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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma consoling Mrs. Bhalla to have patience till morning. Raman and Ishita bring food and asks them to have it. Ishita asks Shagun to have food. Shagun says just shut up. Ishita says behave well, I m giving you food as we are together here, seeing your behavior, now I know your son is so spoiled. Shagun says you will teach me how to be a mum, who can never be a mum. Ishita taunts her well. Everyone look on. Ishita says I m not a barren woman, I m Ruhi’s mum, I don’t spoil her and says Raman did the right step for Adi’s good, how can she not see this, she asks her to have food, else leave it. Ashok worries for Shagun and calls her asking should he come there. She says no, I m with Adi. He says tell me whats going on there. She says I will come home and talk.


morning, the case starts in juvenile court. The judge says seeing Adi’s state, I decided that its not his crime, but his upbringing’s fault. He says I can understand he is a result of high society parents’ divorce, this is common these days. She says her mum spoils him, but his dad is a good guy, who wanted to show him right path and filed the case, even he is hurt and he was firm on his decision. He says Adi needs guidance, not punishment, but can his mum give him right guidance. What is the guarantee he won’t do this again. Raman and Shagun promise. The judge says did you think what you want to make Adi, he does not know whats right and wrong. Shagun accepts her mistake and says she got carried away as she was balancing Raman’s absence in his life.

The judge says Adi’s parents gave much resources, make him become well, he has to work at community service and we will review him every month. Mrs. Bhalla says now she will know she is a very bad mum. The judge says we will decide Adi will be with his mum or dad, the court is adjourned. Shagun asks Raman to stay away from Adi. She leaves with him. Ishita says I m very proud of you Raman. She says Adi and Ruhi are very lucky kids to get a father like you. Ashok comes there. Adi cries and hugs him saying dad. He asks him to go o car and sit.

Everyone look on. Shagun says Ashok you here. Ashok says sweet lines and says he was in love like college student and forgot she is a mum, forgive me, and gives her a 5 carat ring, which he is carrying in his pocket for 5 days. He asks will you marry me and she agrees. He makes her wear the ring. She hugs him. Ashok smiles seeing Raman. Ashok and Shagun leave. Bhallas come home. Simmi and Romi asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he is fine, and has to work with community service. Ishita asks about Ruhi. Simmi says she is sleeping. Ishita thanks her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to go and take rest. Raman says sorry. She says everything will be fine. Ishita comes to Ruhi and kisses her. Raman comes and sees her hugging Ruhi. He says Ishita. She asks shall I bring tea for you. He says thanks for supporting me. She says no need to say thanks. He says yes, I should say sorry. She says its over now, lets move forward now. She says I was thinking about Adi, we have responsibility, he stays with Ashok and Shagun, she loves him a lot, its evident, but they are giving him wrong values, what will he learn there. Raman says I m also worried for him. She says I think you should go closer to him, enter his life again, he will resist and be annoyed, but you have to make an effort, this happened with our family, but if it happened with strangers, punishment would have been severe. He says you are right. She says I will tell Bala to take care but you are his dad.

Ruhi wakes up and asks how was the party, Romi told me you went to your friend, all night party, and elders went to Jagrata. Ishita says Romi did not tell us, but we missed you a lot. Raman hugs her and says I missed you a lot. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….. Ruhi asks Ishita to hug and they have a group hug. Raman and Ishita look at each other. Ishita takes her to brush her teeth. Raman says I m very lucky Ishita, that you did so much for me and I did not give you anything in return, I really want to make it up to you, what can I do for you. He smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla says everything is fine now and she will keep a fast for Lord. Romi comes and asks for money to bring fruit. Mr. Bhalla compares him with others and says Raman earned a lot in this age. Romi defends himself and says he will do very big, and no one will know him. Everyone laughs. Romi comes to buy mangoes. He gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call and says he is buying fruits. Sarika bargains with the fruit vendor, while Romi does not. The man argues with Sarika and says look at him, he is not bargaining. She says who is he, I will see him, maybe he gets money on plants. She sees Romi and asks him why did he not bargain and these people are asking high rates now, people like us get caught in this.

She says its your mistake, you don’t know how to take fruits. He says teach me. She talks to the vendor and bargains. Romi looks at her and smiles. Raman says he wants to take Ishita out for a change after allt his happened. She hears it and thinks whole family is going and says so sweet. She says that’s so nice, so thoughtful, I m free tomorrow. He calls Mihir that he wants to take Ishita out, and I want the best resort, as I have hurt her a lot since many days, I thought it will be a change for her. Mihir smiles. Raman says she will feel nice.

Mihir says why so many excuses, she is your wife, you and chill. Mihir says I will do the arrangements. Ishita comes smiling and he leaves. She says I m seeing Ravan Kumar so happy after many days, it will be a good change, I will tell everyone, all family together, so lovely. She calls Sarika and says she won’t come tomorrow and call Dr Batra if any emergency. She books two SUVs and asks the travel agency to send good drivers. She is excited and says she will give everyone surprise. She says everyone will get happy, so sweet of Raman.

Ruhi tells Ishita that Papa is very smart, whenever you want baby, tell Papa, he will bring it. Ishita looks at Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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