Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani asking Ruhi to give herself a chance. Ruhi goes. Ishita smiles. Mani says Ishu. She goes to Mani and says how to thank you, we could not explain Ruhi such a simple thing, you explained her so easily, she loves Pihu, it was so easy for you, you united my family, thanks. He says you don’t need to thank me, I showed her a new perception, she is ready to stay here. She says its over and I should leave from here, I came so that Ruhi unites with family. Raman tells Mihir that he informed police. Police comes. Inspector asks Raman who is the kidnapper, do you know him. Raman says he is my lawyer Anil. Inspector asks do you have proof. Raman says you will get all answers. Inspector asks are you sure of your plan. Raman says yes. Mihir asks Raman why will Anil give

proof of his crime. Raman says Anil forgot the school in which he studied, I donated the land to trust.

Mani says you are right, you should leave this house right away as your work is over. She asks why now. He says everyone is sleeping and no one will stop you, if you stay here, it will be unjust with Shagun, come with me.

Mani says it will be tough for you if you stay for more time, come, I will help you in packing. Raman and Mihir reach the pub. Raman says I think Anil did not come till now, we should spread up, else he will doubt on us. Mani and Ishita do the packing. He asks her to come. Ishita stops and looks at the family pics. Mani asks her to hurry up. She cries and walks towards the main door. Manu asks her to come. Ishita says I have to leave, but I m not having courage. Mani asks what happened, you want to leave this house right, why are you taking time then, if anyone comes, it will be a problem.

She does not step outside. He asks what happened, you are not able to come out, and you talk of leaving this house, how can you think you can go to Australia, whom are you cheating, yourself, I know you more than yourself, you are telling your best friend that your work got over and you will leave, your soul stays here, you love Raman and kids, you don’t do this mistake, you are getting everything back, don’t lose it. She cries. Adi comes and sees them. Adi asks are you going, did you think your work is over as Ruhi came home, what about me, am I not your son, I need you, you are leaving me. She says I m sorry.

Adi says enough, I understood you don’t love me. She asks are you mad, I m so sorry, you know how much I love you. She hugs Adi and they cry. Mani cries seeing them. Ishita says I m not going anywhere. Mani says I think I should leave. Ishita says Mani, I m… Mani says don’t worry, this is not final good bye, I decided to shift to India, when you stay with Raman, you will have fights with him, you will need your best friend to complain about him, I will be there. She smiles and holds his hand. He says I have to see Aaliya as a responsible father, she is outside of home. He leaves. Adi asks Ishita will you never leave us. She hugs him.

Aaliya is at same pub, and drinks. Mihir sees her and thinks her BF will manage her if she gets much drunk. He sees the boy spiking her drink and goes to him. He tells Aaliya that this guy was spiking your drink. Aaliya says I m not drunk, its nothing like that. Mihir says I have seen you drinking, and scolds the guy. Aaliya says I was having tablet with water. Mihir checks and says this is…. She says that’s water. The girl comes and says Varun is her BF. She kisses him. Mihir asks how can you kiss him infront of everyone. Aaliya asks how can you be so orthodox. Raman says sorry, Mihir is orthodox. He takes Mihir and asks what were you doing. Mihir says I was helping her. They see Anil. Ramna meets Anil and says you here, what a pleasant surprise, your face turned pale. Anil says I m waiting for my wife. Raman says you chose a nice place, have a good time.

Mihir tells Raman that Anil left, how will we catch him. Raman says don’t worry, he will give reason of his coming here. Anil says whats Raman doing here, and calls Ismail. Raman gets the call and asks inspector to come. Raman answers call and Anil asks where are you Ismail. Raman asks him to turn and see. Anil turns and gets shocked seeing Raman. Raman slaps him hard.

Raman says so you are Ismail’s boss, see him Mihir, inspector ask him. Anil says you can’t ask me without warrant. Inspector slaps Anil and arrests. He asks Raman not to worry, we will interrogate. Mihir says I can’t believe Anil can do this. Raman says I want to know on whose saying did he do this.

Vandu asks Mihika to make coffee, and says you are youngest so we ask you. She asks Ishita to come. Mihika says Ishita is thinking of Raman. Vandu says Ishita and Raman are made for each other, you both did crazy things for each other, now Ruhi has come back, no one can stop you and Raman from uniting. Ishita asks what about Pihu, Raman is her Papa and Shagun is her mumma, Shagun gave a lot to this family, its complicated, how will we sort this out. She gets Raman’s call and says thank God. She tells Mihika and Vandu that Anil got arrested. She gets another call and says I m coming. She tells her sisters that Ismail’s wife Sakina came and said she wants to talk something imp.

