Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Ishita about going to Ashok. She acts like Shagun. Raman asks her for the signatures. She signs and gives him. He gets shocked and tells the man to get another form. He asks Ishita is she fine, see her sign, look at it. She sees the sign, and says I m sorry, actually I have seen Ashok, so maybe I recalled Shagun, I will cut it and sign again. He says he is getting another form. He asks her to do her sign. She says ofcourse and signs. Raman throws the old form. Ashok gets it and checks the sign. He sees Shagun’s sign and looks at Ishita. He gets stunned and thinks how did Ishita sign exactly like Shagun and why.

The man says we got the tenders, we will announce the tender winner next week, thanks for coming. Ishita tells Raman to come, they will

go out for long drive. He gets a call. Some people greet them. Raman says I have to go office for imp meeting. She asks whats wrong, you don’t have time for me, and moves his hand away with annoyance. She looks at Ashok.

Raman sees her staring at Ashok. She goes to Ashok and greets him. She asks about his business. She says come on, I know everything about you. Raman, Suraj and Ashok get shocked seeing her behavior. Raman says excuse me, I m sorry and takes her. Ishita says meet me once and goes with Raman. Ashok asks Suraj was this Ishita…. There is something wrong. Suraj says she is behaving like she is your GF, be careful.

Mihika and Abhishek come for dinner at Mihir’s place. Mihir says I felt cooking is easy, but no, food got burnt. Mihika says I will cook. Mihir says we will order food. Mihika goes to clean the kitchen., Mihir asks Abhishek what will he have. Abhishek laughs hearing Mihir’s menu, and asks him about him and Mihika. Mihir says I wanted to do something special for both of you, I want to see you both happy, she did so much for me at my and Rinki’s marriage time. Abhishek asks are you sure. Mihir says yes.

Bala asks Vandu to wear something special. Vandu says I don’t understand, you want me to dress up for someone else and look good. He says you are getting ready for yourself, you think its for me, I will manage kids, get ready fast. She says I can’t believe this. Raman and Ishita are on the way. She asks about the contract, did he quote price well, she will not like if Raman loses to Ashok. Raman asks whats her problem, Ashok Khanna…. She says I m saying about you, I was just talking to Ashok, he is business associate. He says I hate Ashok, did you forget what he did. She says you are overreacting. He says you are over doing. She argues and says she will go home herself, and asks him to go for the meeting. He leaves in the car. She says idiot, he did not take me for dinner. She takes taxi and leaves.

Abhishek signs Mihika as Mihir knows her choice. Mihir says we will go and get your fav icecream. Mihika gets glad. Mihir thinks to see how much Abhishek loves Mihika. He says I don’t want to sound wrong, I know you really like Mihika, I m really happy, I want to give some tips. Abhishek says sure. Mihir says its long list, when you are with Mihika, don’t express feelings, try to keep it controlled, you are a police officer, you will be aggressive and macho, she does not like such guys, she is Phoolan Devi herself and does not like violent guy, and you have to try to be metros*xual, she likes men who have no hair on their body, I also had it done, don’t think, I will come with you, you must get waxing done.

Abhishek says who does this Mihir. Mihir says Mihika is wonderful girl, but she likes simple guy, but change your dressing sense, I m trying to help you as a friend, trust me, things will work, we will get her chocochip icecream as of now, come.

Vandu comes in the restaurant and tries cancelling the meet. She thinks she can’t do this and goes there. She gets shocked seeing Bala. She gets surprised and smiles. He says yes Vandu, I was sending stupid shayari to you. I m sorry for online dating, I want to love you forever. She says I m very happy seeing you and hugs him. He says its impossible that I send my wife on date with someone. She says I was scared coming here, my husband won my heart as usual.

Raman is in meeting and thinks maybe Ishita stopped Ashok from eating mushroom, being a doctor, Manoj was right, she lost our baby and maybe getting affected, I should take her out. He gets a message and says so she had to go for shopping. Vandu and Bala dine. She goes to clean her dress. She gets shocked seeing Ishita drinking. She says how is Ishita behaving such. Mihir advices Abhishek. They come home and give icecream to Mihika. Mihir asks them to go, as he has meeting in morning. He sends them and asks Abhishek to take Mihika. Mihika says I wanted to have icecream. Abhishek says we can have it at nearby shop, come. Vandu talks to her and asks what is she celebrating without Raman. Ishita asks her to call Bala too. Vandu thinks why is she behaving so strange.

Ishita celebrates saying its her birthday today, and she knew no one will remember it. Raman looks on stunned.

