Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita leaving from college. She tells about some imp discussion with ladies/mother’s group, and asks Raman to attend it, he can get to know much info. He agrees on her insistence. They leave. Shagun comes to Mani’s home and is angry on Ruhi. Niddhi calls Shagun and says I have to say something, Ashok told me that you could not keep Pihu, I can help you. Shagun says Ruhi has made me leave from that house.

Niddhi says Ruhi did not get taste of whip since long, anyways you make me out of jail, Ashok said his political career will end if he helps a criminal. Shagun asks why shall I help you. Niddhi says I know you want Pihu and Raman too, don’t act to be good, you will need me to become mean again, I can help you. Shagun asks how will I get you out.

Niddhi says I will send you lawyer’s contact number, he will get me out, don’t think much, you can lose this chance too. Shagun agrees.

Raman and Ishita come for the meeting. Raman says what shall I do here, there are many women. Ishita says its important to mingle with them, join the discussion, go, I will sit here. Raman greets the ladies. The lady asks are you Pihu’s Papa, come sit here, I added you in our group. They all offer him seat next to them. Raman sits and says I have become Pihu’s mummy too. The lady says Pihu is so lucky. Ishita thinks he was not going and now enjoying the attention.

The ladies praise Raman’s skills. They take a selfie with Raman. Ishita says he is enjoying a lot and looks at him. Raman smiles and signs to Ishita. The lady calls Raman very photogenic. The other lady says meeting is at my house next week, will you come. Raman says yes, I will reach before time, I don’t feel you are mum of two kids. She says no, I m mum of three kids, I don’t look so young. Raman compliments the ladies and gets friendly. Ishita gets jealous. He asks the ladies for their number. The lady holds him. Ishita moves the lady’s hand away, and says I m Raman’s wife, I was busy and Raman came to meet you. The lady asks Ishita to sit at far seat.

Ishita sits next to Raman and asks what did you talk about work. The lady says we did not discuss anything. Ishita stares at Raman and says I will also come in next meeting. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… They smile.

Adi says I will send pic, I want same suit like dad, she likes that style, I mean I like that style. He sends jacket’s pic and smiles seeing Aaliya’s pic. Ruhi sees him and calls Simmi. Simmi and Ruhi call Adi out. Adi is lost. They shout. Adi asks what happened. Simmi asks why did you hold cheek. Adi says nothing. Simmi says we will go, I have to buy rakhis. Ruhi says I got many rakhis, Pihu and I made handmade rakhis for Adi. Adi asks is it rakshabandhan tomorrow, I did not take anything for you. Ruhi says its okay, I will tie rakhi after many years. He says I will get gift for sure. Ruhi asks why don’t we invite Aaliya, it will be fun, she has come from Australia, she can see Indian festivals. Adi says no, she can’t come, she is busy in office work, you guys go, I have work. He gets a call and asks Atul to make same suit/jacket. Simmi says what happened to Adi.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman says Shilpa was good, I impressed the ladies. She says they paid you attention as you were alone, their husbands would have given you tough competition. He says I know you are jealous, see I got message from that group. She checks message and says its Pihu’s message, she asked you to buy gift for Adi, we will go and buy gifts for all kids. He agrees. She smiles. He asks did you go mad, why are you smiling. She says its rakhi, everyone will be together. She thinks I will do such planning that you will see.

Niddhi is relieved to be out of jail. Shagun says that lawyer is really good, he got a criminal bailed. Niddhi asks are you taunting me. Shagun says no, I m reminding you are out on bail, don’t be around me, I don’t want anyone to see me with a criminal. Niddhi laughs and says everyone knows you were behind Ishita’s kidnapping, I remember my promise to throw Ishita out of that house if you get me out of jail, that’s a deal.

Ruhi likes the gift and talks to Ishita. Ishita says rakhi is special occasion. Ruhi says you are world’s special mumma. Ishita shows gift for Pihu and asks her approval. Ruhi says its nice color and design. Raman hears them and smiles. Ishita asks Ruhi to give this to Pihu, and tell her Raman got this dress for her, its imp that Pihu wears this dress, Simmi will help her with accessories. Ruhi goes. Raman holds Ishita and hugs her. He cries happily and says I just wanted to say thanks, this would have not been here if you were not here, how can you think of everyone’s happiness, Pihu asked me to get gift for Adi, I did not think of other two kids, you did this, you are a superwoman.