Inspector beats Anil. Raman and Mihir look on. Anil says I was made to do this, I just followed the instructions. Inspector asks who is that person. Sakina tells Ishita that don’t get my husband arrested. Ishita says don’t worry, I told Raman. Sakina says my husband told me that a woman is behind your kidnapping. Ishita asks what, I don’t understand, who can be that woman.

Ruhi asks who will tell Pihu that you are her real mum, I m worried Ishi Maa. Ishita smiles and says my daughter called me Ishi Maa after so many years.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Khushi

    Hi guys,
    Ystrday i misunderstood mani. Today he rocked. He sorted out all ishus pblms. He is really a gr8 friend nd a gud human being. Whoevr marries him will be the luckiest in the world. Raman shld learn atleast somethng frm him

  2. pratha

    Is that shagun who got Ishita kidnapped.. ?? Precap is awesome.. Waiting for the nest episode anxiously

  3. rajat

    Nice episode… For today everything was perfect… Why Ishu is so much caring for others… She is caring for Shagun more than her daughter pihu… She is a great human being… What you guys think… What will happen next???? Does anyone have any idea… Tell upcoming episode

    • Khadija31

      I think it’s niddhi who planned ishitas kidnapping not Shagun plus y wud anil be scared of Shagun

  4. Khushi

    Its tym for mihir to settle in lyf. Feel so sad abt him. Such a nice man. Wonder y this writers decided to get mihiku married to romi. Sure that shagun is behind kidnapping. Precap is too gud. Atlast ruhi ishu bonding can be seen. Thanx to mani. He did that what raman had to do long time before. Ishu is lucky to hav mani in her lyf. Such an understanding nd caring friend. Bt what to do ishu alwayz luvs raman nd noone else. Poor mani. Nw ruhi nd ishu matters sorted out it will be tym for pihu to knw the truth nd shagun to get exposed.

  5. Deepz

    Finally ruhi said ishimaa….lovely precap……want to see ruhi nd ishimas lovely scenes as before. …Their bonding is really superb….awesome 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Khushi

    Hi adi, shivani, vp, jaz, rithu, parvathy, siddhi, lekha, susan,mona, appy, rithu,steph, indira, lelee, monique, mino nd all my dear frnds..
    Jaz happy to knw that u r keepng well nw.
    Adu wat hapnd to u ystrday. Sounded lil upset.
    Hope u all enioyd todays episode
    Tomorrows will be more intrstng
    Waitng to see ishu ruhi re bonding scenes

  7. yhm rox

    Wow nice episode. 🙂 Luvly precap. 🙂 Waiting from long to listen ishimaa from ruhi. 🙂 And I think that Shagun is behind ishita’s kidnapping as anil confessed that his boss is a woman and shagun who was trying to get raman away from ishita suddenly accepted that ishita and raman are made for each other so surprising. I thought that shagun became nice and I started to like shagun’s character but she again showed her evilness by kidnapping ishita so disguisting woman. 🙁

  8. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz and many many more YHM fans…. This is a very nice episode especially Adi and Ishita. The special bond between Adi and Ishita was very nice. It would have been nicer if Raman was the one who stopped Ishita from leaving and beg her not to go. I would have loved it. Then it shows how deep Raman loves Ishita. Ishita only can think of Shagun, her sacrifice, her life and not ruining her but Shagun only thinks of ruining Ishita’s life. This is preposterous!!! I wonder what else is Shagun going to come up with between Ishra. I really would love a scene where Ishra clarify a lot of incidents before the leap and even Raman should clarify on why he agreed to marry Shagun initially. The cvs should also show how Niddhi escaped with Ruhi from that huge fall before the leap. A lot of loop holes have not been closed so everything is dangling. I don’t understand how can Anil be afraid of Shagun. He is a man and he is afraid of this woman. From here we can see all of Raman’s enemies from Ashok, Shagun, Niddhi to Anil all trying to harm Ishita and poor Ishita has to bear all of Raman’s enemies.

