Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman showing some old memories to Ruhi. Ishita wakes up and smiles seeing them, and thinks to not interrupt between father daughter moment. Raman shows Ruhi’s school monitor badge and says you remember you jumped when you were made school monitor, you used to intentionally miss the bus so that we drop you. He shows the school game medal, you made practice and we won the medal too. Ruhi gets emotional. Raman shows some pics, and says you told me that my beard hurts you. Ruhi cries. He says I look very bad without the beard and shows more pics. Ishita smiles and looks on. Raman shows the pic and says you loved to wear a saree like Ishi Maa, we missed this a lot. Ruhi sees more pics and then realizes she should leave. She asks can I take all this. He says its all yours.

She says yes, I will take this when I leave from here. Ruhi goes. Raman gets sad. Ishita says she needs some time, I have seen everything. Raman says much time passed. Raman gets a call from Anil. Anil tells Raman about Ashok getting his house ownership details, my lawyer friend called me, maybe Ashok got to know the house is on Ruhi’s name, I wanted you to be careful. Raman says fine, I will see. Raman and Ishita worry. Ruhi cries seeing all those childhood stuff. She says I can’t hurt them more, how rude will I be, I think I should say sorry to them now, I hope they forgive me.

Ishita tells Raman that Ruhi is against us, Ashok and Niddhi can do anything using her, we have to save this house, if this house is on Ruhi’s name…. Ruhi comes there smiling and hears them. Ishita says we have to name property and finances on Ruhi’s name to someone else, we can name everything to Pihu, that’s the best way to save all this. Ruhi leaves angrily. Ishita says no, we will not name to Pihu, but by making a trust on Ruhi’s name, we can save property and Ruhi too. Raman likes the idea. Ruhi recalls Ishita’s words and cries, saying they are too bad, I did not think they can do this, I just hate them.

Its morning, Raman wakes up and says look at her, its my room, I m sleeping on sofa and breaking my back, once Ruhi comes back, Ishita will leave and this room will be mine. He goes to bathroom. Ishita wakes up by some sound. Raman says I did not do anything. They all go out and see Ruhi playing loud music. Raman says Ruhi, I will lower the volume. Ruhi says if you have problem, I can leave the house, I exercise like this every morning. Mrs. Bhalla says no, its good, we will also do. Ishita says even I will do. Ishita and Simmi also join Ruhi. Raman smiles.

Appa and Amma come there. Neighbor comes and complains about loud music, if society rules are broken, how will it work. Mrs. Bhalla asks Bhatia to explain them, whats the problem to play some music. Bhatia says there is something called sense, its so loud. Mrs. Bhalla says its morning, whats the probem. Bhatia asks them to stop the music. Ishita says agreed its loud, but we have to change our anger in exercise, its recent research, we are having fun to dance, its good fun, come join us. Ishita gets all the neighbors. Adi wakes up and sees Ruhi and everyone. Raman sits and looks on holding his head. Everyone does as Ruhi. Adi gets a call on Ishita’s phone. Aaliya says I was missing you Amma, I wanted to surprise you, I made idli and sent by Appa, let me know did you like it or not.

Mani gives the tiffin to Ishita and says Aaliya made these idlis. She says tell her its tasty. He says you did not taste it till now. She says she is my daughter, I know she would make great. He asks about Ruhi. She says don’t know how to manage her. He says I have seen some waiters taking your photo frame and trophy, they were saying Ruhi is strange, Ruhi asked them to keep it safe in her room, she cared for the gifts. She gets glad knowing this, and says that’s some progress, I thought its not working on her, thank God, its great news, we got a motivation, we can try more, I felt Ruhi is troubling intentionally, its promise to Ruhi, whatever happens, I will get her back to me. Mani smiles. She says I will solve this riddle, it’s a promise.