Raman smiles and says you are a complete charmer. He asks her to think well and say. She says you will know it in some time, have patience. He asks what did you do, you are not simple, tell me. She says nothing, get ready, everyone is coming. He asks who. She says family, don’t think much, handsome come soon. She goes. He says whenever she calls me handsome, something happens, I forgot to give her gift.

The ladies make excuse and avoid tying rakhi to Raman. Ishita looks on as Mrs. Bhalla stops the ladies.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shannu

    shagun is not is wrong in her place..she is doing right..where is ishitha when raman suffered alot when she left him..where is she when pihu needed mom..where is she when ruhi is bearing torture from nidhi..shagun managed all the house for 7 years ..took care of raman..pihu..and others..she turned good..but suddenly when ishitha came everyone started chanting jai ishitha devi..jai ishitha devi..what abt shagun she feels is none understood..i support shagun..she is not wrong..everyone blames shagun for when anthing bad happend by her but they cannot praise for the good she did..
    so shagun turned negative again..i support her..she raised pihu when ishitha was in shagun should get pihu custody..

    • YHM fan

      I agree with you. She is not wrong in her part. I mean everyone would do what Shagun did. There are people like Ishitha in real life. None can be like her

    • Khushiarvind

      |Registered Member

      Shannu i agree with u that once ishitha came back everyone ignored shagun nd thats y she turned negative… What hapnd to het was vry bad bt it did not justify her criminal nature… I feel lyk if she is turing positive and realise her mistake then nd thrn only pihu can be given to her..
      Nd abt ruhi.. Ishitha was nt aware that ruhi is alive… Else she shld hav saved her long tym before… Remember hw ishitha rected when nidhi tryd to beat ruhi

    • Muna

      If shagun good why Raman merry Ishitha? Think early story. Don’t blame Ishitha. Always can be good with whole family ishitha.but shagun always changing mind and thinking only her self. Shagun is a selfish women.

      • jaz

        You’re absolutely right muna..shaggy always shellfish women & insecure shameless women also meri yehi dwa hain ki shaggy jaisi maa kisiko na miley..and she do always one thing.. crocodile tears,other chameleon habits ..joothe aaso,girgaath ki tarha rang badal na ,yeh do hi aatha hain usse..

    • shahabana

      Shanu its true shagun managed 7yrs nicely but it doesnt mean she can do any criminal activity to get her position. When she finds out ruhi is alive she is not happy but she thought about her mrg with raman she is a selfish women. And she doesn’t think about pihus safety she gave her money and asked her to pic taxy and go to manis house and she says she loves pihu is this love. And u knw what in 7 yrs if she manged everything well they why adi missed his ishima verymuch. This all incidents Proves she is not a gd mother and she doesn’t deserves them at all bcz she is selfish.

  2. Aliya

    Hello yhm fans how r u all 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊
    nice episode this is the ishra moments l am waiting
    nice precap
    now that niddi is back she will definitely make problems with that witch shagun

  3. Kimberly

    I’m so happy that Niddhi is finally out of prison. Now she will again give sleepless nights to Ishita and how can Ruhi say that Ishita is world’s best mumma???? Which mom sells her child????? Ishita has completely brainwashed Ruhi. Now I really want Niddhi to again give Ruhi the taste of the whip to bring her back to her senses.

    • Sakshi

      May be you are real life nidhi amd may be you beat your children with whip
      I think uyou should also get the taste of whip by all yhm fans

      • shreya shetty

        yaaaa sakshi what u ve said is absolutely correct.this doggy Kimberly needs to taste a pinch of a whip only then she ll come back to her senses

      • shreya shetty

        hahahahhahahahahahhah not listening to ur dirty comments kimbu doggy.nobody and so do i.bark bark and bark

      • Kimberly

        I dont have any kids and i’m not married u fool but if I wud have been a guardian then I will definitely beat my kids if they are going in wrong path. Same is the case with Niddhi and Ruhi.

    • Kimberly

      I agree with u. Shagun and Niddhi both are right and they should get custody of Pihu and Ruhi respectively because they have raised both the children. Ishita has raised no one so she should go to hell.

