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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi showing the pimple to Ishita and worrying. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Simmi asks her to apply papaya. Mihika says I will make face mask for you. Amma comes and says best solution of pimples is…. Simmi and everyone compliment the diamond set. Amma says its good someone noticed, Vishwa did not notice, I gave many hints. Simmi asks her to sit and have tea. Ishita asks Ruhi to apply the ointment, it works. Ruhi thanks her and goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says our husbands don’t notice anything. Mr. Bhalla comes and compliments Amma’s necklace. Amma says Vishwa did not even it. He says its beautiful necklace. She goes to Appa and asks him to see her well, did he not see anything new. Appa says no, its all same. She shows the necklace and says you are

not noticing this, lean this from Mr. Bhalla, he complimented me. Appa says I m gone now. He says Madhu, I m sorry, I did not notice, I will notice everything from now on, you look pretty, you said your throat has problem, I will make good coffee for you, sit. She smiles.

Raman is at office. Raman says no, I m not hungry. He says Ishita is worrying after Ruhi’s pimple, she does not worry for me. His secretary calls him and says someone came to mete you. He thinks Ishita has come and says why should I say I was waiting for her. A lady wearing burqa comes and says I m Rubina, I run tiffin service, I got hot food, will you taste. He thinks Ishita is changing voice and talking. He holds her hand and says you made food by these hands, I will kiss the hands. Rubina says leave me, I will file complaint. He says you made food for me. Ishita comes and asks whats happening Raman. The lady asks Ishita to save her. Raman sees her and worries. Raman says sorry, I thought you are my wife. Ishita sees tiffin and says I know my husband, he was mistaken. The lady thanks her and goes. Ishita says you are foolish, how did you think that’s me, have food, I have to go and help Ruhi, next time be careful, maybe I will not come on time, the lady will beat you. She laughs and leaves.

Ruhi gets ready as Ruhaan for the concert. She asks is my pimple visible. Ishita says no. Suhail comes. Ishita asks him to drop Ruhi on time. He asks her not to worry. Simmi says does Raman know this. Ishita says yes, Raman allowed Ruhi for concert. Raman comes and asks about Suhail. Ishita says Suhail came to pick Ruhi for launch party. He says I was going along. She says you know venue, you can go. Raman leaves.

Ruhi says I m so nervous, Suhail do I look good. Suhail says I wish I could make the world meet real Ruhaan, you know what, I don’t like this wig, I like your hair. He removes her wig and propers her hair. Raman sees them. Raman beats up Suhail. Ruhi stops Raman and asks why are you beating Suhail, we are just friends. Raman says don’t teach me about friendship, I know this guy is mean, enough of this concert nonsense, come Ruhi. Suhail says you are misunderstanding. Raman asks Ruhi to shut up. He warns Suhail not to come close to Ruhi, else he will kill him. Raman takes Ruhi and leaves. Suhail looks on.

Ruhi and Raman come home. Ruhi cries and runs to room. Ishita asks what happened now. Ruhi locks door. They all go to Ruhi. Ishita asks Raman to ask Ruhi to open the door. Raman says I can explain Ruhi, don’t act immature. Ruhi says I have to sleep, you all go. Raman says I m warning now, open the door. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, sleep, we will go. She asks Raman what did he do. Ruhi cries. She gets message and says I did not open door, so they are messaging, what’s this video from unknown number. She sees video. She gets shocked seeing video. She is seen changing in washroom in the video. She drops the phone in shock. She says no, this can’t happen, who can do this. She cries and tries to delete the video.

She says why is this not getting deleted, who did this. She sits crying. Ishita asks Raman what happened. Raman says I was afraid for this, I said I don’t like that guy, he was touching Ruhi. Ishita asks what did he do. He says he was touching her cheeks, face, you understand it. She says publicly, maybe it was casual. He asks whats casual in that. She says you make everything big, did you ask Ruhi. He says what, can I ask Ruhi whats happening in car. She says she knows her limits. He says I don’t know that guy’s intentions. He gets a call and says I will check it, I know its imp. She says Raman you…

He says I have to check imp mail, its not opening, stop lying, who touched my phone. She says Ruhi took it to change settings, we will go and ask Ruhi, she will help you, you don’t get angry, we will find out what happened, I will talk to her, you don’t talk. Ruhi cries and says what will I do now. Ishita and Raman come to her. Ishita knocks and asks her to open the door. Ishita says Ruhi, Papa got a mail, open the door. Ruhi worries and says did Papa get that video. Ishita says its imp to check that mail. Ruhi opens the door.

