Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman crying and recalling Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… she wakes up and he asks her to rest. She sees her wrist wound and he makes her drink water. She asks what happened, is he annoyed with her. He says no. She asks him not to be annoyed with her and apologizes to her. He apologizes to her and says I should have not doubted you. They hug. He makes her rest.

Later, Ishita cries talking to Prateek. She says she can’t bear all this and shares her pain with Shagun on videocall. Shagun says you are sacrificing a lot for family, and hurt yourself now. Ishita says I can’t harm anyone, Romi is like my brother, then I have hurt myself. Shagun says if anything happened to you then.. Ishita says if anything happened to others. Prateek

says till you are there, nothing can happen to anyone and asks her to leave. Raman wakes up and says where did Ishita go. Shagun asks Ishita to take rest. Ishita says sorry to disturb you, thanks. Ishita leaves from Prateek’s flat. Raman looks for her and sees her coming from outside. He asks is she fine. She says she went to garden for a walk. Raman prays to Lord and says he loves Ishita a lot, he can’t lose her.

He ties Mauli thread to her hand and hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla also tied thread to Ishita’s hand and kisses her forehead. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla bless Ishita. Ishita thanks MataRani and thinks she will solve this mystery by love and make a try again. Mrs. Bhalla reminds Simmi that its Bhai dooj today. Ishita asks Raman to gift Simmi. Raman says Simmi is meeting Ashok, my enemy. Ishita says I know, but its festive today, don’t spoil Bhai Dooj.

Simmi asks will Raman forget this, he was asking me. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, you did such thing. Ishita says we lost Rinki, just Simmi is there, think about her and parents. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to make Ananya ready. Raman agrees. Ishita asks Raman to get ready. Raman says she cares for everyone, not herself. Vandu packs sweets for Ishita. Amma is sad and worried for Ishita. Vandu says everything will be fine. Students come to meet Vandu again and confront her. She asks what are they saying. Bala scolds them. The guy says Madam could have taken gift from us, why did she get drama. She asks what gift. The guy says we know Suraj got good marks, as he gifted you necklace, you made him class topper. Bala says we ordered the diamond necklace, we paid for it, its fake diamonds. The guy shows the receipt of real diamond necklace and Suraj’s name on it. Vandu checks it and recalls Suraj’s words.

Vandu gets angry and asks students to wait. She calls Suraj and asks him to come to her home right now. Suraj asks now? She says yes, you felt I will not know. He says I will come. Ashok asks Suraj what is the matter. Suraj says did I do mistake, I hope Vandu is not saying about that. Ashok asks what.

Ishita comes to Iyer house and ask what happened. Ashok asks Suraj what did he do, do you like her hat you gifted her real diamond necklace, tell me, I have not seen you gifting anyone, there are many high class girls and you love Vandu. Suraj says don’t say this, I m not like you, I know respecting women. Ashok asks him to accept it, that he loves Vandu. Suraj says I don’t want to discuss this. Ashok says I want to come along you.

Ishita checks necklace and says this looks real, is Suraj trapping you. Suraj says I did mistake to trust him, I thought he is not like Ashok, I was really wrong. Suraj and Ashok come there. Vandu asks Suraj why did he do this. Suraj asks what are they saying. Vandu asks is this necklace real or fake, you said you paid 30000rs to jeweler, and I gave that money to you. The guy says it costs 18 lakhs, so he bought marks. Suraj says I lied to Vandu, its real. Vandu slaps him. The students smile.

Vandu asks how dare you, how could you think, I gave you marks for merit, I thought you will become example for others, take this necklace, get out. Ashok argues with Vandu. Raman comes there and hears them. Vandu says Suraj tried to trap me. Raman says Vandu, you did mistake trusting these doubts. He scolds Ashok and asks them to get out. Bala says I will complain about Suraj in police and he would have to forget that contract then. Ashok asks Suraj to come. Suraj leaves. Ashok stops seeing Simmi and Ananya. He leaves.

Raman asks Vandu not to worry. Bala tells students that it was not Vandu’s fault, they should concentrate on studies for better marks. Ishita asks Vandu not to spoil her mood. At bhalla house, Ishita asks them to start tika. She asks Sarika about Romi. Sarika says Romi has tika done and left for work. Ishita asks Simmi to do Raman’s tika.

