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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Pallavi to share anything or tell her if she needs help. She asks does Chadda trouble her, is everything fine between them. Pallavi asks what are you saying. Ishita says sorry, Tusshar saw you both, he got worried an told me. Pallavi says no, he had misunderstanding. Shagun hears them. Amar was worried for my health and was scolding me with love. Ishita says it was sweet of him to tell me, but I m happy you are fine. She goes. Shagun asks Pallavi did we meet before. Pallavi refuses. Shagun says you are the one who filed domestic violence case against your husband, you are Pragati right. Pallavi says I think you are mistaken, I m Pallavi Chadda, I m senior advocate Amarnath Chadda’s wife, I m very happy with him, and excuses herself. Shagun says she is

lying, I m sure she is Pragati, not Pallavi.

Dolly shows her pic with Tusshar and says I will keep this frame in my bedroom. Mrs. Bhalla says keep group pic in bedroom and jokes. Mrs. Bhalla takes food for Shagun and asks her to have food well. Shagun sees Pallavi and Chaddha and thinks she is Pragati, she came to my NGO to seek help, her state was bad, why is she lying now. Pallavi apologizes to Amar. Shagun says something is not right here. Ishita asks Shagun to have food. She asks her to see Vandu, its relieve to see her smiling. They have a talk.
Shagun asks Ishita not to worry. Bala says I got food for Vandu, she can have anything. Ishita says we are proud of Bae takes good care of Vandu. Dolly says I wish Daler was like him. they all laugh. Shagun sees Pallavi. Bala goes to Raman. Raman asks why are they laughing. Bala says I gave food to Vandu, women were pulling my leg, my small gesture brought smile on her face, its enough for me. Raman says I agree you are best husband. He tells him how women were dancing with actors. They have a talk. Raman jokes. Appa says Bala is lucky, that Vandu gets impressed by little things, and your Amma does not let me watch movies, as I used to like Madhubala. They all laugh. Appa says even today I have Madhubala, my Madhu and this Bala. Bala laughs. Mr. Bhalla says we should not tell secrets to our wives. Chadda hears them and says women should be at their place, they should not come on our head, we earn and work all day, can’t men live freely. Raman asks what are you saying, we married them and love them. Mr. Bhalla says wives are house CM, and we have to take care of them. He tells Chadda that husband and wife should take care of each other’s desires, do you think your wife came in party by your permission, it seems she is also not in your control. He laughs. Chadda fumes seeing Pallavi.

Vandu gets a call and goes out to talk. Suraj sees her and smiles. He says this was my plan to get Vandu out of that hall, your time is running bad as my motive got fulfilled, now I will spoil your party. She turns and sees some goons. The man tells her about the student fighting with his death in hospital, he may slip in coma and you are partying here. The men say we will punish you and get justice. Vandu gets scared. Suraj looks on. She cries and says it was accident, I did not do anything. The man says we will take justice. She runs from there. The man says we should have scared her more. Suraj says I feel bad for you Vandu, but what to do, you guys are making me do this, sorry to spoil your party, I will not leave you so easily.

Mihir takes sweets. Manoj says I did not know you eat so much sweets. Mihir says this one is for Shagun, Rabdi is her fav. Trust me, she will have more. Manoj says this is much for her. Shagun comes. Mihir says I m her brother, I know her. She takes the sweets and eats. Mihir laughs. Manoj stops her. Mihir asks for a bite. She says take another one, who is elder, I need this more. Mihir says see Manoj, I will get mine. Shagun makes him have a spoon. They laugh. Manoj wishes their relation stays like this always. Bala asks did they see Vandu. Shagun says no. Bala goes to find her. Vandu asks Sarika to save her, and runs to her house. Sarika asks who. Vandu sees some shadow and goes to hit. Sarika says its me, what happened. Vandu says thanks for sending them back. She sits scared. Someone knocks the door. Vandu panics and asks Sarika to save her. Sarika says that guy would have told you the same, what did you do, you killed him. Vandu says I did not kill him. Sarika says you did this, you are responsible for this, I m sorry, no one can save you, your students will not leave you, that guy is in hospital and you are saying you did not do anything, how can you be so cruel to party. Sarika says they will not come, you have just one option, just run from here.

Pallavi thinks why does she have feelings for Rohit, if Amar knows this, he will kill me. She turns and sees Chadda coming. Mr. Bhalla asks Chadda to have sweets, did you feel bad of my words. Chadda says no. He asks Pallavi to have food and takes Chadda along. Pallavi worries thinking what will happen after going home.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Pallavi to come and have sweets. The goons tell Suraj that Vandu is in her house, she is scared. Suraj says I will scare her so much, that her fear should ruin her and her family. We should leave before anyone sees us. Raman talks on phone and sees Suraj and the goons. Vandu runs out. Raman sees her and gets shocked.

Raman looks for Ishita, and asks Manoj is she at his home, where is Ishita. Manoj says she is not here. They rush to see in the room. Manoj says Shagun does not lock door normally. Raman and Manoj break the door and get inside. They get shocked seeing….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode is ok .Precap is ok. Waiting for next update. I think ishararuadi will not separate.