Adi goes to meet Aaliya and asks her not to get after Ishi maa, why did your Appa come to meet Ishita. She asks him to mind his own business. He says she is my Ishi Maa. She says she did not give birth to you and me, she is my Amma. He says you don’t have a mind. She scolds him. He warns her to stay away from Ishita. She says she is my Amma, I have relation with her, if you say nonsense, I will put you in sambar cooker. He asks her to learn manners, as you stayed with Ishita. She scolds him a lot. He asks her to be quiet. She says nonstop, and says I doubt you are not Ishimaa’s son. He kisses on her cheek and she gets quiet. He asks her not to say all this, you are cooking my mind, you and your Appa are after my Ishimaa, you feel you are Aaliya Bhatt. He keeps on saying. She kisses on his cheek and he too gets quiet. She signs him. He leaves.

Ishita goes to Mrs. Bhalla and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……….. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ruhi kept everything with her. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad to goes to share the news.

Raman says when I was changing, you came inside, and now I m here, close the door, else people will get shocked, on a second thought, one or two shocks is fine, its been much time that I got a shock. She asks him to go out and not embarrass her. They smile. He says its good things are getting back to normal. Shagun looks on.

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  1. Varsha


    |Registered Member

    I think Adi and Aliya will end up marryin each other and ruhi shld realise d love of hr Ishi ma, Ruhi is just acting as a puppet of Nidhi and Ashok

  2. ar

    End this now there is much more to show end this track its now getting bored adi and aliya love story is looking intresting now end this nd focus on that

  3. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, Mino, VP, Shivani, Shona and many other YHm fans, hope everyone is doing fine. I like today’s episode. It has been decently written by cvs. A bit logical. I loved the precap. man Though Raman says that when Ruhi comes then Ishita will leave, he does not mean it at all. He is only simply saying but deep down he just wants Ishita to be there. Up till now he has not allowed Shagun to sleep in his room but for Ishita he even let her sleep on his bed though he had back problem. Very nice episode.

    Since I did not come to the site yesterday, I just wanted to say something about yesterday’s episode. I just thought for once I saw the old spark of love between Ishra when Pihu told them that Ruhi was coming home. Both just hugged immediately and was very natural. I just saw the old Ishra for one moment. It was really nice. When Ishita thanked Murugan for helping them, Raman actually tells Ishita thank you. Raman knows that Ishita came and she is setting everything right in their house. The families are slowly rejoining and Ruhi is coming back with Pihu’s help and he is reuniting with Ishita.

    Btw, DT will be gone for 10 days leave for her wedding. So no Ishita for 10 days perhaps few days before her wedding. Will miss Ishita’s presence in YHM. Something will be missing. I guess at that time they might develop some scenes between Adi and Aliya.

  4. Cham

    OMG!!! Today’s episode was…WOW!!
    I enjoyed a lot! First I thought that it was because of Raman who closed the door noisily to make Ishitha awake but it was ruhi.Any how it made me laugh a lot, the way how Ishitha got up!
    And the exercising part was soo funny!
    And this Adi and Aliya!!!!!!
    OMG!!What kind of a way of making people quiet was that???ha ha! that was sooo cool!
    I enjoyed a lot on today’s episode !
    The episode was soo good and even the precap was good!!

  5. Manju

    Very good humoruos funny and tatalizing episode after a long long time. It reminds me YMB in good old days,

  6. Arushi

    Hi… I read in HTA that Niddhi will get Ruhi’s custody.. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer would be fighting over something and Niddhi will shoot and show to judge. Judge will think it won’t be safe to give Ruhi’s custody to people who will be always quarelling.. So, She gives Ruhi’s custody to Niddhi.. Raman and Ishita will request the judge but she won’t listen to them and denies to give them one more chance..

  7. shivani

    Hi everyone.. Rithu VP sindhu siddhi Mino jaz aditya…
    why Raman is kept on saying that wen ruhi is back ishita will go…is he really want her to go back…??…anyways precap is much intresting …but episode was little disappointing…ruhi always misunderstands ishita…she always hears half part of the conversation…when will clear out all this misunderstandings …??..adi aliya part was also nice…just like ravan kumar and jhansi ki rani….

    • jaz

      Hi shivani how are you I can’t see today episode.but I read update bhgi aur adi ku tabiyat dhik nahi hain.

  8. disha

    Ek aur misundrstanding ho gayi ishita nd ruhi beech this is very boring please reunite ishruhi soon

  9. Mukti.H


    |Registered Member

    Adi and aliya scene are awsome… Superb… They are so funny and cute together….
    Their conversation was so nice

  10. nish singh

    Loved the episode. Except Ruhi misunderstanding. Glad Pihu was out the scene today.
    Love the Ishra scenes..all their little chats.