Abhishek and Prateek come to some flat and Simmi opens the door. She sees them and asks what are they doing here. Abhishek says we want to see what you talking to Ashok. They get inside the room and see Parmeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woww … wat a beautiful episode Full of emotions nd love nd also suspense . The way divyanka nd karan enacted that scene is really heart touching . Ishita yet again showd her immense love for hr family nd raman 🙂
    ishu always rocks !!!

    well i really dnt thnk sooraj has ny bad intention towards vandita but for his previous deeds nobody can trust him nd i thnk ashok is right sooraj likes vandu .
    ny way .dekhte hai age kya hota h .
    Saw the kids aftr such long time .cute ppl.
    tommorrows epi is gonna b grt we will get to know y is simmi meetng ashok nd param . Good going yhm team . Besto for future . I really hope no body quits the show. Happy family stays togethr to entrtain us forever .

  2. I agree with u Diya…
    HiFi.. My name is also Diya

    1. Helooo diya …. 🙂

  3. Omg poor suraj but he is really good now

  4. Today’s episode was really nice and emotional!! Ishra scenes are really beautiful and heart touching. Specially today,both of them made us so emotional and I love that hug.
    Hope tomorrow will go everything correct without any errors, because Abishek and Pratheek went inside telling that they are looking for Ashok and that was Param and WHAT IS HE DOING AGAIN??????

  5. Not bad

  6. what the hell is payment doing here thought he was out of the serial for ever
    and the ishira seen was really nice

  7. Whr r other yhmians like rithushree , darshika, jhanvi , vp ji , ramchin , bhagi ??? Cm soon . This site is in complt without u ppl

  8. It was an OMG epi……….
    OMG 1,(LOVELY AND EMOTIONAL) Ishita kissed raman…… Soooooo sweet hug…….. Love sooooooo much that ishra part. Kp and Dt so adorable couple…….. They always increase MY HEART BEAT……!!!!! Don’t know reason, I don’t feel that they’re not a real couple……!!!!! But “real” is always “reel”….!!!
    OMG 2,(SAD , coz wrong choice) Suraj is in love……. Poor suraj…… First time he gave a gift for a girl. But His choice is wrong…….!
    OMG 3,(COMPLICATED) What is simmi’s problem with ashok…..?
    OMG 4, (HAPPY) After the long time, we saw ruhi,adi and children’s.
    OMG 5,(CONFUSE) Param is back……!

    Good going yhm……!!!
    From SL

  9. where is rithushree, jhanvi and all……?

    1. hey darshika .sorry i was busy .

  10. Really very nice epi.. Nd actually emotional…
    Nd really heart touching ishra scene…!!!!!!
    Raman felt sad coz he doubted ishu Nd ishu felt sorry coz unintentionally she is hurting Raman… Both love each other so much… Nd care for each other…Nd Raman tied mouli for her safety.. So sweet !!!! Nd their hug was mind blowing.!! Yeah I like d strong Raman BT I like caring Raman d most ( whenever he gets sad for ishu Nd cares for her.) He took my heart once again..

    Sometimes I feel jealous from ishu coz she has a hubby like Raman… I m die hard fan of Raman…, no wonder y Raman won favorite hubby award.. ( for 2 years )….coz every girl wants hubby like Raman… I also want a hubby like Raman…. Love u so much Raman!

  11. Hi diya , Darshika , cham Nd all …..

    Ya…I also don’t think. That suraj has bad intentions… BT actually he did wrong by giving gift to vandu without informing her….feeling sad for him coz he falls for a married woman..he chose a girl for d first time Nd she is married.. I think he is really changed…!!!! BT what to do….??

    Nd yeah I knew it.., that they will bring param back…. Nd today they didn’t reaveal what simmi is doing…??? Same precap !!!!!!!??? Let’s wait tomorrow dfntly we will get d answer….BT param is back so dfntly we have to bear him again….