      • shreya shetty

        bark bark how much ever u want foolish Kimberly.keep on barking little doggy.noboys with u coz everyone r u with ishus side and so am I hehehhehehe

      • shreya shetty

        oops I meant was including me and other rest of majority of yhm fans support ishita not that dirty evil witch nidhi and shagun got it silly and dumby head kimbuuuuu.hahahahahaha nice to c u barking like a hater of yhm.bark all the harsh words u want Kimberly but none of us r gonna listen u get me.u should be the one who deserves to be a fool!!!

    • VP

      Sorry …I cant agree with you … yes she raised Pihu …. but her insecurity and wanting Raman put her in this situation .. please understand Ishitha never wanted to snatch Pihu nor Raman .. but what to do … shaghuns mind works evil and her brainwashing of pihu only let her down … Ishithas situation was totally defferent .. when Ruhi was taken … she try to commit suicide . Ramans harsh words shattered her .., all situation and helplessness only … but Shaghun creates this situation .. lot of defference … please watch each episode from beginning …

    • shahabana

      Im nt agree with u shanu. Bcz shagun is selfish mother she always uses her childrens for her benefits if is it adi, ruhi and now she is using pihu. U knw what shanu shagun is more worst than nidhi bcz nidhi doesn’t had any relation with ishithas children’s but shagun is their mother. How any mother can sloop too low for her selfish. Shagun is a example for a bad mother.

  4. shreya shetty

    I just hope that nasty hot headed shagun and cold blooded nidhi get arrested soon.please change the track further so that ishita reunites with her daughter pihu again!!!!!I just loved the scene where ruhi hugged her ishimaa and said I love u ishimaa to her.this scene brings back my glimpse memories of ishita and young cute ruhi last three years back.cant forget that charm soo sweet and memorable!!!!!hahahahahahah poor ishita,raman was having fun talking with the business ladies as if they re after him because they think hes too young and handsome.ohhhh my.romi should get tight slaps from the family and also from mihika for lying that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but he sure does,why the hell on earth is he romancing with sanchi coz I hate watching romance scenes.seriously cant he get a life for cheating his poor innocent wife mihika then why did he marry her huh?????/damn that one was a little irritating

  5. Khushiarvind

    |Registered Member

    Omg nidhi is out…. Shagun crossed all her limts… Now nidhi might plan to harm pihu….then only shagun will ne back to her senses… I really hope she didnt do anything with ruhi..she is so happy with her family..
    As nidhi is out now its time for negativity and plottings..
    Y cant this shagun live happily with mani disgusting

    • VP

      True Khushi … shaghun could not even dream of getting married to a man like Mani .. Nidhi in the jail no uniform and using dept phone to discuss about her exit .. what to tell ?

      • Khushiarvind

        |Registered Member

        Ya realy vp.. Unrealistic.. Downcasting the law nd order system prevailing in our country.. While ishitha was there she was suffering lyk hell nd see hw nidhi taking all pleasures… Evn frm jail she is free to go on with her plottings

  6. liyana

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Aditya is trying to woo Aliya but she falls in love with Mihir.

    Aliya realizes that she has started caring for Mihir so much and she gets affected so much if she says or does anything.

    She realizes that Mihir is not of her type but still she has fallen in live with him and gets happy.

    Mihir will get angry to know that Aliya has fallen in love with him

    Aliya decides that she will have to impress him and confess her love for Mihir.

    But Adi will get jealous to know that the one he was trying to impress has fallen in love with Mihir.

    Adi gets very much upset and does not understands what should he do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
    Aliya realizes that she has started caring for Mihir so much and she gets affected so much if she says or does anything.

    She realizes that Mihir is not of her type but still she has fallen in live with him and gets happy.

    Mihir will get angry to know that Aliya has fallen in love with him

    Aliya decides that she will have to impress him and confess her love for Mihir.

    But Adi will get jealous to know that the one he was trying to impress has fallen in love with Mihir.

