Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita apologizing to Roshni for starting a wrong topic. Roshni says no, Aaliya is lucky to get a good saas like you. Ishita says you are good, so you find me good, if you told this to Raman, he would say its tough to stay with me, I m finding diamond set which I got for Aaliya, ask Raman to get it from car, I will take this.

Bala takes Mani. Raman talks to judge Baweja and asks for his help. Baweja asks what can I do for you. Raman says a girl stays in my house, she is from village, her husband left her, she wants to study, I got her admission in IAS preparations classes, she is a bright girl, my wife says when the man does not want to stay with the girl, what’s the need of that marriage. Roshni sees Baweja and says its same judge. Baweja says I got a similar

case today. She says how to tell Adi about judge.

Ishita gets shagun things. Raman says I m sure that case will be different, I m asking about divorce, is it possible. Baweja says divorce is needed if people stayed together and tried to keep marriage, if marriage is done forcibly, annulment is enough. Raman says its good thing. Roshni asks Ruhi to tell Raman to get jewelry from car. Pandit asks for groom’s parents. Ishita asks Romi to see Raman. Ruhi asks Raman to get jewelry from car. Romi comes to call Raman. Raman asks Romi to get diamond set from car. He asks Baweja to come. Roshni worries that judge can see Adi. Pandit asks Adi and Aaliya to stand for pheras.

Adi asks Ishita to do something of sehra. Ishita lifts it. Raman tells Baweja that Adi manages business, he has run a factory in small village, my little Adi has grown up and marrying today. Baweja gets shocked seeing Adi and says this guy… Raman says yes, he is Adi. Baweja says this guy came to me today to annul his first marriage, he did not say he is doing second marriage, is he your son. Raman gets shocked and says yes, he is my son, I m sure you are mistaken. Roshni hears them. Baweja says Adi came to me, he married a girl from Khandpur, Roshni. Raman gets shocked and says Roshni….. there has to be a mistake, are you sure. Baweja says there is no misunderstanding. Raman asks him to come with him.

Adi asks how much time more. Pandit says some time more. Adi asks him to hurry. Romi asks Adi to run away. Ishita asks Adi not to hear Romi, my son will never run away from responsibility. She goes to see Raman. Her saree gets stuck and tears. She says I will make this fine.

Raman says it can’t be Adi. Baweja says Adi asked me to hurry, I said it will take time, I think he is fraud and traps innocent girls, such guys should be put in jail. Raman says I won’t hear anything against my son, he is my courage, I m proud of you, he is lying. Baweja says I m not lying, I have to tell that girl and family that Adi is cheating them. Raman holds his collar and says you are not going anywhere.

Amma asks Ishita to go and change. Ishita says no, Raman gave this with love. Mihika says fine, we will pin up, come. Raman asks did Gagan send you, if you are lying about Adi, I will take your decision, will you say anything if you are judge. Baweja says if you think I m lying, go and ask your son, truth will come out. Roshni thinks to stop this anyhow, Adi’s pheras are going to happen. Raman says fine, I will ask. She says Romi can help me, I have to stop Raman from talking to Adi, I have to stop this marriage. He asks Baweja to come. Baweja says I have no interest, I got much insulted. Raman says courage is needed to hear truth, you have no courage. Baweja says when truth comes out, you will lose senses. They go. Ishita asks Raman what happened. He asks her not to talk now. Ishita says why is he angry. Mihika says we will see later.

Waiter collides with Baweja. Baweja scolds waiter. Waiter asks him to come washroom. Romi asks what, Raman got to know about your and Adi’s marriage, how. She says yes, we went to judge to annul marriage. He says what, you both did not tell me. Roshni says Adi wanted to annul marriage before marrying Aaliya, he was feeling he is cheating Aaliya. He asks how did you go without asking me. She asks him to stop Raman first. Raman goes to Adi. Romi says I need to talk to you. Raman says I want to talk to Adi. Romi says you want to talk about Adi’s first marriage, I need to talk about same thing, please come. Raman gets shocked.

Adi and Aaliya wait for Raman and Ishita. Amma says they will come. Adi asks Ruhi could she not see them. Ruhi says just chill, they will come. Aaliya asks Adi to relax. Shagun says Aaliya knows to control Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi is impatient. Ruhi goes to call Ishita. Ruhi comes to Ishita and asks them to come.

Ishita says I will see Raman and come. Raman says you have hidden big thing, you did big mistake. Romi says they have annulled marriage as it was forcibly done. Raman says it does not matter, why did you hide it. Romi says Adi was scared to lose Aaliya, don’t do anything to spoil marriage. Roshni says this relation has no meaning. Romi says if you ask anything to Adi, he can’t lie to you, he is dying with guilt, three lives can spoil by this. Raman says fine, we will talk after Adi’s marriage, don’t tell anyone.

