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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Pihu having a talk. She says I came to meet Ruhaan, why are you sad, I will take Papa’s class, he can’t scold you and make you cry, I will see him. He stops her and says go home, shooting is over, if Papa sees you, he will scold me. She says fine, don’t be sad. Shagun asks Ashok what are you doing here. Ashok says I came to meet Romi. She says Romi and Mihika went to meet Mrs. Bhalla, she is going to London.

Ashok says Mihika is not so innocent, Bhallas were not talking to her and now Mihika went with your mum in law. I know Mihika wants to make Ishita part of Bhalla family, she would be unhappy with Raman and your marriage, its good Raman agreed to marry you, but if Bhallas love Mihika, then Mihika can come to stay with you and make your life hell,

it would be all waste, your sacrifice and all, I pity on you. She says you chose right profession, politics, I don’t care for your nonsense, I m getting late, I have to go NGO for a meeting. She goes. Ashok says I know you are affected by Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla’s closeness, I m with you, you will have time to spend with me.

Mihika calls Neelu and talks to her. Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla left angrily after an argument with Raman, Raman said he will marry Shagun, do something. Mihika says yes, I understand. Neelu says can I help, Pihu does not know Ishita is her real mum. Mihika says I got a good idea, and tells her. Neelu agrees. Ishita goes to Adi and apologizes. She says you did not behave well with Raman, you made him eat mushroom, anything could have happened, he is allergic to mushrooms, you made actors leave, you have to become responsible. Adi says I want to take you back.

Raman says this won’t happen, I don’t have place for dead people in my life. Mani and Aaliya come. Mani says come Aaliya.. Raman stops Mani and says I should leave, I feel I came in between, I don’t have relation with them, I don’t like keeping relations with those who run away and cheat. She says keep Mani from all this. Raman says sorry to talk like this with your Mani, but I don’t need permission to say, I m marrying Shagun, Mani I want you to please come and grace the occasion. He asks Aaliya to get her Papa, and don’t know is Ishita your Papa’s GF or what relation they have, anyways it will be fun. He goes. Adi goes after him. Aaliya asks Ishita to come.

Ishita says no, I have some work. Aaliya says fine, we will come with you. Mani says Aaliya come with me, let Ishita be here. They leave. Ishita cries recalling Raman’s anger. She says he is out of control in anger, how he can hurt anyone, his behavior is not right, he can marry Shagun, he is not in his senses, marriage is big decision, I know he will keep people hurting till his anger calms down, I have to do something.

She goes to get a flat on rent. The man says the owner stays out on trips mostly, you can see the flat, and tells flat number. She says it was Prateek’s flat, he is my friend. He says yes, its still Prateek’s flat, he will call me and I will tell him. She asks him to tell her name, Ishita Bhalla to Prateek.

Pihu asks Mr. Bhalla how did Dadi do like this, the serial is getting many twists, who will watch serial with me. Mrs. Bhalla says I will watch, you go and play. Neelu asks her to have juice. Pihu goes out playing and gets a pic of Raman and Ishita’s marriage. She gets shocked and asks did they get married. Neelu thinks I kept this pic from storeroom as per Mihika’s plan, now Pihu will understand she is Ishita’s daughter and won’t let Raman marry Shagun, I have to inform Mihika. Pihu goes to Mr. Bhalla with pic and asks did they get married. Mr. Bhalla gets worried and sends Pihu.

Aaliya asks Ishita why are you going there, we three are living fine here. Mani asks Aaliya not to talk this way, its between us, go to your room. Aaliya goes. Mani asks Ishita is she doing right, Raman would be there, you did not wish to come here, now you want to shift there. She asks is my friend asking this to me, or that person who loves me… I can understand you are stuck between friendship and love, our friendship is precious for me, and about your love, sorry, what can I do, I don’t have any love in me anymore, I don’t want this dilemma to come between us, I don’t want to lose you, you are best friend I ever had. Aaliya hears them. Ishita asks Mani will he not let her follow her heart, will you stop me from doing my friend, tell me just as a friend.

She says I had big guilt in me, you used to ask me why don’t I meet my family, I had no courage to meet them, now when I met them, I got to know I have ruined their and Raman’s lives, when I did not meet Raman, he used to be an animal and he has become an animal again, he does not value anyone, I m responsible for all this, that house is breaking, I have a chance to bring them together, I snatched everything from them, I have to help them, they gave lots of love to me, I m helpless, you love me and Raman hates me a lot, I know Raman will burn everything in his anger, let me just correct everything, then we will return back to our world. He says fine Ishu, I will not stop you, but if you and Raman get everything fine between you both then… sorry, don’t answer this, I m not selfish, I just want you to be happy, you go, I will respect your decision and support you always. She thanks him.

Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue. Raman comes and argues with Ishita, asking her to leave from this society. She says you can’t control where I will stay. He says I will see how you stay here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. next sunday 28th may 2016 is star parivar awards and yhm has won many awards . I eagerly waiting to watch it .hope I dont miss it .

    1. Its saturday not sunday.. Dont mis 2 watch. i m also waiting fr SPA

  2. Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kick-started the post
    leap phase of the story line with
    additional twists and turns.
    In the upcoming track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein Raman ( Karan Patel ) will
    confront Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and
    will start blaming her for the
    differences created amid Bhalla and
    Iyyer family.
    Ishita will try to be tight-lipped and
    avoid Raman’s harsh words.
    However, Raman will continue
    accusing Ishita for the all the
    problems in his life.
    Adi will hate this situation and will
    inform police about the same.
    At the same time Adi will also file a
    case against Raman under domestic
    violence charges.
    Hence, Raman will get arrested and
    will go behind the bars.
    Will this drama take a new turn in
    Ishita and Raman’s? Let’s wait and

  3. stop this moderation.plz.

    1. yaa its highly irritating i mean you post ur feeling about serial and not death threts

  4. Dear viewers…. I am unable to watch past episodes of yhm….. Can you pls tell that who is the murderer of rinki

    1. Shree rinki’s murder case is too old story line but anyways.. Mihika is rinki’s murderer but she was unaware of this thing… I didn’t remember whole story but the thing was that there was something mela where all this took place… Mihika participated in a competition of hitting the balloons with toy gun but the gun was replaced and when mihika shot the gun the gun-shot hit rinki and she died…

  5. where are you guys jhanvi darshi darshika sowmy meghana naaz nivedha nimrit sam ramchin reshma rithika riya diya (both the diyas) anakha tansuri parvathi and many?

    1. Mihika killed rinki accidently…

  6. Wt’s happening here yaar…too much of dragging…loosing interest to watch it…when r they planning to unite ishra.. N ruhi….?? feeling bad to watch it…..

  7. Feeling bad to watch them away frm one another….:-:):|

  8. guys i dont know why every1 is hating raman u know what for raman’s condition is becoz of all
    yaar u understand ishita always got some1 support in the form of ruhi’s lov remember when she 1st entered bhalla house she always got support of mr bhalla then slowly of mrs bhalla and the simmi romi mihir every1 no one betrayed her but with raman case is tottally opposite shagun betrayed him but in problem he helped her .romi did so many mistake lik mihikas video sarika and many more yaa raman would get angry slaphim but at th nd he supported but noow just bcoz romi became a big man he keep on insultind raman by using bad meanseven he forgot his own ethics and joined hands with ashok guyss i dont know how couldhe stoop so low and simmi who would insult raman for her paraamji is too betreying raman and suppourtingromi secretly by giving files anyways raman is still giving her life of respect and mr bhallai thought he was a man of moral but he is to suppourting romi knowing all his deed giving him money and letting go all ramans hardwork in waste AND YESS NOT TO MENTION IYRS HATE HIM TOO
    GUYSS after backstabing from shagun raman bcome animal but then our ishu enter his life and made him a loving husband caring son and doting father so naturally h started trusted her more then one day ishita committed sucide so basically the person he belived most also left him i know it was partially due to to raman but dude he also lost her daugter so his anger was justified till a limit and now to every1 understand ishita sitution her helplessness but no 1 understand raman yaar ishita got someone in these 7 years who loved her she got a daughter who treated her like mother but with raman cas is opposite his son for whom he crossed every limit to mak him happy blame him for troubled in bhallas family life every1 in one way or other is hating him without understanding his feelings AND YESS NOW YOU GUYS ARE CALLING RAMAN MALe EGO but guyss try to understand that his ego is not his ego but frustation for 7 years he handle blame hatered of every1 for making ishita attempt sucide where as ishita in these 7 years got some1 who loved she got aaliyah who treated her like mom but raman in thse 7 years only is being blamed giving haterd so know when he comes to know that the person for whom he is being blamed and given hatred is alive so he is going to show his fustration any ways i only know one thing the more he hate the more he will love ishu

    1. yaa mahi i understand ur feelings but raman shld do to yoga class to control his anger