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  1. bhagi

    Aur kithna din aayegi ye so called ghoast drama i am hating it now wt the hell going on i know actors are doing great job but i like ishra not shagun so am dissapointed nd aaj tak kabhi lead pair ya ruhi ki b’day celebrate nahi kiya aaj chal padi shagun ki b’day celebrate karne ke liye

  2. Priya

    Ishu seem to b awful n disgusting while trying to pretend like shagun. She s good by herself. Let d ghost go away

  3. kajal

    What this split persanality drama yr please show some sensible drama is writers have forgotten that its GENRE IS ROMCOM DRAMA.
    Is always shagun is needed
    But ishita is looking hot in new look

  4. jhanvi

    Epi was OK…. Ya it dsnt suits ishu sometimes..coz she us sweet nd cute that’s y dis attitude dsnt suits her… BT it’s only for some days. So I think it’s Good for a change..!!!! After some days d truth will be rlvd.. Have ptnc.. Guys… After some times we will get our sweet ishu back..I hope writers will not drag dis track.. It will not tack long time..

    BT I mst say Divyanka is doing really well..she is looking Nice…

    Bala – vandu scene was Nice.. It was Bala.. His efforts are Nice.. Bala is also a sweet hubby..!!!

    I m confused about Mihika-Mihir-Abhishek love triangle …, when will it end…??? Writers plz make a one pair. Soon …I hope it’s MiMi.. Nd plz we don’t want to see Abhishek ngtv.. So don’t turn him ngtv.. Nd end this soon…

  5. jhanvi

    Nd ys… Ashok was really shocked.. Actually all of them… BT when Raman will understand this..??? Nd Mrs iyeer nd Mrs Bhalla has doubted so y they did nothing in todays epi..????

  6. hehe

    n plz dont show each n evry moment of shagun n raman.. 4-5 momnts r more enough.. dont kill us by showng 1moment per day… v got it dat shagun is in ishita.. wats next!! concntrate on dat…

  7. diya

    i think its high time for raman nd other ppl to undrstand that something is really wrongbwid ishu nd take some step. do not drag this track plz… nd give it a logical ending nd start a btter one wid full fledge romance nd laughter. i love this show cnt see it getting spoiled or boring .

  8. The story drives by ishitha and Raman affair by separate them in future its going to be another bold and beautiful…. For a family drama so many husbands wife not suitable I hope ekta don’t mess the story in future with new comer’s

  9. john

    the cast and the production team that call a serial.please be realistic.i think ekta kapoor should end this crap and spend more time in the kitchen just like all women in the indian serials.

  10. chiki

    oh ,c’mon makers!!! when will you stop this silly drama?? we actually can’t bear this…when will u understand that the viewers only want to see nice and realistic things!!!! this is really stupid!!!! though divyanka’s acting is superb,we love her as ishu,,,,not as shagun!!! and y cannot raman understand properly that something is wrong???

  11. Anitha

    Interesting….nd I’m nt able to control my laugh to d reactions Ashok has given towards ishitas behaviour….enjoying not so bad…?

  12. sharmi

    On the spoiler alert, it’s saying that Ishita’s behaviour could be to bring out Sarika’s secret…does anyone know what secret

  13. Darshika

    episode is ok….. Yes, now raman should do something……..! Like ishita’s acting. But don’t make LOTS OF ghost shagun and raman scenes…… Want original ishita raman scenes.
    Like ishita’s new look.
    And really unpredictable about upcoming episode…..!
    But this track is thousand times better than surrogate track, 10/5 year leap, ishra separation, introducing new partners, ruhi leaving the show and all other nonsense……!!!!!
    Tomorrow, everyone will know about ishita’s weird behaviour. That’s good.
    Some tracks was starting as so weird in the past also…..but the end is very nice. Hope good end for this track.
    Waiting…..! I love this serial and never reduce it.
    From SL

  14. Raman said that iahita tum thak gai ho gi clinic ,aur phir dance classes but shagun ka ghost ishita me hai aur shagun to dentist niii hai ….?.

  15. yhm ka trp phir se second par aagaya .agar ekta aur makers fans ko leap aur post leap jaise crap news daalke disappoint naa kare aur yeh ghost track ko thoda jaldi jaldi forward kare toh yhm ko first aane se koi nahi rok saktha .

  16. lolly

    This is getting more stupid. I dont get this ghost story. It is awful and terrible.pls take this serial off air.

  17. jhanvi

    I think tmrw everyone will understand y ishu is behaving like dis …nd they will get to know that she is behaving like Shagun.. Raman will realize that it’s. Shagun’s not ishu’s b’day..

  18. diya

    episode was okayyyyy. divyanka is playing this charecter of shagun in shagun’s style wid brilliance. but now am missing our old ishita back. i hope atleast kal k epi k baad raman samajh jay… ishita k under shagun or somethng is really wrong wid her. i liked the precape. **those expressions**
    but plz don’t drag this track nd end it soon.nd yess wanna see raman taking ishita to a holiday par hope udhar jake kuch garbar na ho. makers shud undrstnd that veiwrs r here to see raman ishita together but not seperation.