  11. Sanju

    Really,loved the episode…after sooo many days our ishra r back.and ruhi’s part ws ruhi plzzz dont misunderstand ishu she loves u alotttt..&precap was also nyc.raman really doesnt want ishu to leave..i think nw shagun will turn -ve..episode was sooo funny..and adi aliya part was superb.waiting for tmrw episode….
    Really vll miss Dt..

  12. Sona

    Whatever ishita had done with ruhi was wrong but she had not done knowingly, this is all because of situation created by nidhi it’s not ishita n Raman fault. Ruhi need to understand ishita mistake separate them but their love can’t separate them. If ruhi want to take revenge for ruining her life she must first take revenge from nidhi because she created situation, tortured her, used her for money. Ruhi save nidhi to take the revenge from ishita n Raman but ruhi can’t understand what happened after custody is in favor of nidhi, she torture her more than she done in past 7 year. In that case no one can save from nidhi even court. Today Ruhi must understand the love of Raman n ishita n accept them Lest, when she realized her mistake will be very late by then.

  13. jaz

    Hi everyone..Adu shona rithu siddhu siddhi saima bhgi shivani fathi super girl cham mino how are you guys .I can’t see today episode because I went out to purchase clothes to eid.

  14. Laxmi

    Hi all… I m New to this site… I missed today’s episode.. can any one tell me… did Raman says that when ruhi comes back ishita will leave and I can sleep happily in my room….?

  15. Bharti

    if judge gave ruhi to niddhi then judge got no knowlege of law.

    only few month a go when baby born the couple got wrong baby from hospital. one judge found out they gave right baby to own parent. Why nothing happen to niddhi and Ashoke ? Do you think when you bad thing that good. I do not understand Indian law.

  16. leena prabhu

    hi all im new to this site did u like todays episode? why raman says like that? Doesn’t he like ishu to stay wid him forever?

  17. Santanya Singh

    YHM Fans, get ready for an upcoming twist in the serial in coming few days. ? As for now, these days Raman and Ishita are trying to make Ruhi happy so that they can get her custody.

    According to the recent track, Raman and Ishita reach the party venue with their family. But Raman gets into an argument, when the security guard tries to stop them.

    Now, in the coming episodes, Judge will visit Bhalla residence along with Nidhi. Judge complains Raman and Ishita that she is very much disappointed by their behaviour. She also says that although both of them are very educated but their behaviour is not safe for children. Raman and Ishita try to explain that its all part of Nidhi’s plan but judge accuses the couple! Raman and Ishita beg for one more chance but judge will refuse. Mrs Bhalla will curse herself when judge will give Ruhi’s custody to Nidhi.

  18. Sharadiya Banerjee

    I loved the Adi-Aliya scene!!!! Awwwww????????????????????????? Adi and Aliya looked so embarrassed when they ki……..???????????????????

  19. Fathi

    Today’s episode was amazing. 3 scenes first neighbours jogging 2aaliya and adi kiss. 3. Precap. Only todays episode was amazing. Thanks ekta mam and cvs. Keep entertaining us love.

  20. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.adi en aliya will be next couple of yhm.i read up judge will then give raman and ishita 22 days to regain custody after ishita pleads with judge according to serial gossip. So let’s wait en see. Precap was ok.shaggy gona turn villian again have a feeling.

  21. barbie khan

    hi i am new one here actually not new i have been here since long but didnt commented yet … Today i commented 1st time… hope 2 be a frnd of u all

  22. Siddhi

    Hi everyone I just lived today’s episode the most funny scene scene was the exercise scene mrs made me laugh hard it seems that old is back the way ishita wake up was also gud adi aliya scene was owesome they r the next pair adi reaction was funny when aliya kissed him precap is superb except shagun eargerly waiting for tm eposide tm shagun will also slap shravuu

  23. Siddhi

    Why always ishu kuch Bhi ho ishu hi phas jati hai pehlay to exchanging wali bat me ruhi nay adi adhuri bat suni Aur Ab property wali adi adhuri bat kabhi Raman kyo nii phasta

