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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mihika gets cameras placed in the room. Param sees her giving money to the guy and wonders what’s that for when whole payment is done already. At home, the employee gives a video and some other data that was recovered to Ashok. Ashok tells him not to tell anyone if he likes to have his job and asks him to leave. Ashok and Suraj watch the video and a girl is confessing Ashok promised her to take her to foreign where there will be no Shagun or anyone. Ashok says so she wanted to expose him, but then he dropped coffee on her phone and she got mad. Suraj says he warned Ashok. He receives a call from Param and puts it on speaker. Param tells them about seeing Mihika paying someone. Ashok says she came to do some preparations on behalf of Shagun, so let her. Just then Ashok receives a call

from Mihika. She tells him to come a bit later as she has come out of hotel and she will inform him once all ready. Ashok says fine and hangs. Param says she’s lying. She’s right here with a guy. Suraj tells him to keep an eye on her. Param is happy to find out what’s cooking. Ashok says Mihika was doing all drama, she wants to expose me. She wants me to go to honeymoon suite and do something wrong. Suraj says she’s Ishita’s sister in end. Ishita did same thing, placed cameras in my hotel room and sent me to jail. Mihika wants to do same with you. Ashok laughs and says Mihika wants to catch him saying he doesn’t love Shagun, but now they will trap her in her own plan. Shagun will say no for marriage by herself. Let Mihika do what she wants, but with a twist.

Bhallas and Iyers arrive at wedding venue. All praise the arrangements as Mihika has done it all. Mihir is checking arrangements. Raman smiles looking at him. He tells him to chill. Mihir asks how’s all the set up honestly. Raman jokes that could have been better. Mihir gets hyper. Raman tells him to relax, Shagun will be proud. They then remember arrangements that Raman did in Simmi’s marriage. Raman asks about Mihika. Mihir goes to find her.

Ashok is in his honeymoon suite with Mihika. Mihika starts getting cozy with him and Ashok is also in mood. Mihika says she always liked his sense of humor. She sits on the bed and asks him to check the bed. Ashok closes the door. Mihika hopes to record his confession and this drama will end. Ashok tells her she looks after him so much. She did all that for him? She asks then who else? What can I do? I have feelings na.. He pulls her to him and asks where was feelings before. She says it was always there, but you know old trick, playing hard to get. Ashok says, such tease! But I have marriage in few hours. She says yes, FEW HOURS. He says, but a lot can be done in that many hours. He goes closer. Mihika says, but Shagun?

Shagun is on her way to wedding venue and she’s very excited. She tells Ishita it’s all so perfect, you and Raman, I and Ashok. After today, no bitterness between us, only happiness. Ishita says, absolutely and tells her to enjoy the day. Shagun calls Ashok one last time for girlfriend and boyfriend conversation. He asks him if he’s ready, she is ready. He says first time she got ready on time. Shagun does her sweet talks and then says she will reach soon. She tells driver to drive faster. Ishita says, someone is in hurry.

Mihika tells Ashok that now he will have to leave. He asks why she’s worrying. Let Shagun wait more. Mihika asks can you make her wait for lifetime? He says not a bad idea. All is getting recorded in cameras. Ashok says he always listened to his heart and it’s Mihika in his heart. Mihika asks he will let go old relationship like that? Ashok says it’s got too old and dirty. It stinks. It’s boring. Mihika continues getting all truth out of Ashok and Ashok also continues insulting Shagun and praising Mihika. She then asks him to propose her. Ashok gets on his knees and proposes her. She asks he wants to marry her? Ashok says, yes, today, right now, in front of everyone. Mihika thinks it’s getting too much now. She will have to stop now and she has enough proof already. Other hand, Ashok thinks she’s trying so hard, let me make it easier for her.. real fun will be when she loses it completely. Mihika tells him they don’t have much time. If he wants to marry her, then he will confess in front of everyone that he loves her only, not Shagun. He asks if she still doubts him? She says, let’s go. Ashok stops her and grabs her. She says, not like this. First marry me, if I make same mistake like Shagun, then you will call me dirty as well. Ashok says, I told you you’re not dumb like Shagun, you’re smart. Mihika says what’s so hurry? first let’s marry. He says after marriage they will have other work. He tells her to chill and gets the drinks ready. He thinks, you’re new to this game, I am an old player. Drama will start now. He adds something in her drink. He gives her drink for a new start. She drinks it and falls unconscious. Ashok catches her in his arms and says, he will take care of her. He smiles and lies her in the bed. He removes his sherwani and takes out his phone.

