Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Mrs. Bhalla tells him about Ishita’s move to keep camera in Adi’s room. He gets angry. Ishita comes and he scolds her for spying on 12 year old kid, he is not a criminal, this is not love, but suffocation, what she wants to prove, did Adi do any theft or crime. He scolds her and asks why is she troubling his son. She says Adi is my son too. He says he is not your son. She gets stunned. She asks is she not his mum, fine manage him, why am I needed here, I will leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to stop him.

Raman says she threatens to leave always, let her go, she is not accepting her mistake. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla about Adi’s doings. Raman says kids do mistake. They start arguing. Raman says become a mum, not a jailer, he has raised Ruhi alone,

she came later in his life. she says men have ego and can’t see anything. He says she is useless. She says right, I m not a good mum right. He says you are not a mum, leave about being good one. They continue to argue. Ishita leaves. Mr. Bhalla comes and Mrs. Bhalla argues with him. She defends women and asks the men to manage kids. Raman says what did Ishita make them eat, everyone is favoring her and stops Neelu from leaving.

Vandu sits to relish some snacks and calls Ishita. She calls on landline and Neelu tells about Raman and Ishita’s fight. Vandu says did I give wrong advice to Ishita, shall I talk to Raman. Raman sees weather report of heavy rain possibility in Delhi. Mr. Bhalla waits for the ladies and asks Raman to call them. Raman says they will come, did you notice whenever women are in trouble, they get grouped. Mr. Bhalla says I could not understand your mum till now. Raman asks them to see the drama. Romi and Abhishek come home. Mr. Bhalla says your mum is not at home and asks him to change his shirt, he can catch cold.

Appa comes asking for Mihika. Abhishek asks what happened to her. Raman says did she fight with you and left home. Appa says she spoke to Ishu and left. Raman says this Ishu is the issue, its good to breath peacefully, lets have a drink. Appa agrees. Raman says I told them its happy time without ladies. The ladies come to spa. Simmi says we came yesterday. Ishita says can’t we relax her daily, if men can go bar daily.

Raman says once the ladies get stuck and have our need, they will know our importance, I will call Bala here too. Mr. Bhalla and Appa leave to find them. Raman asks Romi to call Bala. Vandu comes to Iyer house and tells Bala that she has come to talk to Ishita. Bala says why did she go in rain, he will end classes and come to pick her, just stay inside the home. She says fine, I will stay at Amma’s place. He says no use to talk to Raman, he is partying as all ladies went, he invited me to party. She says what, I don’t believe this. She says she will talk to Raman and goes there.

The ladies relax in the spa. Simmi misses Ananya and Mrs. Bhalla asks her to relax. Ramna says he pities on Bala. Vandu comes and says why so, Bala is sensible than you. She scolds him and gets stomach pain in hyper arguing state. Raman counter argues and Vandu gets more hyper. Vandu defends Ishita and Raman says keep camera in whole house. She screams and they all jump on the sofa asking what happened. Vandu asks them to shut up and says her baby is going to come out. Raman asks her not to fall and holds her. The ladies do not take the call and keeps phone away.

Vandu asks them to call Ishita or Bala. Raman says she is not answering. She says fight more with her. Romi says baby will come and beat them. Abhishek asks her gynac number.

Vandu scolds Raman and says she will see him later. She says call ambulance, call doctor. Raman calls doctor and tells about the emergency. The doctor says he is on holiday, I will call my assistant, bring her to hospital. Raman tells this to Vandu. She calls them fools. Raman says how to take her, dad took the car. Romi says we will take her on bike. She says foolish insensitive men. Raman says we have alternate car, come take her.

Bala calls Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says they are making Bala call us. Taman, Abhishek and Romi make Vandu sit in the car.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Raman bol raha tha…Bala ki to Vandu ke samne bolti bandh ho jati hai……jab Vandu aai to uss ki bhi bolti bandh ho gai thi……

  2. Yeh Raman ke khud ke 2 bachche hai…to use to iss situation ke bare me pata hoga…..phir bhi kaise behave kar raha tha……..& Vandu bhi Tamil me bole jaa raahi thi…..

    • Divz ne sbs mein kaha ki usse leap k bare mein usse kuch nahin malom aur show bhi nahin chodrahi hai. ….don’t worry koi leap nahin hone wala. .hai. ..

  3. unique Angel

    Ooh I cant see tv but reading only enjoyed a lot thnks amena if u wouldn’t giv us d update frm wer would I get d updated

  4. Vandu ne Raman ko kaha …tumhe to mai baad me dekhti hoo….ab kal majaa aayega….1 year ka wait karvabe ke baad pata nahi…kaise aayega…baby……kyonki…SBB me bola ki Raman apni sali ki delivery karvayega…….

