Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Mr. Bhalla scolds him for leaving Ishita alone at the party. He asks Raman to apologize to Ishita being decent. Raman says I won’t apologize, think what ou want, she is not a kid, I did not tie her with a chain, she is educated, she came home, don’t make it an issue. He leaves. Mr. Bhalla gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies him. Mrs. Bhalla is worried that Raman left home without having breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ruhi that Mr. Bhalla will drop her to school. Ruhi says I will go with Ishita. Ruhi says bye to everyone and leaves with Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla’s friends comes and asks her to allow her guest’s car parked in the compound. She says now your relatives are the secretary of the apartment. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to

invite Amma also. Dolly invites Amma in the kitty party. Amma says Kitty, we like dogs. Dolly says no cats, kitty party. Mihika explains Amma abot the Kitty parties. Dolly says the party is in Mrs. Bhalla’s house. Amma says I don’t want to come. Dolly says we play chits also, everyone has to give Rs. 5000 and anyone can get Rs. 1 lakh as 20 ladies will be coming. Dolly says come or lunch, we have arranged special veg food for you. Amma says they did not invite me till now, what happened, this is Mrs. Bhalla’s plan. Mihika says just chill, I think you should go for the party.

Appa comes and greets everyone. Ishita comes and asks for coffee. Mihika asks Ishita how is Raman. Appa gets a call from someone and gives the phone to Ishita. He says its from Delhi Tamil association. Ishita talks to them and thanks them for honoring her with an award. She says I will try to come and receive it, but can’t promise. She tells Amma that she is getting a award for contribution to social work. She says its tonight, and the whole family is invited. Appa says we all will go, Iyers and Bhallas. Appa asks Ishita to inform the Bhallas. Appa says I will call Raman. Ishita says I will call him.

Raman gets angry on his employees. Ishita calls him. Raman asks what is it. Ishita talks to him sweetly as se is infront of everyone. She says I have to give you good news. He says are you leaving my house. She says not yet, and tells him about the award function. She says will you come with me. He says are you drunk, you think I will come wit you. She says I m happy that you are coming. He says I m not coming. She says reach on time, I will be waiting. Amma and Appa smile seeing Ishita happy.

Ishita tells everyone that he is coming. Appa says invite the Bhalla family also. Raman thinks don’t know what award she is getting. Ishita thinks about Raman’s words and is annoyed saying Ravan Kumar. Mihir calls Mr. Bhalla and tells him that Ishita is getting an award and Raman refused to go with her. Ishita comes home and tells everyone that she is getting an award. Mihir hears the address. Mr. Bhalla says we will come. Mr. Bhalla asks Mihir to bringRaman there at any cost. Mihir says don’t worry, I will make sure. The kitty party starts at Mrs. Bhalla’s house.

Amma comes and hears the gossip from the women. She is shocked and talks to them. Mrs. Bhalla takes Amma for the card game. Tannu is laughing with Ashok that he told Raman that Ruhi is his daughter. Shagun is annoyed and says he has ruined my reputation. Tannu says lets use Shagun. Shagun asks what. Tannu gives them an idea and says I will make you sit as an helpless woman that a man has taken away your daughter. People will see you like a mum and Ishita as a secondwoman. Shagun says you have to show down Raman, what am I getting. Ashok says I have given you everything till now, what else do you want. Shagun says I just don’t know, I m tired of all this.

Ashok asks Shagun to do as Tannu is saying. Shagun says you promised that you will marry me. He says I will marry you when Ruhi comes to us. He says I love you so much and promises her. Amma tells everyone about Ishita getting the award. She says I will go now, I felt nice playing the game, everyone lost. Everyone leave having a good time. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi taught her so well that I lost. Mrs. Bhalla says even I have to go in Ishita’s award function. Pathak asks Raman is there any problem. Raman says I need your legal advice. Raman says if I want to give Ruhi’s custody to Ashok and Shagun then? Pathak says what are you saying, she is your daughter, wy can you send her back to them.

Raman says shut up, you are my legal advisor, not my friend. Pathak says I m seeing this case that a father wants to give back his daughter. He says you got this custody based on Ruhi’s statement, the judge will ask you why you took this decision. Pathak asks did Ashok tell you anything. Raman gets angry on him. Pathak says can you tell Ruhi why are you making her away from you, can you tell Ishita. Raman apologizes to him and says I need some time to think. He asks him to keep it to himself and not tell anyone about their talk. Pathak leaves.

Mihir convinces Raman to go to the Unique Park Hotel where Ishita’s award function will be held. He lies to him about business meeting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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