    2. Same here dude….

    3. Agree with you ..,… hating Raman for the harsh words only … we have to blame the situations only Mahi …. Ramans idea was to exchange Ruhi … Rt ? Ishitha tried to save both the kids … but it happened so fast Nidhi threw the infant , luckily Ishitha could catch her and the instant impact whoever it is will hug and kiss the child . its natural … that one second Nidhi took off Ruhi … Nidhi had well planned and come ….but few words what he spoke out Raman should not have … he told her he doesnt want to see her , get out of his life … stepmother … baanchi … bla bla … its not one time … every time he does that … but she committed suicide becoz no Ruhi no Ishima … once Raman realised he was too late …. there is a say … by the time you regret its too late … thats what happened … Ishitha is saved … she did not want to return back where there is no Ruhi … true Ishitha moved on her life … to outsiders feels she is v happy … yesterdays episode only she really she expressed her it … she was silently suffering being away from her love … she feels responsible to bring him back and his family … Raman is broken shattered without his Jkr true … he was living with the guilt … weightage is more to his suffering than Ishitha … Ruhi doesnt know what happened … 7 years she is suffering altogether if you see … we can blame the situation only … in any ones life situation only bring mis understanding .. Raman is jealous but he doesnt trust Ishitha where as Ishitha trusts him …from beginning I am with Raman never blamed him … but Ishitha too cannot be blamed …she is always strong but ladt episode she became weak seeing her Raman so rude … Any decision on anger will be wrong … Raman is always like that … cvs really degraded the great actor Karan …for the fans to hate him …wait nd see

  9. I think CVs will make us wait to episode 1000 for Ishra reunion. Think what a great celebration it would be for the show and that too with Ishra reunion. Lets see. Was not expecting anything from today’s episode but wow wow wow. Pihu seeing that photo. What a big moment. Ishita explaining to Mani. Wow.

  10. Why does raman hate ishita so much can someone tell me

  11. I agree with u mahi. . I always feel sad for raman..may b bcos I know raman like characters in real life… he shouts more at whom he loves more.. even he has suffered like evertone for 7 years.. The only comfort for him was pihu… n I feel more sad for ruhi since she doesn’t know Wat had hapnd with her wen raman n ishu was handing her over to nidhi n her cause of revenge is reasonable as she has been beaten n tortured very badly by nidhi… n she doesn’t know how everyone else’s life was wen she was away… hope she try to understand soon n come bak..

  12. @Mahi I totally agree with u … Even I get angry while people speaks ill about Raman … They never think about his point of view … Maybe Raman said Ishita to exchange Ruhi for Pihu but involving abishek was not his plan … It’s Ishita who involved abishek in this plan without Raman’s knowledge …. Tats y he scolded her … Then she made everyone believed that she is dead and left away to stay with mani …. She didn’t even think or care about Pihu in this 7years …. Just today I liked the episode that atleast now she agreed that it’s all her fault …

  13. I completely agree with MAHI. Raman had to go through the guilt feeling for 7 years. Even I don’t understand why everyone is hating Raman. He has a reason to be angry with Ishita. He loves her a lot and also is angry on her. Look at the previous 2 episodes – the dance and the allergy scene – how Raman was looking at Ishita and how much love he has on her. He really loves her. I am waiting to see how the differences will get resolved between them. I am not sure why everyone wants to unite them so fast. It’s been 7 years since they are apart. They cannot unite in 7 days. Once they unite, then we will have some murder story or ghost story. I love this track a lot.

  14. Raman anger is completely justified. He is in the same position when Shagun left him. First time he saw Ishita he was so happy that she is alive. Did you guys see his expression. He was so happy and surprised. But he was angry because he had to live in guilt for so long. I feel it is little bit Ishita’s fault to loose Ruhi. Even though it was Raman who said we will trade Ruhi for the baby and later save her, it is Ishita’s responsibility as a mom to protect Ruhi as well. I am not saying leave the little baby. But somehow her reaction at that moment was to protect both. I know she tried but somehow it should have been better. Now I really would like to see how Ishita changes Raman. I like Ishita’s words to Mani about getting Raman back to normal. Waiting for more Ishra scenes.

  15. Viju, it is sad to see them away from each other but I feel their love for each other is better shown when they are away. But I don’t want it to be in just couple of episodes. It should be like our old yhm. Wait. I love the way they love each other now. Once they are united, we will see some ghost drama or murder drama. I really like this track. See Raman’s love in his eyes when Ishita helps her for his allergic reaction in yesterday’s episode.

  16. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tooo complicated for easy happy entertainment….kuds got swoped around…really dadi???playing mind game…the ruhaan off Ruhi cnt act….littel ruhi was so cute….

  17. Yeh..Mahi but Raman speaks before he thinks and when loosing Ruhi..what right did he have to use harsh words and degrade a woman who can’t have children…and pushed Ishita to suicide??Everyone was shocked upset..bur Raman decided to become an animal himself …it is his own guilt and tell me why should everyone listen to his abuse.Get over it.Ishita was lucky to gind her friend but rude Raman had whole of the 2 families near him…sorry but he has created his own anger..need a good slap.