    • shivani

      Agree with you sindhu….Raman should know that ishita made an attempt to leave the bhalla house …because ruhis custody case is over….and For Raman ,he brought ishita home only for ruhi…so if he comes to know that ishita wants to go back to Australia then he may confess his feelings that he needs ishita, not for ruhi, but for himself…

  9. Sindhu

    I an so glad that Mani turned out good, I was afraid when I saw the precap yesterday about Mani but today i realized he did it for a purpose to test and see whether Ishita will sincerely leave Raman and her kids. Mani is a gem of a person and Ishita is truly fortunate to have such a nice friend, I hope the cvs will get a nice actress for him or they can set him up with Simmi. Simmi is very nice as well. Mihir deserves a good woman too not Aliya but someone else. Poor MIhir he sacrificed too a lot for Bhalla family and his wife Rinki was unfaithful. I really hope they will change Raman’s wardrobe as that of before the leap. These shirts that he is wearing makes him look like one the goons and I really like the Raman that has all buttoned up shirt. Even Mihir, Ashok, Mani, Anil are well dressed. Strangely, the cvs have not paid attention to Raman’s wardrobe.

    • Mino

      Hi Sindhu I agree with u About Raman. He really Looks like a goon. Why he is a CEO of a company. Dress like this. I too like the Raman before the leap. He was very cute & handsome. Not that he is not now but something has changed in him even the way he talk always like a cat on Hot bricks. PLs Make him a Gentle Man. Not A rough person. so that he will be loving to IShu After all the sacrifice she has done for this family. What a lot of dangerous things happened to IShu with no fault of her own. only by going to safe her family. pls she deserves some real happiness & kindness & love from her hubby too.. Get rid of the evil one pls we are fed up of evil. High time this family have lots of fun & love. Focus on Ashok ‘s down fall ha ha sorry guys for my mean way.. Luv to VP, Sindhu, Shivani, JAz , Rithu, Monique Ardi i hope i got the names right..

  10. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Episode was really nice precap was good . Ruhi saying ishima just made my day.mani is a true friend. Shugun is not.she will be exposed soon.guys hope u have a super weekend.mwah

  11. shahabana

    I really like this so much. So nc episode. Mani is a such a caring frnd. If every one have a frnd like Mani then there is nothing to worry. In this sereal we will get 3 such a nc charecters they are ishu mihir and mani. They are just perfect. Adi also very gd. Lve this show.

  12. baazigar

    i think director want to make some backwaz story between mihir and aliya….
    and mani is always awesome… ishita should marry mani…
    and raman deserves that churail shagun… ashok ka jhutan..

  13. shivani

    Precap is good…finally Ruhi called out Ishima…adi ishita part was also nice…
    poor ishita…she is in a solid confusion… she neither wants to leave Raman and kids nor wants to hurt shagun…

    upcoming episodes would be emotional …. because i saw a video in you tube…Ruhi tries to explain all the truths to pihu..shagun smells ruhi plans…..shagun too wants pihu to know that ishita is her real mom….and she is sure that pihu Will choose her after knowing the truth….then she takes some legal papers(may be pihus custody paper) and vows to ruin ishitas happiness

    • Mino

      Oh Shivani I hope Shagun will not start another story. enough is enough don’t the CV’s Have anything better. Shagun should be caught for kidnapping & sent her out of this family pls Cv We don’t want any more anger & Hate..

    • Khushi

      Shivani i thnk nw pihus custody drama will be shown. Shagun will be bck to her avtar might start manipulatng pihu. Nxt custody case. Will be fought between ishra nd shagun for pihu. Enemies if ishra r increasing. Nw shagun will be again added to the enemy list. Relieved seeing todays epi as mani is nt neg. i was really worried if he is turning neg.


    Nice epi but didn’t get the part sharer mani said when you and Raman fight you will need a friend to complain does that mean he want them to fight in so confused 😩😅
    Anyway really nice epi love it❤️

  15. Subhasree Shanmuganathan

    Shagun to be exposed soon. Cant wait to see ishra’s bonding. Mani nailed it.

  16. nelka

    Luv u ishuu.u r my long time favorite actress.i can’t keep one for a long time.but since 3yrs u r my favorite one darling divyanka.i like ur personality.