She turns away and cries. Ishita talks to her. Ishita says Raman told me, you can tell us truth. Ruhi asks what truth. She says Raman has seen it and told me, Suhail was close, did he try to do anything, you can share anything. Ruhi says what are you both saying, Papa Suhail was removing my wig, he wanted to show my real look in party. Ishita asks Raman did he understand. Raman says it did not look so. Ishita says you have to believe Ruhi, leave her alone. Raman says I understand what I have seen, are you doubting my sensitivities. Ruhi takes his phone.

Ishita says you have to check mail. He says for what did we come here, is mail imp or this matter. Ishita says children will not lie always. Ruhi cries and changes setting. Ishita says she is scared. Raman says she did mistake so she is scared. Raman takes phone and checks. He says mail has come and leaves. Ishita apologizes to Ruhi. She says I know it hurts, Papa gets angry, but he loves you, tale rest. Ruhi nods. Ishita hugs her. Ruhi cries. Ishita says we will handle Raman, I m sorry from his side. She gives Ruhi’s mobile to her and goes. Ruhi shuts door and cries.

Raman says we will do one thing, just you manage Ruhi, she bonds with you well, I can’t make her away from me, I can’t lose her. Ishita says you will never lose her. Raman cries and says Ruhi’s eyes should never get tears.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello vp mam how is your health? Am very curious to know about you bcz of distance of 5/6 days
    hello shivani, rithu, bhagya how are you all? How is your study going on
    hello sindhu, mino, susan enjoying epi or not
    and hello to shreya, pariya, tia, parichary, supergirl, priyamvadha, marin, ridika and all the yhm fans
    actually i didn’t watch epi for 5 days due to study but i am addicted towards this page and you know addiction leads to expectation leads to frustration thats why we frustrated towards show but never the less “hope for the best and left out the rest”

    1. Oh magic you are back i want help in my study and i am in 9th standard but i think you can’t help me because i think you forgot 9th standard study bcz you left 9th standard long before hehehehehehe

      1. Hahaha you are absolutely right i forgot about 9th so, i can’t help you

    2. Hi Magic … I am fine my intelligent smart boy . Thank you for your concern . Madhu how are you little girl . I think 9 th grade is tougher than 10th . Study well
      Coming to Episode I really loved it . Kp is the best actor in the telyworkd . Excellent .. look at his various emotions … last precap he was awsome . I had gone thru the similar situation … where I saw the fathers tears . Whoever in Ramans state will beat up Sohail … Ishitha is trying her best level that there is nothing from Ruhis side . She cant imagine Ruhi is wrong . and so disagreeing with Raman . All mothers are like this … Ruhi may be tortured in the hands of Nidhi when she finds some one praises her falling for that . Sohail is wrong .. his launch will not happen still he will be a goody goody just to trap Ruhi . Ishitha too expressed her emotions well … too good actress… Divan .. Ishra is yhm … story line is gone bad but these two actors are really brilliant and gifted actors . I felt like laughing Raman cud not understand its not his madrasan touching her hands . What cvs are fooling us ..Aditi too acted very well . Adi is sideline .. Pihu is not seen with family at all

    3. Hi magic. I am very happy because you came back again. ?

  2. Hi guys I have been reading ur comments since long time but I never joined you’ll, it seems very nice to see you’ll’s friend ship. Can I join you’ll

    1. Welcome to this site .you can surely join us.

    2. Of course you can join us. Welcome

  3. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Monique, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Susan, Jay, Ahs and many YHM fans….

    Hey Ahs don’t worry about not mentioning my name yesterday. It is ok ya…. there are so many of us and I myself took such a long time to remember the names of the regular ones but Rithu is the best in remembering everyone.

  4. Hy Priya, rithu, Sindhi, VP, magic, madhu, Susan, tia, Bhagya, Shivani, mino, janaki, Sara. R u all from India??

    1. No Ahs.. I’m from Sri Lanka

      1. Oh glad to here. I too from sri lanka

      2. Hello priya and ahs how are you both? And don’t worry priya ahs will read you comment that you are srilankan but do you know kumar sangakara or sanath jayasurya

      3. Of course magic. All sri lankans know both of them .

      4. Tvfan1

        Really???? Me 2

      5. Wow TVfan1.. Cool..

    2. Hy Magic. I know both of them very well. BT I lyk Sangakkara most. Um a big fan of him.

  5. Today’s episode was ok and nothing much except for MMS. With Ishita gone for her honeymoon for two weeks, I think susan they have already filmed ishita’s scenes so I suppose that is why they use the body double. It will look very unnatural without Ishita. One party missing, it does not look like YHM,

  6. Tvfan1

    Hey guys..i haven’t commented for the last 2 days coz I was busy..anyway today’s episode was…OK… I would rate it 6/10 I just don’t feel that ‘ excitement ‘ in YHM anymore..

