Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi telling I want to stay with Ishita aunty. Everyone are shocked. Ishita cries and says I m Ishita. She is called to talk to the judge. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai……………….. plays……………. She says I m Dr. Ishita, I m Ruhi’s neighbor. The judge asks why does Ruhi want to stay with you. Ishita looks at Ruhi and both of them cry seeing each other. Ishita says my relation with Ruhi can’t be explained, I m not legally related to her, I did not gave her birth, I m not related to her, we are not blood related, but my day and night are with Ruhi, every moment I think about her.

She says I worry about her. Raman and Shagun hear all this. Ishita says I smile when she smiles, I cry when she cries. I feel so connected to her, I m

feeling bad seeing Ruhi grind between her mum and dad, this relation does not have any name. She says I got so insulted but all that was so small in front of the happiness Ruhi gave me. You can’t equate our relation in any word, when Ruhi has many questions in her eyes, I understand her and I can answer her, when she comes to me crying, I wipe her tears and make her smile.

She says its a big decision for Ruhi today. I m confused but I can’t do anything. I want to request you to make the decision in Ruhi’s favor thinking about her happiness. As fear and tears don’t suit Ruhi, she looks best when she smiles and nothing matters infront of her happiness. Teri bechaini ka…………. plays……………. Ishita thinks about her and Ruhi’s moments.

The judge says I have known everything, I will decide on 4th February. Even Ishita will be called that day, she will be the main witness for the case and her opinion will matter, the court is adjourned. Appa thinks about Ishita’s words. Shagun and Ashok have a talk with their lawyer. Raman thinks who is Ishita to decide, I can’t accept this. Mr. Bhalla talks to Iyer. Iyer says Ishita has so much love in her, did you see in court how much Ishita loves Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla says maybe their relation has been made but we have to see. Appa says what are you saying.

Mr. Bhalla says I want Raman and Ishita to get married. We have to think about our children. Mr. Bhalla says people marry for children, this marriage will be for Ruhi. Appa says how can this happen. Mr. Bhalla says we will make us do, Ruhi can’t get a better mum than Ishita, Ishita loves Ruhi, I have seen that today. Appa says this is not possible. Mr. Bhalla asks for Ishita’s hand for Raman. Appa says our wives hate each other, Raman and Ishita are also on bad terms. They see Ishita playing with Ruhi and smile. Shagun looks at them and gets angry. Yeh Hai mohabbatein…………… plays……………..

Mr. Bhalla says see thats a miracle that Ruhi is with Ishita, not with her parents, see how much happy they are together. He reminds him about Lohri day when Raman and Ishita were together with Ruhi. Fate is knocking our door, Ruhi and Ishita will be happy together, its our duty to tie them in a relation, we have seen our wive’s hatred, maybe now we have to move ahead. Appa says I don’t know. Mr. Bhalla says we should think about Ruhi and Ishita. They need each other. Appa says I need time to decide. Mr. Bhalla says I will wait for your answer.

Ashok asks what was that drama in court, Ruhi is with us and you could not draw her closer to you, see how she is with Ishita, I asked you to take help with Ishita, not to give her Ruhi, see their bonding. Thats a shame, its a bad impression, but you don’t have time for her, you want to go to London with me, you are so insecure. Shagun argues with him. Sge says even you could have given love to Ruhi, but even you were busy, this is your war, so why should I be alone. Ashok says we will try again. We will make Ishita sure that Ruhi is happy with us.

Mrs. Bhalla is angry that the court will decide with whom will Ruhi stay. Simmi comes to her and asks her to be sweet with Ishita. She says I have to become friend with Ishita else Shagun will get our Ruhi. Simmi says lets go to our clinic. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Bala, Mihika and Ishita complaint against Mihir. She says someone has worked on this video, whatever is there I did not do it. She cries. Ishita says Mihir did this breaking her trust, it can’t be anyone else, arrest him, he has the video. They track the IP address. They say we have deleted the MMS from the website. Ishita says I will have to go to the clinic and asks Bala to take Mihika home.

Ishita meets Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla at her clinic. Simmi says her six months daughter with no teeth is the patient. Simmi praises Ishita and talks to her sweetly. Ishita smiles seeing the baby. Simmi gives her sweets. Ishita asks whats the problem. Simmi says she is not getting teeth. Ishita says babiesget teeth after nine months, I m not the right doctor for her. Ishita says I can’t take the sweets but Simmi insists and leaves. Raman talks to the court judge.

He says I m not happy with your decision, Ruhi is my daughter, you are giving importance to someone else, Ishita is a dentist, our neighbor, she has a problem with me, she has taught Ruhi to take her name, Ishita won’t support me, Ishita always created problems for me. The judge says I know, I have seen that on tv, I have seen love in Ruhi’s eyes for Ishita. How long does Ruhi know Ishita. Raman says two months. She says Ishita managed to do what you could not in five years, think about it before next hearing.

Raman applies ointment to Ishita’s hand. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein …………… plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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