Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids apologizing to Raman. He asks them to promise not to do such thing alone again. Shagun meets Ishita and says we are trying best to free you, kids are praying and you know Lord answers kids’ prayers, you have to come back and take care of your baby, you know I m not a good mother, you have to take care of all this. Ishita says I will, I trust Raman, I know he will try his best. Shagun wipes her tears. Warden asks Shagun to leave. Shagun hugs Ishita and says we will meet at home now. She leaves. Ishita says I want to go home, I m not ready to die, I want to see my kids growing, I want to live my life with my kids and husband, I trust Raman, he will get me out of here.

Adi and Ruhi shout Ishi Maa and wake up from sleep. Adi hugs Ruhi and says nothing will

happen to her. Ruhi says if any other jallad comes then what. Adi says no one will come in his place, don’t worry. Ruhi prays for Ishita. Adi wishes Lord answers Ruhi’s prayers.

Its morning, jail inspector tells Ishita that she is lucky, jallad has gone on holiday and there will be time required to find other jallad, so her hanging will be postponed. The prisoner women clap and hug Ishita. The lady says your husband will get time to appeal for you again. Ishita says its result of my kids’ prayers and smiles.

Ruhi is happy and tells everyone that Ishita will come home soon. Adi asks Raman can we take Ishita now. Raman says no, I will meet Niddhi, you guys pray. Ruhi says fine, I will tell this news to Iyers. Vandu gives bath to Shitija. She opens the tap and comes out of the bathroom to get towel. A book and pic falls down the cupboard. Vandu cries seeing Ishita’s pic. She says I don’t remember what I mixed in milk, I m not able to do anything for you. The water tub gets filled and Shitija is left alone in the bathroom, while Vandu cries recalling Suyyash’s bitter blames. Shitija cries. Vandu holds her head, being distressed. Bala comes to the room and sees Vandu drinking some medicine/wine. He asks what happened, why are you drinking this. He sees the towel and asks where is Shitija. He hears the water sound. He runs to bathroom and shouts Shitija. Bala gets Shitija. Vandu says I m useless sister. Bala gets sad. He hugs Vandu and says everything will be fine.

Raman and Niddhi’s romance next in YHM

Raman meets Niddhi. They wait to get some reply from that man. The man asks them to take appointment to meet judge. Raman requests him. the man leaves. Niddhi gets a call and asks what. She says my assistant called, she called another jallad is hired and hanging will be done on same day. Shagun calls Raman and says I tried a lot, but women organization people can’t help Ishita. Raman sits sad and shocked. Niddhi shouts Mr. Bhalla. …… Raman gets thinking.

Later, Raman comes home. Adi and Ruhi ask for Ishita. Raman says Ishita won’t come. They all cry. Simmi runs to her room crying. Ruhi goes outside and cries. She shouts Ishi Maa. Romi moves Ruhi off the way as the car passes. He hugs Adi and Ruhi. Vandu is also crying and drinking more of wine. She hugs Bala and he too cries seeing her state. Amma cries and prays for Ishita.

Warden asks Ishita to come, someone came to meet her. She does not respond. Warden asks her why was she not replying, I felt… Ishita says its not the time yet. Ishita goes to meet Raman. Raman cries seeing her. Raman hugs her and says I m sorry. She says don’t say sorry, I have to tell you something, I have to thank you.

Ishita says I have no complains with my life, I lived completely, I m a complete woman, you and Ruhi gave me mother’s happiness, I don’t want anything else, I don’t want anything, I m happy, I have a loving husband, good family, such good kids, I achieved all this in few years which people can’t achieve in 60 years, I have everything, thank you. She holds and kisses his hand. Raman looks on teary eyed.

Ishita asks Raman to pull her up, her hand is slipping. Raman gets Ishita at some cliff. He says I did not get you hanged, as I would have not got the peace of killing you. She gets shocked. He leaves her hand and says you have to go so that I do what I want to do, which was not possible when you were alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. after reading all these spoilers i still cannot blv the spoilrs whole heartedly bcz of the precape . i hope spoilers comes true xpt the leap part . i cnt also understnd how can sone change 360 degree overnight also he was crying fr ishita nd suddenly he will turn evil .?? i refuse to blv that ……. i cnt see raman nidhi romance never . its unbearable . i will not watch the show until ishita returns . rumours r thr that she will return in a new avtr nd her name will b changed to shalini . just siddharth / raghu in jamai raja .

    but i want orginal ishita , raman nd ishra
    i want my old yhm badly ..

    1. ya even i want my old yhm badly .i totally agree with you yaar diya .

  2. Preety sid bieber

    yes akanksha i watch yhm..btw i watch all serial of star pls …..