    Adi gets very much upset and does not understands what should he do now.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

      • Adityakiran

        |Registered Member

        Hi Kushi!
        Kaisi HO Tum?
        Aj ki YHM ACHCHI HAI.
        ISHITHA Woh Logonko Gift Lathi HAI Na
        Aur BOLTI Dekho
        MAINE YE Kapde PIHU keliye Laayi lekin Meri NAAM Math Bolo.
        Meri Aankhon mai SE Aansu Ahgai.
        Maa YAAD Ahyithi.
        Meri Maa Bachpan mai hi Guzargayi.
        Issliye Maa KI Khami Pata Chaljati Mehsoos HOTI.
        Main Thodi EMOTIONAL HOON

  7. Nandu

    Arey baba hw many tyms v shld aya to our felw YHM fans..😠Ishita is ryt..😉😂always…bcz she didn’t do any wrng😂bhallas r 😠😂crap as always😜they r reason for everyone sufferings in the srl😠😂😂seriously I felt pity fr shagun in the previous episodes😠😠😠nw nt anymore😠😠she joined hands. With nidhi ..😠n blo*dy nidhi wat taste of whip u would give idiot😂😂remember the same whip taste ishita had given u😉😉 Raman Kumar bhalla is solo responsible fr this … situation😉😉if he said such brutal words to ishita she wouldn’t have taken step to commit suicide…n story wouldn’t have come so far..😠😠n ruhi wouldn’t have beaten up lyk dat…….KP babu😂😂😂anyway doing good job 😛

  8. Khushiarvind

    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma and all my dear frnds…sorry if i missed out any names…
    Hw ru doing?
    Vp, jaz,adu, shivani, saritha, sindhu, hw ru guys doing?
    Hws lyf?
    Wats up mino?

  9. Saritha

    Hai yhm fans now a days our old ishra are back but not our ishra’s chemistry. Today episode was nice nidhi came from jail and one commenter(i don’t want to mention their name hope u all understood) also came to comment against ishra.

  10. shreya shetty

    I honestly disagree with u shannu.nobody will ever agree with ur negative opinion and please don’t encourage shagun to take more advantage on ishita.remember that when ruhi was a 6 month old helpless little baby,this woman so called miss shagun goody shoes got attracted to ashok and left her with raman all alone for 6 past years until then ishita finds solace in ruhi and both of them began to share a lovable mother and daughter bonding after she legally got married to raman.c mon yarr try to understand the beginning part of the show and later when shagun joined hands with ishu to expose that dirty minded ashok and sarika on finding out their evil plots against the bhalla family in order to blame ishita for ramans death,got unsuccessful.well later on shagun who was a positive minded sweet woman was pregnant with pihu as a surrogate mother after she signed the surrogate papers which tells that ishitas baby is protected by shagun.after this stupid nidhi kidnapped newborn pihu ishita saved pihu from getting killed by choosing her and not ruhi whom she sadly left.raman mistakenly accused ishtia for killing ruhi which forced poor ishu to commit suicide but saved by mani who suddenly by unfortune fractured his born.ishita only left with aaliya and mani to Australia to take care of him and his small family for 7 long doesn’t mean she left pihu purposefully at all like that got me.i was just narrating about the past to prove that present could be possibly good.i agree and appreciate shagun did everything for the bhalla family for 7 long years in place of ishita,taking great care of bringing up adi and ishita returned back to the family,shagun mistook ishita thinking that she has stolen all her placements of family replacing her even after doing good deeds with her.its shaguns fault to brainwash by adding dirt and filthy poison to pihus delicate mind

  11. rocket

    Can anyone Rank these characters based on beauty?
    Ishita shagun mihika vanditha aliya ruhi nidhi sarika

  12. shreya shetty

    shagun mustve got into a serious misunderstanding.did u all think of the familys condition worsened for such a really long time???????don’t u anyone.she did everything to keep raman happy and also took great care of her both children adi and pihu by bringing them up like a second mother in place of would ishu know all this,she left to Australia because ruhis death past was haunting her after all those long 7 years get me anybody?????shagun too is really a nice woman like ishita but easily gets mistaken by negatively thinking that ever since ishita returned back to the family,she feels insecure that what.well it should be like that at all.i wish that she turns positive again

    • Khushiarvind

      |Registered Member

      All mast going shivani…. Juz missing mom nd dad back in india…
      My son is nw 3 yrs will start his nursery by nxt mnth … So lil busy with that

  13. Katee

    Shagun is always selfish and blo*dy greedy haha…. Ishimaa is always right. Shagun is not good at all.