  24. deeps

    I could see that Kimberly didn’t message today. I’m glad.. From now only positive comments for isra

  25. Leila

    I think they should let ruhi go back to the wicked witch niddhi because she is not ready to accept her parents

  26. Fathima Rameeza Rafeek

    Hi, YHM fans. And hi bharti, even I don’t understand Indian law, cause Ruhi is a minor and she is not capable of understanding what is correct and incorrect. If someone who kidnaps a child and brainwash that child that their parents gave him/her to that person and that child also believes that and wants to stay with that person can a judge give the custody for that person. What kind of a law is it? What will happen to the children on earth? Every parent have to be careful if someone can get a child so easily. Don’t you think that they are giving a wrong message to the audience? How can Ruhi decide that she wants to live with so and so when she is still a minor. If the judge thinks her house atmosphere is not suitable she has to send the child to a home for childrenwhich is under government control without giving to a person who is accused for running put from police custody. Hey fans what do you all think? Am I right or wrong? Can somebody answer me?

    • vp

      Hi Fathima … totally agree with you …Alway giving wrong message … about Indian marriages , law … police dept … all serials children are against parents … I too think … this Ashok has no other work … only one job to do … destroy Bhallas … Ruhis anger and hatred is justified … but now she can atleast think of her safety … atleast to escape from Nidhis hand … we are all waiting to see Ishra happiness … cvs spoiled it with the property ownership … that too What has Ashok has to do with . Nidhi is done such a nig crime and instead of putting her behind the bars … for changing Ruhis identity … what these cvs are twisting … cant accept .. Back again the judge is giving the custody to Nidhi … in two days time the story line is rushing without any proper direction …totally repetition … instead of Shaghun ,Nidhi here . in between the yoga scene was hillarious … really laughef out …may b DT is going on leave … they have to drag like this … Ruhi will forgive her papa … but not Ishima … and knowing that Ishitha will leave them and go … thats what I feel for 10 days of her absence … she will not claim on Pihu too … when Raman and Ruhi will realize and desperately searching for her … Adi and Alias scenes are just space filler … though both of them are cute and nice … this pair making is cvs another job … Shaghun , cvs are trying to show positively … how can she expect from Raman anything where he has not any regards to her … too much expectation .. Hi to all fans here and Good morning too

      • Mino

        Hi VP This is what i have been telling all along. i suppose not only me but all of you. what went wrong with the CV’s?? actually world is in such a mess with the bad winning all the time Why can’t they make this show an example of good living & morals. they did it at first it was a treat to watch it. but after the leap they too are lost. as you say see Ashok who is doing wrong from the beginning is free of all wrong doing. he has nothing better to do but interfere in Bhalla’s business. supposed to be an MP. what about the country what good he is doing as an MP? Ruhi should be allowd to go to Niddhi if she wants to suffer. ok we understand she has a wrong impression of things that happened. but now enough is enough always getting the wrong end of the stick. even regd. the property & poor IShu the culprit. that is for doing good i think.
        As big & small watch this they should be a little careful in showing negative roles. what can we say we have all been going on saying the same thing over & over i don’t think the CV’s are bothered. at least let them make the world a better place by giving some good out of this show as many parts of the world is watching who this show.
        & Shagun for seven yrs she did not bother or care about Raman other than Pihu now what’s the story??? she has fallen in love…woow how many times she can fall & out of love . they should send Ishu away for all of them to Value her life in theirs .. & for Mrs Bhalla & Mrs Iyer they are so stupid fighting like cats & dogs & at their own space next moment they good as honey. so low they are made.. Anyway i hope they won’t make Shagun negative then it will be the end of the show as there is nothing to watch but the same old YHM we will be watching all over again.

    • Mino

      u are right i say they are giving totally wrong impressions to kids who are in this situations.. though it is reel they have to give positive vibes. everything here is the wrong wicked ones win the right is in the dust bin..

