Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman spots Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying there is no one in her life. Ishita says just tell madam that you miss her a lot. He says she isn’t answering my calls. She asks will you tell her I love you if she answers. He asks what shall I say. She says I love you. He asks her to stop nonsense and goes. She smiles and says I know you love me a lot, I miss you so much, you also miss me, I want this Shanno’s disguise to end soon, that I find truth soon so that Ishita comes in front of you again, I feel good that you are missing me. She goes to Simmi and sees her crying.

She asks shall I give you a head massage. Simmi says no. Ishita still does head massage and wishes she could make Simmi the old one, so that Simmi doesn’t hurt the family, she just had to know how Simmi is administering

the pills. Simmi thanks her. Ishita says you are a great woman, you lost your daughter, Neelu told me, you think of everything, bad thing happened with you, I m your servant, just command me, I will follow you. Simmi asks her to sit, its good that someone thinks of her. Ishita says you can share secrets or problems, I will be your right hand. Simmi says you know…. Raman comes and says why was I told that Ishita went out with Ashok. Simmi says yes, why. Raman says I have seen Ashok, Ishita wasn’t with him. Simmi says I will call Ashok’s travel agent, or ask Mihika. Raman says just come with me. They go. Ishita says they could spy and expose Shanno, I can’t take risk. She calls Ashok. He asks where are you. She says I know Raman has seen you. She tells something. She calls Shagun and says I have to meet you at the earliest.

Simmi and Raman wait for Mihika at the cafe. Simmi says Mihika will tell us about travel agency. Raman asks where did Ishita go. Simmi asks why do you care. He says I care for her, I wrongly accused her because of the info you gave me. He goes and sees Ishita. He follows her. She deliberately makes him hear her conversation. He thinks whom is she talking to, maybe Ashok. She says we will plan grand Lohri. He says why did she lie to me. She says I feel so good talking to you, its so calm, that society was full of weird people, they would blame me for little things, Raman Bhalla, no way, we won’t invite Raman, I understand he is our business partner, but he is not close to us. He says she is definitely talking to Ashok. She smiles and goes. He says where did she go. He asks someone about her. Ishita and Shagun hide and look on. Shagun says poor Raman. Ishita says Simmi and Raman will stop finding me. Shagun says get ready as Shanno fast, you have to reach home before them.

Raman goes to Simmi and says I have seen Ishita, she was talking to Ashok about organizing Lohri party. Simmi comes home and asks Mrs. Bhalla where is Shanno. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to market. Simmi says maybe she has lost the way. Mrs. Bhalla says she isn’t so innocent. Ishita comes as Shanno. She says I got late in market, its Ananya’s birthday tomorrow, I went to get new garland. She replaces the garland on Ananya’s pic. Simmi cries. Ishita lights the diya. She says Ananya’s smile is so cute. Simmi thanks her.

Ishita removes the burn patch. She gets a call from Ashok. The man asks her to come fast, Ashok is unwell. She says I m just coming. She leaves. Simmi hears the noise and goes to check at the door. She goes and sees Shanno leaving. Raman asks what are you doing here Simmi. Simmi says I have seen Shanno going out. He says villagers go out anytime, city isn’t safe for her, come we will stop her. They follow Shanno. Simmi says this is Ashok’s house. Raman says why is Shanno going there, lets go inside and find out. She asks how can we go in. He says she works in our house, if anything happens, police will ask us. They go in. Raman asks for Ishita. Simmi says we have come for Shanno. She asks servant to call Shanno, else she will call police. Raman stops her. Simmi says I m just threatening, we have to see Shanno and leave without seeing Ishita. He says I want to see Ishita. She shouts Shanno.

Ishita comes to them and says my brother is unwell, I have come to see him. Simmi says you said you have no family. Ishita says my brother didn’t save me from my torturing husband, so I ended ties with him, but now when he is unwell, I can’t leave him like this. She shows someone from far and says he just slept, don’t wake him up, he is so unwell, he is helpless. She cries. Simmi says stop crying, you have met your brother. Raman gives some money. Ishita praises him and thanks. Raman and Simmi leave.

Servant asks Ishita shall I ask servant to get up from bed. She says yes, tell him. She calls doctor home. Doctor checks Ashok. She asks do we need to admit Ashok in hospital. Ashok says no. She says you have high fever. Doctor says don’t worry, I m giving him injection, he will get fine. She says his chemo cycle are starting tomorrow, he shouldn’t have fever. Doctor says fine, just take care of him. He goes.

Ashok says sorry, you almost got caught today. She says its all under control, your servant informed me and I cooked up a story to send them. He says I think you should leave now. She asks him to rest, she won’t leave till his fever subsides. She gives him medicines. She takes care of him.

Raman says what’s wrong with me, why am I thinking so much about Ishita, I need to stop. Ishita thinks of Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…. they go to sleep.

Shagun sees Raman’s car and worries. Raman says I hope Ishita is there. Shagun informs Ishita. Ishita asks is Raman here….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is getting way beyond boring and stupid
    Ishita as a haryanvi sure has well manicured nails – she is supposed to be from a village and illiterate
    Also her burnt patch changes from one side of her face to the other….

  2. Good to see raman getting tensed that ishita didn,t invite him for the lohri party.

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