  14. Manju

    Love you Khushiaravind everyday I enjoy being with you. It is like watching the episodes with all of you with me. Love reading you all

    • Khushiarvind

      |Registered Member

      Hi manju… Same here… In this stressful lyf its a gr8 relief to be here with all of u…really wish this serial nvr end… Bcosr of this we all r here.. Evn if track is boring nd they dnt hav anythng gud to show the serial must go on

  15. tish

    Shagun r a disgrace to be called a mother she will even let nidhi molest ruhi that’s her own blood…. Disgusting…..abisheik should continue with ishita’s kidnapping case and throws shagun in jail she has always created trouble in ishita’s life from the start as she wasn’t happy that ishra was happy together cos she was Raman’s 1st love…..she’s really dreaming of having him back as ruhi said even pihu will leave her in the end when she come to know her reall truth….the truth will always prevail good wins over evil and in the end ishita will have the love of both her daughter’s

  16. disha

    after many days i enjoyed episode ishra moment superb ishita gets jealous
    feeling bad adi and just avoid shagun part

  17. VP

    Khushi , iam fine .. All well .. Sindhu is missing for nearly 10 days .. Mino and Shivani .. last two days not seen at all. Todays episode watchable … How happy Raman is with Ishitha … very nice watching him .. Ishitha too was nice … very soon these happiness will vanish .. Nidhi Shaghunand Ashok will join together . Hope by the time Pihu must know the truth and start liking Ishima ..

  18. Khushiarvind

    |Registered Member

    Hi vp, mino, shivani, adu, jaz, aaliya
    I am writing an ff named love reborn
    Pls read it if u hav time…let me knw if its boring or shld i continue?

  19. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani,Mino, Shona, Khushi, Jaz, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Az, Raisa, Naaz, Aashtha, Monique, Bhagya, Siddhi and many many YHM fans. Hope everyone is doing fine.

    I would like to especially thank VP who always enquired about me wondering why I am not on this telly site and also Siddhi and Mino, Khushi,, Monique, Rithu and a few others who always mention our names regardless of whether we come to the site or not.

    Just to mention why I did not come on site was because my father passed away three weeks ago and i was in the mourning period. I was very very close to my father so his death hit me very badly and it was sudden. It was due to pnuemonia. I did not watch YHM serial for quite awhile. I am still grieving but I came on the site and was touched by a few who always was enquiring on why I have not been coming so I thought I will explain the reason as I treat the regular ones close to my heart. It was a painful period but sometimes you can’t mourn for so long as life just moves on so to distract I decided to come back on site and at least it will help me to give some relief from my grieve.

    • VP

      Hi Sindhu very sorry to hear about your fathers death .. I can understand the pain as my children lost their father (my husband) when they were in college in Chennai ….. They were also very close to their father and they used to look at the sky and cry out loudly calling their father ..children to their father .. wife to husband .. feelings are defferent .. Day time they used to give me courage and night we three used to hug and cry a lot … we never wanted to show our family members …twelve years now .. we live his memory … life can not be predicted .. once born … def death is there … but parting of that person though time heals .. we cant forget … Today also we three tell how we accepted that day …. I feel guilty I live with out him … but life has to move on … you be strong .. sindhu pray a lot automatically mind will get strong to accept anything and everything … This is this site … we dont know who we are get closed unknowingly … something was telling me … you take care …

    • jaz

      Hey sindhu don’t be come upset yaar..I’m sorry to hearing your father is no more..we’re with you dear…

      • jaz

        Hey sindhu gd morning dear..kaisi ho.sindhu I’m also last my parents..when I’m 10′ std I lass my 2009 – I lass my dad.. I no yours feeling I’m also so close with my dad..when I read your comment about your father’s death..tu bus yaad aagayi mere dad ki..we’re with you dear

    • jaz

      Hey Adu monique rithu khushi salley susan vp mino az naaz saritha aliya sindhu siddhi jeni pihu disha shivani sheraya and all members of yhm fans guys what’s up

    • Siddhi

      I an very sorry to hear this very difficult time for u n your family may God give u n your family courage n patience to bear this loss

    • Siddhi

      Nothing much jazz just getting bore now a days as I completed my 10 result came few days before now waiting for college

    • Monique_D

      |Registered Member

      Really sorry to hear…Losing someone near and dear us is never easy.
      Just know that someone somewhere in the world is thinking of you.