  7. I am sorry but I am harping on the fact that they are using body double only for Ishita and Raman scenes. Why? I don’t understand. When ishita is with Simmi and the others, there are no body doubles. Why only when it is Raman and Ishita there is body double? Might as well get them to act separately.

    1. Yeah sindhu even i didn’t watch epi but this body double drama used many times by writer’s before also with pihu and ishita

    2. Yes and if there is some romance it is with the wrong person. Raman always seems to be the one trying to be romantic but nothing comes of it. Wondering what happened to Ishita’s promise to Raman (at wedding) of all romantic moments to come. Lol. I know its only a story but still. Maybe KP and DT angry at each other in real life. Maybe that is the reason for absence of IshRa scenes. We keep harping on the same thing because of our frustration. Cvs don’t seem to care that they are killing our show.

      1. Hahahaha oh susan what are you saying bhai this is fictitious serial there is no promise of anything and am still laughing

  8. Hi shivani magic rithu priya vp sindhu marin tia ash and all my yhm friends for few days you all writing emotional things that after end of yhm we will every one btw you all are right i will miss shivani rithu magic priya and shreya very much plz promise to me a little girl that you all will talk to me even after yhm end i dont know how but you have to talk to me and will help me in study i am in 9th standard

  9. Hey magic, how are you? Glad you are back from your studies. We missed your comments. As you know that susan and I are never happy with body doubles of Raman and Ishita. That is my ultimate frustration

  10. Hi all…how I wish CV’s would read our comments, maybe a bulb would switch on, once they know how unhappy YHM fans around the world are. I read on You tube, that Ishqbaaz is number one of TRP. . How sad.

    Ishqbaaz is like how the old YHM was. DT and KP are very professional but lately there is no
    heartfelt acting like in old YHM.

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi zaiba yes u can surely welcome to this site

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai magic iam fine .good to see you after so many days how is your trip i mean seminor

    1. Yeah bhagya seminar was good actually v good

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    who is behind that mms what wil raman and ishu do now realy girls has no saftely at all whenever i saw suchtype of scenes iam very afraid

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes ahs iam from india only

    1. Oh great. Um from Sri Lanka. This is the first time um chatting with Indian guys. Glad to meet u all.

      1. I am also Sri Lankan!!!!!!!

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai rithu magic vp jaz az aditya khushi priya madhu sindhu siddhi shivani khusiarvind tvfan sunitha sobhana ahs reshma saritha ranaji ishveerian and al yhm frds

  16. The same story repeat repeat repeat again.
    Until Raman gets Athi, he thinks always about Athi & cries a lot for him. Once he gets Athi , he totally forgets Athi and not even care for him
    Same story for Ruhi when she is with shagun & nithi… Worries & cries… When she returns home, don’t even think for her education
    Again same in the case of Pihu……… Now not even in the screens….
    Now the story turns again towards Ruhi……
    Oh nooooooo…..
    When will the writers discover new track?

    1. Wait for the next IshRa romantic moment. Suddenly Pihu will appear. It might take a while though.

  17. Hi VP, Sindhu, Magic, Rithu, Jaz, Monique, Khushi, Bhagya, Shivani, Kiran, Ahs, Parichary, rPriya & all The YHM family. Hi To all with all the work now i am in the sick list. ohh bad cough i should say it is a bark more than a cough.. he he he More annoyed & Mad so much to do have to rest & Medicine too Yuck??
    Anyway What is wrong with YHM Soooo Boring. same thing over & over. Raman is behaving like a mad man. this day & age ok he can be protective but he is going over board. at the rate he is smothering her he will lose Ruhi Completely. can’t he trust her a little & give her some space but keep an eye on her from far. i don’t much care for this Sohail character may be he is innocent but doesn’t too much of a goody goody .how on earth he appears every time there is a crisis. too goody shoes looks dangerous. Guys did u all notice when ever IsRa is together they both keep avoiding each others eyes. Ishu’s acting has really gone down Raman still keeps it up. they can’t do this till they end the shoe. why are they behaving like strangers sometimes waiting to get away from each other like.. i don’t know may be i am wrong but there is something wrong somewhere in the show reg.. their acting together. that is so unfair they get everyone hooked to the story as well to them & now they just don’t care like it seems. Hope & Pray that their Popularity has not given them swollen heads & feels they don’t care of the viewers. Or may be the Cv’s have messed up the whole apple cart. where is Pihu, Shagun & Mani??? i think the Cv’s have got a writers block . Hope they will rectify the whole series & give us some meaningful substance of a story like the start. Then again hope they won’t end it abruptly for us to imagine the end. ohhh when i think of the first part so sweet & beautiful i feel like giving a good knock to the writer for spoiling it buy going in to a leap of seven.. oh i will have to fly over for that .. not worth the trouble ha ha ha , then again worth it to meet all the lovely YHM family. Okk Guys Have fun & good luck to all . take care of urselves , Good Health & Loads Of LOVE to all God Bless U My darling family..

