will convince Raman and Ishita get married before their engagement.

    The entire family members will decide to keep Shagun away from this marriage.

    However evil Shagun will enter along with Pihu with her evil master plan ready to ruin Raman and Ishita’s marriage.

    Shocked Pihu will question Raman about the reason for ditching Pihu and Shagun for Ishita.

    Ishita will get frustrated with Pihu’s questions and will finally reveal her real identity of being her real mother and Shagun is just her surrogate mother.

    Pihu gets traumatised post learning about the fact that Shagun is not her real mother.

    Let’s see what will Raman do now seeing traumatised Pihu.

  17. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Twist: Separation on cards for Raman-Ishita

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    At one side Ishita is worried thinking about Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Aliya’s (Krishna Mukherjee) union.

    On the other hand Ishita gets worried thinking about drastic change in Pihu’s behaviour and her wrong upbringing.

    Ishita confront Raman and informs him that they should reveal Ishita’s real identity before Pihu.

    However Raman denies the same as it would lead to negative impact on Pihu.

    Soon in the series to come Ishita will take a drastic step and will discuss this matter with Shagun.

    Shagun will hence make a deal with Ishita and ask her to leave Raman forever.

    Let’s see what will be Ishita’s decision to save Pihu.

  18. Is ke baad ishra will again separate then when they will unite they will live together for 3-4 months then decide to marry again for any of the child’s happiness….. Does money grow on trees even if it does why to waste it on marrying the same person several times with grand functions
    Simply off track….the writer is out of stories

  19. I think CV is focusing on re-marriage on many times because it can infuse lots of dances dressing up together by introducing so called happy time between the family members. But it was not becoming of original YHB which was much forcusing on real life situations. Anyway as this marriage business is too much as they marriage in the happiness of Adhi might get divorced in the sake of Pihu.

  20. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Khushi, Bhagya, Siddhi, Kiran, Jaz, Az, Aastha Magic and many more fans…. Episode was nice but as some of you said someone is going to come and spoilt when they are about to get married and who shall it be but Ishra’s own daughter Pihu. Can’t blame that little girl but Shagun. Shagun is just like Ashok who wants to see Raman and Ishita’s downfall. In fact Ashok is better off here. He is not interfering now but Shagun is really a monster here. Worse she has no respect for Dadi. In fact nobody is going to say anything about Pihu’s burnt arm which I find ridiculous. Raman was about to hit Pihu the other time and Shagun walks in with the judge which was great timing but Pihu’s arm getting burnt is kept under wraps. Why did not Adi even say a word? This could have helped Raman to get custody back to him. Always the Ishra’s have to face all these problems. Cvs please get real. Show that bad people are also losing and falling if not some positive people in life will take everything negative and be paranoid in their lives. Some really are hooked into this fictional drama and they may think sometimes all these things happen to me also. Please show Shagun falling very badly and losing custody of Pihu. It seems like those who have put up the updates in this site seems to show there is some positive aspect such as even thought Raman gets angry at Ishita for revealing the truth I think they will still get married and looks like Pihu is dancing along with them. There might be a twist and it probably is going to backfire Shagun

  21. Hi Rithu … how was your exams … hope you have done your exams well … I did pray for you … you will come out with flyingcolours … I can see the maturity in your comments … and now you are back we are happy withyour updates

  22. Nice episode

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