    1. dude try 2 undrstand for 7 years he has seen people hating taunting him for ishita now when he saw ishita alive his 7 years of hating himself bearing hates of other has gone to waste whereas with ishta case is not same no 1 hates her taunt her (except raman) sh has her family stANDING BY her side all the time but raman has only every1 against him

    2. dude try 2 undrstand for 7 years he has seen people hating taunting him for ishita now when he saw ishita alive his 7 years of hating himself bearing hates of other has gone to waste whereas with ishta case is not same no 1 hates her taunt her (except raman) sh has her family stANDING BY her side all the time but raman has only every1 against him @ UAHA

  18. Raman and ishitha are making their own enemies….shagun is the best example…..Raman said that he will marry shagun but it is not going to happen….. This makes shagun to turn into a negative character….. And other best example in this show is Mani and aliya…….if ishitha and Raman reunite it is pukka that they both will turn negative…. So they both are responsible for the further problems after they reunite ^ – ^

    1. I dont think mani will turn negative…because ishita didnt made any commitment to him…

    2. No Akshara Mani and Alia will not turn negative … ..

  19. I think shagun will take her Real Form ? (Vamp)

  20. i hate Raman. he is cruel animal

  21. don’t ever drag, also make it point that you don’t dilute moral and ethics for the sake of TRP rating

  22. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Pihu gets
    depressed knowing about
    Raman gets arrested.
    Pihu gets unconscious
    which makes Ruhi is
    Ruhi hates Pihu but she
    gets melt down seeing
    Pihu’s condition and
    takes her in her lap.
    Ruhi manages to admit
    Pihu in the hospital on
    On the other hand, Raman
    and Adi argue over Ishita
    in jail where Adi accuses
    Raman for behaving
    rudely with Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) that is
    why she left him.
    Raman is angry on Adi
    and asks inspector to
    arrest him first.
    Raman gets a call and
    gets disturbed knowing
    about Pihu is in hospital.
    Raman and Ishita’s
    reunion drama unfold
    much twist in their lives.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Thx for info

  23. The upcoming track of Star Plus’
    trending and longest running show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to
    exhibit sky-scraping confrontation
    amid Raman (Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi).
    As per the recent series of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Raman decides to
    marry Shagun.
    On the other side, Mihika requests
    Ishita to sort out problems between
    Iyyer and Bhalla family and clear
    up all the misunderstanding.
    Consequently Ishita decides to stay
    back in India to build the trust
    amid both Iyyer and Bhalla family.
    In the upcoming episode Ishita will
    return back to her Iyyer house.
    On seeing this Raman will get
    aggravated and will confront
    On the other hand, Ishita will ask
    Raman to mind his own business.
    Where will this confrontation amid
    Raman and Ishita lead to? Let’s
    wait and watch.

  24. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein which airs on
    Star Plus has kept the viewers
    captivated on to it with new twists
    and turns emerging in each
    passing episode in Raman ( Karan
    Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) life.
    As per latest episode, on to
    everyone’s shock Raman decides
    to marry Shagun.
    Even Shagun agrees to marry
    Raman thinking about his hatred
    towards Ishita is not going to melt
    Meanwhile, Mihika and Neelu
    decide to reveal Ishita and
    Raman’s past life marriage details
    in front of Pihu.
    Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) notices
    Raman and Ishita’s wedding photo
    and starts thinking if these two
    were married.
    In the upcoming episode Pihu will
    soon come to know that she is
    Raman and Ishita’s daughter and
    hence will stop Raman from
    marrying Shagun.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  25. hope the ishita goes back to Mani after she clears all this drama, as she should not take advantage of mani,
    let raman also realise his mistakes its necessarey this is also call yeh hai mohabettien

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hmm ok agreed

  26. Ruhaan hates ishita shocking the love of mother is nothing for her , how could she ever think that ishita could do all this for her , Where as Raman had this plan , y he is blaming others,

  27. Aap sabki comments meine pad liya hei aaj……..Mein bhi YHM ki ek Bahut Badi fan hoon….Bahuth log Ishu KO support kar rahi hei…..Aur kuch log Raman KO Support kar rahi hei…..Actually Both views r wright…..But we can’t Blame RAMAN for Ishu…..& ISHU for Raman……They R IshRa………ISH or RA ki bina Mohabbatein adhuri hei ……..

  28. Ishita should leave raman. Had it not been manis rescue she would have died. She owes her life to mani. She doesnt owe anythng to raman. She always got pain from raman conpared to love. He actually loved only shagun. So watever she did he never spoke to her the way he spoke to ishu. Raman doesnt desrve nything gud. Ishu shld be fiven lots of happiness

  29. now In This They Want to move on episode bcoz episode was so emotional…they want to open truth of Rohan as Rohi

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