Downstairs, Mihir and Ishita bring Shagun in the function. Raman looks at Ishita and Shagun. Ishita sees him and says, he’s looking at Shagun. He’s remembering his old marriage or bad past?

Precap: Shagun, Mihir, Raman, Ishita come to the honeymoon suite. Shagun asks Ashok what the hell is going on. They look inside and find Mihika unclothed in a blanket in the bed. All are shell shocked. Mihir is disheartened. Mihika also gets back to consciousness now.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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  1. Irritating episode

  2. I think that ekta is only gonna understand that viewers doesn’t like the currnet track only when ratings starts to go down !!! Don’t bring shagun in between raman and ishitha please

  3. Raman and ishita Dont split!! U guys r amazing!! And I Dont lyk this mihiga thingee too!! Poor mihir!!

  4. guys, don’t bombard with dozens of dislike or start criticize me for saying this but PERSONALITY WISE; Ashok and Mihika suits better… Mihir is looking small in front of Mihika. who knows may b Askok can turn positive with Mihika’s association

  5. Yaar maine abhi saturday ka ep. dekha.
    Pata nahi kya laga rakha hai Ekta ne Thursday ke ep. me IshRa 5-6 min. ke liye saath me the , Friday ke ep. me 2-3 min. ke liye saath me the & satureday ke ep. me to haad kar di IshRa ko sirf last scene me dikhaya usme bhi dono saath nahi the. Ab agle week ke ep. me kya IshRa ko nikal dene ka idea hai kaya!!!!!????
    Whats wrong with you ? Kyo IshRa ko alag karna chahti ho?
    Kitne achhe scenes chal rahe the dono ke bich pyar suru ho raha tha par ab to dono ko saath dekhane ke liye kitna wait karna padta hai……. what the hell is going on…… stop this nonsense

  6. Prayosha ek good news aaya hai check karo you tube pr bahu or sajish Mai……phir se Raman romantic hoga Ishita ko dekh kar…..

  7. Wrong news….29 may news not latest news…..mihika ke Kaaran Ishita pr ……

  8. Maine Romantic scene to nahi par Ek sad scene dekha SBS me jisme IshRa Mihir ke Iiye ek dusre ke kandho par sar rakhkar ro rahe the aur Mihir ko bhi sambhal rahe the.

  9. May be its not romantic but heart-touching….Dono ek dusre ke karan nahi par ek dusre ke saath roenge

    1. Agree with u……

      1. i agree with prayosha

  10. Mihika is stupid thinking herself oversmart she deserves for she does i dnt think she shud get any sympathy frm any family members and shagun deserves ashok so as u reap so as u get mihika is tryng to b grandmother of shagun

  11. Plz ekta g yhm ki story ko agy ly kr jao Raman or ishita k romantic scene add kro or ye ashok suraj or shagun ko km dikhya kro plzzzzzzzzz……………………

  12. “Mohabaton ka safar- Raman aur Ishita ki takrar se pyar tak ki dastan.”
    Usme Ishita ne last me kaha ki pata nahi kab aur kaise Ravankumar apni dil ki bat mujse kahege par jab bhi kahege wo batein mere dil ko chhu jayegi. Par itna jarurpsta hai ki ye mohabbaton ka safar yun hi chalta jayega.
    Hey guys ye dekhkar muje to lagtahai ki Starplus & Ekta hame hint de rahe hai ki ham is show ko dekhana bandh na kare kyon ki bahut jald wo IshRa ke pyar ko aage badhane wale hai. I hope aisa hi ho…..
    Aisa muje lagta hai. Aap abko kya lagta hai????

    1. Ishu….ka deewane to hum bhi hi magar tum ek kadam aage ho…….prayosha……
      tumhare statement se pata chal raha …..

      1. Yes I like ishu. But I love IshRa . Par diwane to hum Raman ke hai because I am a girl not a boy.

  13. being oversmart results like what mihika is being thru right nw..
    she wanna take al d credit of saving shagun life n she in return turned 2 b pray of that trap..gud mihika u desrve dis n may b stil more 4 being over smart

  14. heyyyyyyyyyyyy make fasttttt update for tommorow plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u guys awsome

  15. Exactly u right…….

  16. Shit serial. All ekta kapoor serials have men lusting for other men’s wives or girlfriends, or women lusting for other women’s husbands or boyfriends. OMG, please look around you, do you see it happening in real life? Or maybe, it happens in Bollywood all the time, since you seem to be getting your stories and ideas from your filmy environment. Aisa hamare middle class or upper middle class mein nahi hota.

  17. priyanka shekhaar

    poor mihika, i wonder what’s going to happen with hers and mihir’s relationship

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