  12. wow nice episode

  13. Guys I was sad before some hours…, then I found some ishra love scenes on fb ( before we can find ishra love scenes so easily in YouTube BT now they deleted that scenes )

    All ishra scenes like their before mrg scenes, cute fights, their first night scene ( was really funny ), Raman helps ishu for her saree, their remote fight.., their first hug , their first kiss, their rain dance, Nd most amazing that
    Ex Ray gglasse romance…, they applies balm to each other…, Nd yeah all scenes r my favorite BT my favorite is , Raman sees ishu when she stitches her blouse….( in that scene their expression was mind blowing ) I love that scene so much…. I saw these scenes ….Nd it make my day I m feeling so happy after seeing that scenes… Now my sadness has gone…!!!

    Guys tell me ur favorite scenes….let’s recall that scenes… Actually I know all r fabulous…BT d one which u can’t forget…!!!!!!

    1. Sorry I mean ExRay glassess romance…

      It’s taking too much time for moderation…. Irritating…..

  14. luv u divyanka and karan ur acting was superb

  15. i missed the episode .good episode .i thought simmi is meeting parmeet and the same happened .now surely sarika is the culprit.

  16. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Romi returns to home in drunken state. Romi tells Toshiji that he is not a good father, not good son and not good husband who take care of his family.

    Toshiji shouts at Sarika and blames her for Romi’s condition. Toshiji also asks Sarika to leave job and takes care of her husband and son only.

    Raman and Ishita try to sort out the problem where Ishita makes Sarika and Toshiji understand.

    Raman takes Romi with him and promises to Toshiji that he will correct everything between Romi and Sarika’s relationship.

    Will Raman and Ishita save Romi and Sarika’s marriage?

  17. bechari simmi phir se uss param ki torture .ein phuss gayi hogi.

  18. Happyyyy birthdayyyy karan patel urfff humara raavan kumar…????????


  20. Many more happy returns of the day karan patel???

  21. Guys ipkknd is back….. Arshi are going to be back….. On hotstar from Nov 24…

  22. happy birthday karan patel / raman bhalla
    love you loads :*



  25. After a long time , feeling like watching the repetition of Yhm …. Yesterday’s episode was mind blowing with Ishras unconditional love and family unity . Raman and Ishitha are amazing , acting too good . Ishitha was looking very pretty in that yellow saree … Assuming no separation and track is twisting to the fans favoritism . All the best for the beautiful couple to get the best Jodi both national and international plus best actress , actor what all they can bag , will pray for that …

  26. what is this opt voting indian television awards .i tried a lot but i am not able to vote .plz guys plz try and vote for the whole yhm cast.

    1. Rithu they will send OTP number on ur contact no………

  27. Happy birthday karan patel..We love you so much.

  28. Wooooow ishra rocks……….


    Omg that bl**dy param is back.

  29. Happy happy birthday karan patel have a rocking year and may god bless you with all the happiness in the world

  30. Happy birthday karan / raman ……..
    May God bless you……

  31. Happy birthday raman…lov u so much..

  32. Nice episode..

    Happy birthday Karan Patel..

  33. Guys guys guys…………

    Shocking news……….. I don’t know how BT that Ashok Khanna came to know about this drama… He came to know that Shagun is alive Nd she Nd ishu r planning a big drama against him…….Nd he blackmailed them… They both r scared Nd worried that how Ashok came to know…?????

    I m scared now what will happen ..??? What will Ashok do…??? Nd how he knew this drama…????

  34. I love yhm its amazing I feel sorry for sooraj he is trying to correct his mistakes

  35. loooooong day…… Had a 10 minutes break……. Want to wish…….!

    Wish you a very happy B’day my love, Hotyyyyyyy patel…….!!!!!

    nowadays I’m watching yhm twice. Are you both going to kill us…..!!!???


  36. OMG blo*dy ashok…..!!!!!

  37. omg …now wt will happen ?? ashoke catches ishita and shagun red handed … really waitng for the episode . but i dnt thnk ishra seperation will hppn . thr bond will grow stronger only . 🙂

  38. Happy birthday dear karan patal /raman kumar. I love you sooooo much………..,

  39. I think that now their plan is going to be an end…..I think now they will end this drama within1or 2 week……

  40. Happy Birthday Karan Patel..

    Excited for coming episodes…

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