    1. Take care Mino … christmas is coming .. very true Raman and Ishitha together is very strange feeling … no chemistry at all … todays episode she is really scared to think Ruhi is lying … she knows and understands what Raman says … but not able to accept … thats all …

      1. Thanks Dear sweet VP.. uv U . such a Kind soul. May u b Blessed Abundantly with good Health & Loads Of Happiness Always..

    2. Hi mino, Get well soon please. Christmas is coming nearer. Take rest and get medicine on time. Please.?????

    3. Hey mino .get well soon and enjoy Christmas.

  18. sorry show.

    1. Get well soon buddy!!!

    2. Oh mino do some rest and get the good health soon

      1. Oh U Guys Are Sooo sweet Luv U Loads.. Thx Ahs Priya . Hope & Pray MAgic that ur project was a success. Bless u all. missed u too.

  19. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  20. Hi magic happy to see you back. How was your studies?
    yes ahs I am also an indian.
    Mino take care of your health christmas is nearby so please take medicine on time.
    Hi rithu shivani priya madhu and all yhm fans

    1. Thx Dear bless u..

  21. Hey madhu my little sis dont worry 9 standard is not that tough if you study well.I am also left 9th std long before.I will try to help you

  22. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) will not be able to forgive Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) for cheating on him and planning to move on in life with Vidyut (Sid Makkar).

    Mani will even hold grudge against Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) as all this time both of them knew the real character of Shagun but still they hid it from him making things worse for them.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Will Mani and Shagun separate or not?

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  23. One of the most popular shows of Star Plus is gearing up for a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes. As per the latest update, one of the family members will meet with an accident. Don’t worry it’s not Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita.

    As we saw that Sohail was beaten up by Raman, now he has got one more chance to impress Ruhi’s family.

    According to a report in entertainment portal, Mr.Bhalla will go to market to buy some grocery. But he will get hit by a car. Co-incidentally, Sohail is there only and he will pick him up and escort him to his car. To impress everyone, Sohail also drops Mr.Bhalla (Kaushal Kapoor). He will try to leave trustworthy impression on the family.

    1. Tnx for the upcoming episodes rithu

  24. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all .

  25. Ishitha is looking monotonous again yesterday she worse black top and a saree .why can’t they give her some thing very much Indian and colourful like before . ishitha’s dressing has become Indo Western type and more formal colours .most of the time black or white . Yhm has turned out like this .soo different from the old yhm .there is like difference between the sky and land . I don’t like the present yhm. P lz cvs stop this crap in yhm .

  26. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Ruhi gets under severe depression post her scandal and this tenses Raman and Ishita.

    As parents Raman and Ishita are very worried about Ruhi’s health as this is affecting Ruhi’s mental health.

    Raman and Ishita try and support Ruhi even under hard circumstances and promise to always be as her support.
    Raman-Ishita-Ruhi’s short trip

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ruhi in the ongoing serial.

    Raman and Ishita find a smart way to divert Ruhi’s mind with planning a short trip to some serine place.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman and Ishita’s this step prove to be good?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  27. As parents how much Ishitha and Raman doing for Ruhi is amazing to see . But the fact is othe two kids are ignored on the process. Writers please plan Ishra with their three kids . if all parents are so understanding how beautiful the life will be . At any age children need care and attention from their parents .. And Ishithas dress style is disgusting … hope cvs will take care of it . One or two times for a change in fashion acceptable .Her facial expression only is markBle now … body language is fully spoiled becoz of this dressing .

    1. Hey vp I totally agree with you.

  28. I think Adi is more ignored comparing to ruhi or Pihu . Yhm had become so blank now .the whole yhm cast is not seen together like before . If compared with food then yhm was like a feast to viewers with many people around dressed colourfully depicting everyone character in the show and their lives .but now yhm is like a soup served to viewers as if they have.i can’t understand that the cvs who know only one language.that is of trp . having bad trp also around 7th position they don’t want to improve the story.why are they still showing the craps.

  29. hi plozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz accept me as a friend
    only rithushree

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