  5. Raman and Ishita’s proximity is
    always short-lived. Whenever the
    vamp or the villain has given up, the
    couple finds some or the other reason
    to dig valleys between them. This
    time, its Adi who had been undergoing
    counseling to get relieve from mental
    stress. Adi did not ever wish to break
    his parents, and has become a reason
    for their quarrel. Adi has found a
    wonderful friend in Vinni and Ishita’s
    Jagga Jasoos habits never gets down.
    After her step to place camera in his
    room, Adi has lost trust on her. Vinni
    asks Adi to seek his mum’s
    permission to continue friendship and
    he feels bad on growing control by
    Raman’s investor Thakkar is gaining
    profits from Raman and Ashok’s
    rivalry and is very business minded.
    He uses Vinni-Adi’s friendship to
    humiliate Raman, holding some
    personal grudge against him. The
    show will be having a new member in
    the show, that’s Vandu’s baby.
    Vandu’s delivery track is next. Vandu
    starts getting labor pain while she is
    at Bhalla house. Raman, Romi and
    Abhishek panic and take care of her
    being worried for the baby. Vandu tells
    them that the baby is going to come
    soon. They make her rest on the sofa
    and fan air for easy breathing. How
    will the guys manage this tough
    situation? Will the bits of humor,
    drama, evil tracks, romance and
    sudden jitters lift the show every
    time? Abhishek and Mihika’s love
    track is going on right now, while
    Abhishek will be finding Romi’s truth
    to be the man who cheated Sarika.
    With parallel tracks going on, the leap
    will certainly take time. Keep reading.

  6. arshi

    Awesome….. super….duper episode.kya dialogue tha raman aur vandhu ka.very funny. Dil kush kar diya hashas kar.

  7. Hey…aaap logo ne SBS ka DivAn ka Kitchen Masale ka photo shoot dekha….superb yaar DivAn ke 12 different looks the. ..Punjabi..South Indian …Modern……..& DivAn ka kitchen romance to superb tha…kaash DivAn jaisa kitchen Romance IshRa ka bhi dikhye…..

  8. unique Angel

    Haan menw dekha prayu strting mai ishu ko dekhkar aaisa laga kii leap ki shooting omg I ws jus shoked

  9. Prakesh Uzbek

    who does ishita thinks she is, she luckily got two step children but behaves that she has raised them from they wer born, spying on a child… chiii. At least have some decency and realise that adi is not her real son so to act so controlling makes her seem like a lunatic. im anxiously waiting for shagun to come back into raman’s life

  10. nimrit

    hahahhah….kya funny epi tha such me…loved it….raman ki halat to dekhne layak thi…

  11. wowwwwwww yar kya episode tha maza agaya just loved it…..bahuth dinom baadh purani yhm ka chamak aagaya……plz makrs dnt take leap…..any way gud work

  12. yar jab vandhu scream karthi na tab raman ne kya jump mara bahuth jyadaa funny tha aur vo kehthe hai bache tho 6saal se baahar hai……..wowwww sach me bahuth jyada funny

  13. leap ka kuch news nahi hai but still i will protest against leap till the official confimation whether leap will take place or not. we dont want leap.waise bhi kitnaa accha chal raha hai serial.

  14. On the question about whether the
    show is taking leap or not, Divyanka
    said that she has no clue about that.
    And the makers have yet not told her
    about any such change in the show.
    Well Divyanka might have rubbished
    the leap report but sources claim that
    star plus’ hit show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is all set to take a
    generation leap by the end of July! In
    fact the makers have started working
    on it! There were also reports that
    Divyanka was miffed with the leap
    track as she felt that her fans won’t
    like to see her grey hairs.
    Well only time will tell that whether
    YHM will take leap or not? But as of
    now are sure this news will bring a
    sigh of relief to all Divyanka and
    IshRa fans. Stays tuned for more
    updates and share your comments in
    the box below.