Ruhi says Ishita is coming. Pammi says Raman is romantic and would have taken Ishita. They all smile. Mani asks where are they. Pandit says call them soon, mahurat is passing. Baweja comes to Bansal and says I m leaving, come with me. Bansal asks why. Baweja says come, what do you want, I stay here after getting insulted. Ishita asks who did your insult, sorry I heard you. Bansal says she is Raman’s wife, Ishita. Baweja says Raman insulted me. She asks Bansal to give them some time. Bansal goes.

Ishita asks Baweja what happened. He says whatever is happening here is wrong, either you don’t know or acting ignorant. She asks him to say clearly. He says your son is already married, he is Roshni’s husband. Ishita gets shocked. Raman asks them to behave normal as if nothing happened, tell them I m seeing off business delegates. Romi and Roshni leave. Raman recalls Baweja’s words. He says its about children’s lives. Ishita comes to him. He asks her what is she doing here, pheras are starting. She cries and asks which pheras.

Raman says Adi’s marriage has no meaning, its annulled. She says Aaliya should know truth. Pandit starts third phera. Ishita shouts stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi VP mam, Sindhu, Shivani, Khushi, and all the yhm fans… Sorry if I forgot to mention any names…

    There is nothing wrong in Ishita’s intention but making Roshni accept Adi is not justice. I heard that Raman will throw Ishita out of his life…is that true? I don’t want that to happen. Cvs, you gave us a heartbreak. No IshRa rip yhm. No DivAn no popularity. I knew that when makers bring Adi and Aliya track, they will definitely end up with a tragic collection of twists. Roshni is older to Adi please don’t pair them. Roshni can never replace Aliya and none can ever replace IshRa. I watch yhm for IshRa. Hate to see Shagun’s tantrums. I am still wondering, Who is the main lead of yhm after this??!

    1. Hi Priyamvada how r you ? After a long . To me also Ishithas action is justified stopping the marriage provided she doesnt force Adi to marry Rishini . Instead Ishra together if understands and be with their son until the marriage annulment in hand . If bringing it positively well nd good . Let us wait nd see and Roshini doesnt want to be with Adi .

  2. dilse diltak fan

    Hey priyamvadha understand here adi is not losing life and innocent girl from khandpur losing her life ok what raman did was an idiot thing ishita takes good decision hope….. Selfish adi….Support roshni like roshni…..

    1. You are right. I agree that Adi made a big mistake but he was helpless at that time. He shouldn’t have hidden the truth from his parents and left Roshni alone. He is immature to handle such things. He didn’t do these purposely. I like Roshni a lot. Roshni also shouldn’t have hidden the truth. Adi thought that things would be good if he had done his divorce. Very immature…

  3. Sometimes i feel like Ishita is a curse to Bhalla family she should be thrown away fir sure if she made Adi to accept Roshini. … Adi should marry Aliya and Roshini’s marriage with Adi is unacceptable, Its a forced marriage. After hearing the full story, why the hell the Judge finding faults with Adi now, Ishita does not respect the feelings of her family, i hate her at times..

    1. I agree with you. She is so so so interfering lady. I literally hate her now.

  4. All spoilers are telling that ishitha will support roshini . She has no opinions to support marriage but she wants Aliya to know the truth. Later what ever What she
    . I support ishu only because one has to will support for whom.know about spouse after all they have to head their life.

  5. Ishita gives too much of importance to Rohini, Roshini must understand that Adi is not suitable to her. How can she understand that when she could married to Adi soon after the death of her 1st Fiance..well she does not want to leave Adi because of his status. Both Ishita and Rohini should be thrown away from Bhalla’s and Iyer’s house

  6. Hi to all the fans of them . I hope the charm never loose untill ishra divan are there

    1. Hey are you?After many days you came to this site.

  7. Hahahaha People here feel roshni is older compared to adi??
    If roshni gets dressed up like aliya does, she wuld be far more hot,pretty and suitable to adi!
    Come on yaa…We all know how roshni is being dressed up like a ideal bahurani!

  8. Like adi and roshini

  9. Does aadi and aaliyas mrg happen or not???

  10. This Ishita is a drama queen, she has to spoil every situation.Why should someone be forced to accept a forcible marriage? Stupid lady always goes around giving lecture.

  11. What’s wrong in that… adi marraige had done forcefully… can’t she think in which state adi marraige happen..
    more over she is also Raman’s 2nd wife. What is wrong in this ??
    This ishitha always comes with big lecture ????

  12. AAA is right. Raman should kick her and Roshni out of Bahla house as she doesnt care everyones feelings around there . She shoud keep good face for her husbands family in front of people there and solve the family problem after wedding because she also knows Adit annul his first marriage. She doesnt deserve a good mom anymore. Let her go and end YHM

  13. Hi everybody ideally Aliya surpose to know the truth Adi supposed to her explained what happened to his parents .it doesn’t main that Aliya cannot marry Adi but there must be trust.

