Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Mr Bhalla, Raman and Ruhi going back home. They are upset because of Adis behavior. they stop in the road seeing Ishita car parked outside a hotel. Ishita is talking to two guys about loan, very worried. Raman looks out for Ishita wondering what she is doing at this time and he sees Ishita talking to two guys in a cafe. Raman is mad why Ishita is lying again and again and he must know the reason of it.

Mihir is worried about work as they have to be the sponsor of Holi event. he is talking to Mihika’s photos, hurt and missing her. he is wondering how will make her understand the importance of Raman in his life, he cant say no to Mihika but he loves her n anyhow he will convince her. Scene shifts to Mihika and Romi, they are talking when Mihir comes

to Mihika’s place. he is not happy hearing Romis voice. Mihika is stern to Mihir and says since Romi is Ramans brother you should do “puja” of him too. he wants to talk to Mihika alone and they have a argument. Mihika doesn’t want to listen to him or see him. Romi is enjoying all these and Mihir leaves heartbroken and Mihika in tears. Mihir is also mad at Mihika and and decides he will stop running after her.

At Bhalla house everyone is waiting for Ishita when she arrives late. Raman charges her for lying to everyone in the family. Ishita says she went to took medicine as she was having headache and Raman says she must be having coffee with the chemist. He screams at Ishita for lying to Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla and Ishita refuses to reply any question. She says since she came to this house only for Ruhi and Raman himself always reminds that so now she doesnt need to answer anyone or Raman cant ask her anything like a husband. Raman says since Ishita always keep giving advise that his actions will give wrong lessons to Ruhi now what? her actions will do the same. She still refuses to answer anything and they continue argument. Raman is about to throw Ishita out of the house when Parmeet comes and says Ishita was jus helping him. He says he has been victim of a terrible incident as in his house he has been charged of s*xually harassing a colleague. He couldnt convince anyone and he was fired. The woman wanted lots of money if Parmeet wants to get rid of the case. He tried a lot to arrange all the money and Simmi knows all about it. He was so ashamed that he couldnt tell anything to anyone. Ishita says Simmi or Parmeet didnt want to tell anyne but she accidentally saw Simmi taking a auto and then Simmi and Parmeet. they finally told Ishita everything. He tells Ishita also cooked and brought food for Simmi as she was upset and she applied for the load so that she can give the money to Parmeet and they can get rid of the problem. in flashback they show all the moments of Ishita, Simmi and Parmeet. how she was helping them all the time and thats why she was late at home. But Parmeet knew this will bring trouble for Ishita at home as she is lying to everyone so he decided to tell the truth to everyone.

Precap: Ishita and Raman both wants to sleep on the floor when both trying to do the same they collided.

Update Credit to: SmokeySilence

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