  15. Ekta Kapoor is the reigning queen of
    television daily soaps; there are
    certain traits in her shows that are
    immutable. This is no more a surprise
    for us as it’s quite easy to guess
    considering the story tracks in her
    shows until now. Well, we don’t intend
    to offend anyone; it’s just what has
    been of late.
    No matter how much the lead
    characters love each other, there will
    be nothing like “and they lived happily
    ever after”. And even if it happens by
    chance, it will during the end of the
    Sorting out the fighting sequence must
    take at least one complete episode of
    25 minutes. It has to follow the rule of
    engaging the audience by narrating
    every single incident.
    The convincing power of the negative
    character is simply commendable.
    She always has oodles of money to
    bribe anyone. Besides, she has no
    other work except to pester the lead
    characters even for basic
    It’s impossible to end an eloquent
    story with a strong message in a
    limited number of episodes. It’s
    simply against the tradition. In some
    cases, the plot changes after a few
    months of the show.
    Second marriage has to be a tradition
    either it’s with the same person or
    with another. It’s like if it does not
    happen, it’s breaking a rule.
    Miracles are bound to happen. For
    instance, Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi)
    from the show Ye Hai Mohabbatein
    was rescued from the debris of the
    collapsed building. And all she got
    was a few bruises.
    If you have been an avid viewer of her
    shows, you can easily guess what’s
    going to happen next in any given
    Aging is a miracle. No matter how old
    the characters are, they would never
    look older.
    The lead characters would either be
    too innocent or extremely
    It’s easy to find the latest song tracks
    from the films. More than the happy
    ones, it’s always the sad song tracks
    to entice you.
    What television requires at the
    moment is out of the ordinary stories
    with limited episodes. Just like
    sequels. It needs something beyond
    prolonged episodes of shows with no
    gripping story which later ends due to
    decline in TRPs.

  16. we dont want leap……
    we dont want leap……
    we dont want leap……
    we dont want leap……
    we dont want leap……
    plzzzzz…..ekta maam.

  17. ekta serials ko pehchaana bahut aasaan hotha hai.har serial ko ek hi tarah story ho jaatha hai.shuru alag story se par actors ek hi production mein revolve hotje hi rehthe hai aur ek storybhar serial mein kahi na kahi kabhi toh aa hi jaatha hai.

  18. NIRA

    if sp n cvs wants their trp then they should have brain that they won’t get their beloved trp wid ishra separation. If dey take leap ruhanika can’t play ruhi . She z 1 of d biggest attraction of d show .ishra separation n ruhanika leaving dey r going to loss their trp

  19. Plzzzzz makers we Don want LEAP we juz wanna see little Ruhanika back n also her innocence n smile til da end n we Don wanna lose Ishra’s romance plzzzzzz

  20. Ishita

    oh! now i got it….Hamare comments me Patterns q aa rahe hai….bina patterns k naam change kar k comment bhejne se koi pakar nae pata tha logo sav ko lagta ki alag alag log comment de rahe hai but avi naam change kar k comment bhejne se v pattern toh same hi hoga……..avi woh log check karenge ki ek hi insaan bar bar comment karta hai leap na lene k liye ya fir dusre v karte hai……yeh pattern se ek or pehchan ban gayi naam change karne se v samjh aayega isne comment kiya pattern dekh kar….ryt

  21. nimrit

    ya u r right dr ishita….iss patern se kisiko dusre naam se duplicate cmnt karna possible ui nahi hoga…..

  22. yar karan kuch din shoot ko attend nahi karpayega…unki grandfather ki death ho gayi thi i hope his soul may rest in peace……….feeling so sorry for him……

  23. yar karan kuch din karan shoot ko attend nahi karpayega…unki grandfather ki death ho gayi thi i hope his soul may rest in peace……….feeling so sorry for him……

  24. nimrit

    hiiiiii gd evening….aaj sbs dekha kisine??? dikhaya ki vandu ko beti hui hai….& may be uski delivery ishita ne ki hai..kyu ki ishita ne dr ka suit pehna tha…operation theater se bahar aakar wo sabko ye news deti hai & sab log bohot happy hote hai…simmi & romi make dance & mihika abhishek hugs each other….bt i think raman nahi tha…uska duplicate tha koi….aaj yhm dekho guys definately ..very interesting hai aaj & lots of comedy also….

  25. nimrit

    Ishita ne ki Vandita ki delievery
    ishita will get delivery done of vandita she will be dai ma
    showed ishita in doctors green gown and Dt said i am a serial
    bahu can do any damn thing even if i was not a dentist i
    would get this delivery done i am international dai ma.. they
    showed vandita will have a baby girl and byte of DT and bala
    (pankaj) who joked that Vandita was pregnant for years…
    they showed bd of KP as he is on short leave coz of his
    grandfather’s death
    and reporter asked when will ishita raman have a baby .. DT
    was laughing .. Pankaj said that they both are v lazy &
    Raman is a ceo .. if he comes home to eat that itself is a lot
    cant expect more

  26. gd

    hai frnds.
    funny episode. i luv it.
    vandu, trouble them more . Then only they realise the value of womens.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.