    • raj

      Hi Sindhu, my hearty condolence…. may your father’s soul rest in peace….. and almighty will give you the courage to overcome the pain

    • Khushiarvind

      |Registered Member

      Really sorry for you sindhu…dnt knw hw to console you… We shld bear all this sufferings and move on in our life.. I can understand what you are going through… Praying to god that the soul may rest in peace and may god give you courage to overcome your grief.. I knw its difficult but be brave and face it with a string heart. May god give you courage to be the greatest support of your family in this bad time…where ever he is he will be always with you to provide you support for your whole lyf… Dnt worry dear

  20. Sindhu

    Today’ episode update is nice and old YHM is back but very slowly. The ishra scenes are very nice and cute. It is nice to hear them say Ravan Kumar and Madrasaan. I realize they actually gave good screen space for Ishra and Ruhi and Pihu. This is truly a happy family. A nice bond to see Raman and Pihu. Before the leap Ruhi united Ishra together and after the leap Pihu who hates Ishita is the one connecting Ishra together. I feel for Mani as he is such a gem of a person and look at how Shagun is treating him with so much disrespect. Though she married Mani for Pihu’s custody, at least she should give him the husband’s due and not treat him as a slave. She should understand they are officially married and it is unfair for Shagun to treat this way to Mani. I can’t blame Pihu for hating Ishita as Shagun is responsible for Pihu’s behaviour. At least Ishra’s scenes are worth watching and it has been so long before they cvs brought Ishra closer. I hope they keep this way instead of coming out with some bizarre plot.

    • shreya shetty

      ohhhhh dear that’s sooo grieving tragedy news of death of ur father.we ll all pray that ur fathers soul rest in peace and may almighty lord bless him eternally.really I was wondering what mmust ve happened with u dear sindhu.its just shocking to hear a painful demise of the unexpected loss.sometimes we all must move on ahead in life dear.i know how much hurt r u bearing with because loosing a loved one will always be the painful period for a person to bear within a short period of I would say that ur father would always remain deep instilled within ur hearts and he ll be watching u and remain happy if u move ahead along with ur future life happily.

  21. Sarik

    Ishita is always gng thru sum kind of trouble but she always comes out on top. NIdhi and Shagun r wastin their tym teami up againt her she is a super woman,bt the chemistry btwn IshRa this days isnt captivating they shud try harder.

  22. TUFFY

    I hope ishra find out about nidhi being out of jail and shagun helping her to get out. Hope nothing happens with Pihu or Ruhi. If nidhi harms either then maybe shagun will come to her senses and realise she was wrong in her doings.

  23. Monique_D

    |Registered Member

    Hi dear jaz adi, vp, shivani, rithu, parvathy,khushi,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma,nish, and all my dear frnds…

  24. Roselyn Dada

    Hello VP,Shetty i agree with you Ishta didnot brainwash Ruhi she makes Ruhi realize Shagun is her mum she has never done anything negative to Ballah family her heart is full of love may be Sannu and YHM fan didn’t follow the story from the begining Dont compare Ishita with Shagun she is posessive am not happy turning her negative again. Pls leave only Kimberly to her negativety

  25. susan

    So this is how Shagun took care of family. Romi and Raman were enemies. Raman could not even speak properly to Adi. Pihu had no contact with her grandparents (Ishita’s parents) nor does she even know that they are her grandparents. The Iyers and Bhallas were angry at each other. Raman returned to being angry young man. Shagun never told Pihu about her real mother. If Shagun’s “family” were so happy then why were ALL of them including her children so happy that Ishita is alive and now accepted her with open arms. I know everybody says we should not hatch up Shagun’s past but really the things she did to Raman in the past is just horrible. Not nearly as bad as what she is going through now. She deserves far worse.

  26. Siddhi

    Hi everyone shagun don’t deserve to be called a mom niddhi said ruhi ko kaafi din say khabuk niii parha n shagun didn’t give any strong reaction what kind of mom is she she has no feelings for ruhi that’s why ruhi never consider shagun her mom remember what ishu did when niddhi was trying to beat ruhi

  27. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Sindhu my dear so sorry for ur loss.may God give u and ur family patience. Episode was the 3villians have joined hands, let’s hope they all get vapourised in the Delhi air en ishrarupiadi live happily ever after.