  27. amanda

    you are not wrong Fathima Rameeza Rafeek Ruhi is still a minor and she has no say in anything that concerns her upbringing and Ishita is the perfect person to instill good values in her and most of these serials are showcasing negativity they need to stop that because the bad ones are always winning and the good ones well you know the rest but keep commenting

  28. Love dehleez

    Overacting ki dukan serial… Sab amrit pii kar janam hue hein… Kash har kisike ghar me aise mar ke wapas aa sakte.. Duniya Mein Bas shagun aur ishita ek bache hein for random marriages.. Adi is the only actor worth watching and doing good par kya hoga.. Ish ma use bhi overacting ki training de degi n sab milke mast overacting shuru…

  29. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high voltage drama. It seems that Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ) will go to a counsellor for the sake of Pihu. Raman will get a call from Pihu’s school as there is a parents- teacher meeting and Shagun is not picking up her phone. Raman will insist Ishita to attend the meeting and the duo will go to Pihu’s school. Pihu’s class teacher with tell Ishita that Pihu is a bright kids but is addicted to television show ‘Sajal ka Sasural’. Ishita and Raman will smile hearing it. On the other hand Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) will create a big drama when she comes to know that Ishita attended Pihu’s parents- teacher meet as Pihu’s mother. Stay tuned for more updates.

  30. Rosy

    n there it have started…… our cute Adi n aaliya d start of a new lv story n chapter started 2day…… 😉

  31. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni and
    all yhm friends.

  32. rithushree

    The upcoming episode will show that Raman- Ishita are struggling to bring back Ruhi by winning her heart. While Ruhi’s custody case is bringing them closer to each other, not only Ruhi but Pihu has also turned cupid for them. Raman gets call from Pihu’s school for Parents Teacher Meeting but Shagun wasn’t available so Raman asked for Ishita’s help Raman insist Ishita to come along with him for Pihu’s Parents Teacher Meeting, Ishita agrees for Pihu’s sake. Raman and Ishita attends the PTM as Pihu’s Parents and spends quality time with each other. Shagun will get irked knowing about it and would feel jealous seeing Ishita getting closer to Pihu. Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  33. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Nidhi gets successful to trap Judge by showing a video where Mrs Bhalla and Iyyer are fighting. Raman and Ishita were happy as they get Ruhi back but NIdhi’s evil track snatch happiness from them. Judge accuses them for not able to give good environment to Ruhi and decide to give Ruhi’s custody to Nidhi. Ruhi does not say anything as she still understands Raman and Ishita wrong. Nidhi is happy getting Ruhi back while Raman and Ishita broken down losing Ruhi again. However, Ishita does not give up so easily and she creates some situation to make Judge rethink on her decision. Raman and Ishita get successful to win Judge’s heart where judge give Ruhi’s custody to them for 22 days and asks them not to disappoint her again. What will Raman and Ishita do to keep Ruhi with them forever?

  34. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns. It seems that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) will get the judge to that Bhalla house when Bhallas and Iyyers are fighting. Judge will be shocked to see the hatred and misunderstanding among the family members of Ruhi. Shockingly the judge will call Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as bad parents and will hand over the custody of Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) to Nidhi. However Ishita and Raman beg in front of the judge and will ask her to give them a second chance. Apparently judge will give a second chance to Raman and Ishita to prove themselves as good parents. Let’s see what happens next in the show.

  35. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity melodrama. It seems that Shravan will meet Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and both old friends share some fun moments. Shravan will force Ruhi to do cycling and unfortunately Ruhi will fall from the cycle and gets injured. Things take a dramatic turn when Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani) will enter the scene and scolds Shravan for his carelessness. Shravan will get depressed by the scolding and hence will get panic attack and will be rushed to the hospital. The Bhallas and Iyyers will have a major showdown due to this misunderstanding. It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show. Will Bhallas and Iyyers ever be able to come together or not? Stay tuned for more updates. Krishnadasi

  36. anjali

    I agree with you vp. Ruhi should get closer to Raman and as ishita wants the same she should again leave all the family and go away. Then Raman and ruhi understands what ishita’s love for them.

  37. Az

    Hi everyone! This is my first comment here, though i regularly read the updates and comments apart from following the serial on TV. YHM is the only serial I watch and I absolutely love it. But like many of you even I feel It’s lost charm post leap. Everything seems clumsy and scattered. The warmth in relationships that yhm characters shared once is missing.