    1. Ohhh ohk

  3. I hope he get ishita out safe n niddi out fast

  4. Hi dilzzz! Im also a SL. Where do u live in sri lanka?

  5. The idea of exposing niddhi is fine…But it shouldn’t be followed by raman-niddhi marriage.
    “Raman playing romance with niddhi and expose nidhi and prove niddhi innocent”.
    That’s fine…….
    But yhm won’t work if the play get followed by Raman -Niddhi marriage and appearance of ishita as Shalini.However I even don’t like it Niddhi run away with Raman-Ishita’s child after exposing her followed by leap……….
    The story upto exposing Niddhi is fine
    But makers don’t lead it to the marriage of Raman-Niddhi

  6. hey
    why these ffs are not there?
    is there any problem with telly updates?

  7. Agreed vsk where r the ff of all the show

  8. hry guys good morning.

    1. sorry it is hey guys .

  9. We have got clear idea of raman’s master plan. But what abt the others like vandu case, chadda’s case .it is not cleaf to me how ever vandu character should be strong to hold the situations like mihika before. Then only the iyer family can easily face the problems caused due to sarika, ashok, suraj etc i hope you understand all yhm fans and thanks rithu for warm welcoming

  10. kya kisi ko patha hai ki yhm ke leap aur seperation ke against twitter ya kahi aur par responds kaise aa rahe hai ? if not telly updates atleast ekta makers or cvs look at there and stop the leap and seperation till leap .

  11. I hope its true… meanwhile ishitha sits crying why Raman did like this to me.. Acp abhishek will offer a shoulder to cry as a fren, but not much more than that… VD has told the same in an interview that he will wipe her tears and offer a shoulder to cry as a fren.. and I hope the separation is true just for sometime.. I hope ishitha’s realises Raman did this with an intention to save her but not of hatred..meanwhile ishita’s knows raman romancing with nidhi…coming
    about ishitha’s new avatar and name change..I think its all ishita’s move to act romantically with acp abhishek to make Raman jealous and make him confess the truth…

    don’t worry guys.. chillax.. This is a smart move to get trp’s.. If ekta changes the storyline other than this she will see a drastic change in trp’s.. so, I hope she doesn’t act weird in storyline.. fingers crossed… 😉 😉 😛

  12. ekta ke saare serials trp se out ho jaayenge agar woh apne harr serial ke saath viewers disappoint karke dikhaay toh . inn makers ne matsh ko band karwaadiya low trp ki wajah se .ekta ka kumkum bhagya bhi dragg ho raha hai aur ekta ka bacha serial kalash aur ykagh aur sony pe koi serial toh trp mein hi nahi hai aur jab nagin bhi band ho jaayega aur agar yhm ko inn logon ne barbaad kiya toh aur unka naya serial kasam ka promo bhi shayab trp mein aa bhi saktha hai ya nahi . toh aage ekta ka ek bhi serial trp mein nahi hoga .

  13. Have tellyupdate.stop acepting the ff……

  14. hey guys! were are the ff?? strange no updates on it.

  15. Raman Bhalla shown as Villian. Its not good. Firstly Serial presents Trust, Love Between Husband wife and now where is that trust and love. So bad. YHM

  16. Reshma Pradeep

    Where is the ff’s yaar?????

  17. hey guys good afternoon.

  18. Update ff’s guys

  19. Really excited for todays episode. Eagerly w8tng for 7.30.

  20. wowwwww!!! I like the spoilers if it happens like this then I am happy. pakshe enik leap vendaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I know right! I also felt relieved by the spoilers. Leap theerchayayum vendaaaa……:(

  21. i have not watched the show for a lot of days . so i am not getting a clue what’s happening.
    please someone tell me briefly what has happened after sarika gets arrested

    1. Sarika revealed to hit is not her and Romi’s son. Sarika came back to bhalla house somehow (I can’t remember ). Romi ignored rohit so ishra decided to adopt rohit getting the help of this lawyer called chadda. Ishita realised chadda’s wife was rohit’s real mom and chanda was abusing his wife very badly. At one point when chadda tried to harass his wife, ishita got involved and ended up killing him. Chadda’s wife was in favour of chanda in the court betraying ishita. Raman goes to the lawyer niddhi to bring ishita out. Court sentences ishita to be hanged and Raman is trying to save ishita. The spoilers said we will see Raman will kill ishita but it’s raman’s plan to bring ishita’s truth out.

  22. Hi Niraja, are u malayali

  23. Whats wrong with the writers & ekta Kapoor….they are murdering the serial itself..why isn’t Ashok,Suraj or Sarika punished for their wrong doings ever??? Atleast show some positivity,always its negative.
    RIP YHM please change the track soon really getting bored with the jail track & especially Sarika.

  24. Please don’t remove Ishita from the story. The Raman Ishita pair is really good. Bring some twist to trap the evil doers in the story so that it will be more interesting.

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