  28. baazigar

    either this kimberly is mad or he/she doesnt watch yhm from starting… so he/she can not understand the story….

  29. shreya shetty

    guys please ignore this Kimberly because shes behaving like a mad doggy.whatever shes telling just consider her to be barking like a dog usually a dog barks only when its mad

    • rosi

      not just kimberly…u too pls control urself…u are getting angry a lott and using words like bark and all..even in yesterday’s episode update..u r getting harsh ..
      So control urself too before pointing someone

      • shreya shetty

        ohhhh please its none of ur business dear rosi.why cant stop advising me like that.its my wish coz I hate people who are bad.go away and please don’t be like my mommy to adivse me not to be angry.rosi just I beg pardon from u not to get in my way or else I wont remain quiet even with u

  30. Saritha

    Gud mrg to all. Hai sindhu iam feeling very emotional after hearing about ur father’s news as i saw my dearest friend in this situation i pray to god to give strength and courage to u. Take care

  31. VP

    Now three villains are together … but I really hope …. story line will go positively … it should go … it can go ….whatever they try …. Raman and Ishitha should defeat them … please dont show bad doings winning over good doings ….

  32. Ruhi

    Dt wharever she wears looks beautiful not unlike like shagun she looks just like lifeless. Dt and kp look so cute not kp and shagun what say guys.

    • jaz

      Yeah ruhi I agree with you..dt jo b pehene acha lagtha hain..uff shaggy ku tu sokha bedh par jaise sari lapet na..uske make up uske blouses uska hairstyles chee disgusting for me..

  33. Ruhi

    Dt wharever she wears looks beautiful not unlike like shagun she looks just like lifeless. Dt and kp look so cute not kp and shagun what say guys. Kp and shagun don’t even look likecouple. there is no chemistry and cvs don’t make adi negative.

  34. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz saritha aliya sindhu siddhi pihu vp super girl salley susan Sheraya and all members of yhn fans gd morning GUYS

    • Adityakiran

      |Registered Member

      Good Morning JAz Khushi Monique Mino AZ Naaz Ahliya VP RITHU SHONA BHAGI NANDU LAYA BHAGYA SUPER GIRL SAKSHI Shreya SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Disha Kushi Sindhu Siddhi Niveda And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
      Have A NICE DAY GUYS.
      GUYS PLEASE Don’t Fight.
      Be Calm And COMPOSED.
      Have A NICE DAY.

      • Khushiarvind

        |Registered Member

        Hi adi, am doing gud…. I really felt vry much aad abt ur loss adi.. Its vry difficult for a child to live without mother… But we need to accept it nd move on… She will be seeing you from somewhere and feelng happy about u… Evn if am married nd i hav a child still i luv my mon the most in this world.. I can’t evn imagine a world without her..some people are special evn if they leave us we can feel them vry close to us… Make ur mother immortal with ur achievements….

      • Adityakiran

        |Registered Member

        Hi JAZ AHLIYA!
        Good Evening GUYS.
        How is Your EVENING?

        Yes JAZ I Changed The PIC SUJAL to Maria SHARAPOVA.
        AHLIYA Woh AURAT Kaun THI Jo On KO Pasaarithi?

  35. susan

    @Ruhi. When I see Karan and Ankita I smile. When I see Vivek and Divyanka I smile. When I see Raman and Ishita I smile. But I just cannot stand Raman and Shagun together. Was even disturbed by Shagun’s dream where she saw Raman while dancing with Mani. I even got irritated when I saw Karan and Anita together for Star Parivaar 2016 awards. Lol.

    • jaz

      Hi monique how is in your profile pic.and monique isse email I’d par gayi thi but so many same email I’d there’s..o cape town wala kya email I’d hain tumara..

  36. lucky

    bhallas are responsible for all..they forced shagun for turning negative again..for giving importnce to ishitha even shagun raised pihu

    • indira

      shagun’s character is pathetic
      how can a mother go back to Nidhi the woman who kidnapped her own daughter Ruhi for 7 years and harmed that young child and now just to get revenge she is accepting the help of Nidhi and Ashok
      she doesn’t deserve to be a mother lol

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..