  14. ishu is ryt…afterall aliya shd know the truth…becoz she will be adi’s life partner…i mean she has the right to know….if ishu also wont say anything to aliya n all again they’ll blame ishu after knowing n say “pehle kyu ni bataya nd all”
    adi shd marry aliya only becoz roshini bhi shadi koh nai manti…

  15. Chill guys !!! Raman will not throw out Ishita . I just hope that ishu don’t stop the marriage . I think Gagan and Ashok will stop the marriage.

  16. we dont want roshini s marriage to happen. Even if she changes her looks and dress, she can never look younger to adi like aliya. its a request.

  17. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  18. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s all of a sudden twist would surely lure the audiences with the high frequency performance of Raman and Ishita.

    Raman would kick Ishita out of house for not supporting Raman’s decision of uniting Adi and Aaliya.

    Now, Ishita is supporting Roshni for Ishita knows that there is no one to take Roshni’s side in the crowd of Adi and Aaliya’s marriage.

    Ishita is of the opinion that Adi without even informing married and than also divorced Roshni.

    Adi’s guilt over Ishita’s reality check

    Ishita thinks that as per the scenerio Roshni have been the one who have been suffering from the trauma.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Ishita and Raman’s these misunderstandings would get changed by Adi and Roshni collectively?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  19. The much awaited truth about Adi and Roshni’s marriage get revealed to Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) finally in Star Plus’s successful running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    A sper the track, Judge attends Adi and Aaliya’s marriage in which Raman discuss to judge about Roshni.

    Judge is stunned seeing Aditya is the same boy who came for divorce with Roshni and revealed it to Raman.

    Raman refuses to believe on it and misbehaves with him but he then get shocked when both Roshni and Romi reveal the truth.

    Roshni requests Raman to let Adi and Aaliya’s marriage happened as she never accepted him as her husband and no problem with divorce.

    Raman tries to control himself for Adi and Aaliya’s happiness but the real problem get arise when Judge reveals Adi’s secret to Ishita.

    Ishita stops Adi and Aaliya’s wedding

    Raman insists Ishita to let Adi and Alaiya happen and they will talk about Roshni later but Ishita’s heart Is not ready to do it.

    Adi and Aaliya start taking wedding rounds and Ishita stops them which makes Raman shattered.

    Ishiat then asks Adi that marriage based on truth then how can he be honest with Aaliya without sharing biggest secret of his life.

    Will Adi and Aaliya’s marriage happen?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  20. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein there are many situations which make Adi and Roshni’s marriage a big issue for Aaliya.

    Aaliya gets to know about Roshni and Adi’s secret marriage truth from Ishita amid the wedding.

    Aaliya first thinks that Ishita is playing a prank with Aaiya but soon Aaliya realizes that Ishita was revealing the truth.

    Aaliya gets into a state of shock knowing that Adi upon whom Aaliya was having so much trust only betrayed Aaliya.

    Aaliya rejects marriage with Adi

    It was Ishita’s wish that Aaliya have the full right to know about Adi and Roshni’s past as Aaliya was going to get married to Adi.

    It would be interesting to watch as to how would Adi beg amid Aaliya not to leave Adi in the mandap and go without getting married?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  21. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It seems that just when Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) are going to be announced as husband and wife by the pandit Ashok (Sangram, Singh) and Gagan will enter the wedding mandap with media.

    Ashok will reveal in front of the media that Adi is already married to Roshini hence he cannot get married to Aaliya.

    Shockingly Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will support Roshini and will ask Adi to stop his marriage.

    On the other hand Raman (Karan Patel) will fume in anger over Ishita’s decision and will throw her out of Bhalla house.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  22. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is supporting Roshni as she knows that there is no one to take Roshni’s side in the crowd of Adi (Abhishek Verma) and Aaliya’s (Krishna Mukherjee) marriage.

    Ishita is of the opinion that Adi without even informing married and then also divorced Roshni.

    Ishita thinks that as per the scenario Roshni have been the one who have been suffering from the trauma.

    However Raman (Karan Patel) will oppose Ishita’s view.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  23. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  24. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to show high voltage drama in marriage ceremony.

    Ishita and Raman finds Adi and Roshni’s marriage truth, while Raman asks Ishita to stay shut till Adi gets married.

    Ishita couldn’t control herself and stops the marriage, Ishita chooses truth over Adi’s happiness and wants Aliya to make the decision.

    Ishita unveils Adi’s marriage truth to Aliya

    Yes Ishita unveils all truth to Aliya infront of all, Adi is shattered and makes apology that he hide truth because he had been forced into marriage.

    Adi requests Aliya to forgive him as his and Roshni’s marriage had no meaning, Roshni also comes in Adi’s favor and says that they have no relationship.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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