    The essence of the serial ishita-ruhi, ishita-raman equations have been deteriorated. There’s no ishita-mihir affection, no ruhi-shravan friendship. I feel the makers haven’t handled the leap well.

    Anyways waiting for the old charm to return in my favorite serial. Hope it happens soon.

  38. Saralene

    hi everyone
    I am new here but always read everyones comments……i’m all the way in south africa absolutely love YHM……..the leap is fun but ekta should make ruhi start liking her parents….its annoying everytime ruhi wants to forgive them SOMETHING always comes up.

  39. Kimber

    Why Ruhaan ran away hearing Ishita’s converstaion with Raman ? She should have given a tight slap to Ishita and why just one she should give 2-3 slaps at once . This shameless Ishita completely deserves that .

  40. vp

    Why the cvs cant give little happiness to Ishra family … on the day she arrived itself property … just give time to relax … Ishitha cud easily say Adis name instead of Pihu … we all know she is selfless … being too good also disaster in anyones life … be fair .. cvs are de grading characters like Raman and Ishitha .. viewing the coming spoilers I am really annoyed …serials one thing is very easy any one can enter into anyones house …atleast show little realistic … twisting the serial for Anitha Hassandani is quite clear here … .. Raman is degraded … A man with anger … there are many men like that … but surrogancy track onwards .. its gone his senseless decisions … lose trust on him …We dont mind Anitha turning negative … please throw her out of Bhallas … then let her revenge … Ashok has no other job … not seen MPs like that . Romi has to come back … Raman only threw him … he is a man you cant expect Romi to forgive as easily like Ishitha . one major mistake of Romi was shaking hands with Ashok … but be assured he did it for Raman only … strong feeling I have .. how long this bhallas and Iyers fight and sacrife for Ishra … Negative role award … Next year Nidhi for sure .. excellent acting … shaghun … first time I felt sorry for her the way sidelined when Ruhi came … being asli mom not wished her nor hugged her …we can make out how insecure she is … why cant she move out … self respect nor self dignity she doesnt have .cvs please Raman and Ishitha lead roles … very expressive in their each movements .. we love them a lot … without them no Yhm … please ensure a happy moment for them instead of dragging with negative vibes ..Ekta as a person enjoys negativeness .. we can see that … these great actors are to suffer .. their job we have to afmire the actors ..its their job


    GOOD AFTERNOON JAZ Bhagi Super GIRL VP Shona Saima Leena Ramchin Rithu And A Big Hi to ALL The Fans of YHM SERIAL.
    I Hope You All Are Having A NICE TIME By GOD’S GRACE.
    These Two Episodes Are Very NICE
    21-6-2016(TUE) 22-6-2016(WED)
    Ruhi’s is Good for BHALLA FAMILY
    Ruhi’s Misunderstanding is A Disaster for Them.
    AUR Daraar Badjaate.
    Another ASPECT I Enjoyed (LOVE Aspect)




    Neethu You Are ALWAYS WELCOME to This Site
    Come And Give Your COMMENTS.
    Have A NICE DAY

  43. shivani

    Hi VP nice to see your comments….where were you for last few days.??…i thought you wont come here again…

    • vp

      Hi Shivani … I was really annoyed with this cvs new coming spoilers if its true .., plus i was on a business trip for two days … Reading your all comments is my past time … I really enjoy reading plus I too feel I am also one among you all at this age … i will comment … Iam forced to … yhm is one and only pasttime … only becoz of Dt …


    You Are Always WELCOME Avantika.
    Give Your Comments in A VERY NICE MANNER.
    Have A NICE DAY


    You Are Welcome Barbie.
    If You Want to Give Comment.
    Don’t Hesitate to Give Your COMMENT.
    Have A NICE DAY.