  19. Cham

    I missed some parts but somehow I watched it. This the time that Raman should understand Ishitha’s condition but he is still not! At least tomorrow…lets see.

  20. Hima

    I seriously feel yhm team need a break. Guys go for a holiday think once how you started yhm and how your landing up now? Please viewers are not excepting same story couple get split and meet after years and again celebrate no. Viewers want something unique that’s reason yhm got good response earlier. It doesn’t mean you bring ghost or split personality think uniquely.. You know its disgusting to see ashok and ishita together… If your story line doesn’t change, it’s time for me to say good bye yhm

    • jhanvi

      She NVR dlvr a baby .., Rohit is a adopted child.. , not her nd romis baby.. She lied to everyone.. Nd Rinki has come to know it..nd she was going to tell everyone this reality… That’s y she killed Rinki by Mihika….

  21. diya

    guys do have a little patience . we know that all the veiwers love the old ishita a lot abd want her back. but to continue a good serial twists nd turns r needed . its actually better than ssk nd sns. cvz r showing this new track just from sunday nd i feel they will xpose it no lt dis but the nxt sunday . better say another week we have to wait . y always bash a show if u dnt like the current track ?? nd yhm is going no where okay. its a recent show compared to others. ekta kapoor knows her job well so do the actors nd the makers. leap spoilers were always fake. u ppl shudnt blv on thm. many of us r lovng this track . so just keep some patience . it has just been a month they r showing these stuffs. atleast surrogacy nd seperation is not happng cause fans didnt want it . give them some time .evrythng will be fine

  22. tias

    Can anyone tell me y sail a killed rink and what for and who that lady who gave money to rink s boyfriend and told him to go from there

  23. diya

    please stop this ghost episode..
    but ishita looks good in her new look..
    and please do something for mihir and mihika…they are good together..

  24. Test

    If leap is coming then bad idea for both the characters wedding.kitni baar Shadi karega ye Raman
    If ghost then sucks
    If split personality then awful
    If sarika’s truth then it makes sense
    Then make the show to back on track
    So shut all these stupid things asap

  25. too much irritating to ishita as shagun dont drag too much end this within two days please
    Already you spoiled Raman character. now let do raman something for this ishita’s behaviour to show his love seperation of ishra is a nonsence.

    All the fans of YHM needs some cute fight,nock jokes with ishra as before now this irritating
    one also ishita is not suitable in shagun’s attitute please end this within 2 days.

  26. jhanvi

    Ya guys Darshika is right it’s better than Leap nd Ishra Adi Ruhi Separation for 10 years ..nd all that…..

  27. V P

    Really the show is disgusting . It is high time Raman has to understand Ishitha is behaving differently . Can’t see Ishitha in Shaghuns style though she looks amazing and acts brilliantly . Don’t make her characterless . Understand she married Raman only for Ruhi and now you want to show them having new partners after a leap . It’s very sad ….. Let them be united together like before …….. Please find out the truth of Ishithas split personality and get treated …. Let her be back to our old Ishitha ….. Please …… But she looks gorgeous …. What an actress she is ….

  28. vasantha

    in real life husband and wife changes partners in once life how many husbands and wives will be there and what about children life. raman looks like fool and ishitha part disgusting. .pl ekta stop this serial and take rest one year

  29. Darshika

    Did someone see saas bahu or betiyan…?
    My friend (indian friend) told me,this is a plan of shagun and ishita. That’s why ishita knows everything about ashok.
    If someone know about it,please post it here.

  30. diya

    no one is going to change partners its just a rumour . so stop talkng this bullshit fr god’s sake. bohot ho gaya. if u dnt like it dnt watch it . because fr u ppl spoilers r more imp than wt is really happening in the serial. no one has gvn u ppl the right to badmouth it like this . #limitcrossed
    if one chapter of a book is bad that doesnt mean that the book is over .
    get it .

  31. this was such a disgusting episode… plz show some realistic stories… this is so dumb n old fashioned… please grow up dear yhm writers n ekta kapoor…

  32. Darshika

    yes. I also hate leap and separation. Then there is no story. Ruhi’s love totally useless. Raman’s love for ishita useless. And it’s useless watching this serial,if it happen.
    But I think thus news is fake. Coz disha had told that it’s not true.

  33. Sumathi Arumugam

    Why sooo stupid raman you know ishu behaving funny and has a husband wat you should do, take some step to help ishu. Dont delay things like wat you did in shagun’s matter until she die. Someone pls help ishu why everyone just see ishu behaving funny and they just keep quite.

  34. vid Hurpaul

    I think Ishita is plotting against Ashok. But Raman who is an experienced and sensible person should have seen the problem of Ishita as he knows shagun very well. He should consult a psychologist.

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