    • jaz

      Hi nupur yeah ishq baaz is a such a nice story I am watching I love it this such a unique story hain in star plus I watch only (yhm),{ishq baaz}

  17. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique az naaz vp.rithu shivani sindhu susan super girl siddhi khushi salley shona bhgi bhgaya molu megha lekha and all yhm fans members HI guys how is your life style

  18. jaz

    Wow mani is a such a nice person raman should learn from him in the precap finally ruhi called ishimaa I think ye gandhi ektha kapoor aliya & mihir ku patch up karana chathi hain ..STUPID kahi ki she is so BRAIN LESS apne brain mein khali rakkar gomthi hain ye nahi sudharnewali chi chi

    • Khushi

      Me too culdnt digest that aliya- mihir scene.they hav a big age diff. If writers r planning to make thrm a pair then its difficult to accept. Adi nd aliya luks gud 2 gthr. They will rock as a pair

  19. VP

    Episode was good … precap is what we wanted to watch finally … Ishru bonding …I did not like the way Mani explained to Ruhi but I felt he was testing Ishithas feelings… Thanks to cvs for making Mani a true friend . A true friend is indeed beyond anything and everything .., I value real friendship a lot … and so loved it … Ishithas emotiond unlike before did not affect me so much … even Adi and Ishithas scene … something is missing …Normally when Ishitha is happy I am happy when she is sad i used to feel .I cant understand how can Ramans advocate to be negative … there are so many sources to inform police or Raman or Mihir …, Cvs should stop creating all these negative vibes . Back again Shaghuns inteference … wonder when Raman and Ishitha is going to express their missing and feelings …Hi to all Good night … Be happy at the thot of Ruhi calling Ishitha … ishima … Ruhi is asking Ishitha about Pihu not calling her ma … and Ishitha melted on Ruhis calling Ishimaaa

  20. siddhi

    hi everyone what ever Mani explains to ishita was very good I think he also like ishita he is a very good person but as I commented earlier yesterday I don’t like whatever Mani explained to ruhi writers r not doing a good job n I also wonder that whaterever Mani to ruhi is hu agreed to it I wonder what’s wrong with script writer unko WO San kasay thee laga they could have explained it in a better way now I just want to leave it adi ishita bond is very good adi loves ishita a lot but I think ishita don’t love him the way she loves ruhi n pihu I am sure makers will pair aliya n mihir it is crystal clear but minor is very big from aliya as afi is like minor son so in that way aliya is also like her daughter talking about age vandus opinion changed now about ishra few days before she was saying ishita n Raman should seperate

  21. Mino

    Hi The Cv;s Should have the episodes like today.. With so much love & togetherness as a family.. don’t this family have a little peace an quiet & Some love for one another. First must get Shaugn out for good.. & Get Mihir a nice girl for him & Simmi & Mani Too To Complete the Happiness. now then can start the kids lives. How to sort their problems. enough of adult Drama. how Ishu & Raman With love for each other sort all the day to day life. Hope they will do this way so that we too can relax a little. I thought we watch these dramas for fun & to relax after a heavy day at home. but this tension & Anger is going beyond what we expect. Pls make it right & get Raman to say sorry to IShu.. Hope u guys agree with me..

  22. susan

    I do not trust these cv’s. Another bad twist could be on the cards. Pihu is actually Raman and Shagun’s child? Some mixup happened with surrogacy but Manoj felt too bad to tell Raman? Now that would be bad!!! Anyway. I was just wondering. What would you guess Raman and Ishita’s age to be after the leap?

  23. susan

    Starbucks. Raman and Ishita always use to fight. This was the nature of their relationship and Ishita would always complain to either Mani or Bala about this. But I must add they always fight with love. Sindhu. I agree with you. Raman always looked so handsome dressed in suits. He also had a cuteness to his look which I now miss. But do not get me wrong. I still think he is absolutely gorgeous. Lol.

  24. aalia

    superb episode.hieeee frnds i m new to this page bt i regurally read all ur comments…we became a family now😊back to today’s episode it ws superb…mani is such a great person.i lyk the way he explained ishru.

  25. aalia

    superb episode..mani is such a nice person.raman shld learn sum manners frm him instead of blaming others…finally ruhi says ishi maa😍😍ruhi looks soo cute..n aadi ishita scene ws superb.


    Hi JAZ Monique Rithu VP AZ Naaz Kushi Megha Siddhi Sindhu Ramchin Lekha Radhika Nupur And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    KUSHI I Agree With You.
    Mani is A Gentleman of The SERIAL And Much BETTER THAN Chuthiya RAMAN.
    Actually RAMAN Should Learn Many Things from Mani.




    • Khushi

      U said right adi… Ishitha deserves mani more than raman..
      Dnt worry adi evrythng wil be alright…
      Take care of ur health


    Hi Nupur!
    This New SERIAL Looks like ONE WOMAN SHOW.
    That GIRL Has TALENT.

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