  46. Khushi

    Wow adi nd aaliya will make an awesome pair. Writers shld concentrate on adi aaliys luv story aftr wrapping up this ruhi episode. This is going really boring nw. Raman – ishitha- shagun triangle romance will continue till the end of the show. This repetition is gettng really boring now. Ashok nd nidhi the evil duo still safe nd sound. I feel my heart out for shagun mani. Cant blame her for her insecurity. Earlier she was a bad mom bt nw she is an awesome mother to pihu. Pihus qualities and wel behaviour proves this. By the way ishitha behaves lyk a jagatmatha who is vry caring to one nd all by she cant see shagun nd manis pain. She is sayng all for ruhi then she needs to act only infrnt of ruhi. Har waqt raman hi gale lagne ki kya zaroorat hai. Shld hav some sort of self respect. He did that much insults nd ill behaviour towarfs her nd she forgave him vry easily and didnt leave a chance to be close to him. Disgusting. If writers decided for ishra reunion do that. But show justice towards the characters of mani nd shagun. Already there r too many villians in the show then y to increase number. Waitng to see what will be the outcome of this triangel luv story. I prefer raman shld marrynshagun nd ishu to start a new lyf with mani. Ran dnt deserve ishitha.

  47. shivani

    YHM: Face off between Raman-Ishita and Ashok-Nidhi for Ruhi
    AddThis Sharing Buttons27

    Raman (Karan patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) find Ashok-Nidhi’s plan to bribe judge getting Ruhi’s cutody in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman, Nidhi, Ashok and Nidhi come to court getting Ruhi’s custody.

    Nidhi tells Ashok that judge promised her to give Ruhi’s custody to her but she changed now and doubts on Raman must be gave more money to judge.

    Nidhi tells Ashok to give more to Jude and uses his all minister power but she wants Ruhi at any cost.

    Raman and Ishita reach there where Raman taunts them for always thinking bad about everyone.

    Raman tells Ashok that he has no respect that is why supporting this evil Nidhi.

    Ashok taunts Raman by telling as he also not have respect where his first wife (Shagun) came to him and second wife (Ishita) went to Austraila and now Ruhi is also left him.

    Raman gets angry when Ashok takes Ruhi’s name and holds his collar to beat him but Ishita stops him.

    Ishita challenges Ashok to get Ruhi back

    Ishita burst out at Ashok for commenting on Raman and clears him that Raman’s both wife are trust at him, 2 kids (Adi, Pihu) are with him and Ruhi will soon with him.

    Ishita taunts Ashok that he is such a big businessman but always be alone as he has no wife and kids and he gets only NIdhi like people.

    Nidhi and Ashok will use their all evil effort to get Ruhi while Raman-Ishita collects their all love getting their daughter Ruhi back.


    Vav JAZ
    TUMNE Kapde khareede!
    Very Nice
    Am Very HAPPY.
    ENJOY This Priceless Festival With GREAT PLEASURE.
    I Think it is On 7-7-2016.
    GOD Bless You And Your Family Members With GOOD HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

  49. Khushi

    Evryone is sayng that while ishitha was with raman he was a caring nd gentle person. I nvr see raman a gentle person evr in this show. He was alwayz arrogant nd alwayz put blame on ishitha or any other person around him. Evry time he used to say to people to leave my house or insult evryone upon the instigation of ashok or someone else. He was alwayz such a bad person . Nd hw many times he throw ishitha out of his house. I dnt thnk he will change evr in his lyf. His impulsive behaviour arrogance and ego will nvr change. Evry time ishitha shamelessly go behind him for patchup. I really pray to god that mobody shld get such a husband

  50. jaz

    Hello everyone Adu vp rithu shivani bhgi shona siddhu super girl saima fathi siddhi monique avanthika and all members of yhm fans Gd afternoon to all

  51. jeni

    Episode was so funny….Adi-Aliya cute scene… v hve ravan kumar-jhansi ki rani version 2!!!!!!!!
    I thght 2 take a brk…..coz my xams r comng…….but 2n8 epi is so temptng!!!!!!


    JAZ I Read Your MAM 20-6-2016.
    You Were Very AGGRESSIVE.
    Very Nice COMMENT Regarding Disgusting SERIAL.

  53. amanda

    Kimber how can you say Ruhi should have slap Ishita? i mean we know Ishita is not Ruhi’s mother but dont you think you are going overboard with your comments? NO CHILD WILL EVER WANT TO SLAP HIS/HER MOTHER BE IT A STEP CHILD OR ONE’S REAL CHILD GET IT? i mean its your views but its not right to be so negative all the time and its not real its fiction so please….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.