  2. Whats going to happen yaar?

  3. So after this episode is the murder scene going to happen. Oh dear….. Raman is looking for Ishita and they both are shocked. I wonder whether Ishita is holding the knife then. It will be very sad if as what was said the lawyer wants to marry Raman to save Ishita. Then the writers of YHM must have gone insane. They must be the worst YHM writers to twist to the worst of it. It is not realistic at all.

  4. Yhm_canada_fan

    Oh my god please dont kill shagun .. That wouldnt be nice .. I love her positive character .. Please .. Whos gonna die now according to the promo these days? This is not gonna go good

  5. I think Ishita has killed Ashok(or someone else) to save Shagun or Shagun has killed him but Ishita will take blame on herself.

  6. D new promo made me shock .!!!

  7. in next episode raman will get a huge shock by seeing

    ishita and shagun

    eating gol gapa after locking door so just chill

    1. Are you sure..?

  8. Nooo.Vandu commits suicide

  9. Ok guys … Apart from this serious tensions in YHM…
    Lets have a look of progress in YHM.. In every january

    2014–>Ishra always saying Sirf Ruhi ke liye
    2015–> Ishra trying to say ” I love you”
    2016–> Ishra hardly trying to speak with each other… But they are having probs till their neck…

    Hope this condition ll change fast…

  10. ha..ha..maya…u rocked!

  11. What is happening yar ..??
    I m really upset with this current track…
    Again d same thing like MATSH..

    Ekta’s so called mature love story …..
    Nd star plus ki ghatiya nayi soch….

    No ishra dance on new year Nd now also….Nd Shagun is dancing in this state ( she was more active than ishita lol ).

    Poor vandu….!!!
    BL***y Khanna brothers …!!!!

  12. I think nothing will happen to Vandu as Raman has seen Suraj n Vandu he will save her.I think Vandu is strong enough she will not commit suicide. I hope Maya is correct they’re just eating gol gappas . No murder track plz.

  13. I don’t think so if Raman and manoj have seen shagun and ishita eating gol gappa then why would they be so shoked oh no murder drama plz I was fed up of ghost drama I want to see happiness in this film

  14. are ektaji please pehle story complete karo phir dusri chalu karo pehle sarika ka case to niptao uske baad dusri story socho ek bichari ishita pe itne dukho ke pahad mat giraoo sabar karna ishita

  15. Guys it was shown in sbb or sbs…i have also seen it that they saw ishita & shagun eating gol gappa…my mouth was watering after seeing the plates…!!!but they also said that this is the beginning of a new twist…

  16. The story is good upto now but now I will hink it going to beco
    Me w
    Orse story loverswill completely reject seeing the scenes after murder by ishita

  17. ekta if you dont have new story to tell us plz switch off the serial yeh hai mohbbatein we want to see somthing new not three four marriages of the lead character plz stop all this nonsense

  18. Oh My God! This was our first reaction when we heard about the upcoming track in Star Plus’ popular daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms).
    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are all set to witness some tough times in their conjugal life soon.
    The entry of Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) will be adding too much drama in the plot.
    As reported earlier, Ishita will be arrested for murdering Ashok (Sangram Singh). A desperate Raman will hunt for the best lawyer to save Ishita from the judiciary. He will give Ishita’s case to a high-profile advocate, Nidhi Chabbra who will be his childhood friend.
    As per the information of our source, “For taking up the case Nidhi will ask Raman to marry her. Raman will accept her proposal to save his lady love. The family will start preparing for Raman and Nidhi’s wedding. And this will lead to Raman and Ishita’s separation.”
    Unfortunately Divyanka remained busy for shooting.
    Sad, isn’t it? Are you ready to watch this rollercoaster drama?

    1. Nothing like this will never happen in reality . Why this murderist twist . If it’s a fake again def the story makers are just twisting to their tune ….I too feel somebody else must have killed and Ishitha takes the blame . That separation is fine but as if no other advocates in town . What’s this this was an unique matured love story … Making it so bad … Whose ideas ? Rinkys murdere not yet caught . Sari las yet to resolve Rohit adoption to solve …. What is this and the Khannas winning all over … Ishras are suffering …you are not able to continue with the unique theme please stop it ….quite understandable … But not like not like this …. Can’t tolerate … Before and all even after watching yhm one time felt like watching repeat. Now for the sake of watching ….now it’s like Bhalla house problems on Iyers girls ….Karan and Divyanka how they are acting … Wobdering …. Shaghun positive and all good … Too much mixing with Ishitha can’t appreciate … Luckily they are showing Manoj … Hi Rithu where are you and hi to all fans

  19. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    No ishra scenes at all……!!!
    I liked Shagun mihir manoj part. And boys conversation was good……. Waiting to see today epi…….
    Hate ishra separation and hate another murder twist.
    From SL

  20. Sorry silly spelling errors are there ..,

  21. Happy to see Adi n Ruhi back in the show. Adi’s hug to her Ishimaa is best part in todays episode.plz writers no murder track n no Ishra separation.we watch TV shows to entertain ourselves in evening after a tiring day,so no rona dhona n no murder track.

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